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1The Ziggens are an American NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly band from Orange County, California. Their band members all use the stage surname "Ziggen" as an apparent homage to Music/TheRamones (although their lead singer is better known by his real name, Bert Susanka). Though they have been active since 1990, The Ziggens are unfortunately fairly unknown in the music industry. They have, however, been namechecked, covered, and sampled by the much more famous Southern California band Music/{{Sublime}} in the songs "Greatest Hits," "Big Salty Tears," (and "Tim the Dinosaur"), and "Smoke Two Joints," respectively. The Ziggens later returned the favor by covering Sublime's token SurfRock song, "Paddle Out."²²Discography:²* ''Three Wise Men & Dickie'' (1987)²* ''Wake Up & Smell'' (1991)²* ''Rusty Never Sleeps'' (1992)²* ''Chicken Out'' (1994)²* ''Ignore Amos'' (1996)²* ''Pomona Lisa'' (1998)²* ''Live in San Luis Obispo'' (1999)²* ''Live: Tickets Still Available'' (2000)²* ''Sleazy Rider'' (2000)²* ''[[SelfTitledAlbum The Ziggens]]'' (2002)²* ''[[GreatestHitsAlbum Greatest Zits: 1990-2003]]'' (2003): also includes a bonus CD of SurfRock {{Instrumentals}}.²²²----²!!!Tropes related to the band:²* CluckingFunny: Their album ''Chicken Out!'' which appropriately contains their most humorous songs.²* CoverVersion: The aforementioned "Paddle Out," as well as The Vaselines' "Molly's Lips" (best known as a {{Music/Nirvana}} song) and Music/JudasPriest's "Breakin' the Law"²* FanServiceWithASmile: "Something About a Waitress"²* LyricalDissonance: "Ed Gein" is a lighthearted surf pop tune...about the SerialKiller of the same name.²* MyFriendsAndZoidberg: The Christmas album ''Three Wise Men & Dickie'' (Dickie Ziggen is one of their members.)²* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly²* [[NotChristianRock Not Catholic Rock]]: Bert Susanka is a devout Catholic, and occasionally writes odes to his religion. Most blatantly, "Real Presents" is an ode to transubstantiation, with lines like "if you don’t eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in thee."²* OdeToSobriety: "Sober Up," "Tie One On"²* ShoutOut: ²** "On the Way" name-checks Music/DonMcLean's "American Pie" and Music/KennyRogers' "The Gambler".²** "Fat Charlie" lampoons a few lines from Music/TheDoors' "L.A. Woman."²** "Surfin' Buena Park" contains the riffs from "Low Rider" and "[[Music/{{Sublime}} April 29, 1992 (Miami)]]".²* SingerNameDrop: So many.²* SurfRock: Most prevalent on the instrumentals and the songs "Outside," "San Clemente," and "Surf's Up."²----


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