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1[[quoteright:323:]]²''Not to be confused with Creator/MarvelComics' {{ComicBook/Runaways}}.''²²The Runaways were an all-female, Los Angeles-formed HardRock band from TheSeventies. Despite having a very short career, The Runaways hold the distinction of being the first successful all-female rock band, thus opening the door for a ton of other similar all-female/female-fronted bands. They have been cited as an important influence on the RiotGrrrl movement.²²The band's members were:²* Cherie Currie - vocals, keyboards (1975-1977)²* Music/JoanJett - guitar, vocals²* Music/LitaFord - lead guitar²* Sandy West - drums, vocals²* [[Music/TheBangles Micki Steele]] - bass (1975)²* Peggy Foster - bass (1975)²* Jackie Fox - bass (1975-1977)²* Vicki Blue - bass (1977-1978)²* Laurie [=McAllister=] - bass (1978-1979)²²The band was initially put together by Sandy West and Joan Jett, who met producer Kim Fowley and managed to get him interested in the concept of an all-female rock band. Fowley helped them recruit the other members - Currie, the 16-year old guitar wiz Ford and, after a succession of bass players, Fox - and produced their debut album, the hard rock/glam rock ''The Runaways''. Released in 1976, ''The Runaways'' became a success with critics and the record-buying public alike, and gave the band its signature song, "Cherry Bomb". Soon, the band found itself headlining shows alongside bands like Music/CheapTrick, Music/TheRamones and Music/VanHalen.²²Despite being saddled with a "jailbait on the run gimmick" (whether this is Fowley's fault or theirs is still a matter of dispute), The Runaways proved to be skilled musicians and soon won an audience among the emerging PunkRock movement and [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff in Japan]] - they were the fourth most popular foreign band in Japan at the time and Jett compared their reception there to [[Music/TheBeatles Beatlemania]]. After a long tour of Japan, Currie quit in 1977 and Jett assumed lead vocal duties.²²The Runaways acrimoniously parted with manager and producer Kim Fowley in 1978, accusing him of being [[TheSvengali controlling as well as verbally and sexually abusive]]. This also caused them to leave their record label. After another, more tepidly-received solo album and tour, the band disbanded in 1979.²²Out of all the members, [[BreakupBreakout Jett and Ford]] had the most success after the band's breakup - the former made a name for herself with her band The Blackhearts and her cover of "I Love Rock 'N' Roll", and the latter reemerged as a successful HairMetal musician in TheEighties.²²Fox left the performing side of the music business and went on to attend [[UsefulNotes/IvyLeague Harvard Law School]], where UsefulNotes/BarackObama was among her classmates. Now going by her birth name of Jacqueline Fuchs, she's an entertainment attorney, but concentrates on representing movie and TV people.²²A {{Biopic}} dealing with the band's career, named ''The Runaways'', written and directed by Floria Sigismondi, was released in 2010. The film features: Creator/KristenStewart as Jett, Creator/DakotaFanning as Currie, Stella Maeve as Sandy West, Scout-Taylor Compton as Ford and Creator/MichaelShannon as Fowley.²²Discography:²* ''The Runaways'' (1976)²* ''Queens of Noise'' (1977)²* ''Live in Japan'' (1977)²* ''Waitin' for the Night'' (1977)²* ''And Now... The Runaways'' (1978)²²----²!!Tropes:²²%%* BadassBoast: "Cherry Bomb"²%%* CoverVersion: "Rock and Roll" by the Music/VelvetUnderground.²%%* CulturalRebel: [[SarcasmMode What?! An all-female]] ''[[SarcasmMode hard]]'' [[SarcasmMode rock band?! Most unorthodox!]]²%%* InNameOnly: In 1987, Kim Fowley put together a new Runaways. None of the original members were involved.²* IntercourseWithYou: Quite a bit.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Lita comes across this way in Cherie's autobiography. [[Film/TheRunaways The movie]] makes her a straight up JerkAss which is probably why Lita doesn't care for it.²* MusicalWorldHypotheses: Lampshaded in "Dead End Justice".²* NobodyLovesTheBassist: The band just couldn't seem to hold onto one. In [[Film/TheRunaways the movie]], the bassist is a CompositeCharacter, Robyn Robbins, who has no spoken lines.²* OfCorsetsSexy: Cherie Currie wore a corset/basque, with garters and stockings, as her on-stage ensemble. [[ Oh my.]]²%%* PowerBallad: "Heartbeat".²%%* PrecisionFStrike: "You're Too Possessive".²%%* SpokenWordInMusic: "Dead End Justice".²* TokenMinority: Back when they began, they were the only all-female rock band to gain major success.²* TropeCodifier: First all-female rock band that was known by the general public (Goldie and the Gingerbreads and Fanny came before, but who remembers them?). Music/LitaFord has commented in interviews, such as on Creator/{{NPR}}'s ''Fresh Air'', that she hears a lot of the Runaways in both all-female acts and in [[MaleBandFemaleSinger female-led acts]] such as Music/{{Halestorm}}. And possibly for UnderwearOfPower in music.²----


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