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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛%%[[caption-width-right:350:T-ara come to get down!]] %%That was the caption for the previous picture. Comment it back in if you'd like to keep it, or give a new caption and comment it out.˛˛T-ara (often stylized as T-ARA or T♔ARA- Korean: 티아라, Japanese: ティアラ) is a four member GirlGroup from Korea. Their initial premise was their specialisation in ballads and midtempos, as their voices were best suited to that style. They became known after four members joined forces with male hip-hop group Supernova for the hit electroballad "TTL (Time To Love)" which paved the way for T-ara to smash the charts with the silly yet catchy [[CatGirl "Bo Peep Bo Peep"]].˛˛They have had numerous lineup changes and messy controversies that followed. T-ara started with Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Jiwon, and Jiae; Soyeon, Boram and Qri were added in after Jiwon and Jiae left before debut for creative differences. Hwayoung joined the group in 2010 as the lead rapper, and in 2012 Areum joined in the summer while Dani, 12 at the time, was announced to be joining sometime in the future. However that year Hwayoung left the group, which resulted in a ''huge'' backlash due to allegations of bullying and "evidence" of varying authenticity that rolled in - however what truly happened remains uncertain. In July 2013, [[ Ahreum also left the group]] in order to pursue solo activities; and Dani, initially slated to take her part in the subunit T-ara N4, was announced in 2015 to be joining an entirely new group instead - and so the original 6-member lineup stands.˛˛Two subunits formed in 2013, T-ara N4 (T-ara Brand New 4) and QBS. T-ara N4 (Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin and formerly Ahreum) made their debut in Korea in April 2013 with the single "Jeon Won Ilgi"[[note]]Countryside Diary[[/note]]. They also signed to Empire Records and released five versions of the song featuring a different rapper/singer for their U.S. debut, and were special guests at Music/ChrisBrown's "concert" (aka a swimming pool gig) in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, QBS (Soyeon, Boram and Qri) debuted in Japan with the single "Like The Wind" in June of 2013 and peaked at number 13 on the Oricon weekly charts.˛˛They are best known for their chameleon-like tendency of switching their concept and sound at the drop of a dime. The girls themselves have said that they strive to be different with each release, and that it is their true appeal. For the most part they seem to be spot on - they are one of the bigger breakout girl groups, and are responsible for some of the most addictive and catchy pop songs you'll ever hear.˛˛On February 8, 2017, new information came forwards regarding the infamous "bullying" scandal after Hwayoung and her twin Hyoyoung went on an interview show and again brought up the scandal, and continued to try to spin the story to make Hwayoung out to be the victim (a direct 180 from when the story first came out and Hwayoung claimed there was no bullying, only normal conflict). Cue an ex-manager finally being fed up and releasing texts that showed [[ Hyoyoung threatening ex-member Ahreum with physical violence]], and [[ claiming Hwayoung and Hyoyoung had been "cosplaying" as victims throughout the whole incident.]] Fans were further thrown into a tizzy after [[ Ahreum and Hyoyoung both confirmed the texts were real]], and [[ their company also confirmed the ex-manager's story]].˛˛On March 6, 2017, MBK announced that Boram and Soyeon had elected to terminate their contracts following the release of their final album, with Qri, Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin remaining with the label until December. On May 7, the company suddenly began trying to [[ smear Soyeon and Boram]], claiming the group's comeback had had to be redone due to Soyeon and Boram's departure, that a planned reality show had had to be cancelled and [[ claiming that the two would not be attending planned concerts in Japan and Hong Kong.]] These claims [[ were quickly proven false,]] with the girls [[ all liking a photo a fan blog had posted captioned "Who do you believe - our girls or the company?"]]˛˛[[folder: Discography]]˛˛* Korean Discography:˛** ''Absolute First Album'' (2009)˛*** ''Breaking Heart'' (Repackage) (2010)˛** ''Temptastic'' (2010)˛** ''John Travolta Wannabe'' (2011)˛*** ''Roly-Poly In Copacabana'' (Repackage) (2011)˛** ''Black Eyes'' (2011)˛*** ''Funky Town'' (Repackage) (2012)˛** ''Day By Day'' (2012)˛*** ''Mirage'' (Repackage) (2012)˛** ''Again'' (Extended Play) (2013)˛*** ''Again 1977'' (Repackage) (2013)˛*** ''White Winter'' (Repackage) (2013)˛** ''And & End'' (Extended Play) (2014)˛** ''So Good'' (Extended Play) (2015)˛** ''Remember'' (Extended Play) (2016)˛** ''What's My Name'' (Extended Play) (2017)˛˛* Japanese Discography:˛** ''Jewelry Box'' (2012)˛** ''Treasure Box'' (2013)˛** ''Gossip Girls'' (2014)˛˛* T-ara N4 (Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin and Areum)˛** ''Jeon Won Diary'' (2013)˛˛[[/folder]]˛----˛˛!!T-ara come to get down in the following tropes:˛* AudibleSharpness: Swords in "Day By Day" and "Sexy Love" make a sound when drawn - other sounds are muted to make it even more prominent.˛* AutoTune: They've become quite notorious for their sometimes profligate use of it. ˛* BadassNormal: Soyeon in "Sexy Love," where she seems to be a normal person but is completely unbothered by the fact Eunjung comes into her club with a katana and starts a fight. Right there. ˛* BareYourMidriff: Pretty much been showing off their bare waists since day one.˛* BlindWeaponmaster: Dani/Eunjung is blind in "Day By Day" but fights with a katana anyway.˛%% * {{Brainwashed}}: In "Day By Day" Jiyeon does this to Dani with unknown means, turning her into Eunjung.˛%% * BreakoutCharacter: Jiyeon. Eunjung and Hyomin are also quite popular, but it seems like Jiyeon has become the unofficial "face" of the group.˛* BreakupSong: "Cry Cry," "Lovey-Dovey," and "We Were In Love" are about breakups.˛* CatGirl: Both the Japanese and Korean music videos for "Bo Peep Bo Peep" have the girls with cat-ears and paws.˛* TheCutie: Boram definitely. She's one of the shortest idols in Korea and looks incredibly young for her age, which is made even funnier when you learn that she is, in fact, the eldest member of the group.˛* DarkerAndEdgier:˛** The girls sexed it up for their 2010 hit "I Go Crazy Because Of You."˛** Their mini-album ''Black Eyes'' qualifies as this, especially since it was released on the back of the very cutesy "Roly-Poly". This is most apparent in the videos for "Cry Cry" and "Lovey Dovey", best described as a "gangster mini-epic".˛%% * DatePeepers: The T-ara members in "Like the First Time."˛* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: T-ara excels at this.˛** Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, ahhh!˛** Roly-poly, roly-roly-poly...˛** "Yayaya" from start to finish.˛** Lovey dovey dovey!˛* EuroPop: Comprises quite a bit of their discography.˛* EverythingsDeaderWithZombies: The [[ Zombie Version]] of their music video for "Lovey Dovey", one of three videos for the song, was done for the sake of edginess.˛* FamilyBusiness: Boram is the member of the Jeon family, several members of which are well-known entertainers in Korea.˛* {{Fanservice}}: They rock the schoolgirl look in the video to "I Go Crazy Because Of You."˛* GenreRoulette: They run the gamut from cutesy, aegyo-styled pop to [[Music/TwoNEOne 2NE1]]-styled R&B/electro-pop.˛* GirlGroup: A KoreanPopMusic girl group.˛* GlowingEyes:˛** Eunjung's blue eyes in "Day By Day". It's never really explained what they do, but they glow so obviously she has powers of some kind.˛** Dani in the previous video (who is playing the same character) had at least telekinesis and seemed to have a slight form of telepathy.˛%% * GoodBadGirl: They have a song called "I'm So Bad"˛%% * GratuitousDiscoSequence: "Roly-Poly," anyone? Played straight, as the girls did cite SaturdayNightFever as a major influence.˛* GratuitousEnglish: Most evident in a catch phrase they've used often in their songs..."T-ara come to get down."˛* GriefSong: "TTL (Time To Love)" and its successor, "TTL 2 (Listen)."˛* HeroicSacrifice: Drama music videos.˛** Ajusshi in "Cry Cry" takes a bullet for Jiyeon/Qri and takes out the {{Big Bad}}.˛** Hyomin in "Sexy Love" blocks a slash meant for Eunjung. With her body.˛* HotterAndSexier: They had already shown shades of this when they promoted "Like The First Time" but they went all-out for "I Go Crazy Because Of You."˛* IdolSinger: One of the more popular examples in Korea.˛* IntercourseWithYou: It's heavily implied in "Like The First Time."˛%% * ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: Hyomin in "Day By Day".˛* ImpossiblyCoolClothes: As with many Korean groups and idols they're often impeccably dressed for performances and appearances.˛* InDaClub: Most of their music is tailor-made for it. ˛** The video for "Roly-Poly" features a dance segment in a seventies-styled dance club.˛** Likewise, "Lovey Dovey" also features a scene in a club.˛* JapanesePopMusic: The girls had a successful debut in late 2011 in Japan when their single "Bo Peep Bo Peep" became the first single EVER by a Korean artist to debut at number 1 on the Oricon. That's quite an achievement.˛* LadyLooksLikeADude: The group posed as men for posters to help promote the Hallyu Dream Concert. They were convincing, to say the least. [[ Bond, I presume?]]˛* TheLeader: In spirit it would be either Hyomin or Eunjung as both are two of the driving forces behind the group, but theoretically ALL of them will be leader at some time or another as their CEO wishes for each to spend time in the position to learn and grow individually. While Eunjung, Hyomin, and Soyeon seem to be doing a pretty good job, Boram seemed to have issues (she served as the leader during the Temptastic era).˛* LetsDuet: Their breakout single "TTL (Time To Love) was a collaboration with hip-hop group Supernova. They collaborated with the same group for "TTL 2 (Listen)."˛%% * LighterAndSofter: They go back and forth between this and DarkerAndEdgier all the time.˛* MoodWhiplash:˛** The majority of Black Eyes is decidedly darker in tone than their previous albums and minis...then you hear "O My God," a Christmas tune that sounds like it should be on a Music/GirlsGeneration album, and the mood is lost.˛** In their video for "Lovey Dovey" (which is part two of their "gangster epic"), they go from the main character sitting moodily around thinking about the events of "Cry Cry" (part one), to Eunjung bouncing around in a club to "Lovey Dovey Dovey ah ah ah!", then it takes a turn for the worse.˛%% * {{Mooks}}: Hoards of baddies in both "Cry Cry" and "Day By Day." Subverted in both because the mooks manage to accomplish a lot. In both music videos, they seriously injure the T-ara members.˛* MotorMouth:˛** Hyomin, Eunjung are the the designated rappers of the group and so can rap quite fast.˛** Hwayoung was this as well before her departure from the group and likewise handle fast-paced raps.˛%% * NewSoundAlbum: Black Eyes.˛* NotWorthKilling: Jiyeon carries her sword around a lot in "Day By Day," but she never uses it. She prefer to let the {{mooks}} take care of business.˛* ObsessionSong: "I Go Crazy Because Of You" and "Roly-Poly" depict the girls' infatuation with their love interests.˛* OlderThanTheyLook: Boram, so much so that she has been pegged the "visual maknae" by the fandom. Despite her youthful looks, she is actually the oldest member in the group.˛* PistolPose:˛** Jiyeon poses with a gun in the promotional poster for the "Cry Cry" video.˛** It looks like [[SeanConneryIsAboutToShootYou Qri and Jiyeon are about to shoot each other]] in promotional photos for their single "Lovey Dovey." [[spoiler:This is {{foreshadowing}}, as Jiyeon (the heroine of Cry Cry) gets plastic surgery after she is beaten and becomes Qri for "Lovey Dovey".]]˛* PlotArmor: Hyomin somehow survives being impaled in "Day By Day," mostly because she is needed in the sequel. In the sequel though, she's no longer needed and is killed by what amounts to a surface wound.˛* PoweredByAForsakenChild: Jiyeon's war machine in "Day By Day", which is powered by a kidnapped, blind, psychic Dani.˛* RecordProducer: Shinsadong Tiger is a frequent contributor to their albums, having produced three of the girl's biggest hits: "Bo Peep Bo Peep", "Roly-Poly", and "Lovey Dovey".˛* TheRival: Pre-Hwayoung-departure anyways, they were constantly compared to girl groups Music/{{Kara}} and Music/GirlsGeneration, who also popular KoreanPopMusic girl groups that made successful debuts in Japan.˛* RuleOfSeven: Became a seven-member group Hwayoung was added to the group.˛* ShesGotLegs: Many of their outfits aren't shy with showing some leg. It is a female K-Pop group, after all.˛* ShoutOut: To ''Franchise/SailorMoon'', of all things, in "Number Nine": "(neombeonain) neon naui teoksidogamyeon/ (Number Nine) You are my Tuxedo Mask".˛* StageNames: Hyomin's real name is Sunyoung; Qri's real name is Jihyun.˛* SurrealMusicVideo: A few examples.˛** Both the Korean and Japanese versions of the "Bo Peep Bo Peep" music videos are quite strange.˛%% ** "I Go Crazy Because Of You."˛* TeenIdol: Most members were teenagers when they debuted as idols.˛* TranslatedCoverVersion:˛** The group did translated Korean songs like "Bo Peep Bo Peep" and "Yayaya" to Japanese when they released them as singles in Japan.˛** Taiwanese singer Lotus Wang did an infamous remake of "Bo Peep Bo Peep" that went viral and was even featured on CNN.˛* WeaponAcrossTheShoulder: Jiyeon holds her katana over her shoulder in "Day By Day", mainly to accentuate how evil she is.˛* WhoWearsShortShorts: T-ara wore short-shorts during promotions for "Roly-Poly."˛* WouldHitAGirl: The mafia boss and his flunkies in the "Cry Cry" and "Lovey-Dovey" mini-movies. Jiyeon, Eunjung and Qri get pretty banged up by them.˛* YouGottaHaveBlueHair:˛** Eunjung had blue hair in "Day By Day" (Part 2), and Hyomin had bright pink/red hair.˛** Qri had [[ red hair]] in "Number Nine".˛* ZettaiRyouiki: Most notably during the video for "I Go Crazy Because Of You" where they wore long socks with their skirts. They were in schoolgirl outfits, after all.˛----


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