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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛[[caption-width-right:350:''"Now I'm grown, I'm on my own, running free and wild."'']]˛˛''Squeeze'' is the fifth and final studio album by the Music/VelvetUnderground (mostly InNameOnly), released in 1973. It is their first and only studio album made after the departures of Music/LouReed and Sterling Morrison. Maureen Tucker-- as well as relative newcomers Willie Alexander and Walter Powers were supposed to appear on the album, but were all dismissed by the band manager before recording started. As a result, ''Squeeze'' would become [[IAmTheBand a Doug Yule solo album in all but name]], with him playing the majority of the instruments. Interestingly, Ian Paice of Music/DeepPurple played drums on this album.˛˛Upon release, the album bombed and Velvet Underground broke up for good shortly after. Time has done little to vindicate this album, and for long periods of time this album has been out of print. [[CanonDiscontinuity It is also often left out of the canon by both fans]] [[OldShame and the band themselves]]-- for better or worse-- and as a result it has never been reissued on a physical format. That said, it ''did'' eventually get added to streaming services, so anyone curious to hear it can still do so officially. Anyone looking for a physical copy though is still forced to KeepCirculatingTheTapes.˛˛For the rock band of the same name, see Music/{{Squeeze}}. ˛˛----˛!! Tracklist:˛˛[[AC: Side One]]˛˛# "Little Jack" (3:25)˛# "Crash" (1:21)˛# "Caroline" (2:34)˛# "Mean Old Man" (2:52)˛# "Dopey Joe" (3:06)˛# "Wordless" (3:00)˛˛[[AC: Side Two]]˛˛# "She'll Make You Cry" (2:43)˛# "Friends" (2:37)˛# "Send No Letter" (3:11)˛# "Jack And Jane" (2:53)˛# "Louise" (5:43)˛˛----˛!!Principal Member:˛˛* Doug Yule - lead vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards˛˛----˛!! She'll Make You Trope:˛* ADateWithRosiePalms: Alluded to on the album cover, depicting a fist gripping a phallic skyscraper; note how the inner side of the fist faces the viewer.˛* TheBandMinusTheFace: A prime example, considering that none of the founding members are involved. ˛* BookEnds: The album cover of ''Music/TheVelvetUndergroundAndNico'' had a phallic symbol in the form of a banana. This final VU album has one too in the shape of a skyscraper gripped by a hand. ˛* BreakUpSong: "She'll Make You Cry", warning for a girl that's prone to disappoint you.˛* CanonDiscontinuity: Almost nobody acknowledges ''Squeeze'', although the album has [[ its defenders]]. To be fair, it's basically a Doug Yule solo album since only he, [[Music/DeepPurple Ian Paice]] and a few session musicians played on it, and the only reason it's even ''in'' the VU discography is because of their manager Steve Sesnick.˛* ContemptibleCover: The album art of an art deco skyscraper being gripped by a hand facing inward, meant to invoke masturbation imagery.˛* CoversAlwaysLie: This album has practically nothing to do with the Velvet Underground, except that a band member plays on it.˛* IAmTheBand and InNameOnly: Doug Yule for this album. This is literally his solo album in all but name. The only other musicians are Ian Paice, an unknown saxophonist and a female vocalist whose identity is also unknown.˛* MinisculeRocking: "Crahs" is a mere 1:21 long.˛* NameAndName: "Jack And Jane". ˛* NewSoundAlbum: Its sounds unlike anything else by The Velvet Underground, being a breezier pop rock album far removed from their traditional art rock style. Most of this is down to the fact that Doug Yule was the only band member who actually played on the record -- and even then he wasn't one of the founding members.˛* OneManSong: "Dopey Joe", "Little Jack", "Mean Old Man". ˛* OneWomanSong: "Caroline", "Louise".˛* OneWordTitle: ''Squeeze'', "Crash", "Caroline", "Friends" and "Louise".˛* SpecialGuest: Ian Paice of Music/DeepPurple plays drums on this album.˛* VisualInnuendo: The album cover looks like a phallic symbol.˛˛----


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