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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:Haruka, Minako, Ayahi and Aki]]²²Sphere is a J-Pop idol group consisting of seiyuu Creator/AkiToyosaki, Creator/HarukaTomatsu, Creator/AyahiTakagaki, and Creator/MinakoKotobuki.²²When the group was formed in early 2009, only Haruka had released solo singles (not counting {{Image Song}}s for shows), while the other three were most known for their voice acting, but since then all members have solo careers with their own singles, albums and concert tours, while still being members of the band.²²In 2011 they starred in ''Sphere Club'', their own 15-minute variety show which lasted for 22 episodes. The following year saw the launch of the AnimeFirst vehicle ''Anime/NatsuiroKiseki'', in which they played the four main characters, and did a ImageSong for each episode in various lineup combinations. Since they're all both singers and actors, live concerts often include a 15-20 minute play performance in addition to the songs.²²They made a quick animated cameo as themselves in an episode of ''LightNovel/ICouldntBecomeAHeroSoIReluctantlyDecidedToGetAJob''.²²Not to be confused with a [[Literature/{{Sphere}} 1987 sci-fi novel]] and its 1998 film adaptation.²----²!Releases by Sphere:²!!Singles:²²* "[[Manga/HatsukoiLimited Future Stream]]" (2009)²* "[[Anime/BattleSpiritsShonenToppaBashin dear-dear DREAM]]" (2009) (kind of, it's not an official Sphere single but was released under the name "My Sunshine (Ayahi's character in the anime) meets Sphere" with the other three members only singing backup)²* "[[Manga/SoraNoManimani Super Noisy Nova]]" (2009)²* "[[VideoGame/RagnarokOnline Kaze wo Atsumete / Brave My Heart]]" (2009)²* "[[LightNovel/DemonKingDaimao Realove:Realife]]" (2010)²* "[[LightNovel/CatPlanetCuties Now Loading... Sky!!]]" (2010)²* "[[Manga/OtomeYoukaiZakuro Moon Signal]]" (2010)²* "[[Anime/HanasakuIroha Hazy]]" (2011)²* "Let Me Do!!" (2011)²* "[[Manga/SquidGirl High Powered]]" (2011)²* "[[Anime/NatsuiroKiseki Non stop road / Ashita e no Kaerimichi]]" (2012)²* "[[Manga/{{Bakuman}} Pride on Everyday]]" (2012)²* "[[Manga/ArataTheLegend Genesis Aria]]" (2013)²* "[[LightNovel/ICouldntBecomeAHeroSoIReluctantlyDecidedToGetAJob Sticking Places]]" (2013)²* "Eternal Tours" (2014) (5th Anniversary single)²* "[[LightNovel/NananasBuriedTreasure Kasukana Hisokana Tashikana Mirai]]" (2014)²²!!Albums:²* ''A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E'' (2009)²* ''Spring is Here'' (2011)²* ''Third Planet'' (2012)²* ''4 colors for you'' (2014)²²!Associated with the following tropes:²* ACappella: The only instrument on "Niji wo Kakeru Melody" is a piano at the very end.²* AudienceParticipationSong:²** "A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E": For the verses the crowd shouts the name of each member during the three syllable "A.T.M." part.²** "Let Me Do!!": The final "WHOA-OH-OH" part is often at least 3-4 times longer than normal at live shows.²* BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine: Haruka and/or Aki tend to play the wise guys in skits, with Ayahi and Minako playing the straight men.²* ColorCodedCharacters: Each member has their own color, which they also use in their solo concerts and merchandise.²** Aki: Green²** Haruka: Orange²** Minako: Purple²** Ayahi: Pink²*** During one point in the Athethic Harmonies concert they all wear sports outfits and Aki points out that they look like "[[Franchise/SuperSentai SpheRangers]]", except that they're missing a [[RedIsHeroic red]] member.²* CoverVersion: Contributed with "Glory Colors ~Kaze no Tobira~" on a Music/{{ZONE}} tribute album, and has performed it live as well.²* CuteLittleFang: Aki.²* GirlGroup²* LuckyCharmsTitle: "Watashi ♪NOTE to #Pencil", which also works as a pun (the #-sign is "sharp" in Japanese)²* LyricalColdOpen: "GENESIS ARIA", "Super Noisy Nova".²* TheNapoleon: Ayahi sometimes takes this role, being the shortest (but also oldest) of the four girls at 150.8 cm (4'11").²* [[NonUniformUniform Non Uniform Uniforms]]: Their outfits usually have minor differences between them, sometimes at the sleeves.²* NumberedSequels: Their third album being titled ''Third Planet'', and fourth ''4 colors for you''.²* OneTwoThreeFourGo: The title for the 5th anniversary concert was "Ready Steady 5th Anniversary"²* SingingVoiceDissonance: Ayahi singing opera. Her English pronounciation is also very good while singing.²* StatuesqueStunner: Haruka and Aki. In 90+% of the group photos -- such as above -- they can be found standing at each side, with Minako and Ayahi in-between.²* TitleTrack: ''A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E'', and ''Spring is Here'' had them, while the main new track on ''Third Planet'' was "Planet Freedom" instead.²* VocalTagTeam: All members sing on all songs. Often the verses are split in either two or four.²* [[KimonoFanservice Yukata Fanservice]]: At the ''Natsuiro Kiseki Festival'' event.²----


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