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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:''"Making it up in our secret world..."''']]²²'''''Secret World Live''''' is the world tour undertaken by English singer/songwriter Music/PeterGabriel to promote his sixth solo studio album, 1992's ''Music/{{Us}}''. The tour took place in 1993 and 1994, including 69 concerts in Europe, and 57 concerts in the United States. A live album was released in September 1994, recorded off of excerpts from a pair of concerts in Modena, Italy, that took place on consecutive nights in November 1993.²²Additionally, a concert film was released at the same time as the live album, also filmed at the concerts in Modena. The sole difference between the live album and the concert film is that the film has "San Jacinto" (from his fourth self-titled album, nicknamed ''Security''), and the live album has "Red Rain" (from ''Music/{{So}}''). Streaming copies of the live album from a 2019 re-release include "San Jacinto", while the Blu-ray release of the concert video includes "Red Rain" as a bonus track.²²In addition to his nominal backing band of bassist Tony Levin, guitarist David Rhodes, and drummer Manu Katché, he included Indian violinist L. Shankar (who worked with him on ''Film/TheLastTemptationOfChrist'') and keyboardist Jean-Claude Naimro. He also hired American singer Music/PaulaCole, who would sing female parts for songs previously recorded with Music/KateBush and Music/SineadOConnor. This tour would help Cole launch her own solo career in the late 1990s.²²The typical venue for the concert, as exhibited in the concert film, was a dual-stage setup connected by a conveyor belt, with a flippable projector screen, and multiple elevators on the end stages.²²The album was certified Silver by the BPI, and Gold by the RIAA. The concert film was certified Platinum in the United States.²²!! Live Album Tracklist:²!!! Disc 1:²# "Come Talk to Me" (6:13)²# "Steam" (7:45)²# "Across the River" (6:00)²# "Slow Marimbas" (1:41)²# "Shaking the Tree" (9:18)²# "Red Rain" (6:15)²# "Blood of Eden" (6:58)²# "Kiss That Frog" (5:58)²# "Washing of the Water" (4:07)²# "Solsbury Hill" (4:42)²²!!! Disc 2:²# "Digging in the Dirt" (7:36)²# "Sledgehammer" (4:58)²# "Secret World" (9:10)²# "Don't Give Up" (7:35)²# "In Your Eyes" (11:32)²²!! Concert Video Tracklist:²# "Come Talk to Me" (6:39)²# "Steam" (7:53)²# "Across the River" (5:57)²# "Slow Marimbas" (1:45)²# "Shaking the Tree" (7:12)²# "Blood of Eden" (7:02)²# "San Jacinto" (7:34)²# "Kiss That Frog" (6:21)²# "Washing of the Water" (3:55)²# "Solsbury Hill" (4:27)²# "Digging in the Dirt" (6:55)²# "Sledgehammer" (6:05)²# "Secret World" (10:16)²# "Don't Give Up" (7:34)²# "In Your Eyes" (12:48)²²!!''Come trope to me'':²* TheAbridgedSeries: Toward the end of the tour, an abbreviated 10-song version of the Secret World Live concert set was played at Woodstock '94, with lesser theatrics due to the physically different concert stage, and "Biko" (from his third self-titled album, nicknamed ''Melt'') added as an encore. Both "Red Rain" and "San Jacinto" were played.²* AllThereInTheManual: The overture at the beginning of the concert is "Zaar", a song from ''Passion'', his soundtrack for ''Film/TheLastTemptationOfChrist''. The slow interlude for "Steam" is an excerpt from a separate track called "Quiet Steam". In both the CD and the concert video, it was included as part of "Steam".²* AndStarring: Peter introduces his backup band by name during an interlude in "Shaking the Tree". He also names Paula right before her solo in that song.²* EpicRocking: The vast majority of the tracks included on both the concert album and concert tour qualify, with many of the ones that don't leaning in [[MinisculeRocking the opposite extreme]].²* NostrilShot: In the concert video, "Digging in the Dirt" has Peter wearing a fish-eye facecam. The projector also shows pre-recorded footage of the other members of the tour band wearing the facecams.²* ReCut: Many songs were cycled in and out of the set list during the tour. In many American tour dates, "Kiss That Frog" was replaced by "Shock the Monkey" (''Security''). Other songs cycled in and out include "Games Without Frontiers" (''Melt''), "Only Us" (''Us''), and "The Feeling Begins" (''Passion'').


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