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1Sam Lowry Hunt (born December 8, 1984) is a CountryMusic star from Cedartown, Georgia who rose to prominence in TheNewTens.
3Originally a football player, Hunt played for Middle Tennessee State University before independently releasing the EP ''Between the Pines'' and penning hits for Music/KennyChesney, Music/KeithUrban, and Billy Currington. MCA Nashville picked him up in 2014 and he released the album ''Montevallo'', which sent all three of its first singles "Leave the Night On", "Take Your Time", and "House Party" to the top of the ''Billboard'' country charts. His second album was led off by his biggest single to date, "Body Like a Back Road"; that song set country music chart records -- 34 weeks at No. 1 on the ''Billboard'' Hot Country Songs chart. Although he stumbled somewhat with followup singles, he was able to reclaim the top of the country charts with his 2020 hit "Kinfolks" from his long-delayed second album ''Southside''.
5Hunt's music has received praise for his lyrical skill and distinctive pop, R&B, and rap-influenced production, although the latter has also gotten him a great deal of derision.
8* ''Between the Pines'' (2013, reissued 2015)
9* ''[=X2C=]'' (EP) (2014)
10* ''Montevallo'' (2014)
11* ''Southside'' (2020)
13!Tropes present in his work:
14* BreakupSong:
15** "Break Up in a Small Town" is about constantly running into a woman with whom he has broken up.
16** "Hard to Forget" plays on similar themes, as he sees reminders of his ex all over the place.
17* EarlyBirdCameo: Before having any hits of his own, he wrote "Come Over" for Music/KennyChesney, "Cop Car" for Music/KeithUrban, and "We Are Tonight" for Music/BillyCurrington.
18* IntercourseWithYou: "Body Like a Back Road", if one can get past the metaphors.
19* LoudOfWar: In "House Party":
20-->We'll wake up all the neighbors\
21'Til the whole block hates us
22* LyricsVideoMismatch: "Take Your Time", in which a man attempts to show his interest to a woman in a low-stakes conversation, has a video with a DomesticAbuse theme.
23* MotorMouth: "Break Up in a Small Town" has rapid-fire spoken-word verses, as does "Take Your Time" to a slightly lesser extent.
24* PrecisionFStrike: One that was obviously muted for radio in "Break Up in a Small Town":
25-->And I wanna jump out, I wanna fight\
26I wanna say, "Fuck that guy!" but I can't\
27'Cause it's my fault, I let her go...
28* PunnyName: "Ex to See" (ecstasy).
29* {{Sampling}}: "Hard to Forget" samples Webb Pierce's 1953 hit "There Stands the Glass".