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1[[quoteright:250:]]²[[caption-width-right:250:Hellawes leading Melnitsa.]]²²Natalia O'Shea (born September 3, 1976 as Natalia Andreyevna Nikolaeva in Moscow, Russia) is a Russian musician active since 1998, primarily in the folk-rock movement. She is a harpist, guitarist, singer-songwriter, performs under the stage name Hellawes, and leads three bands:²²* Melnitsa (Russian folk rock)²* Clann Lir (Celtic folk)²* Romanesque (FolkMusic)²²She is also a linguist, with a specialty in Celtic languages, and combines Celtic, Russian, fantasy, modern, and other influences in her music, which makes her popular with young people and the RolePlayingGame community. Besides performing in folk festivals and other concerts, and releasing her albums, she has gained fame over the Internet. She married Irish diplomat James Cornelius O'Shea in 2004, and they have two daughters, Nina and Una. Today, Natalia O'Shea divides her time between Ireland, Switzerland, and Russia.²----²!Albums (as Hellawes)²²* Running to Paradise, 1996²* Дорога сна (The Road of Dream), 1996²* Лунный день (The Lunar Day), 1996²* Сольные записи (The Solo Album), 1999²* Леопард в городе (Leopard in the City), 2009²----²!Albums (with Melnitsa)²²* Дорога сна, 2003²* Master of the Mill, 2004²* Перевал, 2005²* Зов крови, 2006²* The Best, 2007²* Дикие травы, 2009²* Ангелофрения, 2012²----²!Tropes²²%%* Myth/CelticMythology²* FilkSong: Her Tolkien-inspired songs.²%%* FolkMusic²* HarpOfFemininity: As seen [[ here]] and in the page picture, she often appears with and performs on her harp.²%%* HarshVocals: "Shaman."²%%* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly²%%* NewAge²%%* ThePowerOfRock²%%* ShoutOut: Her stage name, "Hellawes," is taken from the name of the sorceress in Thomas Malory's ''Literature/LeMorteDArthur'' who lures Sir Lancelot into the Castle Perilous. Besides the mythological references, her music also refers to Creator/JRRTolkien, such as "Galadriel."²%%* Myth/SlavicMythology²%%* SpokenWordInMusic²* WaistcoatOfStyle: As seen in the page picture.²----


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