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2 [[caption-width-right:316:''Can you understand me?''\
3''Baby don't you hand me a line'']]
4->''To the gypsy that remains faces freedom''\
5''With a little fear''\
6''I have no fear''\
7''I have only love''\
8''And if I was a child and the child was enough''\
9''Enough for me to love enough to love...''\
10''She is dancing away from you now''\
11''She was just a wish she was just a wish''\
12''And her memory is all that is left for you now''\
13''You see your gypsy oh''
16'''''Mirage''''' is the thirteenth studio album recorded by [=British/American=] rock band Music/FleetwoodMac. It was released through [[Creator/WarnerBrosRecords Warner Bros. Records]] on 18 June 1982.
18Following the tour to promote the [[TroubledProduction famously-dramatic]] ''Music/{{Tusk}}'', the band reconvened at Château d'Hérouville in France to record a new album. In the interim, Music/StevieNicks and Lindsey Buckingham had recorded their first solo efforts. While Lindsey had yet to catch on (he was a still a ways away from "[[Film/NationalLampoonsVacation Holiday Road]]"), Stevie was now a Platinum-selling solo artist with 1981's ''Bella Donna'' under her belt.
20As usual, Stevie, Lindsey, and Christine [=McVie=] would share the writing responsibilities (three, five, and four, respectively). The drama, though not as bad with the writing itself, was still there. [=McVie=] in particular had just broken up with [[Music/TheBeachBoys Dennis Wilson]]. And a former friend of Stevie's had re-married to Mick Fleetwood.
22The real drama would come with the music videos. By the time they got to that point, the members couldn't stand each other, and had to be filmed separately from one another, particularly during "Hold Me". But one scene in "Gypsy", which required Lindsey and Stevie to dance together, was particular contentious. The tension was palpable, as Stevie really didn't want to be in that position.
24The album brought Mac back to the top of the Billboard 200 album chart, going double-Platinum in the United States. It also went Platinum in the United Kingdom, hitting #5 on the Official Charts Company album chart.
26The album was supported by five singles: "Hold Me", "Gypsy", "Love in Store", "Oh Diane", and "Can't Go Back". The first three were Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 ("Gypsy" was the highest, peaking at #4), while only "Can't Go Back" was a hit in the UK (reaching #9).
29!!!Side One
30# "Love in Store" (3:14)
31# "Can't Go Back" (2:42)
32# "That's Alright" (3:09)
33# "Book of Love" (3:21)
34# "Gypsy" (4:24)
35# "Only Over You" (4:08)
37!!!Side Two
38# "Empire State" (2:51)
39# "Straight Back" (4:17)
40# "Hold Me" (3:44)
41# "Oh Diane" (2:36)
42# "Eyes of the World" (3:44)
43# "Wish You Were Here" (4:45)
46* Lindsey Buckingham guitar, vocals, additional keyboards, lap harp on "Empire State"
47* Stevie Nicks vocals
48* Christine [=McVie=] keyboards, vocals
49* John [=McVie=] bass guitar
50* Mick Fleetwood drums, percussion
52!!"A face as soft as a trope in a clown's eye"