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1Masaki Yamada (born 1964) is the former singer for EZO and Music/{{Loudness}}, and currently the bassist and secondary vocalist for New York City based metal band Firesign. His band EZO holds the honor of being the very first Japanese hard rock/heavy metal band to be signed by a Western or international label and the very first Japanese hard rock/heavy metal band to officially film in or tour the US, preceding Loudness by two years.˛˛His career choice of moving from lead to secondary vocalist as well as becoming bassist is highly controversial to say the least, but Masaki has remained humble about the entire thing.˛˛!!Tropes encompassing Yamada's 30 year career include!!˛* ADateWithRosiePalms: ''Wild Talk,'' which is about phone sex.˛* AfterTheEnd: ''Fire Fire,'' being a song about post nuclear war.˛* {{Biseinen}}˛* BreakupSong: ''Love Kills''˛* Creator/GeffenRecords: Signed EZO as of 1985, making them the first Japanese HR/HM band signed by an international label.˛* GuyLiner: wears this in almost all his bands.˛* GriefSong: ''Explode'' is Masaki's rage and sadness about the 9/11 attacks embodied into a musical form.˛* HarshVocals: Even more harsh than Music/MinoruNiihara's at times.˛* IntercourseWithYou: ''She's Riding The Rhythm'', ''Love Junkie'', ''Wild Talk'', ''House of 1000 Pleasures'' from EZO, ''Twisted''(also ObligatoryBondageSong), ''Nightcreepers'' and ''Jasmine Sky'' for Loudness.˛* LeadBassist: A surprising lot of FIRESIGN's fans are there [[JustHereForGodzilla Just For Masaki]]. Masaki is best described as a Type B, as he often VocalTagTeam s with Aya Firesign. ˛* MetalScream: Did a LOT of these on stage.˛* OdeToIntoxication: Wrote a LOT of these in his years in Loudness.˛* ProtestSong˛** ''Racing The Wind'' is a ReligionRantSong, and ''Slaughter House'' is an anti AnimalTesting song. He also did one of Loudness's most powerful versions of their song ''S.D.i.'' which is a protest of AtomicHate,˛*** Also from Loudness, ''Sweet Dreams'' is Masaki ranting about stereotyping of Japanese people, and pretty much most of the Ghetto Machine/Dragon/Engine songs can be interpreted as some kind of protest.˛** From EZO, ''Fire Fire'' is a protest against AtomicHate, and ''Senso'' is a commentary on the Japanese government's [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain attitude]] on UsefulNotes/WorldWarII.˛* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: Firesign is PowerPop that occasionally plays at being HairMetal, NuMetal, slam, and pop punk.˛** EZO's early works fell between thrash and hardcore punk, before they started singing in English.˛* UsefulNotes/NuclearWeapons: ''Fire Fire'' is about nuclear war and the world after.˛* RearrangeTheSong: Rewrote ''In The Mirror'' with different lyrics.˛* SurprisinglyGoodEnglish: Having learned English while living in New York with EZO, Yamada's lyrics with Loudness, although on a few albums he did have help, tended to be more coherent than Niihara's, as well as his English being less accented while speaking.˛* VisualKei: Pretty much is a Visual Kei musician still, however his style emphasizes the more metal side of Kei rather than the "pretty boy side".˛* VocalEvolution: When Yamada was in EZO, his voice was rather high-pitched and screechy, but almost punk-rock esque. By the time he exited Loudness, his voice took on a much more varied tone, ranging from reverberating medium ranged on songs such as Babylon and Jasmine Sky, to high-pitched banshee wails, like on Twisted.


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