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1[[quoteright:300:]] ²²Klaus Erich Dieter Doldinger (born May 12, 1936 in Berlin) is a German musician and film/television composer.²²He studied piano and clarinet music at the Düsseldorf conservatory in the late 1940s, graduating in 1957, though he eventually preferred saxophone, which would remain his SignatureInstrument. He gained professional performing experience starting in the mid-1950s with the Dixieland {{jazz}} band The Feetwarmers and the ensemble Oscar's Trio (modeled after the work of Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson). He then founded the band Passport in 1971 (also called "Klaus Doldinger's Passport"), which remains his best known ensemble and still enjoys success in Germany, with 28 albums to their name. ²²Doldinger also went on to become a successful film and television composer, with the {{electronic|music}} {{Title Theme Tune}}s of series such as ''Series/{{Tatort}}'' and ''Ein Fall für zwei'', and the soundtracks of motion pictures such as ''Film/DasBoot'' and ''Film/TheNeverendingStory''.²----²!!Tropes & Trivia about his career:²²* AssociatedComposer: His best known scores were all composed for Creator/WolfgangPetersen films. They collaborated for ten years between 1974's ''Einer von uns beiden'' and 1984's ''Film/TheNeverendingStory'' -- Petersen left Germany to work in the USA afterwards.²* TheCameo: He [[ appeared]] once in ''Tatort'''s Köln-set spinoff ''Ballauf und Schenk'' as a StreetMusician, [[DiegeticSoundtrackUsage playing the series' theme]] with his sax. ²* ForeignReScore: For the US release of ''The Neverending Story'', his classical orchestra soundtrack was replaced in large parts by a synthesizer-based soundtrack by Music/GiorgioMoroder, much to the chagrin of Wolfgang Petersen.²----


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