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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:''Cut back down to my knees, gotta get back, gotta get free.'']]²²[[ Glass Animals]] are a Indie Pop Band from Oxford, England that formed in 2012. They are made of friends vocalist Dave Bayley, guitarist Drew Macfarlane, bassist Edmund Irvin-Singer and drummer Joe Seaward. ²²They made two albums, ''ZABA'' in June 2014 and ''How To Be A Human Being'' in August 2016. They are most known for the songs ''Black Mambo,'' ''Gooey,'' ''Life Itself,'' ''Pork Soda'' and ''Youth.'' They were nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2017 for ''How To Be A Human Being''.²²Discography:²* ''Leaflings'' (EP, 2012)²* ''Glass Animals'' (EP, 2013)²* ''ZABA'' (2014)²* ''How To Be A Human Being'' (2016)²* ''Dreamland'' (2020)²----²!![[TvTropesWillRuinYourLife "Baby, don't go. I'll stop making tropes"]]²* AlbumIntroTrack: The title track on ''Dreamland'' is a mashup of this, a "table of contents" and a SettingIntroductionSong: each verse asks a question that is answered elsewhere in the album, and it ends with:²->"Oh, it's 2020, so it's time to change that²->So you go make an album and call it Dreamland"²* TheAlcoholic: ''Hazey'' deals with a man [[AdultFear shielding his daughter]] from [[LadyDrunk his drunken wife]].²* AllThereInTheManual: All of the characters in ''How To Be A Human Being'' have backstories you won't notice in the songs themselves.²* AgeProgressionSong: ''Youth'' follows the waitress' son as she watches him grow up [[MissingMom without her]].²* AgeGapRomance: The protagonist in ''Poplar St." thinks he's in this.²* TheAggressiveDrugDealer: the ''Cane Shuga'' character is described as a "drug dealer for the elite" and businessmen.²* AnimalMotifs: In the album ''ZABA,'' people are named as animals to [[MeaningfulName fit their personalities]].²** ''Gooey'' the person the narrator sings about is named [[Literature/WinnieThePooh Pooh Bear]] to signify their [[ManChild childishness and naivety]].²** ''Black Mambo'' is about "Mr. Mole", as he faces off against "The Sloth" in an intense game of dominoes. ²** ''Cocoa Hooves'' is about a elderly man, described as an "old goat". He is unable to escape out of his comfort zone due to an implied heart surgery in the lyrics.²* AWildRapperAppears: They collaborated with Joey Bada$$ for the non-album single ''Lose Control.''²** And again in ''Dreamland'' features Denzel Curry on ''Tokyo Drifting''²* BasementDweller: Chuck Rogers, the protagonist of ''Life Itself'' still lives with his mom due to not told repeatedly he'll be special.²* BSODSong: From ''How To Be A Human Being:'' ²** ''Cane Shuga'' ²** ''The Other Side of Paradise.''²* BreakupSong: ''Cane Shuga'' is about the businessman having broken up with his girlfriend because of his cocaine abuse. [[{{Irony}} The girl from]] ''Season 2, Episode 3.''²->"Burn through my love²->Just like your drugs²->I've had quite enough²->Or lack thereof"²* CharacterBlog: The characters have ones that [[StylisticSuck resemble like geocites and myspace pages]].²* ConceptAlbum: Both ''ZABA'' and ''How To Be A Human Being''. The former is inspired by the children's book "The Zabajaba Jungle", while the latter consists of songs written about characters the band met and stories they heard in the process of making, promoting and touring to promote ''ZABA''.²* ConceptVideo: ''Youth'' and ''Season 2 Episode 3'' For both the Waitress and her son and The Latter protagonist and her boyfriend, respectively.²* CoverVersion: They covered [[Music/KanyeWest Love Lockdown]] at the end of ''ZABA''.²* ConnectedAllAlong: In the music videos and [[AllThereInTheManual "back-matter material."]] The drug dealer from ''Cane Shuga'' is the boyfriend of subject in ''Season 2, Episode 3's'' video, Mrs. Moore from ''Poplar St.'' kidnaps a boy whose mother is the waitress from ''Youth''. ''Life Itself's'' video has most of these characters, including the subject character and his mother, the subject of ''Mama's Gun.''²* DesignStudentsOrgasm: ²** ''ZABA'' has artist [[ Micah Lidberg]] draw a man and woman sleeping away from each other, among animals in a strange, jungle-like enviroment, fitting the albums's "setting" and themes.²** ''How To Be A Human Being'' by [[ Neil Krug]] has a [[TheSeventies very 70s-style aesthetic]] and an [[ ''awkward family photo'']] of a diverse group of people, each one a subject of the albums songs, respectively.²** ''Dreamland's'' is heavily influenced of [[Vaporwave]] and Seapunk art as Dave Bayley's head being made in the their art styles.²* DomesticAbuse: ''Domestic Bliss'' is about one of Dave's Childhood friends' mother going through this.²->"I see the bruise, I see the truth²->I see what he been doin' to you"²* DrugsAreBad: A recurring theme ''How To Be A Human Being.'' ²** In ''Life Itself,'' Chuck Rogers is revealed in the second verse as mixing to codeine and Coca-Cola²** The Girl described in ''Season 2, Episode 3'' is a girl who smoke weed, while this is PlayedForLaughs.²** ''Cane Shuga'' is about a man losing his girlfriend due to his coke addiction. [[{{Hypocrite}} The same girl from the second track]].²** ''Agnes''²* ChessWithDeath: the titular ''Black Mambo.'' But [[RecycledInSpace with Dominoes]]²* ExtremelyShortTimespan: ''It’s All So Incredibly Loud.'' Dave Bayley said it takes place in the three seconds²* GenderBlenderName: According to WordOfGod the feminine ''"Agnes"'' belongs to the man holding the camera in the ''How To Be Human Being'' album cover.²* GrowingUpSucks: It appears to be a CentralTheme in ''How To Be A Human Being.'' ''Youth'' is about being parent not being able to see your child grow up, ''Pork Soda'' is about [[ScatterBrainedSenior an old man getting dementia]], ''The Other Side Of Paradise'' is about [[TheOneThatGotAway a woman's doomed relationship with a now famous basketball player]], ''Take A Slice'' is a young woman prostituting herself to pay for Collage and Agnes is losing your friend to time, on top of him being a drug addict. [[SarcasmMode Fun stuff.]]²* ItsSnowingCocaine: ''Cane Shuga,'' where the singer begs his lover not to go, promising to stop using cocaine.²* IWantSong: ''Youth,'' in which about parent who wants a better life for their son.²->"I want you to be happy²->Free to run, get dizzy on caffeine²->Funny friends that make you laugh²->And maybe you're just a little bit [[UsefulNotes/BritishEnglish dappy]]"²* LighterAndSofter: [[ZigZaggedTrope Zigzagged with]] ''How To Be A Human Being''. While sounding more mainstream and pop oriented than their last album, the songs themselves [[LyricDissonance carry the same heavy themes and topics]]²* LyricalDissonance: [[CreatorThumbprint They often do this]] ²** ''Take A Slice:'' A cheerful indie-pop song a [[FilleFatale college-aged]] [[OnlyInFlorida Florida-Bound,]] [[TheOldestProfession prostitute.]]²** ''Cane Shuga'' is about [[DrugsAreBad drugs destroying a relationship]].²** ''Life Itself'' is oddly chipper for a song about a nerdy outcast trying to fit in with society.²** ''Season 2, Episode 3'' is a smooth bedroom-pop song about an [[UpToEleven extremely]] [[TheStoner lazy stoner]]²** ''Dreamland'' vaguely alludes to a [[AxesAtSchool school shooting]].²*** Outright Confirmed by ''Space Ghost Coast to Coast''²* ManicPixieDreamGirl: The "Businessman" laments that his girlfriend is "Broken, but she's fun" in ''Season 2, Episode 3.''²* MissingMom: The Waitress in ''Youth'' misses out on her son's life due to working all day.²* MurderBallad: ''Mama's Gun,'' The narrator who suffers from schizophrenia, murders her abusive husband at the behest of the voices in her head.²* {{NEET}}: [[DownplayedTrope Downplayed with Chuck Rogers]]. He laments taking a small amount of his mother's money.²* OldFlameFizzle: In ''The Other Side of Paradise,'' the narrator's boyfriend leaves for hollywood to become a basketball player who love in love with someone else, [[TheOneThatGotAway much to her chagrin]]. ²* PepTalkSong: Youth is a bittersweet example, with the singer telling her son to essentially to live on without her.²* {{Sampling}}: Mama's Gun samples "Mr. Gruder, originally made by Music/TheCarpenters.²* ScatterbrainedSenior: the narrator and his wife in ''Pork Soda'' are suffering from ''Alzheimer's,'' "hence the pineapple are in my head" lyric.²* ShoutOut:²** ''ZABA'''s title is inspired by William Steig's children's book, "The Zabajaba Jungle".²** ''Toes'' is centered around an [[Literature/TheIslandOfDoctorMoreau island full human-animal hybrids]]²*** The song also mentions a "Dr Swango" someone the singer hallucinates. He is named after the real-life [[DeadlyDoctor Dr. Michael Swango]], who killed 4 to 60 people with [[BitterAlmonds arsenic.]]²* TheStoner: The girl in ''Season 2 Episode 3'' is sung to have [[BreadEggsMilkSquick eaten cereal for lunch and a jar of mayo with a spoon while high on weed]]²* SpokenWordInMusic: in ''[Premade Sandwiches]'' a [[DeadpanSnarker speaker]] rambiles about people in New York standing in line for superfood, drugs, luxury and sex, not unlike [[Music/OkComputer ''Fitter Happier'']].²* StylisticSuck: Some pages of the website resemble Website/Geocities and Website/Myspace pages.²* UsedToBeASweetKid: The [[AxesAtSchool school shooter]] in ''Space Ghost Coast to Coast'' ²* TheVamp: [[ReallyGetsAround Mrs. Moore]] in ''Poplar St.'' seduces young men like the protagonist, only to leave him for another lover.²* WholeEpisodeFlashback: ''Dreamland'' is [[DownplayedTrope mostly]] about Dave Bayley's past²* WorldBuilding: The band made moodboards for their second album, one for each of their songs' subjects.²----


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