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1Fantômas is an American AlternativeMetal {{supergroup}} formed in the late [[TheNineties nineties]], featuring vocalist Music/MikePatton (Music/FaithNoMore and Music/MrBungle), drummer Dave Lombardo (ex-{{Music/Slayer}} member), guitarist Buzz Osborne ({{Music/Melvins}}) and bassist Trevor Dunn (also from Music/MrBungle). The band is named after the {{Literature/Fantomas}} VillainProtagonist of the same name.²²The band actually started as a little side project of Mike, just before the collapse of Music/FaithNoMore. He recorded a set of demos by himself and sent to [[{{Music/Melvins}} Buzz]], [[Music/MrBungle Trevor]] and [[{{Music/Sepultura}} Igor]]. In hopes of forming a supergroup with the aformentioned people. Two of the people accepted but Igor declined, recommending Dave Lombardo instead. The band released all of their albums in Mike's own independent label Ipecac Recordings.²²The bands musical style is a mixture of DeathMetal, AvantGardeMetal and {{Grindcore}}, because most of their songs (excluding The Director's Cut) last about 1-2 minutes, with the somewhat occasional 3-4 minute song. They also have scat-like singing, instead of conventional singing. Even one critic said they were {{UsefulNotes/Dada}}-Metal because of their unique style of playing.²²!!Discography:²* 1999: [[SelfTitledAlbum Fantômas]]²* 2001: The Director's Cut²* 2004: Delirium Cordia²* 2005: Suspended Animation²²!!Tropes employed by Fantômas:²* ConceptAlbum: Basically every album they have done²** [[SelfTitledAlbum "Fantômas"]] is meant to be like a soundtrack to a comic book, every track has "page" and the number of the track beside it.²** "The Director's Cut" is a CoverAlbum of horror film themes (with the occasional odd one out). For example: Film/RosemarysBaby, [[Film/TheGolem Der Golem]], Film/TheOmen and Film/HenryPortraitOfASerialKiller.²** "Delirium Cordia" is a soundtrack to a surgery without anestethic and is only a single track.²** And their last album "Suspended Animation"... is probably the MindScrew-iest of all. There are two concepts to this album. 1. The album served as a calendar for the month of April and it's holidays (For Example: Track one is April 1st: April Fool's Day), and 2. The album is full of sound effects from Creator/FisherPrice toys and cartoons... Yep.²* CoverAlbum: The Director's Cut.²* {{Crossover}}: On New Years Eve 2000, they collaborated with [[{{Music/Melvins}} Buzzo's band]] to form "The Fantômas Melvins Big Band". So basically, a super-{{supergroup}}.²* EpicRocking: Delirium Cordia, if we could count it, considering it's only one track.²* JumpScare: Expect this alot when listening to their music.²* MinimalisticCoverart: Delirium Cordia's cover art is just a flatline with a beep in the end, with the tile of the album below and the band name above.²* MinisculeRocking: Basically all of their songs (except for The Director's Cut and Delirium Cordia) which lasts 1-2 minutes²** But none can match to the [[ThirteenIsUnlucky tracks that have the number 13]]. The one in the SelfTitledAlbum is basically the fading out of a cymbal from Page 12. And the next album The Director's Cut is just pure silence.


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