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1Exotype is an [[ElectronicMusic electronic]] [[HeavyMetal metal]] band hailing from Orlando, Florida. Formed in 2012, they've made a name for themselves in the metal scene for their GenreBusting sound. See the description of "electronic metal" above? That doesn't even scratch the surface of it. Trying to classify them as one genre is an exercise in one's own sanity. To give you an idea, imagine a crossover between [[{{Dubstep}} Brostep]] and {{Metalcore}}, now add in flavorings of NuMetal, Glitch, {{Industrial}}, {{Trance}}, ProgressiveMetal, {{Deathcore}}, some [[{{Ambient}} ambiance]] here and there, slight PopPunk influences (combined with the above genres) on their lighter songs, and occasionally [[RapMetal rap]]. Oh, [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and]] {{Djent}}. Can't forget that.
3They've gained a fairly large fanbase, despite limited crossover appeal between electronic music and heavy metal. They released their debut SelfTitledAlbum in 2014 to generally positive reviews. They were originally set to release a second album in 2016, but it seems to have fallen into DevelopmentHell.
7* ''Emerge EP'' (2012)
8* ''[[SelfTitledAlbum Exotype]]'' (2014)
12* Steven [=McCorry=] Vocals
13* Rob Walden Guitar
14* Matt Browning Guitar
15* Gabriel Montalvo Bass
16* Fabian Guzman Keyboards / programming
17* Michael Levine Drums
21* AvantGardeMetal: The best possible description for their music. They're sometimes considered part of the nu-metalcore trend, but those are only a small part of their influences.
22* EpilepticFlashingLights: A lot of their lyric videos feature bright lights everywhere.
23* GenreBusting: See the description. They've been referred to as "a band with no genre". It's perhaps no wonder they call their music "electronic rock", because it's such a broad term.
24* HarshVocals: Steven can do multiple types.
25* ProgressiveMetal: A common label for the band, but as with everything else it's spotty at best.
26* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: Seriously, did you see all the styles in the description?
27* SopranoAndGravel: Steven can do everything from clean singing, rapping, hardcore-inspired screaming, to death-growling, in a moments notice.
28* SpecialGuest: "Wide Awake" featuring Chad Ruhlig of For the Fallen Dreams, "For Those Afraid to Speak" features dubstep producer Rekoil, "Relentless" features Ronnie Canizaro of Born of Osiris, and "Illuminate" features DJ Inukshuk.