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1->''Okay, so... for this one, you'll want to change the .mp3's extension to .rar, then extract the new .mp3, change its extension to .rar, and so forth. You'll have to extract and rename something like [[OverlyLongGag 50 files altogether]]. Possibly more. I stopped counting. They're kinda big, too, so it'll take a while. [[DeadpanSnarker Make some cocoa]]. Eventually, you'll come across a password protected .exe, whose extension you'll need to change to .mp3, once you guess the password.''²-->-- '''Clayton Counts''''', on some newly released material''²²[[ Bull of Heaven]] is what might loosely be called a noise band, a duo consisting of Neil Keener and Clayton Counts, the latter of whom maintains the band's [[ Facebook page]]. The band is notable for producing songs of [[EpicRocking epic length]] as well as for the varied output they produce (up to and including releases minus music).²²Sadly, around late November of 2016, Neil broke the news on the group's Facebook page that Clayton tragically passed away, putting the project's future to uncertainty. ²²----²²!!Bull of Heaven provides examples of:²²* BlatantLies: The genre listing of all of their releases is "Top 40".²* DeadpanSnarker: Clayton was one, if his Facebook postings are any indication. The fans join in, too.²* EpicRocking: There really is no other way to say it when pieces of over an hour constitute their ''shorter'' material. It's probably safe to say these guys hold the record for longest released song.²** "n" (song 287), runs for '''87,708,958,333,333 hours, 53 minutes, 20 seconds'''. That song's filesize is 1.3 ''zetabytes''.²** "It is Part of Space and Time" (song 302)…well, take it from the band's Facebook page:²-->''This piece is 8.637×10^10 average Gregorian years long, which Website/WolframAlpha assures me is approximately 19 times the age of the Sun, and 6.3 times the age of the Universe.''²* HiddenTrack: In spades. In the directory for downloading files, there are several folders listed as ''untitled#'' where ''#'' is a number. Inside these are tracks not listed on the main site player. There may be more unlisted material than there is "released".²* IndecipherableLyrics: When there are lyrics at all, they're usually this.²* LongTitle: The duo likes to do this to much of their library, ''e.g.'':²** "I Watched You Enter Your Home from Inside a Dumpster"²** "Like a Wall in Which an Insect Lives and Gnaws"²** "A Strife of Interests Masquerading as a Contest of Principles"²** The untitled pieces, with alphanumeric filenames.²* OnlySmartPeopleMayPass: Several of their later works are as much puzzles to figure out how to get the songs from as they are actual songs.²* SpokenWordInMusic: On occasion, the band employs this, with varying focus on the speech itself relative to the music. A few examples include:²** "A Beautiful Dog"²** "Become Smaller and Smaller"²** "For Idle Dreams of Things Which Cannot Be"²** "The End of the World Must Be Coming"²* TextlessAlbumCover: Usually averted, but played straight starting with "And the Bones and the Sinews Were Polished by the Wear".²* ThreeChordsAndTheTruth: Well, more like just three chords and some variation, with "Return of Ghost Sheriff (Werewolves Are Chasing Me)". However, it doesn't quite fit, as it's still 43 minutes long.²* VoiceOfTheLegion: This effect was used at least once, namely in "[[ Be Not Daunted Thereby, Nor Terrified, Nor Awed]]".²²----


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