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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛[[caption-width-right:350:L to R: Dod, Bolt, Ole, Emil, and Ivan]]˛˛[floatboxright:˛Similar Bands: Music/SevereTorture, Music/CannibalCorpse, Music/{{Suffocation}}, Music/{{Aeon}}˛]˛˛Blood Red Throne are a Norwegian Old School/Brutal DeathMetal band.˛˛Blood Red Throne started in 1998 when Død and Tchort (while playing in Satyricon at that time), decided to form their own band and show their passion for death metal. Tchort had been playing death metal since 1989 with his band Music/GreenCarnation, which was one of the first death metal bands in Norway, and Død had been a huge fan and of the genre since 1992. Tchort was also the bass player in Music/{{Emperor}} in the early 90's and has been involved with bands like Carpathian Forest and Einherjer. The band soon got in touch with a very skilled drummer living in their hometown by the name of Freddy Bolsø, and BRT was born and soon after bassist Erlend Caspersen joined the newly formed Blood Red Throne. The band recorded a demo, entitled Deathmix 2000 with Ronni Thorsen from Trail of Tears providing the vocals. This demo got excellent feedback and BRT got offers from labels right away! Finally having recruited long time friend Mr.Hustler as the permanent frontman, the same line-up recorded the debut Monument of Death and released it through Hammerheart Records in 2001. The limited edition included a package called 'The Suicide Kit', which not only contained the actual album, but also a printed razor blade and a poster. The kits were hand numbered in the band member’s own blood! BRT never did any live shows with this line up and Freddy Bolsø moved back to his hometown and BRT had to find a new drummer.˛˛Espen “Beist” Antonsen joined and the band recorded ''Affiliated With The Suffering'' in 2002 and this was their last album through Hammerheart Records. The band did two European tours and the Inferno Fest with this lineup and Beist left as they were about to record their first album for Earache Records. With the help from Bernt Moen, BRT managed to record their darkest and most intense album yet; Altered Genesis. ''Altered Genesis'' was released in 2005 and after this release, Mr. Hustler had to leave the band due to work commitments and, Vald was handed the microphone. To make things easier, BRT also had to find a permanent and local drummer, and this led to Anders Haave. He joined the band in 2006 and BRT went on a new European tour several live shows until going into the studio to record their fourth album, ''Come Death'', for Earache Records. ˛˛The band released their eighth album ''Union of Flesh and Machine'' in 2016, and a standalone single entitled "Gore Encore" in 2017. Their ninth album ''Fit to Kill'' was released on September 13, 2019.˛˛-----˛!!!Current Members:˛* Dod - Guitars (1998-Present)˛* Yngve "Bolt" Christiansen - Vocals (2011-Present)˛* Ole Bent Madsen - Bass (2011-Present)˛* Ivan Gujic - Guitars (2010-Present)˛˛!!!Live:˛* John Vooren - Drums (2013-Present)˛˛!!!Notable Past Members:˛* [[Music/{{Emperor}} Terje "Tchort"]] [[Music/GreenCarnation Vik Schei]] - Guitars (1998-2010)˛* [[Music/{{Aeon}} Emil Wiksten]] - Drums (2010-2013)˛* [[Music/SpawnOfPossession Erlend]] [[Music/DeedsOfFlesh Caspersen]] - Bass (1998-2011)˛* Flemming "Mr. Hustler" Gluch - Vocals (2001-2005)˛* Osvald "Vald" Egeland - Vocals (2005-2011)˛˛-----˛!!!Discography: ˛* ''Monument of Death'' (2001)˛* ''A Taste for Blood'' (EP) (2002)˛* ''A Taste for Butchery'' (Split album with Music/SevereTorture) (2003)˛* ''Affiliated with the Suffering'' (2003)˛* ''Altered Genesis'' (2005)˛* ''Come Death'' (2007)˛* ''Souls of Damnation'' (2009)˛* ''Brutalitarian Regime'' (2011)˛* ''Blood Red Throne'' (2013)˛* ''Union of Flesh and Machine'' (2016)˛* ''Gore Encore'' (Single) (2017)˛* ''Fit to Kill'' (2019)˛˛-----˛!!Trope Examples Displayed by this band:˛* AxeCrazy: The killer from "Razor Jack" slaughters his own family [[ForTheEvulz just for fun.]]˛* BaldOfAwesome: Dod. He used to have long hair before [[ImportantHaircut shaving.]]˛* [[DeathMetal Brutal Death Metal]]: Though more old-school leaning than most examples.˛* CarefulWithThatAxe: Christiansen certainly has moments of this.˛* CoverVersion: "Disincarnated" By Music/{{Gorguts}}, "Cryptic Realms" by Massacre, and "Twisted Truth" by Pestilance.˛* EpicRocking: ˛** "Deranged Assassin" from ''Come Death'' is 6:05 minutes long˛** "Ten Steps of Purgatory" off ''Souls of Damnation'' is 6:41.˛* {{Gorn}}: Less so now.˛* HarshVocals:˛** Mr. Hustler specialized in Corpsegrinder-esque [[MotorMouth spit-fire]] growls.˛** Vald was overall slower, but made up for it by being more primal.˛** The current vocalist, Bolt, is the Chris Barnes to Hustler's Corpsegrinder, but is generally more understandable for the most part. He also makes use of high shrieks on a fairly frequent basis.˛* ImAHumanitarian: The music video for "Primitive Killing Machine"˛* IAmTheBand: Dod.˛* InsufferableGenius: Caspersen was apparently extremely difficult to work with and probably contributed to the high turnover.˛* LeadBassist: Erlend Caspersen was a major Type A, as well as a Type C due to his overwhelmingly influential nature among metal bassists. Ole Madsen also qualifies as an A because he has to play Caspersen's material.˛* MetalScream: Yngve Christiansen is a frequent user of these.˛* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Solid/Hard 10 for the entire discography.˛* NewSoundAlbum: The self-titled was far faster and had a more pronounced brutal death influence, as well as less of an emphasis on using the bass as a lead instrument. This can probably be attributed mostly to the absence of Caspersen, as he wrote a good deal of their material.˛* RevolvingDoorBand: The band always had turnover issues, but 2011 was the "oh shit" year in that regard.˛* SignatureStyle: Old-School DM meets Brutal DM focusing on thick, rhythmic riffs with the occasional groove, along with extraordinarily technical basswork that more or less serves as a lead instrument. The SelfTitledAlbum brings the speed up with less powerful, but more constant grooves.˛* SpiritualSuccessor: They're the Norwegian answer to Music/CannibalCorpse, particularly the Corpsegrinder era.˛* StartMyOwn: Espen Antonsen formed The Sickening, another Norwegian Brutal Death act a year after joining, but left, presumably to focus more on that band.˛* TeenGenius: Emil Wiksten was well-known for his immense speed, accuracy, and technical prowess even as a teenager.


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