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2 [[caption-width-right:350:''All your belief / Cannot absolve your sin'']]
4''Believe'' is the second studio album of Music/{{Disturbed}} which was released September 13, 2002 just a few years after their wildly popular debut album in 2000. The band makes several notable changes in their style and lyrical content, with less emphasis put on being savagely aggressive and more effort to sound melodic and insightful.
6While the overall style is similarly heavy to their first offering, ''Believe'' has a more refined and polished sound that the band has further improved over the years since its debut. Similar to the [[Music/TheSickness album]] that preceded it, ''Believe'' spawned several hit singles including "[[ Prayer]]," [[ Remember]]," and "[[ Liberate]]" upon its release.
8Preceded by ''Music/TheSickness'', succeded by ''Music/TenThousandFists''.
12# "Prayer" (3:41)
13# "Liberate" (3:30)
14# "Awaken" (4:29)
15# "Believe" (4:28)
16# "Remember" (4:11)
17# "Intoxication (3:14)
18# "Rise" (3:57)
19# "Mistress" (3:46)
20# "Breathe" (4:21)
21# "Bound" (3:53)
22# "Devour" (3:52)
23# "Darkness" (3:56)
26!!Liberate Your Tropes:
27* ClusterFBomb: "Liberate" is probably the most profane song the band has ever done with the word "motherfucker" appearing 16 times, counting stanza repetitions. The rest of the songs on ''Believe'' are pretty clean by comparison.
28* ConceptAlbum: As the title probably tipped you off Believe is an album revolving around the idea of belief (or lack thereof) in various subjects such as personal faith or belief in someone else.
29* GodIsEvil: In "[[ReligionRantSong Prayer]]," God enjoys making you suffer for no good reason.
30-->Another nightmare about to come true\
31Will manifest tomorrow\
32Another love that I've taken from you\
33Lost in time, on the edge of suffering\
34Another taste of the evil I breed\
35Will level you completely\
36Bring to life everything that you fear\
37Live in the dark, and the world is threatening
38* GriefSong: "Darkness" is a depressive ballad dedicated to David's late grandfather.
39%%* HeavyMeta: Rise.
40* HoldingOutForAHero: "Liberate."
41-->Waiting, for your modern messiah\
42To take away all the hatred\
43That darkens the light in your eye
44* ManlyTears: "Rise".
45-->I cannot stop this pure emotion / falling from my eyes
46* MotorMouth: The opening verse of "Liberate" is sung very fast.
47* OneWordTitle: Not just the album name, but every single track is a single word as well. Interestingly, Believe is the only album Disturbed does this on.
48* NonAppearingTitle: "Bound" never drops the title.
49* OurVampiresAreDifferent: "Devour" is vaguely about vampires. The song was inspired by David's experience with the ‘Queen of the Damned’ soundtrack.
50* PowerBallad: [[ They've turned "Remember" into one]].
51* ReligionRantSong: "Prayer" is calling out God for inflicting misery on him to provoke a response and telling him that he can take whatever he dishes out. It was heavily inspired by 9/11 and the problems in the world at the time of its writing, carrying themes of the tribulation and hardship piling up like some sadistic test. The overall idea is "It's gotten so bad that I've stopped caring, [[SmiteMeOhMightySmiter so go ahead and kill me, I dare you!]] [[TemptingFate You'll never sway me from my defiance of you]], [[EvilIsPetty you petty bastard]]."
52-->Let me enlighten [[{{God}} you]]\
53This is the way I pray\
54Living just isn't hard enough\
55burn me alive, inside!\
56Living my life's not hard enough\
57take everything away!
58* SmiteMeOMightySmiter: "Prayer" has David daring God to inflict him with punishment while declaring that he can't be swayed with suffering and that he can endure anything God does to him without giving in.
59-->It's not very godly for a God to inflict pain and suffering on his people to elicit a response. I would hope that God wouldn't be that petty. But if that's what is happening and you're inflicting pain and suffering to get me to return to the flock, bring it on. There's nothing that you're going to do to me that's going to change my conviction or change my path.
60* SurprisinglyGentleSong: "Darkness." It's one of the softest songs the band has ever done which David wrote after his grandfather passed away.
61* SwitchingPOV: "[[ReligionRantSong Prayer]]." The verses are narrated by EvilGod talking to humans about how he enjoys making them suffer for no good reason. In the chorus and the bridge, in response, human [[BringIt dares God to try and break him]].