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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:June 2019]]²²Ayami Muto (武藤彩未 – born April 29th 1996) is a Japanese singer, model, former [[IdolSinger Idol]], as well as the original leader of both [[Manga/PsychicSquad Karen Girl's]] and Music/SakuraGakuin. She is signed to Tsubasa Production for management and Shinkai for her music.²²She started her career as a kid-model, signing with Amuse in 2004 and spending several years featuring in commercials for Ciào Magazine before being chosen as one of the Karen Girl's – a {{gimmick}} of sorts to help promote the AnimatedAdaptation of [[Manga/PsychicSquad the popular comic]] – along with Suzuka Nakamoto (of later Music/{{Babymetal}} fame) and Yuika Shima. There, she discovered her love of singing. After Karen Girl's was dissolved following the conclusion of the anime, she continued to star in commercials until she was recruited as a founding member of Sakura Gakuin, where she served as the first StudentCouncilPresident, a role she would pass down to fellow Karen Girl's and SG member Suzuka.²²After aging out of Sakura Gakuin in 2012, she embarked upon a solo singing career, releasing several well-received singles, albums, and live shows. However, for reasons unknown to the outside, she abruptly left Amuse at the end of 2015. Not long after that, she left Japan entirely and moved to New Zealand, promising she would return one day. She did so at the end of 2018 and soon restarted her singing career, this time with more input into her songs and improved English ability.²²Ayami is known for her crystal-clear voice, near-perfect comic timing, and for being hilariously petite, standing just 149cm tall (that's just over 4’10½”). The latter is likely due to coming from a family of racehorse jockeys & trainers. She occasionally appears on horse racing broadcasts in Japan due to her knowledge of the sport. She's also quite possibly the biggest Music/SeikoMatsuda fan on the planet and has intentionally tried to fashion herself in Seiko's image.²²Her official website is [[ here.]] Her Youtube channel is [[ here.]] [[ Here]] is her Instagram, and [[ here]] is her twitter.²²!!Ayami's Discography²!!!Full Studio Albums²* ''Eien tó Shunkan'' (2014)²** [[ "Sky"]]²** [[ "Eternity and Moment"]]²* ''I-POP'' (2015)²** [[ "Parallel World"]]²²!!!Mini-Albums²* ''DNA 1980'' (2013)²* ''Mirrors'' (2020)²** [[ "Amane"]]²** [[ "Aitai ga Ienai"]]²* ''I Still Hum the Playlist I Gave You Back Then'' (2020)²** [[ "Betty"]]²²!!!Live Albums & Concert Videos²* ''Live Debut BIRTH'' (2014)²* ''A.Y.M. Ballads'' (2014)²* ''Re:BIRTH ~ 19th Birthday Live'' (2015)²²!!Tropes Applying to Ayami Muto and/or Her Music²* FanNickname:[[invoked]] Her fans increasingly refer to her as "Eternal Idol". That's the nickname used for Seiko Matsuda, who Ayami is known to adore, so it's intended as a high compliment.²* TheOner: The music video for "Parallel World" is shot in a single long take.²* SingerSongwriter: Ayami's stint as a solo IdolSinger didn't go so well (in part because by 2015 the market was more interested in the supergroups), so now she's trying her hand at lyrics – on her first post-sabbatical EP ''Mirrors'' she has writing credit for both "Amane" and "Aitai ga Ienai".²** She also shares writing credit for her 2020 song "Betty".


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