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1[[quoteright:250:]]²²Alexandra Imelda Cecelia Ewen Burke (born 25 August 1988)(that's [[FanNickname "Alex"]] to you) is an English pop singer, songwriter, dancer and sometime model. After winning the UK version of ''Series/TheXFactor'' in 2008, she released the number-one album ''Overcome'', which spawned four number-one singles. ²²Three years and one UpdatedRerelease later, she released her sophomore effort, ''Heartbreak on Hold''. Despite buying into the electro-dance craze, it didn't fare as well on the charts, reaching number eighteen despite a number three single in "Elephant". A little while after the album's release, she parted ways with both her former record label and her management, and stated that she will return to her pop-R&B roots for her third studio album.²----²!!Discography:²* ''Overcome'' (2009)²* ''[[NewSoundAlbum Heartbreak On Hold]]'' (2012)²----²!!This musician shows examples of:²* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: "Bad Boys".²* ButNotTooBlack: Her skin is visibly whitened on her album and single covers.²* CallAndResponseSong: "What Happens on the Dancefloor", featuring Music/CobraStarship.²* CoolPet: Her terrier, Alfie, [[ has his own Facebook page]].²* CoverVersion: Her most famous one is of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", which was her "victory single" after winning ''X Factor''.²* EverythingsSparklyWithJewelry²* MsFanservice: Her wardrobe can be {{stripperiffic}}, but not to the levels of her contemporaries.²* TheFashionista: Designed her own clothing range in collaboration with the BoyBand JLS, called ''2KX''.²* LyricalColdOpen: "What Happens on the Dancefloor", "Bury Me (6 Feet Under)", "Good Night Good Morning".²* MelismaticVocals: And ''how''. She's been compared to Music/WhitneyHouston because of them.²* OverlyLongName: Her full name is ''Alexandra Imelda Cecelia '''[[GenderBlenderName Ewen]]''' Burke''.²* RecordProducer: [[Music/LadyGaga [=RedOne=]]] produced most of her debut, and she gives him a playful ShoutOut at the beginning of "Broken Heels". Eric Morillo even gets a "feature" credit on "Elephant".²* {{Retraux}}: "You Broke My Heart" is an old-school soul song [[AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent in the middle of an otherwise electropop/R&B-oriented album]].²* SelfEmpowermentAnthem: "Broken Heels", which carries the UnfortunateImplications that women still have to enjoy "girly" things even when they want to outshine the opposite sex. Oh, and it implies that all men are weaker than women, too.²* TitleOnlyChorus: "What Happens On the Dancefloor".²* TitleTrack: Both her albums have one.²* TheNineties: Many of the songs on ''Heartbreak On Hold'' are a pastiche of 90s house music.²* AWildRapperAppears: [=FloRida=] in "Bad Boys", Pitbull in the remix of "All Night Long", Laza Morgan in "Start Without You".


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