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1'''Abominable Putridity''' are a Russian Slam DeathMetal band, forming in 2003. Arguably the face of the Russian scene, they are categorized by their extensive use of slams, very much like the American band Music/{{Devourment}}. In 2004, Vladimir joined as well as Andrey. Despite Vladimir being present on the debut recording, he had left in 2006, presumably to focus on working on the label that he runs, and was shortly replaced by Big Chocolate of Disfiguring the Goddess fame. ˛˛Although the debut technically came out on December of 2007, shipping was severely delayed until 2008. Matti Way joined in 2009 for a demo and the second album.˛˛!!!Members:˛* Sergey Balayan - guitar (2003-present)˛* Koubiachvili Alexander - drums (2003-present)˛* Андрей "Andrey Kuklin" Куклин - bass (2003-present)˛* [[Music/{{Disgorge}} Angel Ochoa]] - vocals (2019-present)˛˛!!!Past Members:˛* Vladimir - vocals (2004–2006)˛* Anton Zhikharev - bass (2004-2006)˛* Cameron "Big Chocolate" Argon - vocals (2006–2007)˛* [[Music/{{Disgorge}} Matti]] [[Music/{{Pathology}} Way]] - vocals (2009-2019)˛˛!!!Discography:˛* ''In The End of Human Existence'' (2007/2008) [[note]]The Album was officially released in December of 2007, but the physical shipment of said album was greatly delayed till sometime in mid 2008.[[/note]] ˛* ''The Anomalies of Artificial Origin'' (2012)˛* ''Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation'' (2020)˛˛-----˛!!Tropes:˛* {{Gorn}}: ''Anomalies'' downplays this, generally focusing more on Conspiracies, though it's still very much there.˛* HumanoidAbomination: ''The Anomalies of Artificial Orgin'' featured this on its initial artwork.˛* IndecipherableLyrics: Vladimir and Alex were bad with this; There were no known lyrics printed on the debut.˛* MisogynySong: "Entrails Full of Vermin" and "Throat Fisting Abortion" seem to be the only obvious ones; the rest of the songs on the debut seems to be rather ambiguous, due to the lack of printed lyrics. This is completely averted with ''Anomalies'', focusing more on general conspiracies and genetic mutation.˛* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Unsurpsingly, an 11.˛* NewSoundAlbum: ''Anomalies'' took a more technical approach to their music than the debut, on top of being less slam.˛* {{Sampling}}: The intro for ''End of Human Existance'' was taken from Franchise/SilentHill, while ''Anomalies'' was taken from Franchise/DeadSpace.˛* ScienceIsBad: This seems to be the moral of ''Anomalies''.˛* [[DeathMetal Slam Death Metal]]: Just like a lot of other Russian death metal bands.˛* SpecialGuest: [[Music/{{Disgorge}} Angel Ochoa , AJ Magana]] and [[Music/DeedsOfFlesh Corey Athos]] on the second album provide guest vocals.˛* SpiritualSuccessor: They're the Russian answer to America's Music/{{Devourment}}. Looks like the UsefulNotes/ColdWar continues even in music...˛* TokenMinority: ˛** Sergey is actually Armenian.˛** Matti Way is, of course, from America.˛* ZombieApocalypse: The original cover for ''In The End of Human Existance'' had this. The updated artwork seemed to be more of Hell taking over Earth.


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