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1[[quoteright:270:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:270:Because some kids need to be tricked into eating vegetables.[[note]]Characters: [[LoveInterest Momoko,]] [[DeceasedParentsAreTheBest X-Goro,]] [[BigBad Kokoro no Boss,]] [[SeriesMascot Kemunpasu, Nyarome, Beshi,]] [[HeartwarmingOrphan Ataro,]] [[ReformedCriminal Dekkopachi]] [[/note]] ]]˛Moretsu Ataro (もーれつア太郎 Extraordinary Atarō, sometimes incorrectly translated as Furious Atarō) is a {{Shounen}} manga by Creator/FujioAkatsuka that ran in Weekly Shonen Sunday from 1967 to 1970. It revolves around a young orphan named Ataro who lives in the [[PeriodPiece Showa period of Japan.]] After his dad [[DisneyVillainDeath falls off a tree]] while attempting to [[TearJerker retrieve a balloon for a little girl,]] Ataro inherits his vegetable/grocery stand. Often joined by his [[ReformedCriminal former delinquent buddy Dekkopachi,]] [[MascotWithAttitude an alley cat named Nyarome,]] and even [[BackFromTheDead the ghost of his own father, X-goro (pronounced Batsugoro).]] The occasional antagonist is a soft-hearted mob boss named Kokoro no Boss who runs a gang with his two followers, Kopun A and Kopun B (both of whom are brothers). Boss (implied to be part-Tanuki-part-man) has never had his species explicitly stated, and is referred to by lore as “a mystery”. His rival, Butamatsu, [[Manga/OsomatsuKun (no relation to Akatsuka's OTHER matsus)]] a former yakuza member, runs a gang of pigs.˛˛It's a plot reminiscent of your average Creator/{{Studio Ghibli}} film, but all possible drama from this set up is thrown out the window once the series gets overthrown by the FunnyAnimals.˛˛˛It has had two anime adaptations, both by Creator/ToeiAnimation.˛* Moretsu Ataro (1969-1970), which was one of the last anime to be broadcast in black and white. It switched to color toward the end of its run.˛* Moretsu Ataro (1990), which was the series to introduce Momoko, [[Manga/OsomatsuKun a replacement for Totoko,]] [[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute a similar Akatsuka girl licensed out to Pierrot around the same time.]]˛˛! Moretsu Ataro shows examples of:˛* CatsAreMean: Nyarome, to an extent. He is shown to steal vegetables and be an all-around jerk sometimes.˛* CrossOver: Episode 74 of the 1969 series prominently feature characters from ''Manga/OsomatsuKun'', plus Papa in ''Manga/TensaiBakabon'' (his first animated appearance before his own show in 1971).˛** A non-Akatsuka crossover happened in the final episode of the 1969-70 anime, where Kokoro no Boss is seen talking to Zeni Geba, a manga character created by George Akiyama that ran in the same magazine as Ataro, Shonen Sunday.˛* DeceasedParentsAreTheBest - X-Goro, Ataro's wise ghost dad.˛* FunnyAnimals: Kokoro no Boss and all his raccoon lackeys.˛* MascotWithAttitude: Admit it, a talking, trouble making, womanizing cat is as marketable as you can get.˛* SeriesMascot: Nyarome, Beshi, and Kemunpasu. Given that they're talking animals in an otherwise serious set up, this was inevitable.˛* SpellMyNameWithAnS: While his name is supposed to be X-Goro, it is sometimes romanized as Batsu-goro, which is how his name is meant to be pronounced.˛* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: For the 1990 anime, the Police Officer from the original was replaced by a similar character due to Studio Pierrot having the animation rights to the character at the time.


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