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1[[quoteright:325:]] ˛In the year [[YearX 202X]], traditional combustion engine based cars have been almost completely replaced by electric self-driving cars in the Western world and are becoming a rare sight even in developing countries. In this time of change in automotive industry, a Japanese racing series known as MFG, created by a mysterious figure known only as Ryo Takahashi, is gaining popularity worldwide. The series is mainly dominated by foreign made AWD sports cars utilizing sequential transmissions and various high tech devices. The only domestic car making it into the top 10 is the Nissan GT-R NISMO driven by Shun Aiba. Shun is in love with one of the MFG cheerleaders called Number 7 (real name: Ren Saionji) and tries to impress her by winning a race, but completely fails in his attempts. ˛˛During this time, a 19 year old [[ButNotTooForeign Japanese-British]] racer called Kanata Livington comes to Japan for the first time in his life to look for his [[DisappearedDad missing father]]. Kanata moves over to Ren's house for his stay and she quickly falls for him. To help find his father, Kanata decides to go race in the MFG under his father's surname. To do so, he uses an old Toyota 86 belonging to a friend of Ren's father called Ogata and becomes fast friends with Shun. To everyone's surprise, Kanata proves to be a phenomenally skilled racer and rises to 15th place in his first race, despite his antiquated car and it soon turns out that Kanata is the pupil of none other than the famous Japanese rally driver, Takumi Fujiwara.˛˛''MF Ghost'' is the official sequel for the long running racing manga, ''Manga/InitialD'', created by Shuuichi Shigeno. The first chapter of the manga was released in September 4th, 2017 on the ''Young Magazine''.˛----˛* CallBack: The interaction between Kanata and Ren after his first race in the MFG mirrors the first meeting between Takumi and Mika.˛* CarPorn: Much more varied this time around. Besides of all the JDM cars, we also get to see plenty of foreign produced super cars making an appearance.˛* CyberPunk˛* EndOfAnAge: One of the main themes of the manga is the relevance of racing in a time when the age of combustion engine based cars has come to an end, drivers themselves are no longer needed because of autonomous cars and the popularity of motorsports is decreasing rapidly.˛* NoOSHACompliance: While it was understandable in ''Initial D'' where all the races were illegal BloodSport, everyone in the MFG League is suspiciously lacking standard safety equipment like helmets, racing suits and roll cages that you'd expect to see in an organized motorsports event.˛* NostalgiaFilter: Many characters look back to the age of combustion engine cars nostalgically and consider racing done with electric cars to be boring.˛* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: Technology in the year 202X mostly seems to be on par with our current world, with the exception of the wide scale adoption of autonomous cars.


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