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1[[quoteright:250:]] ²After tidying up a roadside shrine he comes across Ousuke Hayama, a high school boy with the worst luck in the world, returns home to find a beautiful girl waiting for him who claims to be his new wife. The girl is Kyouka, the princess of the White Fox Kitsune, and due to the ancient customs of her clan she and Ousuke are now married. Although his greatest wish is to live a peaceful and normal school life, Ousuke finds himself drawn into a life of wacky supernatural beings, all the while trying to live with the pranks of his irrepressible wife.²²''Kitsune no Yomeiri'' (''Fox's Wedding'') is a supernatural romantic comedy manga by Takagi Satoshi published in ''Shounen Rival'' magazine between 2008 and 2011.²²----²!!The series provides examples of the following:²* AlmostKiss: In Chapter 17, Ousuke and Kyouka almost have their first kiss but are interrupted when Kyouka is kidnapped by a giant octopus.²* BeachEpisode: The Different from Usual – Color of Summer chapters see Ousuke, Kyouka and their friends invited to a beach resort run by Kanon the Tenuki who wanted to use the opportunity to continue her rivalry with Kyouka.²* BodySwap: The cursed mirror of Hanmenkyo causes a variant of this where the bodies and minds stay the same, but the personalities are swapped. This leads to Kanon becomes shy and overly polite while Kyouka becomes outgoing, aggressive and arrogant.²* CharmPerson: Adeba the nekomata is able to control a person if she kisses them on the nose but a big enough shock is able to break the control, leaving the victim with no memory of what happened.²* ChristmasEpisode: ²** Chapter 9 has Kyouka experience her first Christmas when she and Ousuke visit the Yamato household for a Christmas party where they dress up in Christmas costumes, eat a Christmas feast and take part in an obstacle course race. The episode also serves to introduce Aria Yamato, Tarou's younger sister.²** Chapter 21 has Kyouka, Hinata, Kumi & Aria make a Christmas Cake so that [[spoiler:Hinata can use it as bait in a trap for Santa]].²* DatePeepers: Ousuke, Kyouka and Aria spy on lothario-mode Yoichi's date with Takoka Asuna to make sure he doesn't do anything to her. They in turn are spied on by Tarou, who thinks the three of them are becoming delinquents only for him to be spied on by Kumi because she thought something interesting was going on. By the end of the chapter there are more than a dozen people spying on people who are spying on people.²* DraggedIntoDrag: During the school's [[SchoolFestival Cultural Festavel]], [[{{Tanuki}} Kanon]] force [[UnluckyEverydude Ousuke]], [[KendoTeamCaptain Tarou]] and Yoichi to dress as Maids for the class' Maidon[[note]]Maid-Udon[[/note]]-café. The actually proved quite popular, [[AttractiveBentGender especially Ousuke]].²* IdenticalLookingAsians: The series has a variation of this. When Ousuke traveled to his Kyouka's homeland, a bunch of fox spirits come up to him and he believes Tsunemaru has multiplied. Tsunemaru soon appears and feels insulted that he was mistaken for children, only for Ousuke to think they all look the same.²* InstantFanclub: ²** After revealing that she and Ousake are married Kyouka gets a fanclub, the Kyouka Groupies, who are dedicated to splitting them when she joins Ousuke's class. ²** When she transfers in Kanon's plan was to create a bigger fan club than Kyouka's but decided to go a [[JapaneseDelinquents different route]] after her true personality came out.²* InterspeciesRomance: The premise of the series is basically that of a modern romcom version of the traditional kitsune/human relationship from Japanese folklore.²* {{Kitsune}}: As well as Kyouka, the White Kitsune Princess, a number of other kitsune turn up in the series. All of them exhibit magical powers and are tricksters to some extent but only the upper class kitsune take on human form for any length of time.²* MaidCafe: The Golden Fox was a maid café opened by Kyouka's mother Kyouko as the first step in her plan to create a kitsune kingdom in the Human World. It did good business due to Kyouko's aggressive advertising and her use of Kyouka as a waitress. Unfortunately, Kyouka burnt the building down after getting mad at some jerkass customers and accidentally setting fire to the magically transformed leaves the café was made from.²* TheMissusAndTheEx: In chapter 30, Ousuke suffers this trope when [[spoiler:Kyouka meets Ousuke's childhood friend Kurauchi Yuu. Initially fearing Kyouka will become jealous and hurt the human girl, with the mental image of a vicious fox staring down a hamster, the two become quick friends as both want to learn more about Ousuke, Kyoka about his past and Yuu about his present]].²* NewTransferStudent: ²** At the beginning of the series, Kyouka transfers into Ousuke's class. Although she initially pretends to not know him, this is only so that she can make a big revial about the fact that she is his [[MagicalGirlfriend Magical Wife]]. ²** In Chapter 18, the tanuki Kanon transfers into Ousake and Kyouka's class so that she can continue her rivalry with the kitsune princess.²* NightAndDayDuo: Kyouka's relatives Hinata the Golden Fox and her brother Yoichi the Silver Fox are literally as different as night and day. Hinata is a hyperactive loli kitsune who gains power from the sun and can manipulate emotions. Yoichi meanwhile is a spacy guy with no energy who becomes a ladies man at night when he draws power from the moon and can paralyze people by pinning their shadow.²* PlayingWithFire: Kyouka has the ability to produce Fox Fire. These magical flames are usually only small balls of flame but can grow to great pillars of fire when she is angry.²* ThePrankster: As with their mythological counterparts, all kitsune (especially Kyouka) and tenaki are irrepressible pranksters. The two races even have competitions to see who can prank the most people in a single day.²* ProWrestlingEpisode: Chapter 32 sees Kanon recruited, by a former JapaneseDelinquent trying to go straight, to team up for a pro-wrestling tag match. Before the match the pair are told that they are [[ThrowingTheFight supposed to lose]] but after the ex-delinquent is poisoned by their opponents and her place secretly taken by Kyouka, Kanon uses her [[SuperStrength full power]] and easily wins the match and exposes the opposition's cheating.²* TheRival: Kanon the tanuki considers herself to be Kyouka's rival and tries to defeat her in everything possible whenever they meet but always fails.²* SchoolFestival: Chapter 20 focuses on the school's Cultural Festival where Ousuke, Kyouka and Kanon are roped into running their classes maid café by themselves.²* TestOfCourage: In Chapter 17, Kanon sets up a test of courage to try to scare Kyouka with her Tenuki followers, only for the test is interrupted when Kyouka is kidnapped by a giant octopus.²* ThirdPersonPerson: The nekomata Adeba speaks in the third person at time. This habit, coupled with her sometimes stilted sentence structure, seems to indicate her unfamiliarity with human speech.²* ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend: While she is a prankster who loves tricking Ousuke, Kyouka does deeply care for him and when a guy tried hitting on a cross-dressing Ousuke she unleashed her [[PlayingWithFire fox fire]] on him with full force.


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