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1[[quoteright:352:]]²[[caption-width-right:352: Welcome to Crescent Forest [[note]] From left to right: [[GenkiGirl Clover]], [[ShrinkingViolet Mallow]], [[TheBigGuy Kale]], and [[TheSmartGuy Shallot]]. Not pictured: Hickory and Rambler]] [[/note]]²²''Happy Happy Clover'' (はぴはぴクローバー Hapi Hapi Kurōbā) (2005-2008) is a {{Shoujo}} manga series by Creator/TatsuyamaSayuri [[SliceOfLife that focuses on a day to day life of a female rabbit named Clover and her friends Mallow, Kale, and Shallot]]. It takes place at a forest called [[WoodlandCreatures "Crescent Forest" where the main story takes place along with other animals that live there]]. Clover's dream is to travel with Rambler The Rambling Rabbit, but he thinks she's too young to go traveling with him. Clover's main goal is to try to impress Rambler so she can go out traveling with him someday. The manga was serialized on ''Ciao Magazine'' the same magazine that Sayuri's previous manga series ''Pukupuku Natural Circular Notice'' was shown.²²[[AnimatedAdaptation The manga later got an animated adaptation in 2007 of the same name]] by ''Creator/GroupTAC''. Which adapts the first three volumes. The anime was broadcasted on TV Aichi, Tokyo Mix, and Kids Station from July,6, 2007 - September 29,2007 with a total of 13 episodes. In 2009, ''Creator/VizMedia'' translated all 5 of the volumes and was sold in the United States and Canada. During the manga run, it's gotten one [[ Nintendo DS game that was released between 2007 and 2008]]. This is also one of Creator/TatsuyamaSayuri's more well-known works next to ''Pukupuku Natural Circular Notice'' which previously won the Shogakukan Manga Award for children's manga in 2002.²²In Spring 2016, French company Nobi Nobi began translating the manga where it's called ''Happy Clover''.²²NeedsWikiMagicLove²----²!!The series provides examples of:²²* TwelveEpisodeAnime: 13 episodes were made for the animated adaptation in 2007.²* AccidentalMarriage: Clover and Hickory accidentally get married in one story in the later volumes by a group of flying squirrels who they think is a bride and groom.²* AdaptationDyeJob: Clover's heart-shaped chest is usually peach colored. Sometimes it is colored dark pink or reddish in merchandises as well as in some concept art of her. ²** Rambler's fur is actually blue, but would sometimes appear grey in the anime depending on the episode. ²** [[ Blackberry The Bear's fur was colored blue/black]] in some colored pictures of the characters seen in Japanese magazines promoting the series. But in the anime his fur is brown.²* AdaptedOut: The human characters from the manga don't make an appearance despite getting mentioned a few times in the anime.²* {{Adorkable}}: Shallot is one of the smarter friends of Clover. However when he's near Mallow, he becomes very shy and a little nervous around her.²* AdultFear: Seeing Clover almost drown twice, especially since Rambler yells out her name in Volume 2 after the flood arrives in the hole that she dug herself in to rescue him.²* AnAesop: At least a couple can be found in a few stories.²** One story in volume 5 titled "Who's The Honey Bandit" teaches a lesson about the consequences of lying. In the story, Clover gets asked by Blackberry's mom about a thief. Clover tells her and his mother that it was the Bulbul brothers. However she later has a bad dream about her friends and family shunning her for lying and is kicked out of the forest. Clover gets woken up by Hickory and asks her whats wrong. Clover tells Hickory that she lied to Blackberry's mother,Professor Hoot and her mother about the Bulbul brothers being the cause of this. It is later revealed to be another animal outside of Crescent Forest. And despite Clover's apology, her mother and Professor Hoot still aren't happy for what she did and punished by doing chorus. Clover's friends and Hickory later help her out and have a picnic together.²** Volume 4 teaches about gender roles and sexism in a story where Clover decides to visit Mallow's place for her tea party which is mostly girls only. However she Kale laughs at her dress and remembers their race. Mallow and the either female animals throw a snowball at Kale after they hear him laughing at Clover and root for her.²* AlphaBitch: Forsyntheia²* AmazingTechnicolorWildlife: From brown to pink bunnies to a blue flying squirrel. The series has quite a few unique colors for some of the animals characters mainly in the anime.²* AnimatedAdaptation: When the manga series started gaining popularity around Japan. An animated version of the manga got adapted in animated form in 2007.²* AuthorAvatar: Sayuri Tatsuyama appears a few times in the manga to addresses the reader and in shows up near the end of each manga for extra content. [[ She is dressed as a monkey]] in every other appearance including her official twitter account.²* BabiesEverAfter: [[spoiler: Mallow and Shallot are seen with their own group of bunny children in the last chapter of the manga.]]²* BabySittingEpisode²** One story in volume 1, involves Clover taking care of Kale's baby brothers since Kale has to take care of his parents who got a huge cold. When Kale's baby brothers break a necklace that Mallow made for Clover. She runs out of her home and starts crying, however later on she returns home and learns from her mother that Kale took them home. Clover reacts by feeling guilty for how she treated them and heads to Kale's home where Clover and Kale decided to make an apology gift after Clover reads their letter they wrote her after they fixed Clover's necklace.²** Another story in the same volume stars Hickory in a flashback to when he first became Clover's babysitter.²* BabyTalk: Kale's baby brothers talk like this in the English translation of the manga.²* BackForTheFinale: Thistle returns in the final story [[spoiler: where she and Kale get married.]]²* BadlyBatteredBabySitter: While not badly, Hickory The Flying Squirrel is very small compared to Clover's parents who hired him to watch over Clover back when she was a baby. The result is Clover literally trying to fly like him, despite the fact that flying squirrels can only glide and not fly. However, Hickory usually ignores that and really cares about her.²* BearsAreBadNews: When a young girl is heading straight to Crescent Forest in volume 4, she gets scared by Blackberry's mother and doesn't even attempt to attack her. She and the little girl both get scared and run away.²* BearyFriendly: Blackberry and his mother.²* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: A major theme in the story where Hickory and Clover switch bodies in Volume 5 (Mainly to Clover who wonders what it would be like inside Hickory's body).²* BigBrotherWorship: Kale's baby brothers really love him. One story, involved them taking care of an "Egg" (Later revealed to be a rock by Professor Hoot) and tells Clover and the others that they want to take care of their own baby brother so they can be just like him. Resulting in Kale crying knowing how much they love him.²* BindleStick: Rambler is seen carrying this and can be used as a weapon or food. He uses it at one point in the manga to rescue Clover and friends to the disapproval of Rambler himself.²* BishieSparkle²** Mainly with Rambler and later Luna. This also shows up when Clover first encounters s young human who is nice to her unlike his father who is hunting her.²** This also shows up when Mallow imagines Rambler as a charming male rabbit.²** Luna, a one-shot character that showed up in volume 4 is the same as Rambler complete with hair and plays a violin.²** The human that Clover first encounters in Volume 1 not counting his father who almost catches her.²* {{Bishonen}}²** A rare non-human example, Rambler is the most attractive looking rabbit in the forest despite having a few bruises on both of his ears. Same goes for Luna who shows up in Volume 4.²** Mallow also imagines Rambler as a [[ charming white rabbit]] before she even meets him after hearing Clover's describing him.²* BittersweetEnding: In the final chapter, [[spoiler: the Crescent Forest was saved thanks to Clover transforming into a fish. But sadly, this leads to a apparent DisneyDeath as Rambler cred that she is no longer with him or her friends. Though the good thing is that years after the incident, Mallow and Shallot got married and Kale also got married to Thistle.]]²* BlushSticker: It's permanent in the anime, but in the original manga series Clover's blushing cheeks is usually seen in colorized artwork and would pop up and disappear at random in the manga.²* {{Bowdlerise}}: Professor Hoot would punish his students by peaking them on the head in the original manga with his beak. In the anime, he instead pulls there cheeks or bonk there heads with his hand/feathers mainly on Clover.²* BreakingTheFourthWall²** Occurs in certain stories such as the second appearance of the Bulbul brothers where ask the viewers of they remember them from a previous episode (In a previous story in the manga).²** There's also the FourthWallMailSlot in Volume 3 and the characters asking the readers questions about them in Volume 2.²* BunniesForCuteness: The entire purpose of the manga. This isn't the first time Tatsuyama Sayuri made a manga that featured a cute rabbit.²%% * ComingOfAgeStory²* CannotSpitItOut: Shallot has a secret crush on Mallow, and attempted to tell Clover to give Mallow the letter that Shallot wrote for her. However things don't go as plan and only Clover's parents understand the situation between Mallow and Shallot.²* CanonForeigner: The Wolf from episode 12 is exclusive to the anime.²* CantGetAwayWithNuthin: Despite Clover apologizing to the Bulbul brothers for accusing them of being thieves and the animals later finding the real thief, Clover still gets scolded by her mother and Professor Hoot and punishes her by doing chorus which her friends later help with.²* CarnivoreConfusion: Professor Hoot is the teacher of Crescent Forest which includes various woodland creatures including bunnies. Surprisingly he gets along with Clover & Friends and is the one who warns them about humans despite owls being natural predators to bunnies.²* CarnivoresAreMean: Cinnamon the Fox mostly tells various lies to scare the forest creatures. His sidekick Twirl The Squirrel loves playing pranks around the gang.²* TheCasanova: One of the female animals comments that Rambler flirts around other female animals during his various travels.²* CatapultNightmare: Clover wakes up after having a nightmare of her friends, parents, and the majority of citizens in Crescent Forest shunning her and kicking her out of the forest for lying and framing the Bulbul brothers for being thieves. Which could explain how Hickory gotten to Clover's room when she woke up hinting that he heard the noises she made as she was asleep.²* CatSmile: Just about every bunny seen in the series same goes for squirrels such as Twirl and Hickory.²* CerebusSyndrome: Volume 5 (the final volume) [[ToneShift starts shifting]] from [[SugarWiki/SweetDreamsFuel its normally cute, fun, and silly stories]] to a more serious and dramatic situation with the characters, especially the last couple of stories.²* ChristmasEpisode: One story in volume 3 has Clover, Mallow, Kale, and Shallot learning about Santa Claus by reading a book from Professor Hoot's home. Professor Hoot tells them to not read it since they aren't old enough yet. Clover and friends get amazed by Santa Claus and she later tells about this to Kale's baby brothers including writing letters to him. Kale later visits Clover's place and tells her how the entire concept of Santa is stupid and starts tearing up the Santa letters to pieces. They do find a way to deliver the presents to Kale's place on Christmas Eve without getting noticed since they think Santa doesn't visit Crescent Forest. In the end, Clover and friends wake up to see Christmas gifts and not knowing where they came from.²* CrushBlush: Shallot can be seen doing this whenever he's around Mallow, at least when Clover and the others aren't around.²* CryingWolf: Episode 12 of the anime, "Big-Time Thief", involves Cinnamon and Twirl telling Clover and friends that they spotted a wolf stealing berries. However, after Clover notices a leaf that appears to be a trap, they go for plan B by using a stone that turns the duo into wolves. Clover and Kale listen to their plans until they see a cave that contained missing berries. As the episode goes on, more stuff from the citizens of Crescent Forest starts disappearing. Cinnamon and Twirl once again run back to Clover and the rest of the citizens, only for Clover and Professor Hoot to say that they are both lying. Near the end of the episode Kale notices a moving box covered in sheets that is later revealed to be his baby brothers. His brothers then reveal that there actually is a wolf inside the box. The wolf explains to the citizens that he got injured by a falling tree and Kale's brothers decided to help him recover by taking various things to help him heal including food and a temporary shelter. ²* CuddleBug: While Mallow always hugged Clover since they are best friends. She does this more often [[spoiler: after Shallot accidentally tells Mallow that he likes her. Clover mentions this near the story that she started hugging them more often since then.]]²* TheCutie: Mallow again.²* DarkAndTroubledPast: While Rambler is mostly very calm and smart, he lost his forest and family due to a forest fire caused by a humans. He only tells this to Clover in later volumes.²* DarkerAndEdgier: The later stories in volume 5 are alot more darker compared to the previous ones and are alot more dramatic, such as the protagonist having her dreams brutally crushed to a forest fire where Clover [[spoiler: decides to sacrifice her life.]]²* DistantFinale: After Rambler finally accepts Clover traveling with him. The story then transitions to a few years later. [[spoiler: We see Clover (now as a young adult) who visits Crescent Forest since she hadn't been there since she was little. We also get to see her friends as parents and Hickory babysitting Kale, Shallot and Mallow's babies.]]²* ADayInTheLimelight: There are a few times in the manga where it shifts to a different animal's point of view, with Clover becoming a secondary character for that story.²** Twice for Hickory. The first is showing a flashback to how he first meet Clover and becoming a babysitter. The second focuses on him spending the week away from Clover's home and spending time with his grandfather.²** Twice for Mallow and Shallot. The first is when Mallow injures her foot in Volume 1 and Shallot which is a flashback to how he meet Kale and Clover. Second is in Volume 5 which focuses on the two after Shallot bruises his hands after hearing a specific ingredient that she wanted since shes studying about medicine. ²** Two for Kale, the first is how he becomes a big brother in Volume 4 after he learns that his mother is pregnant and is preparing for a new set of baby brothers and the second is in volume 5 where he learns abut his pen-pal.²%% * ADayInTheLimelight: Each of Clover's friends and some supporting character in the series get two or one story for each volume.²%% ** Mallow in Volume 1 and Volume 5²%% ** Kale in Volume 4²%% ** Shallot in Volume 2 and Volume 5²%% ** Hickory in Volume 1 and Volume 5²%% ** Rambler in Volume 3²* {{Determinator}}: Clover never gives up...Ever!²* DidIJustSayThatOutLoud: Cinnamon and Twirl react with surprise to Clover and Kale after they both accidentally reveal their second plan to prank the bunnies.²* DramaBomb: Starting in Volume 5 the manga starts becoming more serious and dramatic compared to it's lighthearted tone.²* DramaBombFinale: The final story to the series in Volume 5 is alot more serious in tone and dangerous compared to the previous stories.²* DramaQueen: Forsyntheia the deer as seen a few times.²* TheDrifter: Rambler would mostly visit Crescent Forest during special occasions. Since Rambler mainly travels and makes a stop at a faraway forest and leaves the next morning. This is shown off in the last story of volume 3, where it focuses on one of Rambler's adventures.²* DubNameChange: Every character from Tatsuyama Sayuri's "Happy Happy Clover" Manga series got their names changed once Viz Media decided to translate the Manga to English once it got released to English speaking countries.²** Chima to Clover²** Meru to Mallow²** Gaku to Kale²** Haru to Shallot²** Tabi-Usagi San to Rambler/Brambler²** Professor Hoot Hoot to Professor Hoot²** Hirari to Hickory²* EnigmaticEmpoweringEntity: The fountain goddess seen twice in the series who appears to grant wishes to the forest animals. It only works on Clover and Hickory, while she previously saved her from drowning.²* ExplosiveBreeder: Well Kale's parents are rabbits after all.²* ExpressiveEars: Common with the various animals mainly the bunnies except for Mallow and her mother due to being Lop Eared bunnies.²* FeatherFingers: Professor Hoot along with other owls and birds somehow can hold a ruler and a book in their feathers.²* FourLeafClover: Clover wears this as a hairpin which was previously a three leaf clover in the earlier stories in the first volume and shows up during flashbacks to their younger years.²* FourthWallMailSlot: In the third volume there is a section near the end of the manga, where the main characters would answer questions to Japanese fans of the manga. The very last page of the same, is a Q&A where the author would answer a question by Illustrating their answers.²* FreakyFridayFlip: Happens in volume 5 where Clover switches bodies with Hickory. She learns that being a flying squirrel isn't all that easy while Hickory can do work much faster which scares Clover's parents.²* GeckoEnding: Since the manga only had 3 volumes back when the anime was made in 2007. The anime ended with Clover performing for the Spring Festival in front of all the animals in Crescent Forest. The final story of the manga ended with Clover finally being allowed to travel with Rambler.²* GenderBender: One story in volume 5 has Clover and Hickory switch bodies for the day. This results in Hickory becoming Clover and Clover becoming Hickory. This results with Clover who is in Hickory's body to be given eyelashes while Clover's body doesn't contain any eyelashes and is given Hickory's eyes.²* GenderEqualEnsemble: Two females (Clover and Mallow) and two males (Kale and Shallot).²* GenkiGirl: Clover is very energetic and runs very fast!²* GentleGiant: Despite being the biggest animals in the series. Blackberry and his mother are very kind and nice with the other animals as long as you don't wake them up during there hibernation.²* GhibliHills: The entire setting including the landscapes looks beautiful and pretty colorful.²* GiantFood: Clover (In Hickory's body) stumbles upon a giant berry and tries to eat the entire thing but since she's still in Hickory's body. She gets full quickly and has trouble flying/gliding.²* GirlOfTheWeek: Thistle a female bunny who lives far away from Crescent Forest appears to have a crush on Kale but doesn't out right state this. But judging by Kale's reaction when she leaves and the post-story comic he actually starts falling in love with her.²* GoodParents²** While Clover's parents are very stern with her. They really care about her along with her safety.²** Same goes for [[ Kale's mother]] and father.²* GratuitousEnglish: The Bulbul brothers (A duo of rap singing [[SeldomSeenSpecies brown-eared bulbuls]]) would sometimes drop in random English words like "Baby" and "Yo Yo" whenever they start talking or singing. Especially in the anime, when it there rap number would sometimes end with Professor Hoot finishing up there rap by also saying "Yo".²* HalfDressedCartoonAnimal: Luna wears a vest.²* HappilyMarried: [[spoiler: Shallot and Mallow are seen getting married during the epilogue of volume 5. Same goes for Kale and his pen pal Thistle.]]²* TheHeart: Mallow²* TheHermit: Clover and friends meets a male rabbit who judging by the over grown amounts of grass and the look of his house appears to hardly come out side. He tells Clover and friends that he has a crush on Shallot's sister.²* HitStop: In the anime, when Mallow crashes into a rock. It cuts to the leaf that she was riding to fly up into the air in slow motion and the scene goes silent until it cuts to Mallow waking up in her bed. ²* HumansAreCthulhu: All of the animals believe this leading to Clover actually visiting a human home outside of the forest. Clover returns in the end of the story mentioning that not all humans are bad. [[ Kale still believes in this trope]] since he's the only friend that still finds it hard to believe that humans are kind to other animals. This is notable in the Christmas story where he starts disliking Santa Claus due to his brothers sending mails to him and starts tearing them up in-font of Clover.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: While Kale is not the meanest character of the bunch, he does do some questionable things. He's very loyal when it comes to trouble and especially when you mess with his baby brothers.²* LetsGetDangerous: [[spoiler: Clover starts risking her life in the finale of the series when the forest fire is starting to get much worser then they thought]]²* LicensedGame: One for the Nintendo DS²* LoveConfession: Or rather an accidental one in volume 5 [[spoiler: where Mallow is learning how to be a nurse and takes care of Shallot. After Mallow asks why he got himself hurt, he replies by saying that he was doing it because he like her leading to Mallow blushing and giving him a big hug. Resulting in him passing out due to excitement and sudden move she made.]]²* LoveLetterLunacy: In an early chapter of Happy Happy Clover, Shallot falls in love with Mallow and want to give her a love letter. He asks Clover to deliver it secretly, but she loses it after getting sidetracked. Cue her asking for help, with word spreading across the entire forest about the missing letter. [[ Even after it’s found]], Kale’s siblings fight over who will deliver it, causing it to rip apart. Luckily, the present inside helps get Shallot’s message across²* LuminescentBlush: Clover and Mallow are seen doing this the most. Especially for Mallow [[spoiler: when she learns that Shallot loves her.]]²* ManChild: Inverted. While Rambler is mostly smart, brave, and very serious, Clover mentions that he acts "immature". Rambler reacts in confusion which cuts to various moments where Rambler is acting childish compared to his usual self.²* MeaningfulName: Rambler The Rambling Rabbits name is exactly what you would expect him to be. His Japanese name "Tabi-usag-san" also means "Traveling Rabbit".²* MegatonPunch: Clover would usually kick a character into the sky as her only form of attacking during very bad situations.²* MiddleChildSyndrome: In one flashback story in volume 4 which focuses on Kale. Shows Kale a bit younger and decides to hug his mother until his father tells him "No more hugging on mommy's tummy" and she reveals to her son that she is going to have a babies. Kale gets excited but a but worried since his parents tells him that he's going to be a bug brother. Kale feels that once the baby bunnies are born he won't get enough attention until he finally sees his newborn brothers near the end of the story.²* MistakenIdentity: Every animal in Crescent Forest realizes that Hickory has been acting very strange lately. It wasn't until Clover finally sees Hickory who reveals that it was his twin brother.²* MoeStare: Mallow and Clover are seen making this face most of the time. [[ Including this cute illustration from the manga,]] and Sayuri Tatsuyama's [[ own sketch of the duo from 2017]].²* MotorMouth: Clover in the anime adaptation.²* MyGodWhatHaveIDone²** Mallow really feels guilty for Clover after she notices her crying in front of her mother, Professor Hoot, and Clover's mother. She is even seen crying silently into her bed for the rest of the day.²** Same goes for Clover after her outburst with Kale's baby brothers for breaking a necklace she and Mallow made. She starts feeling very guilty for her actions when she read the apology letter that the bunnies written on the necklace that they fixed and starts crying until she thinks of a an idea to make her apology gift for the bunnies.²* NerdGlasses: Shallot wears these²* NonMammalianHair: Luna is the only animal in the series that is seen with actual hair.²* NowLetMeCarryYou: How Mallow feels about taking care of Clover in Volume 5 after suffering a bad stomachache. ²* ObliviousToLove: Mr. Mole's daughter and Forsynthia developed a short lived crush with Kale in one story. But Kale is unaware of this and this trips returns again in Volume 4 when a bunny named Thistle starts developing a crush in him. He doesn't know about this but appears to start loving her when he describes about her when His friends arrive.²* OneShotCharacter²** Luna and Hickory's twin brother in Volume 4²** Thistle a female bunny and Kale's pen pal for Volume 5 who develops a crush on Kale.²** The female field mouse in volume 4.²** Professor Hoot's grandfather who shows up in Volume 3.²* POVCam: In the anime, after Mallow crashed into a big rock which Knock her out. The next scene shows Mallow waking up and hears Clover's mother and Professor Hoot having a serious discussion from her POV for a few seconds before we see Mallow discovering about her injured foot alone before exiting her room to the living room where she sees Clover crying in shame.²* ThePrankster: Twirl The Squirrel loves playing pranks on the other animals.²* ProjectileKiss: Although Clover doesn't actually do this. She does make a kissing gesture to the audience in Volume 3 when she learns the reader is still reading about her adventures which makes her happy.²* ProneToTears: Mallow is the most sensitive character in the series. She later grows out of this a little in later stories.²* TheQuietOne: While Hickory is not shy, he doesn't really talk that much besides having a short conversation with Clover.²* RascallyRabbit²** Kale is the strongest of the bunch. He's also prone to being very mischievous and sometimes makes rude comments.²** Clover is prone to getting into trouble and is very hyperactive.²* RecoverySequence: After Clover saves Crescent Forest from an oncoming forest fire in the final story. We get to see Clover relearning how to walk on her two feet again without signs of pain or injury from her. This might have to do with how long Clover existed as a fish, which resulted in her forgetting how to walk.²* RelationshipUpgrade: While Shallot and Mallow are both great friends. [[spoiler: In the final volume, after Mallow learns that Shallot likes her. In the conclusion, Mallow and Shallot are married and have kids of their own.]]²* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Every animal that shows up in the manga, especially Hickory!²* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: Mallow and Clover's [[ relationship looks a bit romantic at times]], especially in the anime adaptation. ²* SantaClaus: The main focus on the Christmas story in the manga and is even seen during a story that the bunnies are reading.²* SayItWithHearts: Mr.Mole's daughter starts adding hearts to her sentences after she learns that he new hair cut makes her look beautiful where she previously thought she looked ugly. She even flirts with the males.²* ScareEmStraight: In the fifth volume, Clover's nightmare serves as this in order for her to confess that she actually lied to her mother and teacher about the Bulbul brothers being thieves.²* ShellShockSilence: In the anime where Clover and friends go down a hill by riding a big leaf. It's mostly upbeat however when Mallow decides to ride down the hill by herself. The music slowly starts getting quiter until Mallow starts talking in her mind about being like Clover until she finally crashes on a big rock. The scene then goes silent while we see her leaf flying up in the air in slow motion. The next scene show her waking up from her POV and we her Clover's mom and Professor Hoot scolding Clover about the hills.²* ShooOutTheClowns: Clover's friends (Mallow, Kale, Shallot and Hickory) aren't present with Clover once they hear the news of a forest fire heading straight to their home.²* SickeninglySweethearts: This is what Clover's mother and father cut most of the time much to the confusion of Clover herself.²* SleepCute: One of the first scenes featuring Clover is her sleeping in bed when he mother tells her to wake up so she won't be late for school.²* SliceOfLife: Focuses on the daily lives of a trio of rabbits as well also focusing on supporting characters Clover knows and cares the most for.²%% * SlidingScaleOfAnimalCast: Type 3.²* SpiritualSuccessor: To Creator/TatsuyamaSayuri's previous animal themed manga series "Pukupuku Natural Circular Notice".²* SpoilerCover: Volume 5 [[ shows Clover as a young adult finally traveling with Rambler.]] The [[ back cover]] also shows Kale, Mallow, and Kale's offspring.²* StepfordSmiler: Type A, Mallow does this in one of the stories in the 5th volume.²* SurpriseCreepy: The first monster that Clover, Mallow, Kale, and Shallot have to fight in Volume 1 and the final story in Volume 5 where a very dangerous forest fire is heading straight toward Crescent Forest.²* SweetPollyOliver: Thistle a female bunny decided to make herself look more like a male bunny since Kale was hoping that his pen pal was a female. He doesn't learn about this until a hawk shows up after he learns that Thistle was a stowaway.²* SwissArmyTears: [[spoiler: How Rambler revives Clover from a fish back into her rabbit self.]]²* {{Tagline}}: "More Fun Than Vegetables!" in the US and Canada translation. ²* TalkingInBed: The majority of the story "Mallow's Heart Flutters" in Volume 5 mostly takes place inside Shallot's bedroom and is surprised to see Mallow taking care of him.²* TearsOfRemorse: When Mallow sees her mother and Professor Hoot scolding Clover for causing Mallow to injure her foot after riding down a cliff that contained rocks in front of her mother and Clover's mother. She quickly defends Clover and tells the adults that it was her fault and starts crying hysterically into her mother's chest. Mallow is later seen crying silently into her bed until Cinnamon visits her room after hearing about the incident.²* TenderTears: Mallow can be seen crying in some stories.²%% * ThoseTwoGirls: Cinnamon and Twirl.²%% * ThoseTwoGuys: Clover and Mallow.²* ThroughAFaceFullOfFur: It's permanent in the anime, but in the original manga series Clover's blushing cheeks is usually seen in colorized artwork and would pop up and disappear at random in the manga.²* TokenHuman: The Lake God seen in the manga, while not a human, is the only character that has a human-ish appearance since the other animals aren't fond of humans.²* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: While Clover is still a girly girl compared to Mallow. She mostly hangs out with Kale and does racing and challenges with each other. This becomes a plot point in one story in Volume 4 where Mallow invites Clover to her tea party and start discussing about what girls like while at the same time Kale is waiting for her for a race.²* ATwinkleInTheSky: Happens whenever Clover kicks Cinnamon and Twirl.²* UncannyFamilyResemblance: All of Shallot's family members look alike to one another.²* TheUnFavorite: Kale first thinks this when he learns his mother is going to have babies. Until he finally see's his baby brothers for the first time.²* VagueAge: While Clover, Mallow, Kale and Shallot are young children. Rambler, Professor Hoot, and Hickory are adults. Despite Hickory being a babysitter and has been babysitting Clover since she was a baby. It's strange knowing that Hickory's an adult, the manga even mentions that he has a cute voice and is mostly quiet. But it's very easy to forget that due to his voice and his child like appearance.²* VerbalTic: Professor Hoot always ends his sentences with the word "hoot". ²* VerySpecialEpisode: One story in volume 4 shows Kale as a young bunny first learning about his mother's pregnancy and preparing for the responsibilities if being a brother.²* WalkingTheEarth: Rambler travels far away from Crescent Forest to make a short stop as well as rescuing and saving lives of various animals that live there.²* WatchingTheSunset: A non-romantic example, Hickory and Clover both promised each other to watch the sunset with each other every night. This is the ending for one of the last stories in volume 1 after Hickory remembers his early years of babysitting Clover.²* WhamEpisode: Two in volume 5.²** The first is the story "Mallow's Heart Flutters", where [[spoiler: Shallot has an accidental love confession with Mallow]] in bed after not being found at school one day.²** The second is when a forest fire is heading to Crescent Forest. Earlier in the story, Rambler tells her that he doesn't want her to travel with him which causes Clover to cry badly and starts hating him. Hickory visits her room and sees her sobbing and tells her of what happened. She explains that she really hates Rambler until Hickory asks her "Do you really hate him?" which calms Clover down and has a talk with him. She later learns that Rambler is trying to save the other animals from an oncoming forest fire.²* WhamLine: The entire speech Shallot gives to Mallow in the Volume 5 story "Mallow's Heart Flutters" which also counts as a love confession while in bed.²* WhamShot: Two in "Mallow's Heart Flutters". First is when Shallot [[spoiler: accidentally reveals that he has a crush on her]] after finding the healing herbs Mallow asked him earlier in the story. The first thing reaction you see from Mallow is her blushing then starts shaking after being touched by Shallot's words. The second is when Mallow gives him a big hug in bed which causes him to faint.²* WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue: The last entry to "Clover's Fun Doodle Pad" shows what the citizens of Crescent Forest have been up to after Clover became an explorer and traveler with Rambler.²* WhiteBunny: Clover (Except parts of her ears which are peach/orange colored) along with her mother are both white rabbits.²* WholeEpisodeFlashback: Happens 3 times in the manga which focused on Shallot, Hickory, and Kale.²* AWildRapperAppears: The Bulbul brothers would always rap whenever they talk to the other characters. Clover even lampshades this in their debut in Volume 2.²* {{Yonkoma}}: Near the end of every story there contains an extra short comic from Clover's Diary explaining about the aftermath of the story and more info on the characters. Starting in Volume 2, we get Yonkomas for each of Clover's friends one having them answering the readers questions and about there daily lives.²----


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