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1[[quoteright:239:]]께''Elemental Gelade'' (called ''Erementar Gerad'' [[SpellMyNameWithAnS by some, including the US copyright holder]]) is a manga and an anime series which ran in Japan in 2005.께Coud van Giruet is a brash and adventurous young rogue who dreams of becoming the greatest SkyPirate in history. One day, he stumbles upon a strange girl named Ren who turns out to be an Edel Raid: a special type of human able to form a contract with a "Pledger" and become a powerful weapon. Together, they embark on a quest to find the legendary "Edel Garden", which is supposedly the birthplace of all Edel Raids.께Joining them on their journey are members of Arc Aile, a military organisation seeking to put every Edel Raid under their protection. But a common enemy soon emerges in "Chaos Choir", a group of religious extremists that worships the power of Edel Raids and wishes to capture Ren for their own purposes.께A sequel called ''Flag of the Blue Sky'' was also released, taking place two years after the original story but with a new set of characters. For centuries, the Edel Raids of the Velsown family have served the regent of the Fuajarl kingdom, also known as the Kingdom of the Sun. The latest Edel Raid to inherit this position is Jelio "Jean" Velsown, a determined and stoic young knight. When a hostile force invades the kingdom to capture Jean, she is ordered to flee with the young crown princess, Princess Acheaburca Fuajarl XIV. With the fall of the kingdom and the murder of the king, Jean and Acheaburca form a pledge of vengeance and plan to restore Fuajarl to its rightful glory.께See also ''Manga/SoulEater'' for a similar concept, liberally mixed with the quirky Gothic sensibilities of Creator/TimBurton.----!!Contains examples of:* AccidentalPervert: Coud, many times.* ActionGirl: Cisqua, Jean, Achea.* AdaptationalModesty: The anime takes away nearly all the {{Fanservice}} found in the manga.* AffablyEvil: Orga Night executive Bienenritter is a manipulative, ambitious woman who is capable of anything to obtain what she wants. And she does her evil machinations with the grace of a Anime/LuckyStar [[ character]].** Ronburet also counts as he actually paused his fight with Coud to give him a lecture on the ElementalRockPaperScissors of the setting.* AnimalMotifs: Primarily Rasati, who is heavily associated with tigers. When she's angry or even just aggressive, one or both of her eyes are drawn like a tiger's.* ArtShift: How any of the characters is drawn at any given moment can vary widely, but it's usually Cisqua who leads in this regard. A notable example of this is her tendency to crank up the girlish charm when violence called for. Twice, at least, she hits upon a solution to her problem and presents it looking like Manga/CardCaptorSakura.-->"'''Lethal Force [[SayItWithHearts <3]]!'''"* AxCrazy: [[spoiler: Parl returns in manga as this.]]* BackToBackBadasses: Wolx and Rasati do this once.* BadassNormal: How do you survive in a world with humanoid weapons that you refuse to use out of principle? You dress up like Wild West Sakura, call yourself Cisqua and have the armory of the Nadesico, Macross and maybe the Yamato under your poncho.** Also, Mel in Blue. [[spoiler:Of course, she's Cisqua's older sister...]]* BewareTheQuietOnes: Ren, in the final volume. Holy crap, she's scary.* {{Bifauxnen}}: Jean. Doesn't stop the guys from wanting her, though. * BigBad: The head of Organight who appears to be [[spoiler: Keith.]]* BigEater: Kuea. It becomes a plot point in the Milliard Trey arc, as Rowen points out that if Kuea is enters into the tournament, no matter how much money they win, it will all just go to feeding Kuea. The grand prize in ''one million gold''.* BladeBelowTheShoulder: Ren and Kuea's weapon forms. [[spoiler:In the manga, Greyarts has his arms severed, and is assigned a new Edel Raid that becomes a set of arm blades]].* BottomlessMagazines: Cisqua and her various weapons. {{Lampshaded}} when she gets paralysed thinking about how much firing her weapon's costs.* BreakTheCutie: [[spoiler: Cia, the adilraid Ren promised to meet in Adil Garden. They broke her good.]]* CallingYourAttacks: The attack names had very bizarre GratuitousEnglish, sometimes to a ridiculous extent.* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Coud's not into the PlayboyBunny outfit for the sexy, he's into it ''for the BUNNY EARS''!!* ConspiracyRedemption* CoolBigSis: In the way that Kuea treats both Coud and Ren.* DissonantSerenity: [[ Let]][[ hal]] [[PlayedForLaughs Force]] [[SayItWithHearts <3]]!* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: Reacting is very intimate and pleasurable for both the Pledger and the Raid.* ElementalRockPaperScissors: 24 of them. Each is good against one type and bad against another, and the last six haven't been discovered yet...** A second guide released by Mayumi Azuma revealed three of those six: solar, lunar, and gate. * EmotionlessGirl: Ren, for most of the series.* EquippableAlly: The Eddel Raids.* {{Expy}}: Rowen looks a lot like [[VideoGame/GuiltyGear Ky Kiske]]. Cisqua's design was also inspired by [[VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}} BB Hood]], a character the author helped design.* FlashbackEffects: Flashbacks are done in "limited palette" DeliberatelyMonochrome, with only red or a significant person/object colored.* FloatingContinent: [[spoiler:The Garden of Eden.]]* GirlInABox: Ren.* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:Wolx]]* HotSpringsEpisode* HumanoidAbomination: [[spoiler: Cia]] was turned into one of these.* HypocriticalHumour: Cisqa's [[ bread and butter]].* IKnowYourTrueName: Edel Raids can be easily sealed by those who know their full names.* InLoveWithTheMark: In the anime, Viro, a temporary character who joined up only to get near Coud and murder him, until she realizes that she fell in love with him.* InterplayOfSexAndViolence: Most if not all Edel Raids appear as beautiful human women, and the name of their human partners (mostly men) seems to be largely a creepy play on words; to the day, you can still translate it from the original Japanese as either "Pledger" or "''Pleasure''".* InterspeciesRomance: The series shows humans and Edel Raids that fall in love with each other. The OfficialCouple is Ren and her Pledger Cou.* KillTheCutie* LateArrivalSpoiler: The first chapter of Elemental Gerade Blue shows that [[spoiler: Edel Garden isn't a very nice place]] which was only stated around 80 chapters into Elemental Gerade Red.* LightIsNotGood: Norma. * LittleMissBadass: Cisqua, who has enough firepower to bring down an army, if only she had enough ammo.** Achea can also hold her own with a sword. * LongLived: Edel Raids have a lifespan much longer than humans.* LoveMakesYouCrazy: [[spoiler: Cia's love for Keith turned her AxCrazy.]]* LoveTriangle* MacrossMissileMassacre: Cisqa perhaps carries too many missiles.* MacGuffinSuperPerson: Ren and Jean are both Shichikouhouju, along with [[spoiler: Suuchi, the princess of Runbuuram, and the ice adilraid Range]], a very rare, powerful type of adilraid. The enemy tries so hard to get their hands on them, and keep failing. * MagicContractRomance: Cou and Ren.* MayflyDecemberRomance: Any romance between humans and Edel Raids falls into this, since Edel Raids have a lifespan much longer than humans. However, aside from a single-episode plot, this is mostly ignored.* MagicalGirlfriend* {{Meganekko}}: Viro. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in a PostEpisodeTrailer. Sometimes they are ScaryShinyGlasses.* MindControlEyes* MysticalWaif: Ren.* NiceHat: Cisqa's mushroom shaped hat.* NotSoDifferent* NotWhatItLooksLike: ** In the anime, Cisqua finds Coud and Ren on a bed and draws the obvious conclusion.** Rowen is a bit more easy-going when he walks into a scene where it looks like Coud is fondling Ren's breasts.* OfficialCouple: Cou and Ren.* ParentalAbandonment: Coud, Lilia.* PerkyFemaleMinion: Cochinel, the singer Grayarts's Edel Raid.* PluckyGirl: Achea.* PerpetualPoverty: The whole party but particularly Cisqa who keeps getting billed.* PiggybackCute: Since Ren usually falls asleep to recharge her power, Coud has to carry her on his back most of the time.* ThePowerOfFriendship* ThePowerOfLove* PlatonicLifePartners: Rowen and Kuea.* PrincessInRags: Achea.* PromotionToParent: Rasati.* RipVanWinkle: ** Ren spent centuries sealed until Cou woke her up.** A very cruel version of this happens in the anime to one Eden Raid that escaped from Arc Aile's custody and puts the organization's MO into question.* RedemptionEqualsDeath* ReluctantMadScientist [[spoiler: Keith]] seems to have been one of these.* RolePlayingGameVerse: Lampshaded when Coud meets Anna. '''Coud Gained An Ally!'''* SchizoTech: Airships, floating islands, guns and magic?* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Rowen and Coud.* SiblingTeam: Rasati and Lilia.* SiblingYinYang: [[ActionGirl Rasati]] and [[ShrinkingViolet Lilia]].* SmallGirlBigGun: Cisqua.* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Has this problem with the show title and other plot elements; for example, Pledgers (initially introduced as either "Preja" or "Pleasure"), Sting Raids (misspelled as "Stream Raids" or "Sitting Raids"), or even the Eden Raid (called "Edil Raid" by the first fansubs of the series). NOT helped by the Geneon US release of the series, which has the series title ''both ways'', one in the English subs, the other in the title sequence itself. Official spelling in the Japanese versions is "adilraid." * {{Stripperific}}: Kuea's attire. It's more evident in the [[ manga.]] Her reasoning is that mobility is all-important, even trumping protection. Her outfit consists of a length of chain, a petticoat, a black leather G-string, and a curdoroy mini-tanktop, as well as a pair of long black gloves. When she gets Ren in a [[ similar outfit]], all Ren can say is "I'm cold..."** For those of you with the Japanese version, see Range's outfit. She makes Kuea look modest!* TemptingFate: Cisqua. During her training session with Cou and Ren, she states that she won't have to worry about an opponent on Cou's level. Thing is, what [[UnskilledButStrong Cou lacks in finesse Ren makes worse with sheer power]], and it is ''precisely'' that combo that saves Cisqua from having her head slashed to ribbons. Not as much can be said for the grove of trees the pair logged.* ThongOfShielding: Kuea.* TimeToUnlockMoreTruePotential* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Rasati and Lilia as well as Cisqua and Ren.* TownGirls: Ren (Femme), Cisqua (Butch), and Kuea (Neither).* TrainingFromHell: The training Cisqua gave to Cou after he's brutally defeated in the arena.** [[ Alright! Cisqua's Boulder-Style Stamina-Building Stamina Training starts now!]]* TransformationSequence* TranslationCorrection* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman: Some characters treat the Edel Raids as tools while others treat them as humans. This is explored further with the [[ArtificialHuman Viros]].* WrongGenreSavvy: At one point, Cou finds himself on the receiving end of Viro's affections; when he glances at Ren, he notices she has her cold eyes out and immediately assumes she's less than pleased with him (though she's actually only a little chilly). To compensate, he runs off with her to explore the ship everyone is on.* YearsTooEarly: Kuea: "It'll take you another eleventy billion years, before you can defeat me in a battle!"* YouHaveFailedMe: Extensively, but used very harshly with [[spoiler: Grayarts.]] ----


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