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1[[quoteright:240:]]²²''C'mon Digimon'', penned by Hiroshi Izawa and released in mid-1997 for ''Akamaru Jump'' shortly before the debut of its first virtual pet, was a sort of "[[PilotEpisode beta version]]" of ''Manga/DigimonVTamer01'', eventually released as a bonus chapter in its second volume.²²Shinichiro Josaki is the privileged son of the owner of Josaki Electronis. His hobby is to challenge people to Digimon V-Pet battles, defeats them ruthlessly with his Deathmon, and rub his victory in by [[KickTheDog crushing the opponent's V-Pets under his foot]]. Meanwhile, after a friendly V-Pet battle with some friends, Makoto Abe encounters Kentaro Kamon, well-known for his apparent disdain of animals, being the only person without a V-Pet and for getting into a fight with some high schoolers. Makoto discovers he picked up a V-Pet on the street, though Kentaro insists that he hates the things and tries to press it onto Makoto. Makoto uses a 3D virtual projection machine constructed by his brother to bring to life the V-Pet's contents, a so-called defective "Damemon" by the name of Bun, and Kentaro reluctantly adopts it.²²Not happy in being strong-armed into owning Bun, Kentaro intends to hand him back to Makoto. However, Makato has been kidnapped by Shinichiro, who defeats his Greymon and, after revealing he extensively researches the background and strength of his V-Pet opponents, [[MoralEventHorizon destroys the V-Pet]]. Furious, Kentaro and Bun swear to defeat him in ten days' time. ²²----²!!Contains examples of: ²²* AllAnimalsAreDogs: Bun has the personality of a puppy.²* ArtEvolution / OffModel: At the time of the manga's writing, most designs for Digimon weren't well-defined or known. As such, the mangaka just interpreted them his way based on the V-Pets, so most Digimon featured don't look all that much like their appearances in other material, even that written just a year later. This is given a nod in the ColdOpen of the first "V-Tamer", where Taichi comments that living breathing monsters look different than the holographic projections.²* BadassAdorable: Bun is cute, small and not very powerful, but is more capable than all but Kamon initially realize.²* BreathWeapon: Bun's basic weapon.²* CallingYourAttacks: One of the few adaptations where Digimon don't do this. Instead, their owner orders the attacks by calling them for the Digimon.²* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: Only Makoto's Digimon and Bun are referred to as something other than their species name.²* {{Expy}}: This manga is confirmed to have later influenced ''Manga/DigimonVTamer01'', and by extension everything else ''Digimon'' ever. Taichi Yagami ([[Anime/DigimonAdventure both of him]]) was directly inspired by Kentaro, Shinichiro resembles Neo Saiba (and by extension [[Anime/DigimonXrosWarsTheYoungHuntersLeapingThroughTime Ryouma Mogami]] by way of recursive expies), and Makoto resembles [[Anime/DigimonTamers Kenta Kitagawa]] (and also [[NamesTheSame shares a name]] with a different ''Tamers'' character). Additionally, this manga's interpretation of Greymon's appearance was adapted into the Veedramon species.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: This manga is notable for previewing much of what the franchise is known for (a large focus on the connection between kids and their mon's, kid with traumatizing past whose partner overcomes adversity when they [[CharacterDevelopment overcome their resulting personal issues]], developed storytelling capabilities, etc.) in just a few pages.²* GlitchEntity: Bun, possibly.²* {{God}}: Makoto suggests that God might be trying to help Kentaro through whatever his issue is. Kentaro doesn't think such a thing is impossible but dismisses it on the lack of reliable signs.²* HiddenHeartOfGold: [[spoiler: Kentaro pretends to not like animals or {{Mons}} because his pet dog died in a fire while rescuing him.]]²* {{Jerkass}}: Shinichiro's favorite pastime is [[CurbStompBattle curbstomping]] the Digimon of other kids and then smashing the V-Pets to pieces, quickly cementing him as this. If the fact that he actually does research on his targets' personal lives just to find the best ways to torment them [[spoiler: (He wants to [[KillItWithFire have Meramon kill Bun]] to rub in the fact that Kentaro's pet dog died in a fire when he was little)]] is anything to go by, he might even be classified as [[PsychopathicManchild something worse]].²* KarmaHoudini: Sure, [[spoiler: his Deathmon gets destroyed]], but Shinichiro is not shown getting otherwise punished for essentially inflicting psychological torture on other kids just for kicks. [[FridgeHorror And what's keeping him from creating another Deathmon?]]²* KickTheDog: Shinichiro's hobby.²* LegacyCharacter: When a Digimon dies, the Tamer is given a new egg to start over with, so Makoto decided to name his newest monsters after old ones that passed on.²* LickedByTheDog: Bun does this to Kentaro to demonstrate the latter isn't as bad as he seems.²* MorphicResonance: Deathmon's face is present to some degree in all of its forms.²* MythologyGag: If you ever wondered why it's so common to see TheHero and TheLancer partnered to a lizard and a canine in every other ''Digimon'' adaptation ever, you'll get your answer here.²* OneSteveLimit: Greymon's change in appearance can be chalked up to ArtEvolution; others, not so much. Another monster called Deathmon shows up in ''V-Tamer 01'', another [=DeathMeramon=] debuts in ''Anime/DigimonAdventure'', and another Damemon in ''Anime/DigimonXrosWars'', all of which are clearly different monster species entirely. Fans usually refer to the Digimon from this manga by their names from the manga's Italian translation to avoid confusion (so Bun is often called Bunomon), and English dub material renamed the ''V-Tamer 01'' Deathmon to Ghoulmon and the ''Adventure'' [=DeathMeramon=] to [=SkullMeramon=]. On the other hand, none of the aforementioned Digimon from this manga ever showed up in anything else, so it's not as much of an issue as it could've been.²* PokemonSpeak: The only ''Digimon'' canon where this is the norm, at least as far as we can tell given Bun is the only Digimon who speaks. Possibly justified, as Bun is just a projection and isn't a living creature.²* SequelEscalation: [=MetalGreymon=] was presented as the ultimate Digimon in this manga; at the time it was, being one of only three Perfect-level Digimon. Even a little over a year later there were not only dozens of Perfect-level Digimon and thus dozens of comparable strength to [=MetalGreymon=], but an entire higher level had been introduced in the form of the Ultimate[[note]]dubbed as Mega; not to be confused with the dub Ultimate level, which is Perfect[[/note]] level. These days? We're talking hundreds upon hundreds of Digimon as powerful or stronger than [=MetalGreymon=], and occasionally a level [[UpToEleven beyond Ultimate]] crops up.²* SeriousBusiness: Shinichiro puts a [[Anime/YuGiOh Kaibaesque]] disturbing level of serious business into his V-Pet battles; he even specifically researches all of his targets!²* VoluntaryShapeShifting: Deathmon, changes shape when Shinichiro commands it at least.²----


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