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1[[quoteright:220:]]²²Rina thinks AllMenArePerverts and, as a result, DoesNotLikeMen; she claims they're all just wolves looking to devour women. When a NewTransferStudent who was literally RaisedByWolves joins her class, though, she might just change her mind. ²²''Boku wa Ookami'' is a {{shoujo}} manga by Nachi Yuki that was serialized in the Ribon magazine from 2010 to 2012, and later compiled into four volumes. ²²Compare and contrast ''Manga/BeastMaster'', which has a similar plot but is intended for an older audience.²²----²!!This manga provides examples of:²²* AlwaysInClassOne: Class 1-1.²* BigWhat: When Rina [[spoiler:confesses her feelings and asks Jin out in front of the whole school]], this is everyone else's reaction.²* CatScare: While in the woods, Rina believes she hears a "monster". Keita points out it's just a cat.²* CrossCulturalHandshake: Jin sniffs people to say hello, the way a wolf would. When she finally understands why he acts so strangely, Rina decides to take his hand and sniff it as well.²* CultureClash: Since he was RaisedByWolves, a big part of the humor comes from Jin's attempts to fit in with {{Ordinary High School Student}}s and human society in general.²* FirstNameBasis: Rina and Keita grew up together and call each other by their given names instead of family names, which, as Keita is keen to point out to Jin, implies they are ''close''.²* FreakyIsCool: While Rina is worried everyone will hate him for being strange, when the rest of the class learns that Jin was raised by wolves, it only serves to make him extremely popular. Suddenly ''everyone'' wants to be sniffed hello and get a ride on the wolf-boy's back!²* LoverTugOfWar: In a rare GenderFlipped version, Rina ends up between Jin and Keita when class seats are reassigned.²* LoveTriangle: A strong one between Rina, Jin, and Keita.²* NoExportForYou²* PinkySwear: Rina makes a promise to Jin that [[spoiler:she will only spend her life with him and one day they will get married]] using a pinky swear - though he uses his pointer finger.²* PygmalionSnapback: [[spoiler:Jin's father hypnotizes Rina into feeling "more liberated" and acting like a "regular" girlfriend, in hopes that she'll be able to teach Jin about relationships and make him happy. Jin, however, is terribly upset that his father would change his girlfriend into the thing she hates most, and insists that he change her back to her normal self.]]²* RedStringOfFate: On the cover of chapter 14. However, it's just Rina and the string; we don't get to see who it's connected to.²* {{Scanlation}}²* SchoolSwimsuit: During swimming class, of course. Interestingly, the one guy you'd expect to have [[InnocentFanserviceGuy no nudity taboo]] wears a wetsuit instead of shorts like the other guys.²* StunnedSilence: When Jin first transfers in, he says "''Hajimemashita''" ("It's started") instead of "''Hajimemashite''" ("Nice to meet you"). The class just stares at him.²* SexualEuphemism: "This and that" is used euphemistically many times, often to Rina's frustration and Jin's confusion.²* WhatMeasureIsANonCute: When explaining to Jin why he shouldn't eat rabbits, Rina tells him it's because they're too cute to eat.²²----


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