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1%% Image selected per Image Pickin' thread:²%% Please do not replace or remove without starting a new thread.²%%²[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:[[AntiAntichrist The son of Satan]] and his [[TrueCompanions allies of justice]],[softreturn][[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and]] [[WildCard Mephisto]] in the [[NiceHat top hat.]]]]²²->'''Mephisto:''' But Rin, you have chosen a path full of thorns. A sad and painful fate awaits you... so much it will make you wish you had died here.\²'''Rin:''' I don't care! I'm no longer human, but I'm not a demon either. I can only move forwards! ''I'll become an exorcist!''²²''Blue Exorcist'', also known as ''Ao no Exorcist'', is an action comedy fantasy {{shonen}} {{manga}} with MultipleDemographicAppeal by Katou Kazue. It began serialization in ''Jump Square'' in 2009.²²The story revolves around Rin Okumura, who starts out as somewhat of a [[JapaneseDelinquents delinquent]] prone to bad grades and getting into fights and is often at odds with his [[HappilyAdopted adoptive]] father, Father Shirou Fujimoto over his behavior. One day while job hunting he starts seeing strange things, and runs into [[DemonicPossession a demon]] for the first time. Just as the demon is about to kill him, [[HellFire blue flames]] surround his body and burn his attacker. The demon realizes that Rin is the one he has been searching for: the [[HalfHumanHybrid son]] of {{Satan}}.²²Rin is saved by Shiro Fujimoto when he comes and exorcises the demon. After a brief lesson on demons, Fujimoto explains that Rin is actually the Son of Satan, a half demon who had his powers sealed until now. He gives Rin the sword that seals his demon powers and tries to see him off, but unfortunately Rin thinks it's all bullcrap and accuses Shiro of throwing him out. Double unfortunately, [[TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive Satan decides to come in and say hello]]. Rin saves himself by drawing the sword, but [[DeathByOriginStory Father Fujimoto dies in the process]]. After the funeral, he is confronted by Mephisto, a member of the True Cross Order and a friend of Shiro's, and demands to join the True Cross Order and become an Exorcist.²²The series largely follows Rin's quest to become the strongest exorcist, make friends, and defeat Satan. It also gives focus to secondary characters, namely [[BadassNormal Yukio]] [[TheGunslinger Oku]][[BadassBookworm mura]], [[NiceGirl Shiemi]] [[BadassAdorable Mori]][[CombatMedic yama]], [[SexyMentor Shura]] [[ActionGirl Kirigakure]], [[BadAssBookworm Ryuuji]] [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold "Bon"]] [[HotBlooded Suguro]], [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass Renzou]] [[ChivalrousPervert Shima]], [[TheStrategist Konekomaru]] [[TheSmartGuy Miwa]], and [[SummonMagic Izumo]] [[{{Tsundere}} Kamiki]]. All of which are [[HiddenDepths not exactly]] who you first think they are; Deconstructions, Reconstructions, Played With, and Subverted tropes abound here, especially in regards to characters.²²A 25-episode anime adaptation with music by Music/HiroyukiSawano began airing on [[Spring2011Anime April 17, 2011]]. You can find it on [[ Viz Anime]], Crunchyroll (free simulcast) and Hulu. The English dub can be seen on [[ Neon Alley for the PS3 as of October 2, 2012.]] It also is now available on ''{{Creator/Netflix}}'' with the option of either sub or dub. The anime is a member of the ''Creator/{{Toonami}}'' block as of February 23, 2014. A new anime covering the Impure King arc [[ aired in 2017]] as part of the Winter2017Anime lineup. The English dub for the season can be streamed on Creator/{{Hulu}}.²²Other media includes:²²[[AC:AnimeAndManga]]²* ''The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident'' (宮山鶯邸事件 ''Miyama Uguisu Tei Jiken'') - The one shot acted as a {{Pilot}} to series.²* ''Blue Exorcist: The Movie'' (December 28, 2012) A LightNovel adaptation was released December 31, 2012.²* ''Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura'' (サラリーマン祓魔師 奥村雪男の哀愁 ''Salaryman Futsumashi Okumura Yukio no Aishū'') (2013-2020) - A spin-off series focused on Rin's brother Yukio.²²[[AC:LightNovels]]²* ''Blue Exorcist: Weekend Hero'' (青の祓魔師エクソシスト ウィークエンド・ヒーロー ''Ao no Ekusoshisuto Uīkuendo・Hīrō'') (2011)²* ''Blue Exorcist: Home Sweet Home'' (青の祓魔師エクソシスト ホーム・スイート・ホーム ''Ao no Ekusoshisuto Hōmu・Suīto・Hōmu'') (2012)²* ''Blue Exorcist: Bloody Fairytale'' (青の祓魔師エクソシスト ブラッディ・フェアリーテイル ''Ao no Ekusoshisuto Buraddi Fearīteiru'') (2014)²* ''Blue Exorcist: Spy Game'' (青の祓魔師エクソシスト スパイ・ゲーム ''Ao no Ekusoshisuto Supai Gēmu'') (2017)²²[[AC:VideoGames]]²* ''Blue Exorcist: The Chronocyclic Labyrinth'' (青の祓魔師 幻刻げんこくの迷宮ラビリンス ''Genkoku no Rabirinsu'') (2012) - A VisualNovel released for the UsefulNotes/{{PSP}} by Creator/BandaiNamcoEntertainment.²* ''Blue Exorcist: DAMNED CHORD'' (青の祓魔師 ''DAMNED CHORD'') (2020) - A mobile game.²²[[AC:Other]]²* ''Live Act Ao no Exorcist ~Mashin no Rakuin~'' (2012) - A stage play directed and written by Satoshi Owada that ran for nine performances at the Nippon Seinenkan hall in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward.²----²!!This series provides examples of:²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:A]]²* TwoDVisualsThreeDEffects: The Gehenna Gate and "Messiah" (read: atomic bomb mockup) in the anime.²* AbortedArc: In the first chapter, Reiji mentioned that he'd be attending True Cross Academy thanks to his family's connections. After Fujimoto exorcised him, he mentioned that he could potentially get possessed again if he continued to give into his sinful behavior ([[AdaptationExpansion and in the anime, he did]]). Those lines seemed to imply that he was going to be a recurring character and maybe even Rin's rival. However, he never appears again after his exorcism and the role of TheRival ended up going to Ryuji instead.²** It's only just touched upon, but we see flashes of Izumo's backstory in one early episode. Though it was eventually covered in the manga, it never came up again in the anime which went [[GeckoEnding in another direction.]] Though possibly averted now that the show has gotten another season that continues the manga and ignores all the original content the first season created.²* AcademyOfAdventure: True Cross Academy, with demons showing up on the grounds, mysterious, possibly villainous teachers, and the True Cross Order having not only a base there, but a school for exorcists. ²* AdaptationExpansion: The first half of the anime, before it diverges onto an anime-original story.²** The movie expanded on the Phantom Train omake. Notably, the mission goes much worse. Rin isn't able to destroy the train after Shiemi frees all the souls, and it manages to escape, causing a large amount of property damage. Rin and Shiemi are suspended for disobeying Yukio's orders, and Yukio spends most of the movie hunting down what was left of the train.²* AdultFear: Your adopted sons are in persistent danger from several enemies, including their birth father, an extremist cult, and your own bosses. The only things protecting them are luck, your relationship-destroying secrecy, and the protection of their untrustworthy, youth-corrupting godfather.²** Your daughter has become a shut-in who only cares about her deceased grandmother's garden, and on top of that she can barely move due to a rare illness. The organization you work for could cure the disease, except you're too poor to pay their exorbitant medical fees, and bound by tradition and secrecy from getting help elsewhere.²** Family history and tradition have trapped you into a life you don't want. A ''very'' unhealthy, short life.²* AlliterativeName: Arthur August[[SpellMyNameWithAnS (e/o)]] Angel.²* AllMythsAreTrue: All Religions Are True: The series mostly focus on Christianity, mainly [[AnimeCatholicism Roman Catholicism]], but there have been demons inspired by Shintoism, [[WordsCanBreakMyBones Fatal Verses]] from Buddhist sutras (at least Zen Buddhism anyways), even Greco-Roman minor deities.²** It was also said in the manga that almost all demons found in other religions are true, Satan just happens to be the lord of them all.²** In the manga Mephisto explicitly tells Rin he's been known by other names in the past, including Loki.²* AlmightyJanitor: Mainly Rin to begin with, being way stronger than any demon a class of trainees would be exposed to even without any training. In later chapters the entire exwire class could qualify, after having seen and survived several situations far beyond what the Exwire rank usually gets involved in.²** Ryuji especially got involved with high rank exorcist Lightning and ended up assisting him with a top secret investigation that threatened to shake the Order to it's foundations.²** Shiemi took out a zombie chimera as easily as an experienced exorcist like Yukio and later [[spoiler:single handedly stopped an out of control Rin from killing everyone.]] ²** [[spoiler:Both Ryuji and Izumo join the group to go after Drac in Romania. The other members are Arc Knights and their former teacher.]]²* AlternateTimeline: [[spoiler:One of Mephisto's powers as the King of Time is the creation of these. Only he can alter events however; he can enable time travel for others, but time paradoxes and changing the past to change the future are impossible for anyone else. It is unknown how many times he's had to redo the timeline to get the result he's looking for, but it's implied to be a lot.]]²* AndTheAdventureContinues: In the anime at least.²* AnimalBattleAura: The hilarious [[TheRival Rin vs. Ryuji]] scenes in the anime have these. [[TigerVersusDragon Rin is a golden tiger, Ryuji's a green-scaled Chinese dragon.]]²* AnimalMotifs: Konekomaru Miwa and Mamushi Hojo.²* AnimeCatholicism: The series uses Bible verses as ''spells''. Combined that [[BadassPreacher almost every preacher met is that of the badass variety,]] it can arguably be considered the TropeCodifier.²* AnthropomorphicPersonification: [[spoiler:Demons are revealed in the manga to have originally been concepts that resided in Gehenna. The growing numbers and advancement of humanity caused them to gain physical form, and with it develop ego. Satan is the manifestation of Gehenna itself.]]²* AntiAntiChrist: Rin is a good-hearted guy who wants to KICK SATAN'S (read: daddy's) ASS.²* {{Antihero}}:[[spoiler:It turns out the entire Order of the True Cross is this. It is revealed that there was a secret division that was growing clones to be subjected to various painful experiments with the ultimate goal of them being possessed by the Kings of Hell. And the clones were otherwise children with personalities of their own (in fact, 2 of them grew up to become Father Fujimoto and Arthur Angel, clones of Azazel and Lucifer respectively (though the latter apparently had his mind wiped and does not currently know about his origin). Rin is horrified when he finds out. However, they are still heroic because it is all being done to placate Lucifer who is threatening to destroy the entire world if they cannot create a body for him that won't decay and rot rapidly, as he is essentially in constant pain due to not having a host that can support his immense power.]]²** Many individual characters also qualify.²* AristocratsAreEvil: ALL of the Demon Kings, even the ones siding with humans, look down on humans as inferior and are willing to do horrible things to achieve their goals.²* ArtEvolution: Everyone is noticeably prettier later in the manga, but especially Rin, Mephisto, and Shiro Fujimoto.²* AsTheGoodBookSays: Certain Bible verses can be used to banish demons. The trick is knowing which Bible verse is required for which demon. One classmate, trapped by a ghoul, only knows that something from the Book of John can banish it. He recites the ''entire thing from memory'', and it turns out it's the ''last'' line that banishes the ghoul.²** The Aria meister specializes in this.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:B]]²* BackToTheEarlyInstallment: [[spoiler:Near the end of the time travel arc, Rin reaches the events of the first chapter and gets to see the full story and context of what happened that day.]]²* BakenekoAndNekomata: Rin's {{familiar}} Kuro (Blacky) is a two-tailed Cait Sith who can grow to become gigantic.²* BarrierMaiden: Suguro Ryuji in the fight against the Impure King. Made fun of by Rin because the role is usually reserved for girls.²* BeachEpisode: 11th episode of the anime, and Chapter 35 to 37 in the manga.²* BedmateReveal: After the battle with the Impure King, Rin wakes up to find Shiemi sleeping next to him.²* BerserkButton: Surprisingly, Takara manages to push Konekomaru's, sending the latter into a yelling spree. Resulting in a GetAHoldOfYourselfMan from Ryuji.²** Yukio can't stand having his weaknesses [[SoreLoser pointed out]].²** Young Shiro is similar to Yukio, but [[TurnedUpToEleven worse]]. He HATED being called weak, to the point of straight up attacking people over it. He also seemed to hate being bumped into or touched unexpectedly. ²* {{BFS}}: Angel's sword isn't huge, but it's definitely the same thick "chopper"-type as [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Cloud]] and [[Manga/DGrayMan Allen's]].²* BigDamnHeroes: Suguro Tatsuma pulls off the beginning of one at the end of chapter 24. It backfires.²** [[spoiler:After several volumes of the manga, Neuhaus finally rejoins the cast by pulling one of these.]]²* BigOlEyebrows: Kamiki Izumo, causing her to get the nickname Eyebrows. It's a family trait shared with her mother and sister.²* BigScrewedUpFamily: The Toudou clan were arrogant, abusive, and took pride in their willingness to do whatever their bosses asked of them without question.²* BigWhat: Ryuji in Chapter 28 when told by Rin to ride on the giant [[FunSize Kuro]].²* {{Bishonen}}: Angel is intentionally drawn in this manner. Lucifer, too. Lampshaded by Gedouin, who compares his appearance to a shining star, complete with the sparkles. [[spoiler:This is not a coincidence.]]²* {{Bizarchitecture}}: True Cross Academy.²** The Order's main base in the Vatican seems to have weird design choices - what is with that big meeting room and table surrounded by ''huge black pits''?!²** The Impure/Defilement King (a demon in the Decay domain) takes the form of a giant city.²* BlindIdiotTranslation: One specific example that ruins foreshadowing for the fact that [[spoiler:Arthur is one of the clones of Lucifer. Too bad his name is rendered as "Arstur" in the logs (and for that matter, [[JapaneseRanguage Lucifer is spelled Lucifel at the top of the page.]])]]²* BodyHorror: ²** Demon mashou boils. And demonic possession/attacks. So much blood...²** Then came Chapter 32. [[ManipulativeBastard Toudou]] can [[FromASingleCell regenerate]] with Karura's power. He just likes to regenerate his hands and mouth first, to Yukio's abject horror.²** In chapter 56 there are uber-zombies created by Dr. Gedouin that vary in just how bad they are, but one has a stack of noses running up one side of the body, ear-covered arms, eyes on the shoulders, a huge mouth, multiple arms on one side of the body, what look like smaller faces on the hips.²** In chapter 98, [[spoiler:after Rin's sword breaks and his demonic power housed in it floods back to his body, he is incinerated by it, leaving a charred husk that falls apart when it falls over. He gets better physically a few moments later when his demon heart returns to his body and reforms it though. Mentally though...]]²** [[spoiler:Section 13 is made of this. While the experimental subjects weren't outwardly mutated like some of the above examples, they still suffered terribly from the drugs and procedures. Some of them even looked to be degrading like Lucifer.]]²* BreakingSpeech: To Yukio, from an exorcist who turned to TheDarkSide. Apparently the guy felt inferior to his father and brother, and after failing to live up to them he resented them for it. [[ShutUpHannibal Yukio declares he's different.]]²** Following that conversation, Saburota Toudou refined the speech, saying [[TheUnfavorite Yukio had no choice in his career path and he really feels he is just a tool made by his Father to protect Rin]], so Yukio must've sometimes hated his Father and brother for pushing this burden onto him. [[ShutUpHannibal Yukio then admits the guy is right, he hates and loves his brother, but then he says what he hates most of all is his own weakness.]] All while setting up a counter to trap Toudou.²** Further ramped UpToEleven when Toudou [[FromASingleCell regenerates]] gruesomely and taunts Yukio, happily stating Yukio's admitted self-loathing is the first step in becoming a demon. After having this guy [[TheUnfavorite identify his insecurity]], starangle him, and then get ''exploded'' because of him in the course of less than 15 minutes, [[RageBreakingPoint Yukio takes it hard]].²** When Shima is preparing to leave with his Illuminati cohorts in Chapter 49, he takes a brief moment to thank the others for trusting him for so long before saying farewell. Suguro didn't take it well.²** Anime only, Gale tries this on Konekomaru. It works for a while, but they get over it.²** [[spoiler:Yukio to Rin "I don't need you anymore"]]²* BreakingTheFourthWall: Chapter 44 begins and ends with Mephisto explicitly holding a conversation with the reader about the plot and the nature of human desires.²* BreakTheHaughty: When Izumo's confidence fails, her familiars try to kill her.²* BrokenMasquerade: [[spoiler:Demons start appearing en mass and on television, leading to the Order of the True Cross eventually having to give at least an abridged explanation that demons really do exist, despite what various world leaders might want. Once the gate opens fully, everyone starts seeing them.]]²* BullyingADragon: Rin was bullied and called a demon throughout his childhood due to his SuperStrength and temper.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:C]]²* CallingTheOldManOut: Rin to Satan. Ryuji to his dad, though the latter wasn't really called for.²* CallingYourAttacks: Rin starts doing this eventually. It's lampshaded by Suguro, then justified; Shura taught him to do it in order to call on his power more effectively, like a mnemonic device.²** Arthur and Shura do it too. And Osceola.²* TheCameo: Renzou's siblings appear for a few seconds in the movie, even though the arc they were introduced in hadn't been animated and didn't seem like it was going to happen due to the first season's GeckoEnding.²* CastOfSnowflakes: Notably, the only characters who look alike are related (Rin and Yukio, Mephisto, and Amaimon), and even then they're easy to tell apart.²** [[spoiler:The addition of clones has negated this to a degree.]]²* CerebusSyndrome: The Izumo Rescue arc is ''horrifying'' compared to what came before it, and every arc since has gotten steadily DarkerAndEdgier, [[ChristmasEpisode with the occasional reprieve.]] To be fair, the series started with ''Satan possessing Rin's foster father'' and then ''ripping off his fingers'' before going on to toss Rin into a creepy gate, so perhaps this is where the dark aspects finally started to take center stage. Boomerang CerebusSyndrome?²* ChekhovsBoomerang: At the very beginning of the series Father Fujimoto states that someone who's been saved from possession will get possessed again if they don't change themselves. [[spoiler:Over 100 chapters after his death from getting possessed by Satan, we find out Satan had possessed him once before during the time travel arc.]]²* ChekhovsGun: The plant nutrient bullets in ch3 come roaring back in ch77, where Yukio uses them once again to trick a demon. Though they aren't as effective of a trick that time.²* ChekhovsGunman: The Video Game Dude and Bunny Rabbit Puppet Kid. The Video Game "Dude" is really Kirigakure Shura, a [[UnsettlingGenderReveal big boobed]] Upper First Class Exorcist with a seal for a demonsword on her chest, who was Fujimoto's former student and has now become Rin's mentor. Bunny Rabbit Puppet Kid is actually Takara Nemu, a fully trained exorcist, with the same rank as Shura (Upper-first class), hired by Mephisto to act as a "moderator" for the cram school students.²* ChildishOlderSibling: Rin Okumura is a childish, BookDumb, hot-head and is somewhat of a delinquent. In contrast, his younger twin brother Yukio is a polite, gifted scholar, and serves as one of Rin's teachers at True Cross Academy. [[spoiler: This becomes subverted in the manga, where, while both of them have issues with feeling inferior to the other, Rin eventually overcomes his, while Yukio's sanity degrades, and eventually results in him comitting a FaceHeelTurn.]]²* ChristmasCake: Shura does not react well to those who suggest she is NOT eighteen, though this later turns out to have much deeper meaning than is usual for this trope.²* ChurchMilitant: The True Cross Order, combined with a WizardingSchool.²* ContinuityLockout: Season 2 of the anime starts right at the start of the Impure King arc without any lead in, and it renders half of the previous season noncanon without giving any nods to it. For viewers who have only ever watched the anime, it can be rather confusing why everyone hates Rin again.²* ContinuityNod: In Episode 19, Rin states how cooking is his only productive skill. Yukio mentions quietly how he said the exact same thing, which he did in the camping episode.²* CookingDuel: Rin and Ukobach have one in the anime after Rin inadvertently traipsed all over his territory (being the dorm kitchen).²* CoolDownHug: Fujimoto gives one to Rin in a childhood flashback when the latter goes berserk over another boy calling him a [[BerserkButton "demon"]] behind his back.²** In Chapter 26, Shiemi gives one to Rin after he invokes IAmAMonster on her, telling her to stay away.²** And in the anime, Shiemi gives him one in Episode 16 to stop his berserk mode.²* CoolMask: Lucifer, because his face was blackened by illness. Said mask has been taken off in Chapter 56, and it's seen on a table beside his bed. Parodied in an omake.²* CoolOldLady: The old lady who runs the inn in Aomori. She assumes that Rin and Yukio are some sort of gay couple and not only doesn't mind, but encourages them. Yukio is not amused and Rin doesn't even notice.²** Lucy Yang, arc knight known as the Wielder of Phantoms and all around Badass since Shiro was a newbie. ²* CrossoverCosmology: Quite a bit of Buddhist and Shinto is mixed in as well. Later chapters give us glimpses of other religions as well. Justified as all deities are real and fall under the umbrella of Demons.²* CrystalPrison: In the anime, Rin gets this treatment when the True Cross Order find out that he's the son of Satan.²* CurbStompBattle: Not in the manga, but the anime version of Rin with his sword drawn vs. Amaimon is a huge one in the former's favor. You can clearly see how the latter went from stomping the entire cast to barely keeping up the defensive. Also overlaps with NoHoldsBarredBeatdown. In the manga: Rin vs. Amaimon in Gehenna was also heavily in Amaimon's favor. Mephisto arranged this so Rin would know that if he couldn't touch the seventh-toughest demon in hell he had no chance of going against their daddy.²** ''Shiemi'' of all people, delivers one to her chimera zombie opponent in Chapter 58.²** [[spoiler: Satan effectively did this to the Order when he seized section 13.]]²** [[spoiler:The Devil*Punisher one-shots a room full of chimera zombies.]] ²* CustomUniform: Many²** Angel has an extremely fancy uniform.²--> '''[[AntiAntiChrist Rin:]]''' ...when I become Paladin, I won't be dressing like a fashion ''reject''.\²'''[[{{Jerkass}} Angel:]]''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint You misunderstand. I had this outfit tailor-made.]]²** None of the main characters wears their uniform like the others. They use shirts, t-shirts, over the knee socks and wear ties or ribbons in their own way to stand out from the rest, according to their personality.²** Shura rarely wears her uniform, preferring shorts and a bikini top. She's later made to wear a "sexy" version of the standard uniform by Mephisto while acting as his bodyguard.²** Lightning wears a poncho over whatever else he's wearing.²** [[spoiler:In the past, former Paladin Abel Franken also wore a fancier than average uniform, though at least it was black.]]²* CuttingTheKnot: In Chapter 71, Lightning gives Ryuji a SecretTestOfCharacter that ends up calling out the Impure Baron, who he could have easily have gotten rid of by tearing the summoning card. [[StatingTheSimpleSolution He also points out that he could have exorcised the demon reader card rather than playing along with it in the first place.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:D]]²* DarkIsNotEvil: Aside from the protagonist, there are plenty of demons around that simply want to exist and not bother anyone. Kuro is one of these.²** Greenmen by and large seem benign.²* DarkLordOnLifeSupport: Lucifer. It seems to be a lesser version of the same thing that plagues his father, Satan; he's too powerful for a human body that it decays around him with every use of power. [[spoiler:In the present he has an assembly line of perfected clones and elixir to keep him going.]]²* DarkSecret: [[spoiler:Until Blue Night, Section 13 attempted to mass-produced clones of the demon kings.]]²** [[spoiler:The Order, or at least Section 13, is directly responsible for Satan and Rin both.]]²* DemonicPossession: Any demon's only way into Assiah.²** Happens to Shiro Fujimoto. He is possessed by Satan [[DyingMomentOfAwesome until he kills himself]] [[PosthumousCharacter to save Rin.]]²** Happens to Konekomaru Miwa by Gale and Yukio by Satan in the anime.²** Izumo's mother became possessed by the Nine-Tailed Fox as a result of her depression.²** Rin is an odd case where he essentially possesses himself.²* DemonLordsAndArchdevils: The Eight Demon Kings of Gehenna. In descending order of age and power there is Lucifer King of Light, Samael(Mephisto) King of Time and Space, Azazel King of Air and Spirits, Iblis King of Fire, Egyn King of Water, Astaroth King of Rot, Amaimon King of Earth, and Beelzebub King of Insects. There are also two Emperors, Shemihaza Emperor of Creation, and Armumahel Emperor of Destruction, who are equal in power to the Kings but seem to exist outside of the traditional demon hierarchy as we know it.²* DemonSlaying: It's what exorcists do.²* DevilButNoGod: We have seen demons and Satan is the very real enemy of humanity, but no holy beings have been seen yet within the setting. However, Bible verses can be used to banish demons, and holy objects can be used as weapons, so it is ambiguous.²** Recited Christian scriptures assume there is a god. Recited Buddhist scriptures assume there was Buddha. Maybe it's all a matter of faith and [[AllMythsAreTrue all religions are true]]?²** If Satan is the Ultimate Evil in the underworld, could there be a Uber-God who is the ultimate good?²*** Turns out, he's not the Ultimate Evil, he's [[spoiler:the Ultimate Being, who just so happens [[ThenLetMeBeEvil to be evil today]]]].²** One anime episode has the cast baking a birthday cake for a classmate. Rin accidentally bakes a ''Christmas'' cake first. When the class realizes the mistake, they drop it off at Mephisto's office for him to eat instead, at which point he gleefully hangs a lampshade on the whole absurd situation.²** Some demons are ambivalent or even benevolent towards humans, and most "holy objects" are artifacts related to them. Holy water is produced from [[spoiler: one of the demonic founders of the True Cross Order, Armumahel]]. And this Satan isn't the one from the Bible, he is [[spoiler:avatar of Gehenna itself, who gained body and consciosness by accidentally hijacking one of Lucifer's cloned bodies. Lucifer calls him the only God, and he names himself Satan after reading some religious materials]]. It's not yet revealed how exactly do holy verses work, but Lightning knows how to create new ones, which makes them somewhat similar to spells (after all, he's not very fit to count as saint, so that his words could become new prayer). In short, while using Christian terminology, these 'demons' and 'Gehenna' are more akin to paganistic or Eastern spirits and spiritual world, where there's no intrinsic difference and clear line between good, neutral, evil and just selfish entities.²* DiggingYourselfDeeper: When Rin's friends learn that he is the son of Satan, he tries to tell Shiemi that he's basically a normal human just like her, right as his demonic tail whips in front of him. He grabs it in frustration and admits he's not being very convincing.²** Yukio started doing this arguably as early as Aomori, but definitely by the wedding in Kyoto, in regards to his mental health and his quest for answers.²* DrivenToSuicide: After [[spoiler:Learning that his adopted father was an experimental body for a demon but otherwise learning nothing that he was looking for, and then hurting Shiemi after she tries to comfort him and says the wrong thing, Yukio runs out and shoots himself. Satan saves him.]]²* DyingAsYourself: Izumo's mother returns to how she used to be after taking the Nine-Tails back so it dies with her rather than possess her daughter.²* DyingMomentOfAwesome: Fujimoto's final scene, as pointed out in the second chapter:²-->'''Yukio:''' What were his final moments like?\²'''Rin:''' He was awesome.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:E]]²* EarlyBirdCameo: A chibified version of Mephisto appears on the front of Yukio's first-aid box in episode 1 of the anime, prior to his formal introduction.²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: A minor example, but the True Cross Academy blazers start out being dark green (as you can see in the page image at the top), but quickly become black.²* ElaborateUniversityHigh: True Cross Academy owns this trope and takes this UpToEleven, since it also has an ''amusement park'', a freaking ''town'' based around it and lots of secret passages due to being an important base for the True Cross Order in Japan. And everything is BIIIIIG! Possibly {{Justified|Trope}} as [[{{Otaku}} Mephisto]] is the headmaster.²* ElementalPowers: According to the Demon Elements there are five elements:²** Ignis (Fire): Weak to Water and Strong against Decay²** Urere (Decay): Weak to Fire and Strong against Air²** Aer (Air): Weak to Decay and Strong against Earth²** Humus (Earth): Weak to Air and Strong against Water²** Aqua (Water): Weak to Earth and Strong against Fire²** There are Eight Demon Kings as well, most falling under the above elements, except for Beelzebub (Insect), Azazel (Spirit), Samael (Time/Space), and Lucifer (Light). They also seem to qualify as elements and Azazel is the King of Air as much as Spirits.²* EnergyAbsorption: If one uses an elemental attack on a demon of the same element, if the attack is not strong enough the demon will absorb it.²* EveryoneKnewAlready: Mephisto being a demon and one of Satan's sons.²* ExtraParentConception: Due to the nature of demonic possession all children of a human and a demon are this, with genes coming from the human parent, the demon, ""and"" the demon's host body.²** Interestingly, Satan won't even acknowledge Yukio as his son due to his seemingly having inherited nothing from Satan himself.²* EyeObscuringHat: Donned by Lewin Light (a.k.a. Lightning)²[[/folder]]²[[folder:F]]²* FaceHeelTurn: Ryuji's serpent-wielding relative, who cannot stand that the exorcists are allowing the son of Satan to live.²* FaceOfAThug: Rin and Ryuji. Ryuji's father was said to have one as well. It fades as time passes.²* FakeDefector: Renzou Shima is revealed to have joined the Illuminati on the True Cross Academy's orders and begins screwing over the protagonists in Chapter 48]]. Then it turns out the enemy knew all along and he's forced back to the Academy to be stuck in the middle of the two powers to be used by both of them. And all this after the entire team was pretty much emotionally smashed to pieces...and he tries to pretend nothing changed and all is good. [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown They don't take it well]].²* {{Familiar}}: Tamer class exorcists have them. Among the main cast Rin has Kuro, a Cait Sith, Shiemi has Nii-chan, a Greenman, while Izumo has two Byakko and a bunch of sub-familiars.²** Arthur Angel's sword talks to him [[PreAsskickingOneLiner just prior to battles]], usually an admonishment about how he's working too hard.²** Shima turns out to have one he kept secret, much to everyone's surprise. Not only is Yamantaka an incredibly powerful high level demon, but according to Shima it's been his familiar since he was a child. Later information reveals it is bound to the Shima family in some special way and was previously bound to Takezou.²** Lewin has contracts with an unknown number of Azazel kin. He mainly summons wind sprites, which are very versatile and can be used to place trackers on suspects. Later he summons General Frost to help out against the Cyclops enemy. [[spoiler:Most recently it was revealed that he also has contracts with storm gods Vayu and Indra, the highest level kin of Azazel, and had bound them to Yukio via Morinas contract.]]²* FamilyExtermination: Almost the entire Toudou family was wiped out on the Blue Night. [[spoiler:But the culprit wasn't Satan; Saburota Toudou killed his entire family aside from himself and his daughter Homare.]]²* FanBoy: Played straight with Gedouin to Lucifer, complete with sparkles and delusional fantasies. Lucifer seems to ignore this.²* FangsAreEvil: Demons have these, along with PointyEars.²* FantasticRacism: When Rin's friends find out he's the son of Satan, things get... ''awkward''.²** Later subverted in that it's not the fact that he is part demon that gets to them, it's that he's part ''Satan''.²*** Subverted again by Ryuji. Turns out most of his anger has to do with Rin deciding to shoulder such a burden secretly by himself, [[{{Foreshadowing}} something that Ryuji has complained about before.]]²*** Also subverted with Izumo and Shiemi. Izumo didn't really give a damn about it , while Shiemi was more hurt by the fact that Rin, her first friend, didn't tell her something so important and took it a little too personally.²*** Subverted as well with Shima, who, while definitely being freaked out by Rin being the Son of Satan thing, was more worried about how troublesome being around Rin would be. After the two [[FriendshipMoment ate dinner together]] Shima realized that Rin was a genuinely good person and that it would "be more troublesome trying to avoid him". ²** Played completely straight and justified in Konekomaru's case though. His entire family was killed on the Blue Night and having as much resentment against Rin as he did was only to be expected, and when he finally gets over it, the FriendshipMoment between the two is pretty friggin heartwarming.²** While most of the examples of this trope are subverted as listed above, the anime adaptation plays this trope completely straight once Rin's friends find out.²** Angel and Neuhaus play this trope completely straight - while other exorcists don't mind demons that aren't actively hostile or harmful towards humans, Angel hates demons in general and never has anything nice to say to Mephisto or Rin despite their fight against Satan while Neuhaus hates anything related to Satan due to losing his family and eye in the Blue Night.²** Yukio has shades of this, though far more subtle than Angel or his father in his youth. He never outright declares hatred for demons, but it's heavily implied he's internalized those feelings and they contribute to the way he treats Rin and himself. [[spoiler:Notably, he's very happy when the Illuminati confirm his humanity once and for all]].²* FantasticRankSystem: The Exorcists have one.²** There are five meisters, or specialties, one can pursue:²*** Arias chant Fatal Verses²*** Knights specialize in close combat²*** Dragoons have firearms²*** Doctors use herbs and medicines to fight possessions and also act as medics²*** Tamers convince less hostile demons to lend their power to humans.²** Most exorcists have multiple meisters, and the highest rank, that of Paladin, requires all five.²** In terms of actual ranks we've seen:²*** Pages are total newbies just beginning training²*** Exwires are approved to start missions under supervision, but are still students²*** Exorcists make up most of the Order's forces. They do everything from combat to research and development to inter branch law enforcement, and carry ranks of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class and Upper, Middle, or Lower rank, depending on their capabilities and their exam score.²*** Arc Knights sit with the highest authority in the Order and make command decisions, and are also typically very strong fighters.²*** Paladin is the highest rank of exorcist, and requires having all meisters.²* AFatherToHisMen: Ryuji's dad. Whose name, for the record, is Suguro Tatsuma.²** Shiro Fujimoto was this to Yukio, Shura, and most of his associates in raising the twins.²* FireballEyeballs: Rin and Satan have these in various color pages. In Chapter 30, when Yukio was about to be killed by [[ManipulativeBastard Toudou]], he got these for a few pages.²* FlamingSword: Kurikara, since it currently contains Rin's blue flames.²* FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling:²-->'''Shiemi:''' You look like the older one!\²'''Yukio:''' Yes, it is easy to mistake.\²'''Rin:''' ''[twitches]''²** Somewhat subverted later when Yukio proves to be far less stable than he first appeared.²** The Shima family shows shades of this too, with Renzou and Kinzou being fairly foolish while Juuzou is responsible.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: At one point, Yukio is trying everything he can to awaken his demon genes, doing stuff like nearly drowning himself and throwing himself off a tall building (which works momentarily). He nearly shoots himself in the head moments after before getting stopped by a phone call. Mephisto tells him to cut it out, and we don't know if his last attempt would have worked. That is until [[spoiler:he [[DrivenToSuicide attempts to seriously kill himself]], at which point those powers he was trying to awaken did so and turned out to be Satan.]]²** Near the beginning of the story when all the characters are still fresh students and testing their aptitude for demon summoning, Bon and Konekomaru both say they can't naturally summon anything while holding summoning paper. They turn to Shima, not holding any paper, who simply smiles and shrugs. It turns out he can naturally summon a high level familiar without even needing summoning paper, which he hides until he reveals his role as a double agent for the Illuminati.²** Early on while Yukio and Shura are talking during their competition in the batting cage, Shura talks about how suppressing your anger and negative emotions is a bad trait for an exorcist to have as it makes them more vulnerable possession, and that Rin might even make a good exorcist because he didn't bottle his emotions. [[spoiler:Many chapters later Rin's demon heart is released in full, and along with it a demon personality containing all the negative emotions he'd suppressed.]] ²* FunnyBackgroundEvent: While Bon and Shima are talking to each other right after Rin destroyed the Impure King, Rin is giving Konekomaru a somewhat vigorous head rub with Konekomaru telling him it doesn't feel good and to stop.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:G]]²* {{Gainaxing}}: Shiemi in the anime while wearing the True Cross Academy uniform. The guys don't miss seeing it at all.²** It's [[GagBoobs no wonder once Shura comes in]], she is the next to sport gainaxing.²* GeckoEnding: Around episode 15 the anime splits from its source material to make [[AlternateContinuity an original storyline]] so the season could have a proper [[AndTheAdventureContinues "ending"]], since it OvertookTheManga. As of the second anime, all of that is ignored, however.²* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Ryuji finds himself doing this (nonviolently) for Konekomaru who just had his BerserkButton pushed by Takara.²* GoodThingYouCanHeal: Angel ''chops Rin's foot off'' to control him during his "trial", knowing he'll be fine.²** [[spoiler:In the Beyond the Snow arc Rin get's shot repeatedly and is up in seconds. Only minutes later he's reduced to a charred skeleton and once again regenerates in minutes.]]²** [[spoiler:Having been a test subject for elixir turns out to have given Shiro faster than average healing, allowing him to survive cutting his own throat the first time Satan possessed him.]]²* GratuitousForeignLanguage: Gratuitous Polish in Episode 20: "Nie popuszcz... takiego, powi...zanego z Szatanem". Not only is it written incorrectly, but also one of characters translates it as "Satan's kin must die"(lit. "Potomek szatana musi umrze...")²* GratuitousGerman: Aside from Mephisto's Eins Zwei Drei, the manga has now "Das stärkste Gefängnis". Mephisto likes German.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:H]]²* HalfHumanHybrid: Rin and Yukio.²** Apparently, there's a lot of demon-blooded exorcists.²** The Grigori have Nephilim descendants. Said descendants are the ones running the True Cross Order and acting in place of the three original Grigori. Azazel's bloodline is said to have died out generations ago however.²* HarmfulHealing: How Yukio exploits a Zombie Chimera's healing factor. It absorbs whatever is around it as it regenerates so he kept shooting it down to the ground so that it tried to absorb the alloy. It pinned itself to the floor permanently.²** [[spoiler:This is heavily implied to be what finished Yuri off.]]²* TheHecateSisters: The Moriyama family unit fits this despite being three consecutive generations rather than sisters, with Shiemi as the Maiden, her mom as the Mother, and her grandma as the Crone.²* HeroInsurance: Referenced in ch68 when Yukio says the Order will pay for the damages, suggesting there is something of this set up for exorcists in case things get particularly messy.²* HeWhoFightsMonsters: The trope-naming passage is quoted in reference to Rin and Yukio. Further noted that this is a problem for most Exorcists who could become demons because of their inner hatred or repressed feelings.²* HighSchool: True Cross Academy is a rather grand one, looking rather like a giant castle. It's also secretly the Japanese headquarters for the Exorcists, though most of the students at the school are completely unaffiliated with them, most not even being aware of the existence of demons. Interestingly, we rarely see any of the actual school going ons, the majority of the time shown is just the exorcist "cram school" class.²* HolyBurnsEvil: Holy water acts like acid to demons, and so it also affects the half-demon main character. This leads to a rather amusing scene where the Exwires are soaked down with the stuff to protect them, and the person doing the soaking very purposefully avoids Rin, awkwardly explaining it as "He's allergic to holy water." Which, technically speaking, is true, but... ²* HolyWater: Holy water is the traditional acid-to-demons variety, and is later revealed to [[spoiler:not be made with "holy" power, but rather be synthesized from crystalized bits of Armumahel, giving it power to harm demons on the spiritual plane]].²* HotForStudent: Yukio to Shiemi. Though really they're about the same age.²* HowDadMetMom: The Time Travel Arc focuses on the twins's mother, Yuri Egin, how she came to know Shirou Fujimoto and Satan, and the events leading to their birth.²* HumansAreSpecial: Why Mephisto's on the Exorcists' side: "[[TakeThatAudience The shameless greed the Japanese have for entertainment is spellbinding!!]] [...] The imaginations and creations of human beings have as much potential as the magical powers of demons..."²* HypocriticalHumour: Mephisto, in Episode 6.²-->'''Rin:''' But why the hell does a school cafeteria need first-class food?\²'''Mephisto:''' Food is culture! Experiencing the highest-end food will make your lives fuller! ''[opens a cup of instant ramen and eats it]''²** But then again, there ''is'' a bit of FridgeBrilliance in that. Mephisto is [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld actually centuries old and, knowing his love of culture, has probably ''already'' experienced all of the "highest-end food." Now he just wants to sit back and eat ramen. Nothing hypocritical about that. The scene is still an example though.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:I]]²* IAmAMonster: Rin says a variation of this in Episode 9.²-->'''Rin:''' [[HealingFactor My wounds have always healed quickly.]] And now I really am a monster.²** And then word for word in Chapter 26 before Rin and Shiemi make up.²** [[spoiler:Yukio comes to think this way about himself, though more in terms of being a bad/evil person.]]²* IdiotBall: Rin grabs hold of it in the anime when at one point Konekomaru gets possessed by a demon. He chases after Konekomaru with his sword drawn, and when stopped by the others, instead of explaining himself, he just shoots his fire at the demon when it reappears and almost burns Konekomaru, which doesn't raise the others already currently low trust in him.²** This happens a lot to Rin in the beginning.²* IHaveManyNames: "Mephisto" is just the latest, he's also been called [[TricksterGod Loki, Raven, and plain ol' Trickster]].²* TheIlluminati: Are responsible for creating a Gate to Gehenna, and also for killing a town full of tourists, among other things.²* ImagineSpot: Gedouin has a little fantasy about Lucifer hugging a much better looking version of him.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:J]]²* UsefulNotes/JapaneseChristian: Implied that Rin and Yukio are this since they grew up in a monastery (one staffed with exorcists), and there are plenty of bible-verse-slinging exorcists around.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:K]]²* KatanasAreJustBetter: Justified in Rin's case, as said katana seals his demon powers.²* KeepingSecretsSucks: Keeping secrets has proven harmful to several characters.²** Having to lie to his brother for so long did a number on Yukio's ability to trust people at all.²** Bon witnessed the death of a man who helped raise the Okumura twins at the hands of his own master, and feels horribly guilty for not being able to come clean about it due to being part of a top secret investigation.²** Shirou's [[spoiler:inability to open up to Yuri prevented him from keeping her away from Satan.]]²* KickTheDog: In Episode 2, Satan [[GrandTheftMe possesses]] Rin's adoptive father (which has some [[BodyHorror unsettling side-effects]]), taunts him while further mutilating his host, and promptly tosses the terrified kid into the [[HellGate gate to Gehenna.]]²[[/folder]]²[[folder:L]]²* LawfulStupid: In the anime, Angel tries to kill Rin right after the kid saved the day by defeating Amaimon.²** In Episode 20, Angel also stops Mephisto (with a firetruck) from saving several student hostages because he's under suspicion for performing acts forbidden by the Vatican. What, the moron couldn't give him another minute.²* LightIsNotGood: Lucifer is the King of Light, and he is ''not'' a good guy.²* LimpAndLivid: Satan in Fujimoto's body, especially when he unleashes his disconcerting EvilLaugh.²* LoveTriangle: [[SiblingTriangle Both Rin and Yukio have a crush on Shiemi]]. Shiemi spends the majority of the series completely unaware of this, though she cares for both of them greatly.²** [[{{Tsundere}} Izumo]] has a pretty obvious crush on Rin...who, so far, only notices Shiemi.²* LukeIAmYourFather: Mephisto revealed to Rin that he and Amaimon are also sons of Satan (second and sixth, respectively).²* LyingHeroesHonestVillains: Many of the protagonists lie frequently, notably Yukio, Lewin, Shima Renzou, and Shirou Fujimoto, for reasons ranging from personal quirks to necessity. By contrast most of the villains tend to tell the truth, albeit a warped version of it rife with ego and BlueAndOrangeMorality.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:M]]²* MakeThemRot: Astaroth, the King of Rot, and his kin. He has yet to make an appearance himself ([[AlternateContinuity except in the anime]], where he [[AdaptationalBadass posses the bully]] in episode 1 instead of the [[{{Mook}} nameless demon]] from the manga) but his "pet", the Impure King, was a major antagonist.²* MarshmallowHell: A half-example. In Chapter 10 Shura clutches Rin's head under her arm, giving him a faceful of her left boob. The other male students were envious. Strangely though, Rin doesn't really react.²* MeaningfulName: The new Paladin is called Arthur Angel. Averted, as he mocks Shura and Shiro and is racist to Rin.²** Later un-Averted with the revelation the Arthur is a clone of Lucifer, whose Kin include seraphim.²** Shura means 'carnage/bloodshed'. She got that name from Shiro for attacking a lot of animals and people with a sword when she was a child. Kind of averted since he didn't ''intend'' to give her a meaningful name, he just named her for the type of demon she was mistaken for so he'd have something to put in his report.²** Mamushi means 'pit viper' in Japanese.²** [[KindheartedCatLover Konekomaru's]] name can be translated to "circle of kittens".²** Rin, when written in kanji, can be read as phosphorus, an igniting compound in chemistry. In turn, phosphorus comes from the Greek word "light-bearer" and light-bearer is another term used to describe the fallen angel Lucifer. [[spoiler:It turns out he was named for Rinka, which was Satan before he grew an ego.]]²** Subverted with Shima. His given name, Renzou, can mean "pure" or "honest". Shima is, of course, known better for his perverted antics and being a liar.²* MegaNeko: Kuro, Rin's demonically adorable familiar. In SleepModeSize he's a HeadPet.²* {{Miko}}: Izumo is quite proud of her heritage as a shrine maiden.²* MistakenForGay: When Rin and Yukio stay at an old inn in a town in the middle of nowhere, the old lady running the inn assumes they are a gay couple coming for a hook up. While she seems perfectly accepting of it, Yukio is not amused. Rin doesn't even catch the implication though.²* MoreHeroThanThou: What the other students think Rin is playing up when he appears to be taking unnecessary risks by fighting alone ("Don't forget you have friends!") when he's actually hiding his demonic powers, especially from the guy who has a blood feud against Satan. Having everyone think that he either doesn't trust them or that he's being a [[BigDamnHeroes glory-hound]] is really annoying to Rin.²* MrFanservice: [[TroubledButCute Rin]] and [[{{Bishounen}} Yukio]].²** Mephisto is this for many fans.²** Later chapters give us Lewin "Lightning" Light, more Shiro Fujimoto, Osceola Redarm, and most recently [[spoiler:two of Azazel's highest ranked Kin, Vayu and Indra]].²* MsFanservice: Shura's everyday appearance in a nutshell. Hilariously, Kato deliberately [[InvokedTrope invoked]] it...but isn't sure if she did well (ie she just made sure she showed a lot of skin).²** Iblis turns out to be hot in more than an elemental sense.²* MulticoloredHair: Shura, she has red hair that ends in bright yellow.²** Mephisto and Amaimon both.²** [[spoiler:Rin has blue and white hair after the sword breaks.]]²* [[MultinationalTeam Multi-Denominational Team]]: In addition to Catholic priests, there are Buddhist monks and Shinto mikos. Shiemi could count as a shaman/apothecary.²** [[spoiler:We see this in a big way for Operation Blue Lightning.]]²* MultigenerationalHousehold: Saburota Toudou lived in a house with his father, brothers, wife, and daughter [[spoiler:up until he murdered everyone except his daughter.]]²* MundaneMadeAwesome: The cooking battle between Rin and Ukobach in the anime.²* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: During the Impure King arc, Shiemi goes through this when it hits her that she and everyone else abandoned Rin in his time of emotional need. It's not until he's literally questioning whether he should even be alive as the Order's higher ups plan to execute him, that she realizes what she's done.²* MythArc: Not one single chapter goes by, not even mainly breather episodes like [[HilarityEnsues ch40 and ch68]] without the plot moving forward in one way or another. And not just the current plot, but the overall plot has been moving forward since the first chapter and early chapters even foreshadow later arcs. A good example is during ch5, when Ryuji confronts Izumo, we get a quick flash of a woman that looks a lot like her looking very deranged, with Izumo staring up in horror at her with a small girl that also looks like her on her lap. It takes until the Inari arc, about ''forty-five'' chapters later to find out what that was about.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:N]]²* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Many considering the number of well know demon names that come up.²** Mephisto Pheles. [[ What does that sound like?]]²** Also Satan, Lucifer, and Azazel.²* NoEyeInMagic: Konekomaru pulls this off quite nicely in chapter 43 by taking off his glasses so the demon couldn't make him see his fear.²* NoOneGetsLeftBehind: Rin is very insistent about this, refusing to leave Izumo behind in the Illuminati arc even when she flat-out tells him to. Rin and Ryuji are both like this with Renzo. Even at the end, Ryuji intends to keep going after Renzo until he a) brings him back or b) gets a proper answer out of him.²* NotSoDifferent: The fifth episode/fourth chapter has Ryuji's friends remarking that he and Rin are quite similar in overall attitude, despite their differences in terms of grades. Even their prime motivation of defeating Satan overlap, which [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou brings them into further conflict]]. However, it eventually turns out they are NotSoSimilar after all.²** [[spoiler:Despite being PolarOppositeTwins most of the time, Rin and Yukio share a deep sense of personal insecurity and feelings of inferiority to one another.]]²[[/folder]]²[[folder:O]]²* OccultBlueEyes: Rin Okumura has blue eyes that sometimes change to be slitted and colored like his flames (matches the demonic type as the son of {{Satan}}).²** Though Yukio's eyes are typically green, they change to Satan's blue slitted eyes when he is in imminent danger of dying. [[spoiler:Egyn explains that this is because his left eye is used by Satan to peer into Assiah.]]²* OlderThanTheyLook: [[ManipulativeBastard Toudou]] got younger after swallowing Karura. He started out as a middle-aged man and currently looks about eighteen.²** [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld Mephisto]], Amaimon, Lucifer, and most high level demons actually.²** Shura is in her late twenties, but looks much younger. This is actually part of her pact with Hachiro.²* {{Oneesama}}: Houjou Mamushi to her sibs.²* TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou: Lucifer outright refuses to allow Rin or Yukio to come to harm at first because Rin is for their father to defeat.²* {{Otaku}}: Mephisto. His room makes [[Anime/SpiritedAway Yubaba's baby's nursery]] look like a bare cell.²* OurAngelsAreDifferent: They're demons and are Kin of the King of Light.²* OurDemonsAreDifferent: The humanoid ones have elf ears and tails. The other ones range from foxes, ghoulish-sewn-together-bodies, cats, plant... things, anthropomorphic phoenixes, and giant fungus buildings. In this universe ''all'' supernatural beings are demons, even if humans call them other things like gods, angels, ghosts, etc.²* OurZombiesAreDifferent: Zombies differ from Ghouls in that they are living humans being parasited on by demons, craving flesh and requiring Head Shots to kill.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:P]]²* ParentsAsPeople: A recurring theme; Shiemi's mother, Suguro Tatsuma, the Shima family, Izumo's mother, and even Shiro are shown as people as much as parents, and their personal quirks and failings, just as much as their successes, have shaped the story and their children.²* PimpDuds: Mephisto Pheles.²** Arthur and his custom uniform.²** Lucifer and the Illuminati have pretty cool uniforms too.²* PlayingWithFire: Rin, Satan, Iblis, and pretty much all fire demons and Tamers who work with them.²* PortalToThePast: [[spoiler:Time travel works exactly the same as the inter spacial doors; there's a special key that turns every door it's used on into a portal across time and space.]]²* PowerLimiter: Rin's katana is a limiter to his demonic power. When sheathed the only things that remain are slightly pointy ears and a tail. When he takes it out--all hell breaks loose around him. [[PlayingWithFire Quite literally]].²** All powerful demons seem to try to have this in place so they don't damage or destroy their hosts. This is also a consequence of the need to hide their "Demon Heart", which acts as both their [[AchillesHeel major weak point]] and lets them access their [[OneWingedAngel true form and all of their powers]].²** [[spoiler:Rin's sword was even more of limiter than previously thought as his Demon Heart being inside it prevented him from accessing the full flame even with it drawn. When it broke all his power came roaring back and overwhelmed him.]]²* PossessionBurnout: Anyone possessed by Satan.²** Later revealed that all the Demon Kings cause this, albeit at varying speeds.²* PosthumousCharacter: Fujimoto Shiro, who adopted and raised [[AntiAntiChrist Rin]] and Yukio, is later developed to be, not only in the church of badass preachers, but THE BadassPreacher.²** Rin, and the audience, don't learn much about Yuri Egin until years after her presumed death.²* PrimalStance: Rin in his first confrontation with Amaimon.²* PowersViaPossession: Konekomaru gains these briefly when he is possessed by Gale in Episode 17.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:R]]²* RantInducingSlight: Takara draws this response from Konekomaru, of all people, when he reveals that he is actually a prodigy exorcist, and a second year at that.²* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Konekomaru soundly delivers this to EVERY SINGLE ONE of his classmates, and in the middle of a battle no less.²* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: The Hojo family has snake tattoos to go with their serpent familiars, not to mention HellishPupils. And the daughters certainly act like a bunch of {{smug snake}}s to the other members of Myoo Dharani.²** One of them turns traitor, but this later turns into a subversion, as she was doing so in response to the perceived threat of Mephisto concealing the Eyes of the Impure King and keeping the son of Satan alive, as well as being manipulated by Toudou.²** Amaimon also has an alternate, more demonic form which has some lizard aspects to it when he unleashes his [[OneWingedAngel true power]].²** Hachiro, who is both a hydra dragon god and cursed generations of women to bear children and die young.²* RestrainingBolt: The ring on Rin's tail seems to serve as one: when Shura begins to recite certain verses, it quickly drains him of his power.²* RevengeByProxy:²** Neuhaus, a survivor of the "Blue Night" in which Satan went on a killing spree, took it upon himself to try to kill Rin, the son of Satan.²** Anime only, Konekomaru attempted to do this to Rin while possessed by Gale in order to avenge his parents. Ultimately, though, he realizes that killing Rin won't bring back his parents, so he gives it up.²* RuleSixtyThree: Kato Kazue, the creator, posted on Twitter sketches she made of the [[ main]] [[ cast]] [[ gender]] [[ swapped]].²[[/folder]]²[[folder:S]]²* SchoolClubFront: The Exorcists train the students exorcists in the academy under the guise of a "Cram-Class".²* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: Ryuji's dad, in a flashback, helped Fujimoto escape with the Koumaken despite the law that all intruders to the sect who know about the Koumaken must be killed.²** Also when Shura orders Rin's classmates to break him out of prison despite the Vatican's decision to execute Rin.²** Shiro lied about Shura's origins in his report to keep her safe.²* SealedEvilInACan: The Eyes of the Impure King, an ancient demon so powerful that just these two eyeballs expel a flood of miasma.²** The Myou Dha sect used ''itself'' to seal the Impure King, so the Myou Dha was the can.²** At one point, there was a flame demon, Kurara, sealed in Koumaken, but it's since left. Koumaken's still a Can, being used to hold Rin's demon heart.²* ShipTease: A little, perhaps with a dash of FoeYay, with Mephisto and Shura in the manga. When Shura tries to interrogate him, it at first [[ looks like she's flirting with him, and then she goes ahead and straddles him]]. He calls the view of her chest "a nice view" and eventually tells her that "it would be a pity if a beautiful woman like [her] died at such a young age." And, when she backs off and leaves the room, he muses, "how lovely" in a rather ambiguous fashion. She then concludes that Mephisto will protect Rin from execution. Yeah. Theirs is an [[BelligerentSexualTension odd]] relationship...²** Shiemi gets a fair amount with each of the twins. Not that she's aware.²** [[spoiler:In the past Shiro and Yuri had quite a bit of this.]]²* ShootTheHostage: When Shiemi is drained by a pansy demon, it uses her body as a shield. Yukio pulls out his gun, and the demon taunts he wouldn't shoot Shiemi. He does. The pansy demon freaks out and flees. Rin is reasonably pissed off, but Shiemi is fine in the end. [[SubvertedTrope Yukio reveals]] to Rin that he used red dye bullets, having no intention of harming Shiemi at all.²* ShortRangeGuyLongRangeGuy: [[PolarOppositeTwins The Okumura twins]]. The HotBlooded Rin uses a katana, while [[RedOniBlueOni his calmer brother Yukio]] prefers guns. Ultimately [[SubvertedTrope subverted]] though, considering the fact they rarely, if ever, fight together. And when it does happen, Yukio does his best to stop Rin from "interfering". Only in ch3 has it been truly played straight, if briefly.²* ShotgunsAreJustBetter: Rin's dad uses one in episode two. To fight a hoard of demons. And does pretty well.²* ShoutOut:²** In Episode 19 of the anime, Paku and Izumo go to [[Manga/{{Working}} Magnaria]].²** gg subs included a disclaimer for Episode 24, stating: "[[Literature/GoodOmens NOTICE - Kids! Bringing about Armageddon can be dangerous. Do not attempt it at home.]]"²** In Episode 22, there's a forest spirit lord who takes the form of a giant boar, and who's hella angry at the exorcists for attacking its kin. [[Anime/PrincessMononoke Where have we seen that before?]]²** The third of TheSevenMysteries is a "ghost" (actually the accumulated frustrations of many, ''many'' high school girls) who [[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheChamberOfSecrets sounds like she's underwater and haunts a fancy girls' toilet with an fountain-like central sink]].²** In the Anime Only, later episodes have Rin's right eye light up in blue flames - just like ''Franchise/BlackRockShooter''. Seems the fans weren't the only ones to notice the resemblance between them...²** The end of the anime has people waiting for the [[ItMakesSenseInContext bus]] [[Anime/MyNeighborTotoro and briefly mistaking a giant cat for the bus.]]²** [[ItMakesSenseInContext Crossdressing!Yukio]] looks a lot like ''[[VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}} Bayonetta]]''; oddly fitting for various reasons.²** The Inari Arc has [[Film/DawnOfTheDead zombies in a shopping mall]] and ones that are [[VideoGame/TheLastOfUs parasectic in nature (though demons instead of fungus)]]. It also has a MadScientist's quest for immortality produce zombies as part of the failures and even sets them on the hero(es). [[Anime/{{Mnemosyne}} Hmmmm...]]even the main characters' first names are [[GenderBlenderName (very)]] similar...²** Chapter 64, the stronghold of the Illuminati is a [[Creator/MarvelComics Helicarrier]].²** Vol 13 reveals the serum the Illuminati use to keep Lucifer alive and healthy is bright green in colour. In Lovecraft's ''Herbert The Reanimator'' the serum the titular character uses is that colour and is supposed to bring people back from the dead but instead has ''zombies''. Also, the scientist is said to be blond with ''bright blue eyes''. For bonus points, that novella is the first time zombies created through medical means was used.²** The beginning of the 3rd opening of the anime seems to be a reference to the opening of season 1 of ''Series/TrueDetective'' with the misty silhouettes. ²** One of the guns on the wall of weapons in the Illuminati helicarrier is the [[Film/MenInBlack noisy cricket.]]²* TheShortGuyWithGlasses: Konekomaru to a T.²* ShutUpHannibal!: Rin finally shuts Gedouin up with a punch to the face.²* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: Women in this series overwhelmingly prefer good guys.²** Both of the Okumura twins, who Shiemi admires, are good people who she genuinely gets along with.²** Izumo was at one point implied to have a crush on [[NiceGuy Rin]], who has saved and comforted her in the past.²** Yuri Egin [[spoiler:greatly preferred the outwardly prickly but actually decent Shirou over the violent and unpredictable [[PsychopathicManchild Satan]].]]²** Yuri's best friend Rick [[spoiler:was one of the nicest people in the series and one of the few to have been HappilyMarried.]]²* SlasherSmile: Several characters, both human and demon, have shown these.²** Mephisto at times, especially when he's playing up the "clown" aspect of his persona.²** Amaimon when he's excited sometimes gets one of these.²** Demon!Rin, seen inside of Rin's head, has a particularly toothy one.²** Yukio is seen sporting one on the cover of Jump SQ.²* SpellMyNameWithAnS: It been stated by the creator that The Paladin's middle initial is 'A' not 'O' like some fans has believed. ²* StabTheScorpion: When confronted by his human brother about his existence, Rin draws his sword and charges... to kill a demon behind him. "I am not low enough to fight my own brother."²* StandardFemaleGrabArea: This trope is pulled on Shura of all people, when Arthur Angel grabs her by the wrist from behind while they are fighting. A bit justified considering the wrist he was holding was connected to her sword hand and he had his own sword against her neck.²* TheStrategist: Konekomaru²* SuperStrength: Rin. Aside from headbutting a giant cat-demon into submission, he's also seen lifting a car with no discernable effort.²** Satan also has this, as we see [[spoiler:when he breaks his way out of his containment cell in Section 13 by forcing open the foot thick cell door with brute strength.]]²* SuppressedHistory: There are no official records of Asylum or Section 13. It also seems that Shiro's records have been tampered with, identifying him as Paladin by the time he met Shura when he wasn't.²** [[spoiler:No one but Mephisto and Shiro (and Rin) would ever know about Yuri's good intentions, only the result of her failure.]]²* {{Stripperific}}: Shura could count as this. Kind of justified because she needs to have free access to her tattoos when she has to take something from their dimensional pockets... but not much.²** Shura again, but this time it's Mephisto's fault. She's given a custom "sexy" uniform to wear while acting as his security detail.²* SoulJar: Rin's sword holds his "demon heart".²[[/folder]]²[[folder:T]]²* TakeAThirdOption: Subverted initially when Rin first meets Mephisto. He offers that Rin either kill or be killed, and later jokingly adds that Rin could always kill himself too. Rin declines, and demands to be an Exorcist instead.²-->'''Mephisto:''' The way I see it, you have two options. You can either be killed by us, or you can kill us and run away. Or, of course, you could just kill yourself, and save us the trouble, so that's three options you have. So, which one do you choose?\²'''Rin:''' Make me one of you. Make me an Exorcist.\²'''Mephisto:''' Okay. Let's say that Satan's son ''could'' be an Exorcist. What would you do?\²'''Rin:''' KICK SATAN'S ASS!²* TastesLikeFriendship: How Shirou (and later Rin) tamed Kuro--with special wine.²* TearsOfBlood: It happens to the people Satan tries to possess, especially on the Blue Night sixteen years ago. [[DemonicPossession And it happens to Rin's dad]].²** This also happens to Lucifer in Chapter 56 when he strains himself too much.²* TechnicolorFire: The main character wields vivid ''blue'' fire, which in the series is the trademark of Satan. The title represents this, of course.²* ThanksForTheMammary: Beach kid accidentally does this to Izumi in Episode 11. ²* TimeMaster: Mephisto: "I am second in Gehenna's hierarchy, The King of Time, Samael."²* TimeStandsStill: When faced with an expanding artificially created Gehenna Gate, Mephisto stops time around it, but notes it won't last indefinitely. They have only bought a few months to fix the problem.²* TimeTravelEpisode: [[spoiler:An entire time travel arc is devoted to showing Rin the events of the past that led to his own birth and the current crisis facing the world.]]²* TitleDrop: From Chapter 33, summing up Rin's mission after he's demonstrated it by defeating the Impure King and annihilating all its insidious spores more or less by himself:²--> '''Mephisto:''' It's the birth of a blue exorcist... whose self-imposed fate is to [[AntiAntiChrist kill his own comrades]].²* TrueCompanions: Rin and his classmates. More so after they discover his secret, although in the manga it takes some time for them to get over it.²* {{Tsundere}}: Kamiki Izumo.²** Rin is a milder male version.²** Suguro Ryuji is too, but only towards Rin, who he can't stand and has a hard time showing gratitude for honestly. He's relatively nice to everyone else. He grows out of it very fast.²* TurnTheOtherCheek: Rin's response to Neuhaus stabbing him in the gut? Offer him as many free hits as he wants while begging him not to harm innocents. It helps that [[GoodThingYouCanHeal Rin can heal.]]²[[/folder]]²[[folder:U]]²* UnPaused: In the manga the cuckoo clock Mephisto made during Amaimon and Rin's second fight just kept Amaimon trapped in a pocket dimension where TimeStandsStill (since his HealingFactor was paused as well based on his burns) when Mephisto uses it to summon him to CurbStomp Rin it's clear Amaimon is under the impression that they are still in the middle of that fight.²* UseYourHead: This is step one for Rin in regards to calming down Kuro. Yukio has the appropriate reaction to this.²* TheUnmasquedWorld: [[spoiler:With the opening of the artificial gate in Chapter 95, everyone the world over can see demons and spirits.]]²* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Nobody is concerned about Rin's [[FangsAreEvil fangs]] or [[PointyEars ears]] (and sometimes even his ''tail''!). WordOfGod is that it is "surprisingly complicated", and seems to rely on them [[FailedASpotCheck failing a spot check]] (if one ditches the chuff of Mephisto's rant on this point). Even exorcists aren't bothered, as there's a number of half-demons and even demons (like Mephisto) who are exorcists. Subverted with Rin's blue flames, since a) blue flames are Satan's signature power and b) can only be seen with those with a masho.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:W]]²* WeaksauceWeakness: Rin's tail and his sword are direct connections to his "demon heart". Notice that we've never seen Mephisto's tail.²** As of Chapter 39, we finally get to see Amaimon's tail. Unfortunately for Rin, [[CurbStompBattle he doesn't get to take advantage of it in a fight]].²** Then Chapter 49 brings with it the introduction of Lucifer, the King of Light, leader of the Illuminati, and a Demon King strong enough, even when weakened, to ward off ''Mephisto''. He makes absolutely no effort to hide his tail. ²* WhamEpisode: ²** Chapter 48. Shima is revealed to be an Illuminati spy as he successfully captures his target - Izumo.²** Chapters 93-98 are one prolonged Wham Episode. [[spoiler:After nearly every attempt to learn more about his and Rin's past fails, Yukio learns that the Order of the True Cross performed horribly unethical cloning experiments to help the Demon Kings. He goes to Shiemi for comfort, only to blow up at her and push her to the floor when she says exactly the wrong thing. Yukio then runs off shoots himself in the head in despair, only to be saved by the power he's been trying to awaken, which turns out to be Satan, who starts taunting him. After taking down Shima, who has been watching him, he goes to Mephisto to demands answers and is flat out refused, at which point Yukio aims his gun at Mephisto in rage, but does not shoot. Someone else shoots Mephisto in the face as he's on stage, which forces him to drop the barrier around the Gehenna Gate. Yukio is arrested, Rin learns about it and decides to break him out, Shima shows up with an Illuminati helicopter and an offer to take Yukio away, and Yukio chooses to leave the Order and Rin behind, which he emphasizes by shooting Rin repeatedly. Rin attacks Yukio in a blind rage, at which point Satan breaks the Koma sword, which releases Rin's demon heart in full, which burns him to a cinder, which he regenerates from, but he's under the influence of his demon self, who now manifests as an individual in Rin's mind.]] Wow.²** [[spoiler:Chapter 113 was one of these. Fans figured Yukio would turn on the Illuminati, but not this fast. After confirming that the only reason they wanted him was as a window for Satan, and after grabbing the fancy new experimental guns they'd given him, Yukio activates the Morinas contract Lightning had put on him, summoning two high ranked demons who it turned out were meant to protect Yukio and lead Lightning to his location rather than attack him. Yukio then orders the demons to take down the airship they're on, dares Lucifer to kill him, survives thanks to Satan, and simply leaves.]]²** [[spoiler:Chapter 120. We see Shirou Fujimoto's ch 1 death from his pov, learning in the process that Rin's words had ''never'' been the cause of his possession, find out that the paths in life he chose for the twins were chosen specifically to help them do what they wanted in life, sees Rin finally come to terms with his existence now that he's seen the effort his mom and dad put into helping him survive, and ends with Rin going to find Yukio and emerging onto the flaming airship to confront him, bringing the Time Travel arc to an end.]]²* WhamShot:²** During Kyoto, a close up of Yukio's eyes reveals they have turned demonic, exactly like his brother.²** Paired with a WhamLine, we have Renzo holding Izumo, who he knocked out, as Takara labels him the spy.²** At the end of chapter 80, it is revealed the Illuminati have been collecting various immortal demons and there are ''a lot'' of them.²** [[spoiler:Multiple in chapter 93. To wit, Yukio hugging Shiemi, Yukio pushing Shiemi, Yukio shooting himself, and the bullet disintegrating while Yukio's eyes turn blue and Satan mocks him for trying to kill himself. Honorable mention goes to Rin's horrified expression when Shiemi bursts in crying and says something happened with Yukio.]]²** At the end of chapter 96, [[spoiler:Yukio shoots Rin in the face. With a real bullet this time.]]²** Near the end of the chapter, [[spoiler:we see Rin's face beginning to degrade and rot from having all his demonic power return to his body, similar to Mephisto and Lucifer's bodies.]]²** [[spoiler:Rin, newly reborn after the sword broke.]]²** [[spoiler:The final page of chapter 120, the Okumura twins are together again.]]²* WhatTheHellHero: ²** "Why the hell is Satan's kid at our school!? ...No, not Yukio."²** Also, the online translator is shocked that [[ThePaladin Angel]] ''chopped Rin's foot off'' to hold him still during his "trial".²** [[spoiler:Shiro Fujimoto in the past arc is full of these.]]²*** [[spoiler:Attacking a harmless group of greenmen demons just for being demons.]]²*** [[spoiler: Attacking and insulting [[NiceGuy Rick]] for no other reason than that he was there and Shiro was already pissed.]]²*** [[spoiler:Tried to attack Yuri for scolding him for the above, and could've hurt her badly had Rinka not intervened.]]²*** [[spoiler:Started out fully prepared to kill Satan's children despite their mom begging him not to.]]²* WhatYearIsThis: [[spoiler:Rin can't tell how much time has passed between jumps, so Mephisto has to keep telling him.]]²* WordsCanBreakMyBones: Most lesser demons have a line in the scriptures that exorcises or binds them, which is the job of Arias to find and memorize.²[[/folder]]²----


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