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1%% Image selected per Image Pickin' thread:²%% Please do not change or remove without starting a new thread.²%%²%%²%%²%% MANY Administrivia/ZeroContextExamples have been commented out. This trope is about a character's weapon revealing something about their character. Do not uncomment examples without adding context stating what their weapon choice reveals.²%%²%%²%%²%%²[[quoteright:350:[[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2003]]]]²²->''"Don't be shocked by the tone of my voice\²Check out my new weapon – my Weapon of Choice."''²-->-- '''Bootsy Collins'''' vocal from '''Music/FatboySlim''''s "Weapon of Choice"²²This is similar to PersonalityPowers, but with weapons. Basically, in various works of fiction, characters tend to possess weapons that are either a direct reflection of their personality or the traits commonly deemed to their character type.²²This is why you don't see ogres with rapiers or ninjas with clubs. The martial arts allow this trope to survive as PastimesProvePersonality.²²* '''[[AnchorsAway Anchors]]''': A favored weapon for sailors and pirates. These come in two flavors: either swung from a chain, or used as a heavy bludgeoning weapon with a cool shape. SuperStrength is required if they're of realistic weight.²* '''[[AttackAnimal Animals and Monsters]]''': Used by TheBeastmaster and the NatureHero, this includes both real and fictional animals as well as other beings with similar intelligence that can't really be classified as animals (like a BlobMonster or an {{Elemental|Embodiment}}). [[AngryGuardDog Dogs]], [[CatsAreMean cats]], [[FeatheredFiend birds]], [[ReptilesAreAbhorrent snakes]] and [[ManiacMonkeys monkeys]] seem to be the most common animals used as weapons. [[AnimalStereotypes The user's personality might also be reflected on their animal of choice]]. Good guys tend to train their animals through traditional, non-violent methods whereas bad guys usually use some sort of MindControlDevice, spell or just plain ol' abuse. Scary animals and monsters are generally used by villains, who may also sport whips. In some cases, [[TheBrute brutes]] and [[AxCrazy madmen]] would [[GrievousHarmWithABody club the others with animals]].²* '''[[BladeBelowTheShoulder Arm-attached Blades]]''': For assassins and other stealthy killers, or just AxCrazy types, who prefer to have a weapon that's always ready for use, instead of wasting time drawing a handgun, knife or whatever. Most of the time, those are retractable, usually through the power of thought. Robots are also popularly equipped with those, and can justify the retractability much better.²* '''[[AnAxeToGrind Axes]]''': {{Proud Warrior Race Guy}}s tend to get axes. This probably is due to the fact that [[Franchise/TolkiensLegendarium Tolkien's]] [[OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame dwarves]], one of the most prominent examples of the proud warrior race, favored axes. A favorite of the AxCrazy alongside with knives. Also a favourite of the big guy who doesn't have a club or hammer (see below), in which case it will be a simple, enormous, two-handed, double-bitted affair. TheBerserker (who could be seen as the intersection between the preceding tropes) often favors axes, often combining AnAxeToGrind with DualWielding. It also tends to find it's way into the hands of [[NatureHero Rangers or other wilderness 'hunter' or woodsman]] style characters, who use a hatchet both as a weapon and to chop wood. Or [[Webcomic/AxeCop policemen]].²* '''[[BatterUp Baseball Bats]]'''/'''[[PipePain Lead Pipes]]''' -- The preferred weapons of street fighters and urban brawlers from [[{{Gangsterland}} bad neighborhoods]], especially in the US. (Cricket bats may also be used, but this is more likely to be played for laughs or be [[NerfArm ineffectual]], unless of course the setting is the UK or Australia). Is often something of a throwback to the image of a big angry guy with a club coming towards you. Also tends to be the weapon of choice when someone is caught in a surprise emergency (such as an armed burglary or a ZombieApocalypse) and has to grab the closest thing to them they can use as a weapon. Thus it can suggest either brutal, simple, unsophisticated violence or the desperation of someone clutching one in a time of crisis.²* '''[[BlowGun Blowguns]]''': Usually a weapon of choice of tribesmen, though ninjas have also been known to use them.²* '''[[BadWithTheBone Bones]]''': If there's an absolute need to give zombies or skeletons any sort of weapon, then it's only natural that they would use the harder, non-rotten parts of their bodies ([[BottomlessMagazines and they will never run out of them]]). If the bones in question are used as a melee weapon, then it will always be a StockFemurBone, with smaller bones being [[BallisticBone thrown as projectiles]]. Assuming there's no undead involved, bone clubs can still show up as weapons for tribal warriors or cavemen, in which case they tend to come from larger animals like dinosaurs.²* '''[[BattleBoomerang Boomerangs]]''': This iconic Australian weapon seems to be favored by primitive characters, probably because of its aboriginal origins and the fact that Australia is often seen as an overall [[LandDownUnder wild place]]. Characters that use boomerangs also tend to be tricky, taking advantage of the boomerang's trademark ability to return after being thrown in order to hit someone from behind. Some particularly skilled boomerang users can even pull off some [[PrecisionGuidedBoomerang impossibly complex trajectories]]. For this reason, boomerangs also have a slight association with MindOverMatter - a telekinetic user [[JustifiedTrope justifies]] the ability to perform impossible trick shots.²** '''[[RingsOfDeath Chakrams and other ring-shaped weapons]]''': Those tend to be razor-sharp and can be used either as a projectile ([[BoomerangComeback sometimes with boomerang-like returning physics]]) or for melee. Most often used by flashy and/or exotic assassins, who essentially treat those things as portable buzzsaws that can be used at both close and long range.²* '''[[ArcherArchetype Bows]]''': Characters with composed personalities are archers. This again has roots in Tolkien, where the elves typically were depicted as being able to stay composed even in extreme duress. If the archer is a NatureHero, they're more likely to be a ForestRanger. TheChick is just as likely to get a bow since archery has been a popular feminine sport since the Middle Ages. This lets [[GuysSmashGirlsShoot girls fight]] without getting [[WouldntHitAGirl too close to the action.]] The Sniper Rifle and other firearms can be modern day equivalents although [[TheStraightAndArrowPath Bows can still be seen.]]²** '''[[AutomaticCrossbows Crossbows]]''': A favored weapon of a HunterOfMonsters, particularly [[VampireHunter vampire]] and [[DemonSlaying demon hunters]]. As opposed to their more classical counterparts, crossbows are not as strongly associated with elves and composed personalities and they exude a kind of professional air that ordinary bows don't; this might have something to do with the way they're used, [[FantasyGunControl being the closest you'll get to guns in most medieval settings]], and how they're much easier to conceal due to the smaller size. In addition, unlike bows, they tend to free up a hand, for some sort of melee weapon. Regardless, anyone who totes one of these babies around is most likely going to be some variety of badass. Occasionally, due to their ease of use compared to a standard bow, you may also see a noble using one of these. Also the favored ranged weapon of [[OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame dwarves]], being more metallic and technological than bows.²* '''[[ChainPain Chains]]''': You know you're dealing with a bad enough dude(tte) when they start swinging around chains at you. Bonus points if the chains are also [[ChainedByFashion part of the character's outfit]], possibly indicating a past as a prisoner or slave. Extra bonus points if they're a BadassBiker too.²* '''{{Chainsaw|Good}}s''': Chainsaws are a very intimidating weapon usually only wielded by those who are ''truly'' AxCrazy. But certain heroes have also made use of them, particularly those who fight zombies, demons and other nasties - if you're fighting something frightful, sometimes you need a weapon that roars and bites back.²* '''[[CarryABigStick Clubs]][=/=][[DropTheHammer Hammers]]''': [[BoisterousBruiser Big and brash]] characters, like a giant SmashMook or TheBigGuy, just need the bluntest weapon they can muster: A giant club, mallet, or mace. [[OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame Dwarves]] tend to like hammers, too; probably because they like forging so much. Size for size, hammers are heavier, slower, and harder hitting than axes. Smaller, more manageable versions are sometimes favored by paladins and priests; ''Dungeons and Dragons'' popularized this to the point where virtually all fantasy clergy are depicted with blunt weapons. Very large, possibly comically oversized warhammers are also favored by a number of CuteBruiser types in roleplaying video games. If a hammer is a mundane utility hammer, then the wielder is almost always AxCrazy. [[SavageSpikedWeapons Spiked maceheads are also very common for more violent characters to emphasize their brutality]].²* '''[[HooksAndCrooks Curved Weapons]]''': Hooks, sickles and other such things tend to belong to [[PsychoForHire psychos for hire]] and similar characters. The same is true for weapons that are notably serrated.²* '''[[ThisIsADrill Drills]]''': Similar to the above, though with some different connotations. A drill's ability to bore through obstacles may reflect [[{{Determinator}} its wielder's determination]], or may be something altogether more Freudian. Also makes an effective terror weapon for the same reasons, or due to invoking memories of the dentist's chair. There are two types of them. Triangular drill is often used by strong brutes while utility drills are used by AxCrazy people. A staple of the SuperRobotGenre, in which it is often the domain of HotBlooded or BoisterousBruiser heroes. The mechs may sometimes have a drill ''as'' an appendage, or convert an appendage between a drill and a hand.²* '''[[ElementalWeapon Elemental Weapons]]''': Combines this with ElementalPowers. A FlamingSword, for example, will normally be wielded by a HotBlooded, [[HeroesPreferSwords heroic]] character.²** '''PoisonedWeapons''': Almost exclusively used by villains and {{Combat Pragmatist}}s as it tends to be considered a form of cheating. Weapons most likely to be poisoned are daggers and arrows, and they might even have [[PoisonIsCorrosive corrosive properties]] too.²** '''[[AcidAttack Acid]]''': Acid users have two characterisations; they can either be a GuileHero or a CombatPragmatist who uses acid to outsmart their opponents by strategically using it to disolve structures, robots, and armour. If the user is a villain (human or otherwise), then they sadistically use [[HollywoodAcid acid to disolve their victim alive]] or [[DisposingOfABody they use acid to cover up their crimes]]. Acid is mainly used as a projectile weapon; for humans, acid comes in the [[ThrowDownTheBomblet form of bombs or breakable vials]]. For non-humans, it's a biological attack that either [[Franchise/{{Alien}} comes from their blood]] or [[ZombiePukeAttack comes out as puke]].²* '''[[CombatHandFan Fans]]''': A favorite of graceful warriors such as [[{{Ambadassador}} courtiers]] and [[LadyOfWar onna-bugeisha]] in Japanese settings. Usually bladed or iron banded.²** '''[[PaperFanOfDoom Paper Fans]]''': Rarely a character's WeaponOfChoice, as they're principally used in slapstick, not combat. When they are, they're frequently used by TheIdiotFromOsaka, or for UnprovokedPervertPayback. However, [[NerfArm they may be used to fight, anyway.]] ²* '''[[BareFistedMonk Fists]]''': Any person, [[HeroesFightBarehanded sometimes the hero]], who carries no weapon when everybody around him is carrying one is either cocky enough to ''believe'' that he doesn't need a weapon, or highly-skilled enough to ''know'' that he doesn't need a weapon. The two are generally completely opposite in characterization, with the cocky version generally being a braggart and a bit of an ass, and the other being contemplative and spiritual to the point of being a MartialPacifist or a WarriorTherapist. Or they're just a TechnicalPacifist, this might even include [[{{Superhero}} superheroes]] with a [[ThouShallNotKill no-kill policy]]. Bonus points if they have SuperStrength. Be warned, however, that the latter level of expertise may also contain the ArrogantKungFuGuy, who really ''is'' as good as he brags about. However, some others...²** '''[[PowerFist Gauntlets and Such]]''' ...compromise with practicality. Though some have [[RedRightHand little choice in the matter]]. Alternatively, a weapon for massive [[TheBigGuy bruisers]], in which case they're another kind of '''[[DropTheHammer Hammer]]''' and signify a direct, brute-force attitude.²** '''[[WolverineClaws Claws]]''': Those refer to gloves equipped with sharp, metal claws. This one appears to be a favorite of {{Fragile Speedster}}s of all kinds as well as more [[CombatPragmatist pragmatic]] martial artists.²** '''[[ArmedLegs Greaves]]''': These are fighters from a martial tradition (almost exclusively Asian) who are nonetheless using "greaves," the metal shin guards worn by European knights. Such fighters use their feet as their primary attack options: what would be the point of wearing metal boots if you intended to punch someone? Technically, gauntlets and greaves are armor, not weapons... But [[CombatPragmatist since when has that stopped anyone]]?²** '''{{Natural Weapon}}s''': Some characters have something better than fists. Claws, tails, talons, and so forth. These weapons imply a character is feral and savage, almost more animal than man... after all, if they weren't, they'd pick up a weapon and kill each other like civilized people.²* '''[[EpicFlail Flails and other chain weapons]]''': Halfway between a whip and a bludgeon, a big spiked ball on a chain can make for an intimidating weapon. As such, they tend to be wielded by equally intimidating [[TheBrute brutes]] and other scary characters. Flails tend to be wielded by the fearless and/or the particularly skilled, because a mistake can easily see the weapon hurting the wielder. Many more varieties of chain weapons exist in the east; [[FightingWithChucks nunchaku]], kusari-gama, multi-sectional staves and the like. These are wielded by showy martial artists demonstrating their prowess, evil martial artists hoping to confuse the nice guy with a scary foreign weapon, or by HighlyVisibleNinja who should know better.²** '''[[KillerYoYo Yo-yos]]''': The quirkier and often more accurate/precise cousin to the Flail, created by adding a [[SpectacularSpinning spin]] to the weapon, bonus points if the yo-yo deploys a [[ChainsawGood saw blade or other cutting device]] mid-trajectory. Yo-yos frequently have the benefit in fiction of always returning to the user, regardless of the trajectory it took. Yo-yos are often wielded as a more unique alternative to the traditional Flail, or as an ImprovisedWeapon in the hands of a child (i.e. Ness from Earthbound).²* '''[[ImpossiblyCoolWeapon Fundamentally Absurd Weapons]]''': Often a game will have a weapon that makes the aforementioned anchors look simple and logical. These objects almost always appeal to the RuleOfCool, and are ridiculously overpowered. [[InfinityPlusOneSword Napalm Chainsaw-Nunchuck-Missile-shooting Double Gunswords]], anyone?²* '''Gadgets:''' Often the domain of the GadgeteerGenius, TheSmartGuy, and the ScienceHero. Characters who rely on gizmos and technology tend to be smart and are usually young, rarely exceeding middle aged. Bonus points if these gadgets are HomemadeInventions. May manifest as a ShoePhone if in the hands of spies.²* '''[[TheGunslinger Guns]]''': In a setting where guns are rare, they will be mostly the province of TheSmartGuy. In settings where they are more common, they take the place of swords, with the largest going to the hero and [[RareGuns the most distinctive]] going to the badass. In any case, the protagonists are invariably [[ImprobableAimingSkills impossibly good shots]], while the {{Mooks}} [[ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy suck]]. When guns aren't so rare, the type of gun often is a shorthand for the type of user, leading to GoodGunsBadGuns in the West. The big list of GunsAndGunplayTropes details more ways how the heat a character packs tells the audience who they are.²** '''{{Handguns}}''': The trusty handgun is a favorite of [[TheGunslinger Gunslingers]] of all stripes. If the setting is one in which everyone uses firearms, TheHero and the BigBad are the most likely to use these. Any badass who uses a pistol will double up for some kickass GunsAkimbo. Unless it's a Western, or the character needs their other hand for something.²*** '''[[HandCannon Hand Cannons]]''': High recoil big frame handguns chambered for magnum pistol or rifle cartridges, Hand Cannons are much more powerful than ordinary pistols and the weapon of choice for ''Film/DirtyHarry'' type characters.²*** '''[[RevolversAreJustBetter Revolvers]]''': The favored weapon of {{Cowboy}}s, typically found in a [[TheWildWest Wild West]] setting.²** '''[[ShotgunsAreJustBetter Shotguns]]''': [[ShortRangeShotgun They're close enough to punch]], but you'd rather blow a hole right through them. The AntiHero, TheDragon, and the ZombieApocalypse survivor will invariably carry around a 12-gauge (often of the [[SawedOffShotgun sawed-off variety]]).²** '''[[SniperRifle Rifles]]''': Death from a distance. A favorite of the ColdSniper and other people looking to reach out and score a [[BoomHeadshot head shot]]. More badass [[ElitesAreMoreGlamorous elite types]] such as Special Forces or [[ItsRainingMen Paratroopers]] might have a shortened [[AceCustom carbine]] with a collapsible or folding stock and [[GunAccessories a few choice optics and accessories]].²** '''[[MoreDakka Automatics]]''': If it's not a war movie, then any sort of automatic weapon will be carried by the {{Mooks}}, due to their ubiquitousness and lack of [[RuleOfCool style]]. (Semi-automatics will be the standard if technology is up to it, and will usually have [[BottomlessMagazines impossibly large magazines]].) The exceptions are Uzis and other sub-machine guns, which may be given to the badass (especially if they're [[GunsAkimbo dual-wielded]]), and the...²** '''[[GatlingGood Gatling Gun]]''': A huge minigun is the favorite weapon of TheBigGuy, as well as some particularly intimidating [[TheDragon Dragons]].²** '''[[{{BFG}} Explosives and other Big Weapons]]''': Any sort of oversized gun, including rocket and {{Grenade Launcher}}s, may find similar use in the hands of TheBigGuy.²** '''[[FireBreathingWeapon Flamethrowers]]''': Are a favorite of the PyroManiac.²** '''RayGun''': Also known as "blasters", those guns that fire rays, light, waves and other shiny stuff are a common element of ScienceFiction works (especially those set in outer space, where the bright plasma contrasts well with the mostly black background), effectively replacing traditional, gunpowder-based guns. In contemporary settings where they are more uncommon, one can find them in the hands of dangerous, superintelligent characters such as [[MadScientist mad scientists]] or [[AlienInvasion hostile alien invaders]].²** '''[[MagneticWeapons Railguns]]''': Railguns, Coilguns and any forms of Mass Drivers are normally the weapon of choice when you want a compromise between Sci-Fi and Bullets, firing a high velocity, non-laser projectile in a suitably futuristic style.²* '''[[KnifeNut Knives]]''': Ninjas and assassins go for the lightest and smallest tools. Even most AxCrazy characters prefer using knives -- though their knives will usually be broader and longer, such as chef knives, [[MacheteMayhem machetes]], or {{kukris|AreKool}}. A knife wielder is usually [[CombatPragmatist swift, fierce and pragmatic, going for a quick kill instead of a lengthy battle.]] Many knife-users like [[WolverineClaws attaching them to their hands like animal claws]]. Due to being often light and easy to handle, knives, daggers and such are often the favorite defense weapon for sexy-yet-deadly women like the FemmeFatale.²** '''[[KukrisAreKool Kukris]]''': Despite being fundamentally similar to machetes in many ways, they're more often seen in the hands of more straightforwardly heroic characters like the AdventurerArchaeologist or modern incarnations of the ForestRanger. Also [[UsefulNotes/NepaliWithNastyKnives Gurkhas]], obviously, and characters in [[UsefulNotes/AussiesWithArtillery the Australian Army]], who issue them as standard for jungle warfare.²** '''[[MacheteMayhem Machetes]]''': The machete and related blades are used by characters who live wild, or have wild, untamed natures, calling back to its use in the wilderness. Usually used by an AntiHero, or an AxCrazy psycho killer. However, they can be used by anyone in a jungle setting, when used as a tool.²** '''{{Sai|Guy}}''': Used by ninja or characters who are ninja-like. Often treated like exotic daggers despite being more of a disarming tool. They do look very cool though, which is why characters that wield them tend to be badass.²** '''[[SinisterSwitchblade Switchblades]]''': Folding blades, especially ones that open with a flick of a button, are wielded by petty crooks. The short and relatively fragile nature of the knives also make it likely that the wielder is going after someone unarmed or held up by said wielder's "associates."²** '''[[KnifeThrowingAct Throwing Knives]]''': If a character specializes in throwing knives, he's probably either very flashy (a la the circus knife thrower) or extremely subtle, with weapons hidden all over his body. ²* '''{{Magic Wand}}s''': Not so much a weapon for "beating them over the head" but rather "[[SquishyWizard blow them up with a bigger fireball]]." More of a favorite with wizards, witches and such than the staff, but they often [[MagicStaff combine them]] for the best of both worlds. Not necessarily always a wand, this covers any object used for spellcasting.²** '''{{Spell Book}}s''': Wizards who carry spell books tend to [[TheSmartGuy look intellectual and scholarly]]. They can range from dorky apprentices who are still getting used to basic spells to older, wise wizards who probably write their own books (usually, the larger and thicker the book is, the better). Also, a common BigBad tool. ThrowTheBookAtThem is a rare tactic, but can still show up if the RuleOfFunny is in play.²* '''[[TorchesAndPitchforks Pitchforks]]''': The official weapon of the unruly mob, this is normally used by a farmer or small-town folk defending his home. Shotguns and hunting rifles can also fill this niche in a modern setting. You may also see some [[BigRedDevil traditionalist]] [[OurDemonsAreDifferent infernals]] wielding pitchforks to prod the damned with.²* '''[[BladeOnAStick Polearms]]''': Usually, a polearm - such as a poleaxe, spear, halberd, or any other weapon that's a long stick with something sharp and metal on one end - is the province of hapless {{Mooks}}: city guardsman, honor guard, and so on. Anyone who needs something long to cross over a portal to prevent someone from entering will use a polearm. When not in the hands of mooks, they are the weapon of choice for calm collected individuals, while plain spears are also standard issue for the NobleSavage. Occasionally an RPG will have a powerful weapon that happens to be a halberd (probably the best polearm design ever conceived, as [[SwissArmyWeapon it is an axe, a spear, and a staff]] all in one weapon) or spear (the most basic and thus most well known polearm), but you're damned if you're gonna find ''any'' ancestral bec-de-corbins in any medieval-flavored fantasy novel ''anywhere''.²** '''[[ProngsOfPoseidon Trident]]''': The weapon of sea gods like Poseidon, Proteus and Nereus and merpeople is now the weapon of anyone associated with the sea or water. Not entirely contrived, as the trident was originally a fishing spear, hence its pairing with a fishing net in the hands of a ''retiarius'' (a type of Roman gladiator).²** '''[[JoustingLance Knight Lances]]''': Often given to characters with such a theme. Since most people who see lances undoubtedly think of its use in jousting as a knightly sport weapon, the lance might be used to indicate a chivalric personality or aristocratic position. Since the lance was a cavalry weapon, and cavalry tended historically to be something of an elite, trained fighting class in every army, you will rarely see it in the hands of the common man.²** '''[[NaginatasAreFeminine Naginatas]]''' are used primarily by elegant [[LadyOfWar Ladies of War]], given their historical use by the wives of samurai.²* '''[[LawmanBaton Police Batons]]''': For guards and policemen.²* '''[[ShearMenace Scissors]]''': If a pair of scissors is being used as a weapon, then expect it to be of the big, gardening variety. Anything smaller won't be taken seriously unless the user is a tailor or hairdresser, in which case they will demonstrate the scissors equivalent of ImplausibleFencingPowers. Also [[RockPaperScissors super-effective]] against PaperPeople, but not so much against {{Rock Monster}}s.²* '''[[SinisterScythe Scythes]]''': Especially for villains and goths despite being very [[AwesomeButImpractical impractical to actually fight with]]. Associated with [[TheGrimReaper death]], or [[{{Necromancer}} those who command it]]. It should be noted that a [[ scythes can be made into an effective weapon]] by reattaching the blade so it extends upright from the pole. Alternatively the Chinese had a [[ workable version]] even before that. These more effective designs are rarely seen in fiction. Oddly enough, rarely if ever used by farmers, who prefer Slings and Pitchforks.²* '''[[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe Shields]]''': Surprisingly rare for major fictional characters. Usually meant to be used alongside another one-handed weapon (such as the good ol' [[KnightlySwordAndShield sword and board]]), but many characters will use ''only'' a shield, usually as a TechnicalPacifist or [[PersonalityPowers matching their personality]] as either defensive and fragile, or protective of others. Or simply as an [[ImprobableWeaponUser Improbable Weapon]]. Shields are almost always near-indestructible, magical or made of {{Unobtainium}}. Some characters (like ComicBook/CaptainAmerica) can actually [[ThrowingYourShieldAlwaysWorks throw them]].²* '''[[DruidicSickle Sickles]]''': Pagan clergy and the occasional farmer.²* '''[[SufferTheSlings Slings]]''': They're usually associated with peasants, children, {{halfling}}s and primitive tribesman. Rarely an effective weapon in fiction, they are more likely to distract than cause real damage, [[Literature/TheBible David and Goliath]] aside. Historically, however, slings were very powerful weapons, more devestating and long-ranged than the bow, which was not well developed in some areas of the Ancient World. ²* '''[[BratsWithSlingshots Slingshots]]''': Seen as a kid's toy (and for good reason, since slingshots are generally weak and difficult to aim, making them impractical for battle), these are generally in the hands of a mischievous child who wants to annoy rather than harm. If used by adults, it's because they're either improvising or something of an oddball.²* '''[[SimpleStaff Staves/Staffs]]''': Wizards and other wise characters that rely on talents other than brute force to deal with conflict still sensibly bring at least a staff for protection. This covers the WhiteMagicianGirl and the BlackMagicianGirl, both of whom typically use them. In the former's case, they'll typically be called Staves, while in the latter's case, they'll be Rods/Wands. Non-magic variants are also a favored weapon of either the TechnicalPacifist or martial artists, who wish to disable enemies non-lethally. Those trying for historical accuracy may have them appear in the hands of RobinHood and his merry men, or other persons legally or practically barred from possession of edged weapons for their close-range fighting needs.²** '''[[BoomStick GunStaffs]]''', for when you need the ability to beat things over the head and shoot people in a single package. [[MagicStaff Wizard's staves]] count here but it can also be a technological gizmo that shoots electricity, for defensive characters who DO want to use deadly force.²** '''[[TelescopingStaff Telescoping Staff]]''', the version exclusive to melee combat. This kind of staff allows for easy storage due to its ability to be made compact, better for catching opponents off guard with a weapon of that size.²* '''[[ImprobableWeaponUser Strange Weapons]]''': If a character is just [[ImprovisedWeapon improvising]] and ordinarily goes unarmed, he's probably the UnluckyEverydude who just got caught in a fight (like most of the characters Jackie Chan plays). If someone regularly goes around with a weapon like this, they're not totally connected to reality -- either TheDitz or the {{Cloudcuckoolander}}, or they're so badass they can kill people without needing "regular" weapons. Or they have a need to go armed in portions of society that do not take kindly to the presence of actual weapons, and have adapted accordingly. ²** '''[[GrievousHarmWithABody Dead Bodies]]''': As long as they can be lifted, dead bodies can be used as [[GrievousHarmWithABody makeshift clubs]], or a [[{{Necromancer}} personal]] [[TheUndead army]].²** '''[[FryingPanOfDoom Frying Pans]]''': Favored by traditional wives and chefs, this one is a staple of {{Slapstick}}. Also a common [[JokeItem Joke Weapon]] in Main/VideoGames, and thus gets to be wielded by {{Cloudcuckoolander}}s.²** '''[[RollingPinOfDoom Rolling Pin]]''': Essentially the same as the frying pan above. The ApronMatron will use this to hit her HenpeckedHusband on the head to keep him in line.²** '''[[EdibleBludgeon Food]]''': Completing the holy trifecta of kitchen-based weaponry, we have food itself. Common wielders are usually the same as the ones that use frying pans and the rolling pins mentioned above plus [[BigEater hungry]] {{Fat Bastard}}s who may eat their own weapon after bludgeoning you to death with it. A [[{{Foodfight}} food fight]] will definitely include this. Food that is commonly used as weapons include [[BaguetteBeatdown baguettes]] (in which case, expect the user to be a frenchman), [[PieInTheFace pies]] (clowns), [[ShamuFu fish]], frozen meat and fruit.²** '''[[GrievousBottleyHarm Bottles]]''': The official weapon of drunk {{Bar Brawl}}ers. Usually, the bottle will be broken in half so that the wielder may use the upper half as a stabbing weapon, but the entire bottle being used as a kind of glass club also works.²** '''[[ChairmanOfTheBrawl Chairs]]''': The ''other'' official weapon of drunk {{Bar Brawl}}ers. This one is also commonly used by thugs and {{Heel}} wrestlers, in particular the folding, metal kind.²** '''[[CrowbarCombatant Crowbars]]''': The preferred weapon of urban survivalists, especially zombie hunters and [[VideoGame/HalfLife physicists]], and others who appreciate its dual use as both an improvised weapon and useful prying tool.²** '''[[ShovelStrike Shovels]]''': May be used by farmers, construction workers, [[VideoGame/ShovelKnight knights]] and the creepy gravedigger at the local cemetery. Also useful for psychopathic murderers as shovels can be used for beating people into unconsciousness before burying their bodies somewhere ([[BuriedAlive alive]] or not).²** '''[[WrenchWhack Wrenches]]''': For inventors, mechanics, scientists and other people that like messing with machinery.²** '''[[ParasolOfPain Parasols]]''': Be careful of cute ladies, older gentlemen or grannies carrying those. It might have a concealed gun or blade, and this is assuming they don't just outright whack you over the head with it. [[ParasolParachute Useful for gliding as well]].²** '''[[ShoeSlap Shoes]]''': The weapon of choice for many a woman or mother from or in Mexico. Chanclas ("sandal" or "flip-flop" in Spanish) are the most popular kind of shoe used for this purpose. Can be used to point as someone in a threatening, protective, or aggressive manner, to shove in someone's face, or to throw at them. It is customary for the one at the receiving end of the shoe throwing to fetch the shoe for the one who threw the shoe. In some cultures, the use of a shoe as a weapon is meant to be extremely insulting to the person it is used against because shoes are considered to be dirty.²* '''[[CoolSword Swords]]''': [[HeroesPreferSwords The heroic lead]] usually winds up wielding the iconic knightly sword in the west. The katana often takes its place in the east. Meanwhile, the big two-handed blades, if they're not in the hands of the hero, usually go to TheBigGuy. ²** '''[[RoyalRapier Rapier]]''': Rapiers and short-swords typically go to swashbucklers and foppish men. Also quite common for women, [[RealityIsUnrealistic being commonly perceived as light]], easily maneuverable blades.²** '''[[KatanasAreJustBetter Katanas]]''': If both katanas and western swords are present, the katana will either be in the hands of a badass (if KatanasAreJustBetter) or an {{Otaku}} who isn't as badass as they think they are (if not).²** '''[[SinisterScimitar Scimitars, Sabers and other curved swords]]''': In Arabian or Pirate settings, this kind of sword is considered the "default" weapon and may be used by good and bad guys alike. Outside of those settings however, it's almost always used by scary, intimidating characters or armies, following the logic of curved weapons detailed above.²** '''[[{{BFS}} Big Freaking Sword]]''': Typically found in the hands of large intimidating characters, like giants or [[SmashMook brutish types]]. A common subversion is to have them appear in the hands of someone who doesn't look like they could even pick it up as a hint that this person is much stronger than they look. In a JRPG, however, a sword with its own zip code is more likely to belong to TheHero without necessarily having any explanation.²** '''DualWielding''': Almost always appears in the hands of roguish characters.²** '''SwordCane''': Used by the CulturedBadass and any older swordsman who wishes to lull enemies into a false sense of superiority.²** '''{{Sheath|Strike}}es''': {{Technical Pacifist}}s that don't look forward to shedding blood may use their sword's sheathes as their main form of combat, drawing their actual blades when they find themselves with no choice. Some may also {{Dual Wield|ing}} their sword and sheath, using the latter as a defensive or support tool.²** '''LaserBlade''': A sword used in a sci-fi setting. Has far more cutting power than traditional swords, sometimes with the ability to deflect lasers and bullets. ²* '''[[StunGuns Tasers]]''': Favored weapons of cops and security guards, though can frequently seen being carried by civilians. They are especially efficient for those who have little in the way of combat skill, allowing the [[ShockAndAwe electric shock]] to disable a potential enemy. TruthInTelevision at play as tasers are a very common self-defense weapon in real life that people can carry in bags. Police may often carry the [[LawmanBaton baton]] version which gives a longer reach as well as the potential to bludgeon with melee force if the electric function fails.²* '''[[ThrowDownTheBomblet Thrown Explosives and Incendiaries]]''': Grenades and the like are usually associated with those with poor impulse control (in plain English, people ''who really like explosions''). They may or may not also be {{Mad Bomber}}s. They may also be associated with controlled and logical people, as a juxtaposition. This weapon most often occurs in more technologically advanced settings like UrbanFantasy or ScienceFiction.²* '''[[WhipItGood Whips]]''': Whips tend to be found in the hands of cowboys, swashbuckling characters, certain [[Franchise/{{Castlevania}} vampire slayers]], [[Franchise/IndianaJones archaeologists]], [[Comicbook/{{Catwoman}} female villains with a thing for tight leather]] and a dominatrix streak, brutal slave drivers, [[TortureTechnician torturers]]... and [[Franchise/AceAttorney prosecutors]].²** '''{{Whip Sword}}s''': For when regular whips just don't [[{{Pun}} cut]] it anymore. Mostly used by particularly commanding {{Action Girl}}s, combining the cool factor of the sword with the dominatrix aspect of the whip.²²For non-weapon examples, see TellMeHowYouFight. Contrast ChoiceOfTwoWeapons. See also GoodWeaponEvilWeapon. See WeaponJr for when someone's shown with a weapon of choice before they've chosen it. For an entire culture's Weapon Of Choice, see NationalWeapon.²²----²!!Examples:²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Anime & Manga]]²* In ''Manga/BlackButler'', the shinigami have a fondness for peculiar weapons that would fit in better in a garden instead of on the battlefield. There are 5 named shinigami whose weapons have been show; there's William T. Spears who wields Pruning Shears, [[spoiler:Grell Sutcliff wields a chainsaw]], Ronald Knox has a lawnmower, Eric Slingby has a normal saw, and Alan Humphries who has a Japanese Style Garden Slasher.²* Blame!'s AntiHero [[{{Determinator}} Killy]] has the [[WaveMotionGun Gravitational Beam Emitter]], which he [[WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer uses in response to pretty much any kind of problem.]]²* ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'' has this with each of the main characters having a specific "device".²** Nanoha has her magic staff, Raising Heart. (Still called ''[[SpellMyNameWithAnS Raging]]'' Heart by many. For good reason.) As the power of Nanoha's weapon improves, it increasingly comes to resemble a spear -- which coincides with her increasingly sneaky and tactical[[note]]As in: "tactical nuke."[[/note]] fighting style. ²%%** Fate and her scythe/bardiche/bfs, named Bardiche.²** The Wolkenritter align to this trope perfectly. Leader Signum wields a longsword, the wizardly Shamal thinks with portals using magic rings (wand-equivalents), and CuteBruiser Vita has a hammer. That also turns into a rocket. And has a giant hammer/drill mode.²%%** Teana and Vice's devices are firearms.²%%* Haruko Haruhara of ''Anime/{{FLCL}}'' uses an unusual item as a club: a midnight blue, left-handed Rickenbacker bass guitar model 4001S with a pull-start engine.²%%* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' is full of both this and PersonalityPowers. ''Every single weapon'' used in the series is supposed to be a reflection of the owner's personality. Granted, this doesn't follow the normal guidelines at all, but it's still there.²* ''Series/MadanSenkiRyukendo'' shows this trope in both showing the Madan Warriors' personalities through the weapons, and by giving [[NonHumanSidekick the weapons themselves personalities]]. Kenji/Ryukendo, the title IdiotHero, uses a sword. The sword itself, [=GekiRyuKen=] is equally heroic, but a Trickster Mentor. Fudou/Ryugunou and his blaster, [=GouRyuGun=], calculate their strategies, making Fudou the intelligent balance to Kenji's {{Determinator}}. Koichi/Ryujinou is an interesting case. His [=ZanRyuJin=] becomes an axe and a bow. Koichi himself is powerful and dangerous, but does know how to fight controlled. [=ZanRyuJin=] itself is a wiseguy, only on good terms with his partner.²* In ''Yoroiden Samurai Troopers'', (''Anime/RoninWarriors'' in US), this trope partially applies to the heroes. The main hero has dual wield katanas that also connect into a single double-sided sword, TheSmartGuy is an archer, and the one whose powers come from water has a trident. The other two of the FiveManBand are anomalies: the weapon of the quiet, mature Sage is a huge greatsword, while big eating, hot tempered BigGuy Kento uses a sectioned staff.²* ''Anime/UruseiYatsura'': Shinobu the super-strong lesser {{yandere}} is known for her use of heavy school desks as bludgeons and projectile weapons. Even in environments where there are no school desks such as Mendou's yard.²* ''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}}'''s protagonist Tohno Shiki only ever uses his knife, which has the symbols for '7 Nights' carved into it ([[spoiler:the actual meaning of the characters is 'Nanaya,' it is an heirloom from his true family of demon-slaying assassins that was passed down to him.]]).²* In the ''Anime/MaiHime''/''Anime/MaiOtome'' universe, this is quite evident on the elements used by the main characters. The stoic loner Natsuki uses pistols or other guns, elegant Shizuru uses a naginata or a similar polearm, somewhat crazy Nao uses claws or wires, the {{Determinator}} Haruka uses a mace or a ball and chain if she has an element of her own but the original lead Mai has odd bangles/anklets with magatama beads. This is solved in ''Mai-Otome'' where new lead Arika has a double-bladed sword.²%%* Many late 1980s Anime involving female juvenile delinquents equipped them with toys as weapons. Notable examples include:²%%** ''SukebanDeka'' -- a yo-yo used to very deadly effect²%%** ''KimagureOrangeRoad'' -- Madoka used guitar picks as shuriken. A rival used a cup-and-ball game as a flail.²%%** ''PrincessNine'' -- Second Baseman Seira used thrown pool balls as her weapon of choice.²%%* The characters in ''Manga/SoulEater'' fight in partners, one as a weapon and one as a wielder. Maka uses a [[SinisterScythe scythe]], Kid uses two pistols, and Black* Star usually uses either a {{katana|sAreJustBetter}} or a [[ kusarigama]].²%%* Roronoa Zoro from ''Manga/OnePiece'' always uses 3 katanas; Usopp has his slingshot and Nami her Clima Tact.²%%* Yui Lan of ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'' is nearly always seen dual-wielding what look like mecha-sized carbines with bayonets. And her little sister was introduced in a scene where she used two kukris and excessive amount of {{gorn}}.²* From ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'':²** Guts, as TheHero, wields [[HeroesPreferSwords a greatsword]], which he later upgrades to a {{BFS}} that is often compared to a "heap of raw iron," which is actually a {{subversion}}, since that implies a lack of subtlety and skill, whereas Guts is actually a master swordsman. At one point he refuses an enchanted axe, saying that his {{BFS}} is what he's used to.²** Griffith, who is WickedCultured and {{Bishonen}} as you like, wields an elegant [[RoyalRapier rapier]].²** Casca wields a smallish longsword whose size (if not style) bears a resemblance to Griffith's rapier; she has a serious case of hero-worship for Griffith. The weapon's light weight makes it perfect for her SheFu fighting style.²** Judeau, the SmartGuy and sneaky one, favors throwing knives and a shortsword.²** Pippin, the BigGuy, wields a [[DropTheHammer warhammer]].²** Serpico, the bastard son of a nobleman and nearly as {{Bishonen}} as Griffith, wields first a [[RoyalRapier rapier]] and then an enchanted fan/sword.²** Isidro, the small, sneaky TagalongKid, [[DualWielding dual-wields]] first two knives and then a knife and an enchanted dagger with the power of fire.²** Schierke, the group's caster, focuses her magic through a SimpleStaff.²%%* ''Manga/{{Golgo 13}}'' generally uses an M-16. They're easy to find (so he can acquire one on site), easy to have modified, and cheap enough to dispose of if necessary (whereas specialized sniper rifles tend to be expensive and hard to get on short notice). In addition, this gives him a close-combat weapon if circumstances go sour. He has, however, used other guns as needed. Notably, Golgo tends to upgrade to the latest model of M-16 five to ten years after their release. Fans speculate he waits for their reliability to be proven before switching preferences.²* Shu from ''Anime/NowAndThenHereAndThere'' favors a simple wooden stick, reflecting his generally peaceable mindset. He doesn't want anyone to die and rejects knives and guns when they're offered to him or forced on him.²%%* Many characters from ''Anime/BloodPlus'': Each of the Schiff uses a different kind of weapon, many of them [[{{BFS}} fairly oversized]]. Saya wields a [[KatanasAreJustBetter specially designed katana]] [[spoiler: later reforged with a crystal from George]], David uses a {{revolver|sAreJustBetter}}, Kai wields [[TragicKeepsake his father's handgun]] with [[AbnormalAmmo explosive ammo]], [[ManOfWealthAndTaste Solomon]] chooses to transform his hand into a simple and functional [[BladeBelowTheShoulder blade]]..... the list goes on. The weapons represent either their personalities or their history and emotions. Or both.²%%* ''LightNovel/LoveChunibyoAndOtherDelusions' has make-believe "weapons" to be replaced with classification-defying supernatural tools of destruction when things go delusion-mode ²%%** Touka and her soup ladle of doom.²%%** Rikka herself prefers ParasolOfPain.²%%** Sanae ties little bags at the ends of her long twin-tails to make improvised [[ bolas]]. It sees some use–with impressive technique–versus Shinka (and, effectively, Sanae herself) outside delusion battles²%%* ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn'':²%%** Many of the groups of seven consists of characters who each use a Weapon Of Choice. For example:²%%*** Tsuna's sole weapon is his [[PowerFist X-Gloves]].²%%*** Gokudera generally uses [[MadBomber dynamite]]. [[spoiler: And, briefly, [[EnergyBow a bow]].]]²%%*** Yamamoto believes that KatanasAreJustBetter.²%%*** Ryohei and, well, [[RedBoxingGloves his fists]].²%%*** Hibari and his DualTonfas.²%%*** Mukuro and Chrome and their ProngsOfPoseidon.²* In ''Franchise/GhostInTheShell'', Togusa, the only member of Section 9 who does not have any cybernetic implants and prefers to rely on good old-fashioned police work, carries a Mateba autorevolver (incorrectly transliterated as Matever) which the rest of the unit thinks is somewhat of an anachronism, much like he is in the franchise's setting.²* The powers and weapons of a MagicalGirl in ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' tend to be extensions of their personalities and aspirations:²** Madoka uses a bow and arrow. Of the five magical girls in the series she is TheChick, the most reluctant to take up the MagicalGirl mantle as well as the smallest physically. [[spoiler:She still uses the bow and arrow in earlier timelines before Homura's wish and [[GroundhogDayLoop subsequent timelines]] made her more timid, though more as a fantasy-equivalent FriendlySniper.]]²** Sayaka uses a cutlass for close-quarters hack-and-slash, befitting of both TheCape and the {{Swashbuckler}} archtypes she seeks to emulate as an "Ally of Justice".²** Mami chiefly uses single-use flintlock muskets, each elegantly adorned and etched in their woodwork. Her [[FinishingMove ultimate]] Tiro Finale is essentially a huge gun about five times her size that delivers a world of pain to its target. She really likes to be the cool sempai to those she takes under her care (she is the oldest of the five), and is definitely TheBigGirl of the group ([[BoobsOfSteel if her chest wasn't a giveaway]]).²*** Mami also has use of ribbons - the [[VideoGame/PuellaMagiMadokaMagicaPortable PSP game]] explains that this was her original weapon and that she [[ChoiceOfTwoWeapons adopted her rifled muskets to deal with distant targets]]. Contray to [[WhipItGood the usual image]] such a weapon might invoke, she is not TheVamp, as she chiefly uses the ribbons to simply restrain her targets (though it ''could'' explain [[spoiler:her TragicFlaw of loneliness.]])²** Kyouko uses a spear twice as tall as she is which can be broken into segments attached by chains. A very practical weapon to use for large masses of enemies, for a very practical outlook held by the wielder when it comes to one's wish. The manga further characterizes her spear with a cross-guard at the head - [[UsefulNotes/JapaneseChristian an intentional detail to her background]].²** Homura's magically granted "weapon" is non combative, a small buckler shield that grants her unlimited storage space and controls her special ability. Therefore, she must rely on non-magical weapons from outside sources, like homemade pipe bombs, pistols and shotguns [[spoiler:stolen from the {{Yakuza}}]], up to heavy machine guns and rocket launchers [[spoiler: and ''actual rocket artillery'' stolen from [[UsefulNotes/KaijuDefenseForce the JSDF]]]]. It works quite well as a reflection of her very stoic, no-frills, no-nonsense attitude as well as her singular drive to accomplish her goal [[spoiler: of defeating Walpurgistnacht and stopping Madoka from contracting and becoming a world-destroying Witch]] [[IDidWhatIHadToDo by any means necessary]].²*** [[spoiler:Early timelines showed a [[CuteClumsyGirl much-clumsier]] [[FanNickname Moemura]] start out with a golf club.]]²*** Homura uses a bow and arrow at the very end of the series, [[spoiler:something she inherited from Madoka after the latter AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence and rewrote the universe]]. It still fits her personality, though, this time as a ColdSniper [[spoiler: in contrast to Madoka]].²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Comic Books]]²* Subverted in Creator/GregRucka's ''ComicBook/QueenAndCountry''. Secret agent Tara Chace is issued a gun for a mission; her contact comments, "Your file says you're a P99 girl," to which she replies, "I'm more of a stay-at-home-and-fancy-a-cuppa girl." As the series handles guns and gunplay very realistically, weapons are rarely issued, and when they are, it's usually a sign that Something Bad will happen.²* ''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'':²** Leonardo, [[HeroesPreferSwords the heroic leader, uses swords]] ([[EveryJapaneseSwordIsAKatana a ninja-to style katana]])²** Raphael, the pragmatic [[TheLancer Loose Cannon]] who's just a little bit crazy at times, uses [[SaiGuy sais]].²** Donatello, [[TheSmartGuy the intellectual]], uses a [[SimpleStaff (bo) staff]].²** And Michaelangelo, being the cool party guy, uses the coolest ninja weapon of the '80s: [[FightingWithChucks nunchaku]]. A flashback has him practicing with a ''manriki-gusari'' and complaining that he'd prefer using his "'chucks".²** The supporting cast gives another example: Casey Jones, the badass street-fighting vigilante armed with [[BatterUp a variety of sports equipment: baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks]]... he even produced a cricket bat in the first movie, prompting Raphael to mock him.²--->'''Raphael:''' ''Cricket?'' Nobody understands cricket! You gotta know what a ''crumpet'' is to understand cricket!\²'''Casey:''' I'll teach you! ''[wham]'' See? Six runs.²*** The role of the weapons also becomes clear in the 2012 series episode "Pulverizer Returns!" when Splinter orders the turtles to switch weapons. [[ButtMonkey Michelangelo]] lampshades the trope when [[TheLeader Leonardo]] is making a plan of attack:²--->'''Leonardo:''' All right. We'll follow up on his lead and then bust the poor guy out of [[FacelessGoons the Foot]]. \²'''Michelangelo:''' Excuse me! I’m the sword guy. I make the decisions here.²*** Later, whilst preparing for battle, it's discussed again:²--->'''Michelangelo:''' As the one with the swords, I say RETREAT! \²'''Leonardo''' Having the swords doesn't make you leader.²* ''When ComicBook/CaptainAmerica throws his [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe mighty shield]], all those who chose to oppose the shield must yield!'' (Although he used an [[CoolGuns/{{Handguns}} M1911A1]] from time to time.) His use of a defensive item as a weapon is appropriate for a character who takes up arms to defend freedom.²* Meanwhile [[ComicBook/TheMightyThor Thor]], his [[ComicBook/TheAvengers fellow Avenger]], sticks true to his mythological roots and wields Mjolnir, his [[DropTheHammer hammer of thunder]].²%%* The GreenLanternRing to those that can wield them.²* When [[BoisterousBruiser Guy Gardner]] goes [[BloodKnight Red]] he tends to be associated with [[ChainsawGood chainsaws]].²* [[Franchise/{{Batman}} The current and former Robins]] all have a favored weapon:²** Dick Grayson, formerly the first Comicbook/{{Robin}} and currently ComicBook/{{Nightwing}}, prefers using [[DualWielding two sticks]] in the Escrima martial arts style.²** Jason Todd, formerly the [[LegacyCharacter second Robin]] and the current ComicBook/RedHood, prefers [[GunsAkimbo dual-wielding pistols]], showing just how far he's come from [[DoesntLikeGuns Batman's]] tutelage.²** Tim Drake formerly the third [[Comicbook/RobinSeries Robin]] and current Comicbook/RedRobin who is TheSmartGuy of the Batfamily expected to surpass Batman as the World's Greatest Detective, prefers to use a bo staff, often the [[TelescopingStaff telescoping staff]] Shiva gave him. ²** The Batfamily's PluckyGirl Stephanie Brown, formerly the fourth Robin and currently Spoiler, was becoming very fond of specialized Batarangs during her time as [[ComicBook/Batgirl2009 Batgirl]] and post Flashpoint has a clear preference for [[FightingWithChucks nunchaku]] though post-flashpoint as also erased her history including her time as a Robin. ²** Damian Wayne, the fifth Robin, has a thing for [[KatanasAreJustBetter katanas]], befitting his past as an assassin and that he's more of a BloodKnight than other Robins.²* ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}}, who may or may not be [[Creator/MarvelComics Marvel's]] expy of [[Creator/DCComics DC's]] ComicBook/GreenArrow, is likewise a hotshot archer whose real weapon isn't the bow so much as the bag of tricks he fires from it. He's shown to have the same accuracy hand-throwing his arsenal of arrowheads or firing them from improvised launchers. As Ronin, he shifts his weapon to a katana.²** In the Ultimate Universe, he's even shown using his ''fingernails'', but then that version of the character is borderline AxCrazy and a former black ops. As of Volume Three, he started showing a preference for guns.²%%* Bullseye from ''ComicBook/{{Daredevil}}'' can use almost anything as a weapon, but his weapon of choice is usually an Ace of Spades playing card.²%%* The Saint Of Killers, in ComicBook/{{Preacher}}, [[GunsAkimbo dual-wields]] a pair of Walker Colt {{revolvers|AreJustBetter}}. Never mind the fact that he's an unkillable OneManArmy in a [[BadassLongcoat duster coat]], these things were forged ''by Satan himself'' from the sword of the world-weary Angel Of Death; their hammers will never fall on empty chambers, they never miss, and no wound they give will ever be less than fatal. Oh, and he's a supernatural quick-draw artist, too; "I saw a blur, and then shooting. I didn't see no draw." After [[spoiler: surviving a ''nuke'' - in the midst of the inferno, he calmly spits and growls "Not enough Gun"]], he wraps up the series by [[spoiler: ''killing God'']]. I will call your badass and raise you to infinity.²* Whiplash/Blacklash, an IronMan foe best known as the partial basis for Whiplash in ''Film/IronMan2'', engineered his own electric whips and used them to wreck things up... until he was accidentally killed by his old enemy. He could also turn his whips into nunchucks. Anyway, since his death, a BDSM-loving couple adopted both the Whiplash and Blacklash identities, then his daughter stepped into the role, a version inspired by the movie character debuted, and the original's been seen in action again, too.²%%** Somewhat related are the Constrictor and Omega Red, who both have tendrils that come out of their arms. Constrictor's Serpent Society teammate Coachwhip explicitly themed herself around her signature weapon, as well.²%%* In ''[[ComicBook/XMen The Uncanny X-Men]]/ComicBook/NewMutants'', [[DarkActionGirl Illyana Rasputin]], A.K.A. Magik, possesses the Soulsword. [[EvilWeapon And vice versa]].²%%* In ''ComicBook/TheRocketeer'', the Rocketeer's Weapon of Choice is a Mauser C96 Broomhandle pistol. It's normally seen as a "bad" gun, being used by the Nazis and all, but it got a new status as a "good gun" thanks to the Rocketeer.²* The ComicBook/{{Huntress}} uses a crossbow as her signature weapon, although she has also been known to use [[KnifeNut knives]], [[CombatPragmatist staves, boomerangs, guns, brass knuckles, etc.]] Not incidentally, at least with the Helena Bertinelli version of the character, the crossbow allows for sniping from concealment while also being extremely quiet, making it an ideal choice for an assassin.²%%* Although [[ComicBook/{{Venom}} Agent Venom]] is good with a variety of guns, semi-automatic pistols are his favorite. ²* In ''ComicBook/TheLegendOfWonderWoman2016'' Diana's mother and aunts are each [[LadyOfWar Ladies of War]] who each prefer a different weapon. The sisters and their signature weapons are [[HeroesPreferSwords Hippolyta]]--the most heroic surviving sister--uses a [[CoolSword sword]], [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Antiope]]--who is the most muscular and violent--a mace, [[MagicKnight Menalippe]]--a timid magic user--a [[SimpleStaff staff]], Penthesiliea--a long dead war hero--a [[BladeOnAStick spear]], and Glauce uses [[DualWielding dual]] [[KnifeNut knives]]. [[Franchise/WonderWoman Diana]] of course prefers a lasso for the non-lethal applications, turning down more practical weapons even before she receives the Lasso of Truth.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Fan Works]]²* Taken to extreme lengths in the ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' fic, ''[[ I Am What I Am]]''. Prior to the climactic battle, Xander forges custom magic weapons for every member of the group except Willow (at her request). Each weapon's name, type, and special powers are explicitly designed to complement their personality and fighting style, particularly because the weapons' powers will only function for their intended wielder.²** Buffy gets a short sword named "Companion" that enhances her secondary Slayer powers (prophetic dreams, sensing vampires, etc.), and provides a mental link to Faith.²** The free-spirited Faith gets a pair of tomahawks -- "Tommy" and "Tammy" -- that come back to her when thrown, and provide a mental link to Buffy.²** Cordelia gets a greatsword named "Subtlety" that grants her minor healing powers, doubles as a lie detector, and is actually very light when in her hands.²** The straitlaced Kendra gets a katana named "Honor's Grace" that allows her to stop time for a few seconds every time she draws it.²** Angel gets a short sword, "Solitude", similar to Buffy's that can burst into flame, and will burn him up if he loses his soul.²** Giles receives a rapier, "Wisdom" that enhances his casting abilities.²** The ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''-loving, spellcasting Jonathan gets a staff, "Backbone", that enhances his spells and can heal others.²** Jenny gets a pair of daggers -- "Twilight" and "Dusk" -- that enable her to turn invisible.²** Oz's weapon was originally a bastard sword named "Cool Sword" with frost powers. However, it spontaneously transformed into a pair of ComicBook/{{Wolverine}}-esque claws that gave him some measure of control over his werewolf.²* ''Fanfic/DungeonKeeperAmi'' usually explains the choice of weapons of their characters:²** The titular character initially used no weapon at all, but had to learn to use a shortsword to have a chance win a HopelessBossFight. This skill came in handy later on, as she wielded a giant sword with a giant magical hand instead of fighting herself.²** [[BigRedDevil Horned Reapers]] use [[SinisterScythe Sinister Scythes]], which fit their status as AwesomeButImpractical minions.²** [[IronLady Cathy]] uses swords and frequently acts as TheLeader of Mercury's troops, though she admits to have training with polearms and blunt weapons as well.²** [[LovableRogue Jered]] likes to deceive and trick his opponents, while attacking them with throwing daggers.²** [[DumbMuscle Boris]] uses a giant axe, mirroring his AxCrazy tendencies and brutish ways.²** [[KnightInShiningArmor Baron Leopold]] uses a sword as a symbol of his noble status, but is not afraid to use improvised weapons, his bare fists and even his teeth.²** [[ThoseTwoGuys Eline and Venna]] use their crossbows with deadly accuracy. Being dark elves, they serve as a foil to normal elves, [[TheStraightAndArrowPath who use simple bows]].²* ''Fanfic/CodeGeassPaladinsOfVoltron'': The forms the Bayards take in this story are:²** HeroesPreferSwords[=/=]KatanasAreJustBetter: A katana with a European hilt for Suzaku²** WolverineClaws: a clawed gauntlet for Kallen²** TheStraightAndArrowPath: A bow for Shirley²** SinisterScythe[=/=]EpicFlail: A kusarigama for Milly²** CoolGuns: A rifle for Rivalz²** KnifeNut: A Katar-like blade for Rai²** Lelouch, being the Black Paladin, [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers doesn't have one since the Black Bayard is currently in Zarkon's possession.]] He instead relies upon his Geass, [[ShockAndAwe which has gained a new trick]]. [[spoiler: He later gains a MorphWeapon in the form of a Blade of Marmora Knife inherited from his grandmother.]]²%%* In the virtual series spin-off to ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', Fanfic/SlayerAcademy, several of the Slayer Characters have signature weapons²%%** Sophia: The Scythe from season 7 of ''Buffy'' and {{Fray}}²%%** Skye: Sharpened Sai Daggers²%%** Alita: Nunchucks²%%** Erika: Staff²%%** Reiko: Bladed Fans²%%* In the ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' fanfic "[[ Reunion]]", Ron Stoppable, during a temporary split from Kim, reclaimed the Lotus Blade and operated as a solo hero named Ronin. In the sequel, "[[ Union]]'', it's revealed that the Lotus Blade is one of five powerful magic weapons, and the most powerful of the five, as it can take on the appearance and properties of the other four.²* In Fanfic/TheWizardInTheShadows, Harry favors his wand and an [[KnifeNut elvish long knife]] and kicks all kinds of ass whilst being the DarkerAndEdgier {{Lancer}} to Aragorn. Then he gets the Sword of Gryffindor and becomes more of a straight up hero with anti heroic tendencies.²%%** Emrys favours a Rohirric cavalry sword. [[DualWielding Then he gets another]], and vast amounts of asskicking occur.²* ''Fanfic/ThousandShinji'': Asuka -the blood-thirsty proud warrior- wields an chain-axe and Rei -the mentally unstable anti-hero- uses a giant machete. Subverting the trope, Shinji uses a staff, despite of being TheLeader and an AntiHero.²* ''FanFic/YourPrinceIsInAnotherCastle'': Each girl employs one suited to their class. Cerea and Miia are the only two who overlap with swords, but even then it's a bastard sword for the lamia and a mighty two-handed great sword for the centaur.²* In ''FanFic/ToHellAndBackArrowverse'', the three main leads are familiar with using several different weapons, though they still have their preferences.²** [[Series/{{Arrow}} Oliver's]] is, of course, a bow and arrows.²** [[Series/TheFlash2014 Barry]] is a KnifeNut, thanks to their versatility and how easy they are to draw on quick notice. He's particularly fond of throwing them, with contributed to his alias of 'the Lightning' even before he gained his powers.²** [[Series/Supergirl2015 Kara]] is a swordswoman, and Barry handcrafted a straight sword with a Kryptonite blade for her to use after they learned there might be other Kryptonians on-planet.²* In ''Fanfic/TheNewAdventuresOfInvaderZim'', Dib's new friends Steve and Viera eventually settle on blasters and a [[PlayingWithFire fire-spewing]] amulet as their go-to weapons, respectfully. A RunningGag through much of Season 1 is Dib complaining that he lacks his own unique weapon; by the seasonal climax he's solved this problem, having constructed a pair of plasma-channeling gauntlets for himself.²** Nyx, Zim's new minion introduced in Season 2, has a [[GatlingGood plasma minigun]] that she [[ICallItVera refers to]] as "[[Film/Scarface1983 My Little Friend]]". Though she's also [[MadBomber fond]] of explosives as well.²* In ''Fanfic/HalloweenUnspectacular'', recurring character [[AuthorAvatar E350's]] go-to weapon is the Anti-Magic Tommy Gun. This weapon represents both his interest in history (Thompson submachine guns were used quite a lot during the early 1900's, largely by crime syndicates, and are sought out by collectors today for their historical significance) and the [[SeenItAll general weirdness]] he tends to get caught up in (the "Anti-Magic" part).²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]²* As indicated by the name "SlasherMovie", horror villains tend to prefer bladed weapons, such as kitchen knives ([[Franchise/{{Halloween}} Michael Myers]], [[Film/{{Psycho}} Norman Bates]]), [[MacheteMayhem machetes]] ([[Franchise/FridayThe13th Jason Voorhees]]), hunting knives ([[Franchise/{{Scream}} Ghostface]]) and a glove with attached knives ([[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy Krueger]]).²%%* In ''Film/TheTexasChainsawMassacre'', Leatherface's signature weapon is, of course, a chainsaw.²* Film/JamesBond has the Walther PPK pistol, introduced in his first movie, ''Film/DrNo'', where he is given to replace the Beretta 418 which is his preferred gun in [[Literature/JamesBond the original books]]. 007 has wielded other Walther pistols too, such as the P99 between ''Film/TomorrowNeverDies'' and ''Film/CasinoRoyale2006'', and the P5 in ''Film/{{Octopussy}}''.²%%*** ProductPlacement. Walther were trying to market the P5 to civilian agencies and asked for it to be used rather than the classic PPK, but the script wasn't changed to reflect the different gun.²%%** Of course, in ''Film/{{Moonraker}}'' the only time he uses his PPK is for the opening gunbarrel sequence, having swapped it (apparently) for a wrist dart gun.²%%** And, in ''Film/LiveAndLetDie'' his Walther is mangled by Tee Hee and he uses a magnum revolver for the final fight.²%%** Some of Bond's villains have their own weapons. Oddjob used a bowler-hat with a steel brim that behaved like a chakram. Rosa Klebb had knives concealed in the toes of her shoes. Tee Hee Johnson (from ''Live and Let Die'') had a metal pincer for a right hand. And of course, Francisco Scaramanga is Film/TheManWithTheGoldenGun.²%%** [[ActionGirl Melina Havelock]] uses a crossbow in ''Film/ForYourEyesOnly''.²* [[Film/DirtyHarry Harry Callahan]] is famous for using [[HandCannon a .44 Magnum revolver]], and is responsible for [[RevolversAreJustBetter popularizing the revolver]] as the Weapon Of Choice for badasses everywhere. The size of the weapon reflects his lack of subtlety.²%%* ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera'' has a few. The Henchgirls wield shotguns, Rotti has an elegant antique pistol, Luigi has his very large knife, and the Repo Men have a whole bunch of upsized surgical instruments, including scalpels and bone saws.²%%* ''[[Film/TwentyEightDaysLater 28 Days Later]]''. Selena has a machete, befitting her badass status, Jim has at first a plastic bag full of cans of soda and later a baseball bat and (on another occasion) a tire iron. The soldiers have rifles.²* Franchise/IndianaJones' has both his [[WhipItGood whip]] and a [[ revolver]]. However, he most frequently [[GoodOldFisticuffs uses his fists]].²* [[Franchise/StarWars A Jedi's]] (or Sith's) [[LaserBlade lightsaber]], which is "not so clumsy nor random as a blaster; an ElegantWeaponForAMoreCivilizedAge."²** These are subdivided further by [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience color of the focusing crystal]].²*** Blue are for Guardian Jedi, who actively hunt down evil.²*** Green are for Consular Jedi, who prefer to teach, heal, or make peace.²*** Yellow are for the Sentinel Jedi, who are halfway between the two and rely on intellect and physical skills.²*** [[RedRightHand Red are for Sith]], [[AlwaysChaoticEvil who are evil]].²*** And purple for [[Creator/SamuelLJackson bad motherfuckers]].²*** White is pretty much non-aligned, but generally good.²** Han Solo, as a rogue, has a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, as in his own words, "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid. "²** Chewbacca has his bowcaster, a laser crossbow that makes a subversion of the HunterOfMonsters case - in this case, it's the monster wielding!²%%* ''Film/{{Equilibrium}}'': Grammaton Clerics use a modified Beretta 92F in the course of their duties, the barrels producing a cross-shaped muzzle flash when fired.²%%** The shotgun-like weapon used by some guards is likewise a modified Walther [=WA2000=], which is odd since the weapon's a sniper rifle.²%%*** The scopeless [=WA2000=] was only used in the [[KickTheDog dog killing scene]]. Most of the time the {{Mooks}} use either the Beretta AR-70 or the Heckler & Koch G36.²%%* ''Film/IronMan2'' features Whiplash (a CompositeCharacter of Whiplash/Blacklash and Crimson Dynamo from the comics) who dual wields energy whips that pack enough of a wallop to tear apart a racecar on the track.²%%** For the record, Whiplash and Blacklash are the same guy - he changed his supervillain name and got a new costume at one point.²%%* Ash from ''Franchise/EvilDead'' has his boomstick and chainsaw combo, although he kind of abandons the chainsaw for a metal hand in the middle of ''Film/ArmyOfDarkness''.²%%* The Baseball Furies use bats, but Film/TheWarriors use them better.²%%* Particularly prominent in ''Film/GIJoeRetaliation'' are Firefly's tiny robotic bombs, which fly and have glowing tails, just like actual fireflies.²* An amusing example in ''Film/BillAndTedsExcellentAdventure'': When Genghis Khan finds himself in a shopping mall, his first stop is the sporting goods store where he swaps his signature club for a baseball bat. (He also dons the armor of the modern brute, a football helmet and shoulder pads.)²* The Immortals from ''{{Film/Highlander}}'' have swords, given the only way they can be killed is through [[OffWithHisHead decapitation]]. Connor [=McLeod=] in particular wields a dragonhead katana given to him by his mentor Ramírez. ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Literature]]²* Creator/CSLewis's ''Literature/TheLionTheWitchAndTheWardrobe'':²** Peter, leader by virtue of being [[PromotionToParent the first-born]] and therefore TheHero, is given a sword.²** Susan, the mature, no-nonsense type, is given a bow and arrows.²** Lucy, the youngest and not yet old enough to fight, is entrusted with the universal MagicAntidote and given a small dagger -- just in case.²** Edmund wasn't there at the time, so he didn't get a present from Father Christmas[[note]]a musical stage version gives Edmund a mace[[/note]]. A traitor and non-combatant at the time, he doesn't merit one.²*** The [[Film/TheChroniclesOfNarnia films]] show Edmund as very much a CombatPragmatist when he steals a Telmarine crossbow and proceeds to kick all kinds of ass. ²* ''Franchise/TheDarkTower'':²** Badass [[Literature/TheGunslinger Roland]] uses a pair of finely-wrought six-shooters, passed down from father to son for generations and said to have been made from the melted-down metal of [[KingArthur Excalibur]]. Appears to be the in-universe equivalent of HeroesPreferSwords.²** In the back story, Roland's constantly joking best friend Cuthbert prefers a slingshot to a gun. In a possible subversion, the quiet, intelligent, and psychic Alain gets to use a machine gun at one point, and enjoys it very much.²** Earlier in the backstory, young Roland gains the edge of surprise when he [[TookALevelInBadass earns his ascent to gunslinger status]] in a CurbStompBattle against his [[TrainingFromHell sensei]] [[DrillSergeantNasty Cort]], by choosing [[NobleBirdOfPrey David the hawk]] as his [[FeatheredFiend weapon]]. He compares himself to David-- a mindless killing machine, "God's gunslinger," but the creative choice of weapon also shows that despite Roland's straightforward nature, he has the ability to be a GuileHero when necessary.²* ''Literature/TheWheelOfTime'':²** [[BecauseDestinySaysSo Hero]] Rand, being TheHero, uses [[HeroesPreferSwords a crystal sword]] that conveniently jacks up his magic powers to an insane degree -- [[spoiler: sometimes literally]], for which reason he generally prefers more modest swords made from unbreakable steel or summoned fire.²%%** Mat started off with a bow as his Weapon Of Choice. This lasted for about half of the first book, before he switched to using a [[ArtifactOfDoom cursed dagger]] until [[spoiler: it gets stolen at the beginning of book 2]]. He uses a staff for book three, then uses knives for book 4, and ''then'' switches to the naginata for the rest of the series (though he does still get plenty of mileage out of those knives...). He also acquires a good Two Rivers bow stave from an unsuspecting quarter staff salesman who didn't realise the quality of the wood or its purpose. He, like Perrin and Rand, also has skill with a bow and sling. All but Rand use their bows when the situation is best suited for it. Mat avoids combat the best he can, but is always drawn to it by fate which gives him a reputation of a great general (which he is) and unstoppable in battle, but that was not his choice.²** [[TheBigGuy Former blacksmith Perrin]] uses a is torn between his symbolically-potent axe and hammer, [[spoiler: eventually abandoning the former so as to use a tool from his more innocent past to kill people in more disfiguring ways]].²* ''Kull the Conqueror'': Proud barbarian warrior Kull uses a battle axe as his main weapon. After he becomes king, his advisors make several attempts to civilize him, including training him in swordsmanship. He never quite takes to it, and goes back to his axe, showing he's truly a barbarian at heart.²%%* Creator/LRonHubbard's ''Literature/MissionEarth'' series had the protagonist Jettero Heller (distinct from the antagonist narrator, Soltan Gris). Mr. Heller was a champion "bullet-ball" player back home, and discovered that he could throw Earth "base-balls" with up to lethal speed. He also discovered that baseball cleats make for a deadly surprise against opponents, since no one in these parts expects a cleat-wearer to kick with them.²%%** ... proving that L. Ron either never played baseball as a kid, or managed to grow up around the damndest well-behaved kids in the country.²%%* In ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles''²%%** Thomas the White Court vampire regularly uses both a saber and a SawedOffShotgun (though not at the same time), and has begun to use kukris (curved knives used by gurkhas) [[DualWielding alongside his saber.]]²%%** The three [[spoiler: (two, currently)]] Knights of the Cross also have their own signature weapons, each carrying one of the nails from the Crucifixion: Amoracchius, a broadsword that is [[spoiler: Excalibur]]; Fidelacchius [[spoiler: (Kusanagi),]], a katana (possibly a shirasaya, as it's been described as having a cane-like sheath) [[spoiler: and now has the form of a lightsaber based on the new Knight's faith in the ideals of Star Wars]]; and Esperacchius [[spoiler: Durendal]], a saber. Throughout the years, the latter two have been periodically reforged as different types of swords to better suit their wielders.²* Kel in Tamora Pierce's ''Literature/ProtectorOfTheSmall'' Quartet is an exception to this trope: while she is the Hero, she uses a naginata (though she usually calls it a glaive for convenience) instead of the hero's traditional sword.²%%* Alex from ''Literature/AClockworkOrange'' uses his cut-throat razor.²%%* In ''Literature/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'', the title character's Weapon Of Choice is the Punjab lasso that he uses to strangle people.²%%* In Creator/JohnCWright's ''Literature/WarOfTheDreaming'' the heroes' weapons mostly correspond to this, although they don't have the classical lineup...²%%** Galen: [[BladeOnAStick Carries a spear]] at first, later gets a cool bow that doubles as a HealingShiv.²%%** [[DropTheHammer Peter]]: an EmpathicWeapon that responds to voice commands and can do a variety of nifty tricks, like fly down a hall and out a window to hit attackers sneaking up from behind.²%%** [[TheChick Wendy]]: gets a MagicWand.²%%** [[MysteriousProtector Pendrake]]: [[TheGunslinger A brace of .45s]], in keeping with his classic-noir persona.²* The closest thing Literature/JakubWedrowycz has to a Weapon Of Choice is a steel brake cable made into a small lasso. He mostly uses it to catch homeless dogs and cats for eating, but it comes in handy against supernatural threats as well, as [[ featured on the cover of one of the books.]]²%%* In the ''Literature/BattleCircle'' trilogy by Creator/PiersAnthony, the main culture is based on {{Proud Warrior Race Guy}}s; and the society is based around ritual combat in the titular Circle, with warriors typically specializing in one of seven common weapons (although a few less common ones show up occasionally). All men are known by their signature weapons, which they use as a title, eg. Var the Sword, Kal the Club. A few rare individuals are proficient with more than one, which they add to their title.²%%** The main characters the trilogy are Sol of All Weapons, who is unique in his mastery of combat, and Sos the Rope (actually a long steel cable), who choses an unusual signature weapon after being forbidden to use the common ones.²%%** Nearly all warriors are also proficient with bow-and-arrow; but these are used exclusively for hunting. They are not considered acceptable for the Circle, which is exclusively hand-to-hand ritual combat.²* In ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'', the [[FiveManBand Fellowship's]] signature weapons are as follows:²** Gandalf: A wizard, he wields a [[MagicWand Staff]], natch, but pairs it with a broadsword (Glamdring), establishing him as a more down-to-earth wizard-of-the-people than Saruman in his ivory tower.²** Aragorn: [[HeroesPreferSwords Broadsword]] (first the unnamed ranger's sword, and then [[ReforgedBlade Andúril]] post-Rivendell), fittingly for a heroic archetype (although not TheHero; he's the former TropeNamer for SupportingLeader).²** Legolas: A longbow, fittingly as he's the calm, stoic, "zen" one.²** Gimli: An axe - the most boisterous, fight-happy one. Something of a template for fantasy dwarves.²** Frodo: The short sword "Sting" which was passed down to him [[AncestralWeapon weapon.]] Lacking any real training, he avoids fighting if possible - one of Sting's main uses is that it glows blue when orcs are near.²%%** Sam, Pippin, Merry: Short sword (they are hobbits, after all).²%%** Boromir: Sword.²%%*** In Creator/JRRTolkien's works, generally Men (and hobbits) prefer swords, Elves bows, and dwarves axes. Maces and clubs [[GoodWeaponEvilWeapon seem to be the province of evil characters]], as well as the curved swords wielded by orcs.²* ''Literature/TheReynardCycle'':²%%** Reynard favors a rapier called Cut-Throat as his primary (right-handed) weapon, and wields a parrying dagger with his left. After he [[spoiler: loses his left hand]], he fights with a BladeBelowTheShoulder called Left-Hand.²%%** Isengrim wields his AbsurdlySharpBlade, Right-Hand.²%%** Hirsent wields a sword called Harrower. She thinks it's ridiculous that the weapon has a name.²** Tiecelin, being an ArcherArchetype, uses a bow, one of the only unnamed weapons of the protagonists in the series.²%%** Tybalt strongly favors throwing daggers, but he also wields a sword named Catspaw.²** Bruin, the team's [[TheBigGuy Big Guy]], wields an axe named Mauler.²%%** Grymbart is one of the few characters that fights with a sword ''and'' shield.²%%** Ghul, a Glyconese, is deadly with his pair of short swords. The Myrmidons of Glycon favor the same weapon pairing, implying that Ghul might have been a Myrmidon in training at some point.²** Rukenaw fights with a morning star called The Fairlimb, a nickname she shares with her weapon because of her shapely legs.²%%** Celia Corvino, and her henchman, the Baron Dendra, both favor poison.²%%** Stormbringer, the Demon King, wielded a "soul-crushing" blade called Thunderclap, which went on to become a part of the royal regalia of the kingdom of Aquilia.²%%** The Arcasians and Luxians seem to favor pikes, crossbows, and cavalry armed with lances when going to war, while their Calvarian adversaries wield javelins, sword and shield, and field superior archers as well as artillery.²* In ''Literature/StarTrekKlingonEmpire'', of the various Klingon weapons established in canon, Davok uses the qutluch, the signature dagger of an assassin. He throws it with fantastic accuracy even in close-quarters combat. He claims that he took it off an assassin who tried to use it on him. His leader Wol finds this claim to be dubious, but has no trouble believing that Davok would piss someone off enough to have them put a hit on him.²* In the Literature/BurtonAndSwinburneSeries'', Sir Richard Burton favours a SwordCane as befitting a weapon for someone who's a master swordsman and of at least upper middle class status. Burton especially likes using one sword cane in particular. This is a cane with a panther head top, which has a custom-made blade to give it unusually good balance. Besides its high quality, Burton favours it as a trophy from a defeated foe (as an explorer and scholar, he is a devoted CollectorOfTheStrange).²* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'':²** King Robert Baratheon's signature weapon is a giant two-handed [[DropTheHammer warhammer]], befitting his status as the BigGuy.²** Arya wields Needle, a light fencing blade suitable to her small stature and stealthy nature.²** Two of the most straightforwardly-heroic characters, Ned Stark and Jon Snow, wield [[HeroesPreferSwords swords]] named [[AncestralWeapon Ice]] and Longclaw respectively. [[HeroicBastard Jon's]] is even a [[{{Pun}} bastard sword]].²** Brienne of Tarth, another heroic character, also receives her a signature sword, called Oathkeeper to reflect her loyal and steadfast nature, [[spoiler: from Jaime Lannister, who is reputed to lack these traits]].²** Ser Barristan Selmy discards his sword in favor of an epic staff, befitting his transition from general badass to OldSoldier.²** Tyrion favors an axe in battle, a subtle gag as he otherwise has very little in common with [[OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame Tolkienesque dwarves]].²** King Joffrey of the Houses Baratheon and Lannister, the First of His Name, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm, [[TemptingFate long may he reign]], favors a crossbow, which is maligned in-universe as the weapon of weaklings and cowards.²%%* In the Literature/TimeScout series, each character tends to have one or more preferred weapons.²%%** Aversion: Sven loves all weapons.²%%** Anne has a pair of delightful little [[ Royal Irish Constabulary Webleys.]]²%%** Skeeter pines for the recurve bows of his youth, but he'll use a gun. In the Arena, he [[GuileHero tricks them]] into giving him a lariat and a trident, those being what he was trained with and what was closest to the spears of his youth respectively.²%%** Jack the Ripper prefers an [[ Arabian jambiya]] for the ceremonial taking of heads.²%%** Kynan Rhys Gower prefers his longbow or a war maul. But when their superiority is demonstrated in the face of an angry Cape buffalo, he asks, "You show gun?"²* Obviously in ''Literature/HarryPotter'', wands are the weapon of choice for the wizarding world, but there are two that stand out: The Elder Wand, which is the weapon of choice for Antioch Peverell, [[spoiler: Gregorovitch, Gellert Grindelwald, Albus Dumbledore, and Lord Voldemort]]; and Harry's holly and phoenix feather wand, which [[spoiler: he actually mourns when it is broken]].²* In ''Literature/TheStormlightArchive'', swords are considered upper-class weapons, meaning that [[TheHero Kaladin]], who is lower-class, uses a spear as his Weapon Of Choice (toying in a minor but noticable ways with genre conventions). Heroic ''and'' villainous aristocratic characters use swords all the time as a status symbol, with the magical Shardblades being the most prized. AntiVillain assassin Szeth also has a shardblade, which both makes him even more badass than he would be otherwise and, since he comes from an extremely pacifist society, using the most deadly weapon of all marks him as a disgraced outcast. [[spoiler: Syl, Kaladin's BondCreature eventually gains the ability to become a Shardblade, but it turns out that living Shardblades, wielded by a Radiant are {{Morph Weapon}}s, so she mostly takes the form of a Shardspear.]]²* In ''Literature/DonQuixote'', the legendary knight errant wannabe/Misadventurer/Badass uses his lance the most out of his three weapons. He also carries a sword and a shield, of course, but his lance features the most in his most famous adventures, especially the legendary battle with the windmills.²%%* In the Virgil Cole/Everett Hitch novels by [[JesseStone Robert B. Parker]], Everett's weapon of choice is an 8 gauge shotgun.²* ''Literature/DeathToTheFrench'': The Baker Rifle. The Rifle along with the green uniform is a highly visible weapon and symbol that separates a Rifleman from the common soldier armed with muskets.²* The titular protagonist of ''Literature/{{Sharpe}}'', a tough-as-nails British Army rifleman turned officer after he saved the life of UsefulNotes/TheDukeOfWellington in India, also uses a Baker Rifle, but also uses a 1796 heavy cavalry sabre for fighting in close quarters. He prefers, and is much more skilled with, the rifle. Not only is the pairing very effective in combat as the cavalry sword is able to power through lighter officer swords and the rifle has more range and accuracy than either a musket or a pistol, but they serve as a reminder of the character's humble beginnings and where he is now. Sgt. Harper, Sharpe's second-in-command, uses a [[ Nock gun]], [[RareGuns a seven-barrelled smoothbore developed in limited numbers by the Royal Navy]]; the gun has understandably immense firepower, ''especially'' at close range and with it, ridiculous recoil (in real life the British found the gun was CoolButInefficient as it was very heavy, very slow to reload and it would even often injure the operator by breaking or dislocating their shoulder; Harper never experiences this issue).²* In ''Literature/TheHungerGames'', having a preferred weapon is downright enforced for Tributes during [[DeadlyGame the games themselves]], given the Gamemakers will make sure there is one of those to retrieve. They are usually related to the character's story: protagonist Katniss Everdeen prefers the bow and arrow, because she hunted for food; Johanna Mason wielded an axe, because she's from the logging District; and Finnick Odair had the trident, for being a fisherman.²* In ''Literature/RangersApprentice'', the main characters all have a preferred weapon.²** Halt and Will both favor longbows. Though that's partially because they're the signature weapon of the rangers, it's also reflective of the training and commitment required by the organization. A bow takes a long time to master, just like espionage, stealth, and social manipulation, all things rangers are meant to do. It also reflects how they're not confrontational people, preferring to shape situations to the point that even if conflict breaks out, they can decimate an opponents without putting themselves in danger.²** Horace prefers a simple one handed sword and a buckler shield. The combo is pragmatic and effective, just like Horace. Ironically, it's the shield that gets more mention, fitting for someone who's main drive is to protect others.²** Evelyn/Cassandra uses a sling. As a hunting tool as much as a weapon, its the only weapon she was able to sneak around and master while in the palace, showing how set she is on making sure she's not just a frilly, useless princess.²** Alyss has a dagger. It's not balanced for throwing and is only meant as a weapon of last resort, for good reason. Alyss prefers negotiation and manipulation, and if a fight's broken out she's already failed.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Live-Action TV]]²* ''Series/{{Arrow}}''²** Oliver Queen and his EvilCounterpart Malcolm Merlyn both use bows and arrows.²** John Diggle uses a Glock Pistol.²** Sara Lance/The Canary uses a SimpleStaff, while her sister and successor Laurel Lance used tonfa.²** Slade Wilson/Deathstroke always has at least one sword on hand at all times.²** The Huntress makes use of small crossbows.²** Both versions of Count Vertigo weaponized [[FantasticDrug Vertigo]]. The Count used a double-needle syringe, while Werner Zytle uses throwing darts.²** Prometheus uses shuriken [[spoiler:forged from Oliver's discarded arrowheads]].²* Series/{{Xena|WarriorPrincess}} of course has her [[ Chakram]] (a weapon originally associated with the Sikhs). In Season 5, she swapped her older chakram for a [[ new model]] that resembled a [[UsefulNotes/{{Taoism}} yin-yang]], and could split into two hand-held bladed weapons.²** Gabrielle also had her Sais starting in season 5 and lasting until the end of the series, and her (less exclusive) staff in seasons 1-3.²* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':²** Buffy has her Slayer Scythe during the last few episodes of season seven, right up to the end of [[ComicBook/BuffyTheVampireSlayer season eight]]. She and every other Slayer within spitting distance.²** The rest of the time, of course, she has her wooden stakes, especially earlier in the show when she fought vampires more often. She also has her crossbow for them. ²* ''Series/{{Angel}}'' follows this trope more closely, particularly with [[TheSmartGuy smart guy]] Wesley in the [[TookALevelInBadass later seasons]]. While the other characters stick with more traditional fantasy weapons like axes and swords, he starts bringing along shotguns, dual pistols, and a healthy dose of GunFu. Unfortunately, it [[ImmuneToBullets doesn't often help]].²** Gunn also carries his Hubcap-Axe until season 4.²* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':²** SwordsAreHeroic for characters like Ned, Jon, Arya, Robb, Stannis, Jaime, and Brienne, but other characters also wield them.²** Joffrey owns ornate swords such as Hearteater and Widow's Wail as propaganda, but prefers to kill helpless victims with a crossbow that takes much less skill and training.²** Tyrion tends to wield axes, which suit his short stature.²** Yara and the other Ironborn also use axes, alluding to their Viking-esque culture.²** BoisterousBruiser Robert Baratheon favoured a warhammer.²** Like many Dornishmen, Oberyn Martell favours a spear during a duel.²** In the North, some sigils are taken from their respective House's preferred weapon. The Flaying knife for House Bolton, PowerFist for House Glover, and AnAxeToGrind for House Cerwyn.²* ''Series/TheMysticKnightsOfTirNaNog'':²** Rohan, TheHero, uses a sword.²** Deirdre, TheChick, uses a crossbow.²** Ivar, the Knight of Water, uses a trident.²** Angus, the Knight of Earth, uses a mace, probably just because it's round, and they had to show boulders shooting out of it.²** Garrett, the SixthRanger with serious ego issues, uses an ax.²%%* ''Franchise/SuperSentai''/ ''Franchise/PowerRangers'': You can expect almost every team to have character-specific weapons in addition to smaller guns / swords (or guns that turn into swords), and in most cases the personal weapons will combine to form a blaster for the FinishingMove. Listing every example could be a page in itself.²* ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'': In the original lineup, Jason the Red Ranger (TheHero) used a sword, Zack the Black Ranger (TheLancer) used an axe, Trini the Yellow Ranger (ActionGirl) used twin daggers, Billy the Blue Ranger (TheSmartGuy) used a [[DoubleWeapon lance that could split in two]], and Kimberly the Pink Ranger (TheChick) used a bow. When Tommy the Green Ranger first appeared, he also used a sword, but he changed to a dagger that could summon his [[HumongousMecha Dragonzord]] after his HeelFaceTurn. All of them except Tommy had blasters as backup... because Tommy's dagger could fire, both energy blasts, as well as lightning.²* ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' follows the trope with Western-inspired (of course) weapons. Mal, TheHero has a gun based on a six-shooter and an old-fashioned mentality to go with it. Zoe carries a custom 1892 Winchester rifle (and, unusually, a bulletproof vest, befitting a consummate professional who's ready for trouble). Jayne, the other badass, has an assortment but favours an assault rifle and a BIG knife. Inara, the mysterious woman, uses a futuristic bow (she also holds a stolen laser pistol, but it doesn't work; when she then pulls one that she claims ''does'', it is of course an ornate, delicate and high-tech looking one). The rest of the crew make do with pistols and shotguns of varying accuracy. Though notably Wash uses a Mateba auto-revolver which considering their scarcity and quirky design fits his character quite well.²* ''Series/{{Sharpe}}'': Richard Sharpe uses his Baker rifle to devastating effects. He also carries a 1798 pattern cavalry sword, which is essentially a sharpened club with a knuckleduster attached.²* The P90 personal defense weapon is basically the signature weapon of ''Series/StargateAtlantis'' and ''Series/StargateSG1'', carried by most [[HumansByAnyOtherName tau'ri]] from the SGC.²** In the early seasons of SG-1, Teal'c usually used the Goa'uld staff weapon, as did Bra'tac who's absolutely badass with it. After many seasons of CharacterDevelopment, Teal'c finally switched over to DualWielding P90s.²** Ronon Dex instead carries a [[HandCannon Traveler energy pistol]] (plus gunplay), a [[{{BFS}} Satedan ceremonial sword]] and a [[CrazyPrepared shitload of]] [[KnifeNut knives]].²* Many of the cast of ''Series/TheWalkingDead'' wield weapons that tell a lot about them.²** Rick uses a very large, nickel-plated Colt Python, showing that he's an idealist (nickel-plated = shining armor) field leader (pistols demonstrate leader, but the size implies he actually uses it. Very much contrasted to Shane's Mossberg 590. [[spoiler: He stops using it when he starts going crazy, but uses it again when he starts getting his act back together.]]²** Dale always has a scoped Remington 700 VLS in his hands, fitting since he is both the lookout, and the one who spends his time watching the others.²** Daryl uses a crossbow, representing his simple, country-folk nature.²** Michonne uses a katana, demonstrating her foreign nature.²** Merle’s bayonet hand symbolizes the fact that he himself has become little more than a tool for the Governor. Notably, he loses the bayonet at the same time he is betrayed by the Governor and reunited with his MoralityPet Daryl.²** Morally-conflicted GentleGiant Tyreese uses a hammer, which can be used both to destroy and to create. ²** Carol’s snub-nosed pistol is small, unassuming, and easily concealed, much like its owner. Also, it’s a revolver, just like Rick’s gun, but in a tinier package that is no less deadly.²** After the deaths of those closest to her, Sasha begins using a silenced sniper rifle, which is fitting for a person who has become detached, [[ColdSniper cold]] and quiet.²** Morgan Jones wields a SimpleStaff, which reflects his newfound sturdiness and opposition to spilling blood.²** The Wolves use various primitive weapons: knives, machetes, axes, spears, and sickles. This highlights their primal savagery and brings to mind a composite of various barbarian archetypes such as HornyVikings, TheHashshashin, and [[{{Pirate}} Pirates]].²** Negan uses his barbed-wire covered baseball bat "Lucille", which allows him to kill up close and as painfully as possible.²* Duncan in ''{{Series/Highlander}}'' has a dragonhead katana similar to Connor's in the movie (but not the same one). On rare occasions, he had a broadsword instead, though (and in one specific episode, he used his father's claymore). Methos had a medieval Ivanhoe broadsword and Richie a rapier until just before his death. Each immortal basically had a signature weapon. In many cases, the chosen weapon was a bit of insight to the period the character grew up in or an important event in their past.²* In the TV version as well as others, ''Radio/TheLoneRanger'' always shoots silver bullets. Though it's really too soft for bullets, it symbolized justice by law and his vow to shoot to wound, not kill.²* ''Series/BlueBloods'': In keeping with his CowboyCop attitude, Danny Reagan carries a noticeably different, silver pistol rather than the black Glocks used by the rest of the NYPD cast (other than Frank's ancient [[RevolversAreJustBetter Fitz Special]]). [[ IMFDB identifies it as a Smith & Wesson 5946,]] a pragmatic choice by the props department considering that the weapon, though not standard issue, is still allowed by NYPD regs in real life.²* Despite living in a universe with FrickinLaserBeams, [[Franchise/StarTrek Klingon]] [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy warriors]] prefer the ancient ''bat'leth'' (a curved, two-handed sword) as a true test of combat prowess.²* ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'': After [[RunningGag talking about it for a while]], [[TheBigGuy Mack]] constructs a shotgun with an axe built into the barrel -- allowing him to do severe damage from a distance and then get in close to deliver a finishing blow -- in the Season 3 finale. From that point forward, it becomes his default weapon in most situations. ²* ''Series/StarTrekPicard'': In the Franchise/TrekVerse, it's unexpected for a person from a spacefaring civilization to depend almost exclusively on a sword when energy weapons are the norm, but in Elnor's case, he's an old-school Romulan WarriorMonk who upholds the Qowat Milat customs and lifestyle of a bygone era when his species was a ProudWarriorRace. His preference for the tan qalanq over conventional {{Ray Gun}}s reflects that he's noble, forthright, courageous and a [[MasterSwordsman total badass]] -- anyone who dares to challenge Elnor in combat should NeverBringAGunToAKnifeFight because GunsAreWorthless when he can DodgeTheBullet.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Music]]²* Many musicians have a preferred brand or downright singular instrument, which becomes an IconicItem for fans. One such case is Music/BrianMay and his homemade guitar, the Red Special. To such an extent that, when appearing at a concert celebrating the Fender Stratocaster, he still played the Red Special.²* Music/TendonLevey and the oversized, blood-stained honey dipper ("The Bloodydipper") which receives numerous mentions throughout his work and appears on a couple of his album covers.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]²* Wrestling/TripleH has been using a sledgehammer as his weapon of choice since May of 1999, when he used it to bash in a casket with Wrestling/TheRock inside. He does very noticeably use his fist to cover the head of the hammer since a real hit with the hammer would likely knock out some teeth.²* Wrestling/MickFoley's barbed wire baseball bat, Barbie.²* Wrestling/JohnCena, the Wrestling/JunkyardDog, Hercules, Wrestling/{{Ivan|Koloff}} & Wrestling/NikitaKoloff and other wrestlers used to use chains.²* Wrestling/StanHansen and other cowboy wrestlers used to bring a bullrope to the ring, often with a cowbell attached to it.²* Larry Zbyszko had a set of nunchucks during his martial arts phase in the 1980's.²** During a feud with Zbyszko, Wrestling/NickBockwinkel began bringing a whip to the ring to combat his nunchucks.²* The "Singapore Cane" was the preferred weapon of many ECW wrestlers, most notably [[Wrestling/JimFullington The Sandman]].²* Wrestling/JimCornette was famous for his loaded tennis racket.²* Wrestling/JimmyHart would clobber opponents from behind with his bullhorn - when he wasn't verbally taunting them through it.²%%* JJ Dillon would regularly take off one of his shoes and use it as a weapon, or give it to one of the Four Horsemen.²* Wrestling/TheMoondogs used to bring large bones to the ring to use on opponents.²* The Wrestling/BigBossman regularly used a night stick, including at least once having a "Night Stick On A Pole Match".²* For a while, Wrestling/TheBeautifulPeople used to have a pink night stick they called "The Ugly Stick".²* After adopting his Crow persona, Wrestling/{{Sting}} regularly used a black baseball bat, sometimes using more than one.²%%* Anyone who wins a Money In The Bank briefcase is known to use it as a weapon before cashing it in.²%%* Wrestling/RobVanDam works the classic wrestling folding chair into several of his trademark moves, namely the Van Daminator and Van Terminator.²%%* The Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) concept was based around the favoured wrestling-weaponry of the 3 teams involved in its inception. WWE had Wrestling/TheDudleyBoys powerbombing people through tables[[note]]Eventually, [[{{Flanderization}} flanderizing]] them into only being about tables and catchphrases[[/note]]. [[Wrestling/MattHardy The]] [[Wrestling/JeffHardy Hardyz]] were experts with ladders. Wrestling/{{Edge}} and Wrestling/{{Christian}} would do a double-team chairshot they called the [[PunnyName "Con-Chair-To"]].²[[/folder]]²²%%[[folder:Roleplay]]²%%* ''Roleplay/RubyQuest''; One of the fanarts featured Ace with some sort of {{MacGyver|ing}}'d cane/hook/spear thing, which actually made it into the game. The main characters have weapons of choice themselves: Ruby has a [[IncrediblyLamePun mean left hook]], while Tom prefers a crowbar, which was later swapped for a [[ImprovisedWeapon BLUDGEONY CANESHOVEL]].²%%[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Tabletop Games]]²%%* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' 3rd edition's feats allow players to specialize in particular weapons to a greater or lesser degree. This is usually done by Fighters, since their bonus feats are more or less designed for it.²%%** There is also the Weapon Master PrestigeClass, which requires the character to choose one type of weapon to focus on before they can take the class.²%%** And 4th Edition's Fighters has a different spin, first one chooses feats that work for a specific weapon, then powers that lend themselves to different weapons.²%%* The Weapon Master advantage in ''TabletopGame/{{GURPS}}'' lets the character use a particular weapon or class of weapons well beyond what a normal human can even attempt.²%%* Although the Fighting Style merits in the core ''TabletopGame/NewWorldOfDarkness'' book mostly focus on martial arts, quite a few in the supplementary material center around a specific type of weapon (examples include [[KnifeNut knife-fighting]], sword-and-shield, and [[{{BFS}} heavy swords]]).²* In ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'' each class has proficiency in a few weapons related to their nature and playstyle.²** Classes like fighters and barbarians are proficient in high-damage weapons, usually two-handed, a reflection of their role as damage dealers and front-line combatants. On the other hand, they also tend to have the largest selection of proficient weapons, demonstrating their skill with all manner of weapons.²** Arcane casters like wizards and sorcerers are proficient in only the simplest weapons. As magic users, they shouldn't be fighting with weapons at all and their meager weapon choices reflect this.²** Clerics gain a weapon proficiency based on the god they follow, making their weapon choice an extension of their faith.²** Rogues get knives, bows, and other weapons that are easy to conceal and meant to inflict precise wounds, much like how rogues themselves are best when making tactical attacks on unaware or vulnerable enemies.²* The various armies of ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'' utilize different types and styles of weaponry in accordance with their culture and personalities. Even the designs of the same types of weapon vary in this way (for example, the spears used by High Elves are thin, elegant, leaf-bladed things with gentle, flowing curves, while their Dark Elf cousins use equally slender but jagged and spiked spears. Human spears tend to be a lot thicker and cruder, and Orc spears thicker and cruder still).²** The iconic weapon of the Empire, which the majority of its footsoldiers use, is the versatile halberd, which fits with the Empire army being the most versatile in the game (interestingly most other armies only give halberds to elite units). They also use spearmen and swordsmen, especially from more rural provinces, and missile support comes from a mix of archers, crossbowmen and handgunners. Plus the Empire has large train of gunpowder artillery. There are also small numbers of young noblemen fighting on horseback with a brace of pistols, smaller numbers of engineers with experimental repeating handguns and plenty of classic armoured knights with couched lances or cavalry hammers. Their elite infantry use Zweihander-style greatswords, just like the German Landesknechts who form their major inspiration. Basically the Empire is defined by its use of a wide variety of real-world early modern European weaponry.²** Orcs and Goblins tend to use crude hacking swords and cleavers (called Choppas) that are little more than a sharp lump of metal on a stick, a well as equally crude spears and daggers. For missile fire they rely on crude bows, cobbled-together trebuchets and small bolt throwers. Savage Orc weapons are just as crude, but knapped out of flint and bone, rather than pig iron. Orcs are basically low-tech barbarians with little time for art or craftsmanship, and their weapons reflect this.²** Dwarfs, as peerless metalworkers, craftsmen and engineers, use sturdy, reliable and superlatively forged axes and hammers to fight with, paired with intricately carved round metal shields. They eschew swords, bows and wooden-hafted weapons as feeble, their preference for solid metal axes and hammers fitting with their blunt, no-nonsense demeanour. They also craft rifled handguns (or crossbows) and more technologically advanced war machines than the humans of the Empire, but being far more naturally conservative don't tend to go in for the same levels of steampunk insanity that Imperial engineers do. Their miners, as would be expected, use pickaxes.²** The High Elves, as a graceful, skilled and artistic race, use slender spears, longbows and elegant dueling swords as their primary weapons - all with leaf-shaped blades, intricate artistic flourishes and curved, flowing lines. Most are encrusted with carved gemstones, and many hung with ribbons. For war machines they use similarly elegant bolt throwers, the bow-piece shaped to resemble the outstretched wings of an eagle and with a repeating mechanism to fire a hail of small darts. Their elites fight with larger, two-handed weapons - greatswords for the Swordmasters of Hoeth, halberds for the Phoenix Guard and woodsman's axes for the White Lions - but these are also very slender examples of their kind, relying on perfect balance and swing rather than brute force for their effect (and the elves that use them are trained so superlatively that they can use them as dextrously as a human might use a regular sword). The Sisters of Avelorn use magical bows that fire arrows of searing blue flame, demonstrating that High Elves are the most magical of the races.²** The Dark Elves are a twisted, corrupted mirror of the High Elves, and use similar weapons but styled with ripping spikes and blades and jagged, discordant edges. Instead of bows they use repeating crossbows that fire a hail of barbed darts, and they supplement their armoury with vicious harpoons, hooked blades, whips and razor nets. ²** The Wood Elves favor the longbow, and fight with it almost exclusively, though they do have some spearmen and sword-dancers as well. Wood Elf weapons are made from the wood of living trees, and just as intricately carved and crafted as those of their High Elf cousins, and in the same style - albeit with virtually no metal components, blades being made from obsidian, flint or at best beaten copper. Wood Elves are intimately connected to nature, and thus prefer simpler, less industrially-produced weaponry.²** The men of Bretonnia fight primarily as armoured knights, wearing a panoply of armor and using weapons drawn from the armouries of European knights from the 12th to 16th centuries - mainly lances and shields. Bretonnia, being a land of Arthurian chivalry and heroic adventure, could hardly be otherwise. Questing Knights, however, use greatswords instead of the lance, which they symbolically set aside to denote giving up their lands and duties in order to quest for the grail. The peasant men-at-arms in Bretonnia are a sorry lot, however, and use badly-kept spears, billhooks and halberds or wooden longbows, like much medieval peasant militia. The contrast with the wide range of weaponry used by the other human army in the game - the Empire - is quite deliberate, and emphasises the distinct cultures of the two nations - chivalric and knightly on the one hand, pragmatic and technological on the other.²** The Lizardmen use stone, gold and obsidian clubs and spears in Mayan, Aztec and Inca style, with javelins and blowpipes for missile support. Their gear is well-crafted and intricately detailed though, in contrast to the crude weapons of Orcs or Beastmen. They also have access to ancient techno-magical devices that shoot laser beams or break open reality - the schizo tech juxtaposition of the lost technologies of the old ones and the barbarous state their lost children have descended into being a big part of the Lizardmen character and aesthetic. ²** Ogres use crude clubs, hefty iron-banded bludgeons and pit-fighting fist spike gauntlets made of beaten iron. They also sometimes steal and re-purpose small cannons to fire a spray of debris (and larger cannons stolen from giants to spray cannonballs!). Ogres live in harsh, mountainous terrain, and know the value of self-sufficiency and scavenging (they're not too technologically capable either, but know a good idea when they see it). Pretty much everything they own is taken violently from others and repurposed.²** The Tomb Kings of Khemri use bronze spears, wooden bows and bronze Kopesh swords of various sizes and ride chariots, in keeping with their Bronze Age aesthetic. They also use sinister trebuchet catapults lashed together from bones, because when you're undead it's just something you have to do...²** The Vampire Counts themselves tend to use baroque medieval and early modern swords and daggers (when they're not fighting with bare claws and fangs), and their skeletal servants wield rusty, notched versions of the same, occasionally spears. Most zombies and ghouls fight with their bare hands, though zombies sometimes have the odd rusty knife or battered farm tool. Wraiths, however, wield gigantic reaping scythes, in keeping with their grim reaper imagery. The Vampire Counts army is more a magical force of nature than a proper military force, and decent equipment is rarely on their agenda - it's what you were buried with or nothing. They have no missile weapons at all.²** The Skaven, as chaotic scavenging rat-men, use thin, nasty-looking blades, spears and cleavers for the most part, usually notched and rusty and dull. They also have a variety of warpstone-powered mad science weapons such as warpfire throwers, ratling guns and glass globes of poisonous gas used as grenades. Clan Eshin, the oriental clan who fight as ninjas, use traditional ninja weapons, such as throwing stars, fighting claws and flat-bladed ninja swords. Clan Pestilens, the Plague Monks, use poison gas censers as makeshift flails!²** Warriors of Chaos generally use hefty axes, swords and hammers, as well as chain flails and large two-handed weapons. A fair number, especially those devoted to Khorne, use two weapons and eschew shields. They are no-nonsense born warriors and boisterous vikings, so close combat is what they're all about. They also have no traditional missile weapons beyond the odd throwing axe or throwing spear. Most of the weapons used by the Warriors of Chaos are forged by Chaos Dwarf smiths, and thus tend to be of high quality, and occasionally intricately detailed. Some of their heroes wield sentient weapons possessed by daemons.²** Beastmen tend to use the same kinds of hefty axes, cleavers and bludgeons as their Chaos Warrior fellows, though the scrawny, feeble Ungors use crude spears and shortbows instead to emphasise their sneakiness and lack of prowess.²** Most Daemons of Chaos, being otherworldly spirit-entities, do not use weapons beyond their natural claws, teeth and hooked appendages, but some use eldritch versions of swords and axes - classic weapons that inspire myths and archetypes, because daemons assume forms derived from myth and archetype when they manifest. The martial daemons of Khorne, in particular, use nasty-looking blood-dripping Hellblades, while the sensuous, seductive daemons of slaanesh sometimes use barbed whips and lashes.²* TabletopGame/{{Hunter The Vigil}} actually uses this as a game mechanic. Hunters can become attached a particular weapon, giving themselves a firm grasp on their mental state and let's them focus on the task at hand.²%%* ''TabletopGame/Warhammer40000'':²%%** Eldar favor advanced laser weaponry and blade-firing "shuriken catapults", along with long swords.²%%*** Eldar Aspect Warriors all specialize in a single type of weaponry, from the above shuriken catapults, to chainswords or powerswords, to powerful laser weapons, to microwave "melta" guns, to guns that fire streams of "razor floss" -- supersharp monomolecular wire.²%%*** Harlequins are close-combat specialists whose signature weapon is a narrow sharpened tube, similar to an oversized hypodermic needle, that punches through armor and shoots a jet of the aforementioned monomolecule wire inside their targets, effectively liquifying them inside their battlesuits/exoskeletons.²%%** Dark Eldar utilize similar weaponry to the Eldar, though firing antimatter instead of lasers and needle-like shards instead of discs.²%%** The standard weapon of the [[SuperSoldier Space Marines]] is a fully-automatic-armor-piercing-rocket-propelled-grenade-launcher. Their ''heavy'' weapons are quite varied. For close combat, theres the good old fashioned [[ChainsawGood chainsword]].²%%** Daemonhunters (the "Ordo Malleus") like [[DropTheHammer really big force hammers]].²%%** Orks don't usually have a preferred weapon of choice; rather, they prefer to ensure whatever they're carrying has either [[{{BFS}} "more choppy"]] or [[MoreDakka "more dakka."]] Or both.²%%** The Tau are in love with their plasma guns, as well as railguns and guided missiles.²%%** The humble Imperial Guardsman typically carries a simple, durable, and (for the setting) low-powered lasgun. However, the sheer variety of weapons available to the Imperial guard also means that any given squad can have everything from grenade launchers to bipod-mounted autocannons to handheld anti-tank fusion cannons.²%%** The Necrons have a distinct preference for weapons which strip apart their target layer by layer, but a few enjoy skinning you with their claws, then wearing your skin.²%%** The Witch Hunters KillItWithFire.²%%** The Tyranids prefer to jump on your face and eat you, though they're not above using [[LivingWeapon biological firearms]] grown using their particular brand of OrganicTechnology.²%%* In ''TabletopGame/RocketAge'' the Martian Warpriests of the Order of the Hamaxe use their custom-made hamaxes, a weapon that has both an axe blade and a hammer on the head. Of course, there are far more examples.²[[/folder]]²²%%[[folder:Toys]]²%%* Toys/{{BIONICLE}} has frequently used this trope. It is also important to note that many of the weapons used by Toa characters are often not really used for combat, which is why they are referred to as "tools" rather than weapons. They are used as focuses for their elemental powers to make them easier to control.²%%** The HotBlooded leader Tahu initially used a flame-shaped sword which was later upgraded to a pair of extremely wide swords that were curved one one side and flame shaped on the other and could be combined together to form a lava surfboard and which later was replaced by a spinning three bladed weapon and a blaster which fired energy that he could shape with his mind, only to later switch back to his original flame-shaped sword. A similar flame-shaped sword was also used by Jaller when he became a toa and leader of his own team, though it later changed to a more normal looking sword. Another flame-shaped sword was used by Ackar, leader of the Glatorians.²%%** TheLancer Kopaka used a sword and a shield which he sometimes used as a sled. Later he gained an improved version of his shield and a double bladed weapon that could [[BifurcatedWeapon be split into two swords]] that also could be turned into a pair of skis. Later he switched over to a blaster with a small blade attached to it for aerial combat.²%%** Pohatu did not really have a weapon at all at first, but instead had extra armor on his feet that were good for kicking boulders at his enemies, and later gained a pair of claw like weapons useful for climbing that could also be combined into a ball. Later he gained a pair of helicopter blades and a shoulder mounted blaster for aerial combat.²%%** Gali stared out with a pair of hooks used for swimming and climbing and later a pair of axes, and after that a blaster that was excellent for sniping.²%%** Lewa used an ax but later switched over to a pair of modified katana that helped him with gliding, and later switched to just one sword and a blaster.²%%** Onua, who was most at home underground, used a pair of giant claws for digging and later switched over to a pair of chainsaw like tools also useful for digging but could also be worn on his feet where they would act like all terrain tank treads, and later switched to a shield and a blaster.²%%** The SixthRanger Takanuva used a staff that was based off of a staff he used to play sports before he became a Toa. After losing this he was given a three pronged lance and a blaster, but later switched back to a pair of staffs similar to his original one.²%%** The BigBad Makuta Teridax used CombatTentacles in his fist appearance and in his fight with Takanuva he used an evil version of Takanuva's staff (challenging him to a much more dangerous version of the sport the staffs were originally for).²%%** In an example of GoodWeaponEvilWeapon, the Barraki, a group of evil warlords mutated in sea monsters, used launchers that fired [[AbnormalAmmo squids as ammo]] while the characters who opposed them used either six barreled cannons that fired explosives or guns that fired gas bubbles toxic to water-breathers.²%%** Zaktan, leader of the Piraka, a group of false toa who all suffered CronicBackstabbingDisorder, used a weapon that had three blades on one end and a pair of pincers on the other. This weapon was actually part of his body, as it had been transformed with him when he became a swarm of microscopic creatures. Most of the members of the Piraka also used weapons that acted as one weapon on one end and a different one on the other.²%%** As a Toa, Vakama, who was far less HotBlooded and experienced than Tahu, used a disk launcher that doubled as a jetpack. When mutated into an animalistic form, he and the rest of his team all duel wielded claw like weapons that looked like mutated versions of their old weapons. After he and his team sacrificed their powers, each of them carried a unique staff weapon that marked them as the leaders of their respective villages. Vakama's had a welding tool on the end, Nokama's was a trident, Nuju's was an ice pick, Whenua had a drill, Onewa had a hammer, and Matau had a buzzsaw.²%%** Hewkii, who had been an athlete before he became a toa, and was famous for his aiming skills, by coincidence ended up with a MaskOfPower that made him an ImprobableWeaponUser with ImprobableAimingSkills when he first became a toa.²%%** Mata Nui, the BigGood of the series, after losing his original body, used a large sword and a living shield that was made from a beetle he became friends with and gave the [[EquipableAlly ability to turn into a shield.]]²%%** Malum, an extremely hot blooded Glatorian who was exiled for not ending a fight after his opponent had given up and became the alpha male of a pack of vorox, favored claws.²%%[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Video Games]]²* [[AIIsACrapshoot [=GLaDOS=]]] of the ''Videogame/{{Portal}}''-series is the sentient MasterComputer that runs Aperture Science. She's a violent, [[{{Pun}} toxic]] DeadpanSnarker, who killed her creators and spends her days performing tests on unwilling test subjects. Is it ''really'' that surprising that her favorite elimination method is flooding the room with [[DeadlyGas deadly neurotoxin]]?²-->'''[=GLaDOS=]:''' Good news. I just found out what that thing you just incinerated did. It was a [[RestrainingBolt Morality Core]] they installed when I flooded the Enrichment Centre with a deadly neurotoxin, to stop me from flooding the Enrichment Centre [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment with a deadly neurotoxin]]. [[OhCrap So get comfortable while I warm up the neurotoxin emitters]]...²%%* The [[AxCrazy Tall Man]] of VideoGame/ChzoMythos uses a giant metal spike with four extremely wide scythe-like blades installed on one of the ends. His preferred method of killing is ramming the bottom of the spike through the very top of the victim's skull. {{Squick}} indeed.²* ''VideoGame/MetalGear:''²** Meryl Silverburgh in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'' demonstrates how she's a HotBlooded youngster who wants to be a hero by picking up a [[HandCannon .50AE Desert Eagle]]. This is in contrast to Snake, who was left with the only slightly more reasonable .45 SOCOM pistol - demonstrating himself as a remorseful veteran who nevertheless is every bit the badass as Meryl thinks, no matter how much he tries to deny it. By ''VideoGame/{{Metal Gear Solid 4|GunsOfThePatriots}}'', Meryl's kept that Desert Eagle and uses it alongside a second one with [[SniperPistol a long barrel and a scope]], using them to demonstrate when trouble comes knocking that, no matter what trauma she went through on Shadow Moses, she's ended up every bit as badass as she dreamed of.²** Vulcan Raven had the M61 Vulcan he ripped from a downed F-16 to show he's an effin' giant.²** Revolver Ocelot favours revolvers as he styles himself as a modern cowboy, he even enjoys the dangerous process of reloading a revolver in the middle of a fight. The player knows something is up when he ditches his signature guns in the 4th game.²** In ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty'', Raiden receives the same SOCOM Snake had in the first game, some subtle {{foreshadowing}} as to how [[spoiler:not only is Raiden deliberately trying to be just like Snake, but the entire Plant chapter is a simulated exercise designed to ''make'' Raiden into a super soldier as capable as Snake.]] By the end when [[GainaxEnding everything is going completely off the rails]], he takes up a high-frequency blade to [[DivergentCharacterEvolution symbolically distance himself from Snake]], and while he still visibly has the SOCOM on him for ''[=MGS4=]'', he nevertheless makes almost-exclusive use of various bladed weapons throughout ''[=MGS4=]'' and ''VideoGame/{{Metal Gear Rising|Revengeance}}''.²** The bosses of ''Sons of Liberty'' had their own weapons of choice - Fatman had his bombs (he's a MadBomber), Fortune had her gigantic railgun (which she could use without problem because [[BornLucky her luck allowed so]]), Vamp was a KnifeNut and Solidus Snake had CombatTentacles and a P90 machine gun. These are in turn recycled into the ''[=MGS4=]'' Beauty and the Beast Unit: Raging Raven wields a grenade launcher, Crying Wolf had an attached railgun, Screaming Mantis shoots blades, and Laughing Octopus used both the tentacles and the gun.²** ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater'' goes the foreshadowing route again with several characters:²*** EVA uses a Chinese copy of the Mauser C96 pistol, and uses [[GangstaStyle a traditional Chinese technique to sweep an entire area]]; it turns out near the end [[spoiler:she's not actually support sent to assist Snake, but a Chinese agent sent in to steal the same thing Snake came for.]]²*** Ocelot, as a Major in the GRU, starts off with a Makarov pistol, but Snake suggests he switches to revolvers based on his shooting style. When he does so a week later, he's switched to the Single Action Army, one of the most distinctly-American firearms ever. [[spoiler:The whole time, he turns out to actually have been the CIA agent Snake was meant to meet, ADAM.]]²*** The Boss carries a heavily-modified and chopped-down M16, referred to as the "Patriot". Its base shows the Boss' origin as America's greatest hero; [[spoiler:its name gives away that she [[FakeDefector never actually defected]], being so fiercely patriotic that she was willing to die for her country, even for petty reasons.]]²%%** ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater'' has main protagonist "Naked Snake" utilizing his trusty M1911/Knife combo, Ocelot's beginnings and shaping of his trademark revolvers, The Joy's badass accessory the Patriot, which is just an [=XM16E1=] with the butt sawed off, and the barrel shortened, and attached with an infinite drum barrel magazine, Eva using the Mauser+ traditional shooting styles (Bandit shooting), The Fear's crossbows, The Pain's Killer Bees, The End's Mosin Nagant (customized for tranq rounds), The Fury's Flamesuit/jet pack, and Volgin's use of his power to fire bullets.²* ''Videogame/DynastyWarriors''. Simple one-handed swords are generally popular with the leaders of major factions and calm individuals while large polearms are fairly common with the tougher but not necessarily nuts enforcers. Women tend to get weapons that most men wouldn't dare carry. Lu Bu, the game's most feared character, tended to wield a halberd as if it were a one-handed sword. ''Dynasty Warriors 6'' however changed things up a bit, as before that everyone had more or less always used the same weapon.²* Everyone in the ''[[VideoGame/SoulSeries SoulCalibur]]'' series: swords, whips, axes, and even some rather strange weapons (see Necrid's fragment of an alternate universe).²* ''Videogame/{{Earthbound}}'' has a variation where Ness, the hero, [[BatterUp uses a baseball bat]] (which could be [[JustifiedTrope excused]] by his wearing a baseball cap) or a KillerYoyo. However, Paula, the WhiteMage, wields a frying pan, Jeff, the smart guy, uses guns, and Poo, the martial artist, uses either nothing or a sword. In general, the series gives baseball bats (or regular staves, in Lucas's case) to [[HeroesPreferSwords the character that would get a sword]] in most other games of its type, and frying pans to [[SimpleStaff the character that would get a staff]].²* In ''VideoGame/GranblueFantasy'' but with few exceptions, each class has two types of weapons they can equip as their main weapon. The primary exception is the Grappler line, who can only equip melee weapons. The Harpist line also greatly favors Harps over their secondary Daggers, because Harps are able to boost their abilities.²* ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger'' has this as well. The hero, Crono, has his trusty katana (and starts, like all good swordsmen, with a bokken/wooden sword). Marle, instead of a staff, finds herself with a crossbow. Lucca, the mad genius, gets the guns of the game. The knightly Frog takes to Western weapons (oddly, the game's Masamune is this style and not a katana). Ayla, the primitive woman, gets her bare fists (cutscenes show her with a club). Robo uses robot parts. Finally, gothic and anti-hero [[spoiler:Magus]] gets... yes, the scythe.²* ''VideoGame/ChronoCross'' has LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters, and their weapons usually relate to the character's origins or class: protagonist Serge has the Swallow, a double-sided boat oar, because he's a fisherman; villain Lynx has a scythe; the thief Kid has knives; swords are used by both a knight (Glenn) and a pirate (Fargo); [[InstrumentOfMurder instruments]] for a musician (Nikki, guitar) and a mermaid (Irenes, harp); a hammer for a blacksmith (Zappa), etc²* Despite having four (or five to six depending on the game) types of melee weapons, ''Franchise/FireEmblem'' manages to do this; most axe fighters are obsessed with fighting in one way or another (and Kieran in ''Path of Radiance''/''Radiant Dawn'', who takes "Proud Warrior" to an extreme, is an Axe Knight), all but four (all but one of whom play second fiddle) of the lead characters use swords, and ALL thieves and assassins in the series use knives (at least in battle sprites). On the flip side only two archers in the series qualify for the listed personality and spear wielding units are just as competent as the other ones. It also subverts this slightly with weapons effective on certain types of foes (such as a large mallet being good on armored units) though.²** Also of note that there are two different classes that wield swords. First is Mercenary/[[HeroesPreferSwords Hero]] (the sprites in the GBA games were broadswords regardless of sword used), the other being Myrmidon/[[KatanasAreJustBetter Swordmaster]] (the sprites here used Eastern-style katanas). Swordmasters also generally get a specialized sword late game called the Wo Dao (which in the later games just is a Katana). Heroes are generally more manly and romantic-male-lead-ish when it comes to looks. While the majority of Swordmasters are females, or males that are [[{{Bishonen}} very pretty]], the animations for the Swordmaster attacks seem very graceful compared to the straight power of the Hero (graceful is badass). The [[RoyalRapier rapier]] weapon (appears in most games) is usually usable only by the games leading character (who is always royal, giving them a proper societal weapon). The exceptions are Lyndis (''Blazing Sword'') and Ike (''Path of Radiance'' and ''Radiant Dawn''). Lyndis has her own legendary katana, and Ike isn't actual royalty (and all his animations would fit way more with a Broadsword than a rapier).²** THE {{Mook}} class in most Fire Emblem games, the Soldier, is a spear-wielding infantry class. Meanwhile, the Knight is the player's primary spear-wielding class and they ARE generally portrayed as calm and collected, although exceptions do exist. Mounted classes and Archers still avert this trope.²* ''VideoGame/{{Wild ARMs 3}}'': sunny heroine gets [[GunsAkimbo pistols akimbo]] (with flowery holsters). Wise, composed, always suggests best course of action science guy has the sniper rifle. Impulsive ditz gets the sawed-off shotgun. Badass amnesiac loner gets machine gun and ammo bandoliers.²* In ''VideoGame/MonsterHunter'', this is actually the closest thing there is to a class system. Each weapon handles very differently and it might take some time to figure out which one is your favourite, but most players have at least one. For instance, Great Swords have a long wind-up between each attack but inflict very heavy damage if they manage to hit, while the Sword and Shield is a lightweight and versatile choice that trades raw hitting power for mobility, elemental/status effects and the ability to use items with the weapon drawn; Hammers have a short reach and no defensive options beyond dodging but hit obscenely hard and can stun monsters with repeated blows to the head, while Lances boast a superb guard and long reach but the offensive power is nothing to write home about. And for the more long-ranged minded, there's the Bowguns; Light Bowguns are quick on the draw and quick on their feet with a wealth of support and status ammo, while Heavy Bowguns slow the wielder down but turn them into a walking artillery piece. ²* ''[[Franchise/ShinMegamiTenseiPersona Persona]]'':²** ''VideoGame/Persona2'':²*** In ''Innocent Sin'': Tatsuya goes with swords [[HeroesPreferSwords because they're there]] (okay because he's a silent protagonist but still). Eikichi is the kind of person to think an assault rifle disguised as a guitar case is ridiculously cool (and a practical disguise since he's a musician). Maya is not-so-secretly a ''huge'' [[{{Adorkable}} dork]] who just loves how flashy she looks with dual pistols. Meanwhile, Lisa already practices martial arts thanks to her father, and Yukino had used razors and thrown blades once upon a time as a former delinquent in the original ''VideoGame/{{Persona}}''. [[spoiler:Elegant and highly-cultured Jun is not only fluent in Japanese flower language, but can fight by ''throwing flowers'' that are somehow as damaging as bullets and blades, possibly as a magical leftover of his time as the Joker.]]²*** In ''Eternal Punishment'': Maya is still {{Adorkable}} about her dual pistols. Katsuya only uses one pistol, because he's a ''professional'' police officer. Ulala is a hard-drinking [[TheLadette lad-ette]] who is already very practiced in boxing. Baofu is a mysterious extortionist who claims to be Taiwanese and can somehow use [[ qigong]] to throw coins and other small objects at ridiculously high (and lethal) speeds.²** The characters in ''VideoGame/Persona3'' openly state the reasons for their specific weapons, whenever it isn't obvious. [[TheHero The male protagonist]] can use anything in the original release and ''FES'', though he unsurprisingly [[HeroesPreferSwords defaults to a one-handed sword]]. Gung-ho everyman [[LeeroyJenkins Junpei]] uses a two-handed sword that he holds like a baseball bat (which is to say, improperly). [[GuysSmashGirlsShoot Yukari]], a member of the Archery Club, uses a bow. Mitsuru, the rich girl, uses an "elegant" one-handed sword that she wields like a fencer. Akihiko, star boxer of the school and a bit of a BloodKnight, uses his fists. Aigis, a RobotGirl, uses attached guns of various types. Koromaru, [[TeamPet a highly intelligent dog]], uses a small knife held in his teeth, presumably to avoid actually biting the monsters. Ken, a WiseBeyondHisYears ten-year-old, uses a spear to even the playing field between him and larger enemies. Shinjiro, the tough dude with issues, uses an axe or mace. In ''FES'', Metis, [[MrExposition Miss Exposition]], also uses an axe, due to its power.²** In the UsefulNotes/PlayStationPortable UpdatedRerelease of ''Persona 3'', the new Heroine wields [[BladeOnAStick naginatas]], presumably due to their historical association with [[ women and famous female samurai]] in Japan. The Hero, though, is now restricted to one-handed swords, and Mitsuru's weapons are specifically referred to as "rapiers."²** Although they don't state it outright like in ''3'', the heroes of ''VideoGame/Persona4'' use weapons that reflect their personalities. TheHero uses broadswords, symbolizing his leadership role. Yosuke tends to go to DualWielding whatever he can get his hands on, which shows his [[IJustWantToBeSpecial desire to be special,]] his goofiness given what he could wield (especially in ''Golden'') and also his versatility showing he is more talented than he appears; additionally, his ''best'' weapons are a pair of wrenches, symbolizing his reliability and desire to help. ActionGirl Chie has leg greaves to best utilize her powerful kicking prowess. YamatoNadeshiko Yukiko uses [[PaperFanOfDoom fans]], showing off her grace and power given her skill in Fire magic attacks. Delinquent Kanji relies on what the game classifies as shields but are really whatever blunt heavy objects he gets his hands on (including a desk and a folding chair). Teddie uses clawed gauntlets and usually fights in his bear outfit. Finally, Naoto uses a gun, which showcases her serious personality and efficiency, especially given the strict firearm rules of Japan.²** The heroes of ''VideoGame/Persona5'' [[TheMusketeer wield two weapons, one ranged and one melee,]] each reflecting their personality and circumstances: TheHero is a dual-faced trickster with a hammy PhantomThief persona who uses {{kni|feNut}}ves and {{handguns}}. Delinquent outcast Ryuji Sakamoto uses {{shotguns|AreJustBetter}} and blunt instruments such as [[PipePain lead pipes]]. Tough-minded HeroicSeductress Ann Takamaki uses {{whip|ItGood}}s and [[MoreDakka sub-machine guns]]. Morgana, a smart-alecky cat-like entity who looks like a Wild West-style Puss in Boots, uses curved swords and [[BratsWithSlingshots slingshots]]. Flamboyant painter Yusuke Kitagawa had a traditional Japanese upbringing and wields {{katanas|AreJustBetter}} and assault rifles. Straight-laced Makoto Niijima, who has self-defense training, comes from a long line of police officers, and loves action movies, uses [[PowerFist brass knuckles]] and {{revolvers|AreJustBetter}} in battle. Rebellious {{Ojou}} Haru Okumura opposes everything her father's corrupt fast-food corporation stands for, which makes her use of {{a|nAxeToGrind}}xes and {{grenade launcher}}s look like deliberate defiance of her refined upbringing. Lastly, Goro Akechi looks to be a straight-laced GreatDetective, but uses {{laser blade}}s and {{ray gun}}s which are stated to be based on "popular ''children's'' toys". Granted, this is likely to show off his belief in justice (especially given how his predecessor, Naoto also has her childish side), though in the animation, it was shown he played hero a lot as a child. [[spoiler:Also serves as evidence being a PsychopathicManchild when he reveals himself to be the murderer. On the other hand, in his true form, he uses {{serrated blade|OfPain}}s and UsefulNotes/{{silence|rs}}d pistols, showing off his abrasiveness and ruthlessness.]]²** The new girl Kasumi Yoshizawa introduced in ''[[UpdatedRerelease Royal]]'' continues this with her weapons to be an estoc (a type of rapier) and rifles, showing off her elegance and grace, evidence of her background as accomplished gymnastics athlete. Additionally, it also shows off her admiration to Joker, especially compounded with how her thief attire is inspired by his own and choice of firearm, a lever-action rifle [[spoiler:is wielded by Joker's Ultimate Persona, Satanael.]]²%%* In ''VideoGame/{{Yakuza}} Dead Souls'', each playable character has a weapon unique to them for taking on the ZombieApocalypse. ²%%** Shun Akiyama uses [[GunsAkimbo a pair of pistols]].²%%** Goro Majima uses an [[ShotgunsAreJustBetter automatic shotgun]].²%%** Ryuji Goda uses [[MoreDakka a machine gun]] [[ArmCannon concealed in his prosthetic left arm]].²%%** Kazuma Kiryu uses [[{{BFG}} an anti-material sniper rifle]].²%%* ''VideoGame/DragonQuest'' characters typically have different usable weapons that depend on their fighting style (staves are pretty much universal among magic-using characters and swords among knights and typically the protagonist as well). An unusual example from the fourth game is Torneko Taloon's use of abacuses (though he can use other weapons, such as swords).²%%** An abacus [[BladeOnAStick on a stick]], mind you, but given we're talking about a merchant here, such a device fits Taloon.²* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'': ²** Link generally picks up all kinds of weapons and equipment that he can use to fight his enemies, but his default armament is almost always [[HeroesPreferSwords a sword and shield]] for close-in fighting and [[BowAndSwordInAccord a bow]] for range, fitting as he tends to sit somewhere between the [[KnightInShiningArmor European knight]] and [[ArcherArchetype elven archer]] archetypes.²** In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime'', Link uses a slingshot during the child portion of the game to symbolize his inexperience. As an adult it's swapped out for the bow. In sequel ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask'' he's experienced enough to use the bow even as a child. ²%%* ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' combines with trope with StandardFPSGuns and AnAdventurerIsYou, giving each class weapons that suit their playstyle and character. Each class will eventually be updated to have three alternate weapons.²%%** [[HuskyRusskie The Heavy]] has [[ICallItVera Sasha]], a [[{{BFG}} huge]] [[GatlingGood minigun]] as his iconic weapon, with a shotgun and [[GoodOldFisticuffs his bare fists]] for backup. His alternate weapons are Natascha, a minigun that slows enemies, the Sandvich and Dalokohs brand chocolate bar which [[HyperactiveMetabolism heal damage]], and the [[FunWithAcronyms Killing Gloves of Boxing]].²%%** [[FragileSpeedster The Scout]] uses a [[SawnOffShotgun scattergun]], a pistol and a [[BatterUp metal baseball bat]]. His alternate weapons include a double-barrelled shotgun with massive kickback, 'Bonk' energy drink for brief invincibility, another soft drink that turns all damage taken and given up by 35% and a bat used to hit stunning baseballs. In another update he got a Fish, a bottle of milk, and another pepperbox pistol.²%%** [[DrillSergeantNasty The Soldier's]] main weapon is a rocket launcher, which can be used to RocketJump, a shotgun and an entrenching tool ([[ShovelStrike a shovel]]). His alternative weapons are a more accurate but less explosive rocket launcher, a bugle, flag and banner that makes everyone else on the team stronger or boots that prevent rocket jump damage instead of the shotgun, and a pickaxe that makes you stronger and faster the less health you have or a makeshift club made out of an axe handle and a large railway nail. He also gets a large, black boxy rocket launcher and a backpack radio that works like the buff banner.²%%** [[PyroManiac The Pyro]] obviously has a [[KillItWithFire flamethrower]], a shotgun and a [[AnAxeToGrind fire axe]], with the alternate weapons being a flamethrower that [[BackStab does more damage from behind]], a flare gun and an axe that does double against burning foes but half otherwise. [[AmbiguousGender S/he]] also gets a car battery combined with a powerjack and a flamer made out of gas station equipment, in addition to [[DropTheHammer a sledgehammer]] which is more effective against enemy buildings and can remove sappers from allied ones.²%%** [[GadgeteerGenius The Engineer]] uses one of two shotguns, a pistol or laser pointer for his sentry and one of three [[WrenchWhack wrenches]] or mechanical fist.²%%** [[MadBomber The Demoman]] uses a grenade launcher, a remotely detonated sticky bomb launcher, and a bottle of rum that breaks on a critical hit. Alternative weapons include a sticky launcher which can lay more bombs at once, a shield that grants less explosive damage, and a massive sword or axe used for cleaving skulls as well as sharing the Soldier's axe-handle-railway-spike.²%%** TheMedic has a nailgun-like Syringe Gun, the [[HealingShiv Healing Gun]] and a bone saw. The alternate weapons are basically the same with special abilities.²%%** [[LandDownUnder The Sniper]] has, obviously, a SniperRifle, a Mauser-style machine gun and a [[KnifeNut kukri]]. The alternates are a bow and arrow for the rifle, and either a jar full of piss or a shield that protects against a backstab in place of the machine gun, as well as another kukri made of wood that cuts up his enemies so they bleed. Other items include a tranquilizing rifle, an even bigger knife, and a shield worn on the back that resembles a croc.²%%** [[MagnificentBastard The Spy]] has a {{revolver|sAreJustBetter}}, a ButterflyKnife that does OneHitKill [[BackStab Back Stabs]], and a watch that doubles as a cloaking device. His alternates are a second revolver than can score a headshot (making him the only class other than the sniper that can), and two more watches: One will cloak the user and leave behind a fake corpse when you take damage, and another that allows you to stay cloaked indefinitely as long as you stop moving every so often. He also gets a [[BlingBlingBang pearl-handled revolver]] which restores cloak when it hits enemies, and another knife which disallows normal disguising in favor of instantly disguising as the person you backstab with it.²%%* In ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedI'', most of the focus is on Altaïr's swords, as they are continually upgraded throughout the plot; the second game and the two that come after it focus on Ezio's hidden blades, as he receives multiple upgrades that turn it into a SwissArmyWeapon (Hidden Gun, Poison Darts, Hookblade, etc.); and Connor from the third has a lot of focus on the Tomahawk, though dual wielding in general is his thing. Desmond himself prefers two small knives in combat, using Connor's fighting style. Edward Kenway from the fourth is shown with a lot of guns in his promotional shots, along with two large cutlasses. ²%%* The protagonist of ''VideoGame/AvalonCode'' uses the Book of Prophecy as the core device; all weapons come from within it, from swords and hammers to bombs and guns. There's always the option to fight unarmed if the player so chooses [[spoiler:or during Chapter 6, after you LOSE the book.]]²%%* In general, the protagonists of any given ''Franchise/ResidentEvil'' game will start with the "Samurai Edge", a highly-customized Beretta 92FS. Knives pop up frequently as well, most notably with the [[PressXToNotDie quick-time boss battle]] between Leon and Krauser in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4''.²* Zero uses a katana and a wide array of weapons in ''Videogame/MegaManX8'' to demonstrate his PersonOfMassDestruction legacy, and the cocky, sneaky Axl gets a pair of pistols. There are two notable subversions, with the pacifist X being equipped with a powerful buster cannon and a massive array of weapons and armor, and the BigBad Sigma using a sword in many of his boss fights - which makes sense he ''used'' to be a good guy.²** There is also ''Videogame/MegaManXCommandMission's'' Ferham, whose whip fits very well with her [[TheBaroness kinky overtones]].²%%* ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}''²%%** All members of the Belmont family use the Vampire Killer whip.²%%** Alucard uses his namesake sword.²%%** RecurringBoss Death has a SinisterScythe.²* The Smith Syndicate, also known as the ''VideoGame/{{Killer7}}'':²** Harman, the [[DisabilitySuperpower wheelchair-bound]] old man has a [[SniperRifle high-powered rifle]].²** Garcian, the second-in-command (or so it seems) and "cleaner" has a silenced pistol.²** Dan, TheLancer has a [[RevolversAreJustBetter revolver]], later upgrading to the [[HandCannon Demon Gun]].²** KAEDE, permanently blood-splattered [[TheChick Chick]] has a [[SniperPistol pistol with a scope]].²** Con, the young, [[BlindSeer blind]] FragileSpeedster has [[GunsAkimbo two rapid-fire pistols]].²** Coyote, the lockpicking rogue and ButtMonkey also has a revolver held GangstaStyle.²** MASK, TheBigGuy, MightyGlacier, and [[AuthorAppeal Luchador]], uses [[GunsAkimbo two]] [[{{BFG}} grenade launchers]].²** Kevin, mysterious albino has [[KnifeNut throwing knives]].²* For ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'', Travis Touchdown's weapon of choice is his [[LaserBlade Beam Katana]] (and obvious [[Franchise/StarWars lightsaber]] {{Expy}}), a fitting weapon for an {{otaku}} obsessed with pop culture. The various bosses he faces have a variety of weapons, most of them [[ImprobableWeaponUser improbable]]:²%%** Death Metal has his Orange II, which is basically a [[{{BFS}} gigantic straight razor]].²%%** Dr. Peace, going with his Western theme, has a [[RevolversAreJustBetter golden revolver]].²%%** Shinobu sticks with an ordinary [[KatanasAreJustBetter Katana]]. But she's good with it. [[ThatOneBoss Really good.]]²%%** Destroyman has {{Power Fist}}s and... a ''[[FrickinLaserBeams laser codpiece]]''.²%%** Holly has grenades, [[MacrossMissileMassacre missiles launched from her artificial leg]], and a shovel, for both digging traps and whacking Travis.²%%** Letz Shake has an earthquake maker powered by a BrainInAJar. [[spoiler:Not that it does him much good.]]²%%** Harvey Volodarskii has a variety of magic tricks and wields [[DualWielding a pair of]] weapons that look like those long, thin lollipops.²%%** Speed Buster has a shopping cart that turns into a WaveMotionGun.²%%** Bad Girl has a [[BatterUp baseball bat]] and [[GrievousHarmWithABody throws gimps at you]].²%%** Dark Star has a [[BuffySpeak dragon beam katana thing]].²%%** [[spoiler:Jeane]] uses her [[BareFistedMonk bare fists]].²%%** [[spoiler:Henry]] also wields a [[LaserBlade Beam Katana]], which seems to be more of a claymore than a katana in general design.²%%* In ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes2TheDesperateStruggle'', Travis now has four types of Beam Katana to choose from: his basic weapon, a lighter but faster one, a longer but slower one, and DualWielding. His enemies, meanwhile...²%%** Skelter Helter uses a revolver with multiple cylinders put together.²%%** Nathan Copeland uses a boombox that turns into PowerArmor. His arena is also covered in machine guns.²%%** Charlie [=MacDonald=] and his cheerleaders form into a giant robot.²%%** Matt Helms, [[spoiler:who died in a fire set by his parents]], uses a flamethrower/axe and Molotov Cocktails.²%%** Cloe Walsh spits acid, breathes poison and has a [[MakeMeWannaShout sonic scream]].²%%** Kimmy Howell uses [[Film/ThePhantomMenace Darth Maul's double lightsaber]], and blows explosive bubbles from a recorder.²%%** [[spoiler:Dr. Letz Shake]] uses Letz Shake's earthquake machine to ''much'' better effect than previous.²%%** Million Gunman shoots money from a gold pistol.²%%** [[spoiler:New Destroyman]] uses lasers and electric blasts [[spoiler:as previously]].²%%** Ryuji uses a katana and a [[AnimalMotifs dragon summon]].²%%** Mimmy is effectively a miniature Gundum and fights appropriately.²%%** Margaret uses twin anti-material rifles.²%%** Captain Vladimir fires FrickinLaserBeams from his spacesuit and calls on a KillSat.²%%** Alice Twilight/Moonlight has eight Beam Katanas attached to a set of waldoes.²%%** Jasper Batt, Jr. fights with a rocket car, and when it's destroyed, doses himself with Psycho Serum and fights with his bare hands. [[spoiler:He then overdoses and becomes a giant, shooting energy blasts from his mouth.]]²* ''VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon'': [[spoiler: For BigBad Lusamine, we have Bewear, very fittingly. They both seem cute and innocent, but are actually incredibly dangerous and give people unwanted love that hurts them.]]²%%* ''VideoGame/Pokémon'': Many gym leaders and several other characters usually have a signature Pokémon on their team, the one they are the most heavily associated with.²%%** Gen I:²%%*** Brock of the Pewter Gym has Onix as his signature Pokémon in the games.²%%*** Misty of the Cerulean Gym' signature Pokémon is Starmie in the games.²%%*** Lt. Surge of the Vermillion Gym has Raichu as his signature Pokémon in all of his incarnations.²%%*** Sabrina of the Saffron Gym is well-known for having Alakazam as her signature Pokémon.²* In ''VideoGame/SakuraWars'', most of the girls (and the main characters) specialize in a specific weapon (which are often mirrored by their mecha):²** The Tokyo team:²*** Main protagonist Ogami {{Dual Wield|ing}}s katanas, as befitting a dutiful member of the Imperial Japanese Navy.²*** Franchise poster girl Sakura is a CountryMouse from a samurai family who uses (what else) a [[KatanasAreJustBetter katana]].²*** Sumire, the {{Tsundere}} rich girl, is skilled in her family's Naginata school.²*** Maria, the Russian Revolutionary/ex-New York Mobster, carries a [[RevolversAreJustBetter 6 shot pistol]].²*** Kohran, the inventor, uses missiles and mini-attack robots.²*** GentleGiant Kanna simply uses karate. Her Koubu is outfitted with [[PowerFist Power Fists]] to compliment her martial arts.²*** Reni, the German wünderkinden, uses a lance.²*** The exceptions are European aristocrats Iris and Orihime, neither of whom carry weapons on their person (Iris being far too gentle to, anyways). Iris's Koubu is built to harness her PsychicPowers, while Orihime's Koubu utilizes FingerGun BeamSpam.²** The theme continues to the Paris team:²*** Erica the clumsy [[NunsAreMikos nun]] uses an antique machine gun shaped like a cross.²*** Hanabi, the widowed YamatoNadeshiko, is an archer.²*** Glycine is a proud noble of Viking origin who uses a halberd. ²*** While infamous (and rather violent) criminal Lobelia prefers to just use fire, her mecha comes with a set of WolverineClaws.²*** Upbeat and mature-for-her-age circus girl Coquelicot has a magic wand similar to what she uses on stage.²** [[VideoGame/SakuraWarsSoLongMyLove The New York Team]]:²*** Oogami's nephew and new player character, Shinjiro Taiga, is another dutiful IJN cadet who [[DualWielding dual wields]] katanas.²*** RetiredBadass Ratchet may be fairly mellow for someone who specializes in [[KnifeNut throwing knives]], but ''Anime/SakuraWarsTheMovie'' shows that she used to be quite ruthless.²*** Texas [[SamuraiCowboy Samurai Cowgirl]] Gemini ([[spoiler:and her vengeful alter ego Geminine]]) wields a {{katana|sAreJustBetter}} (taking her samurai master's teachings quite seriously) and carries a revolver on her hip (but never actually uses it).²*** Famed lawyer (and former biker gang leader) Sagitta Weinberg([[DubNameChange Cheiron Archer]]) uses a chain (of justice).²*** The elegant and wealthy perfectionist Subaru uses [[ImprobableWeaponUser Japanese war fans]].²*** Diana, the FriendToAllLivingThings, uses robot birds and syringe-shaped water cannons.²*** Mexican bounty hunter Rika/[[DubNameChange Rosita]] has two revolvers.²** [[VideoGame/SakuraWars2019 The New Imperial Combat Revue]]²*** Like their predecessors before them, Seijuro Kamiyama and Sakura Amamiya use [[KatanasAreJustBetter katana]]. Seijuro wields two in each hand like Ohgami, while Sakura only uses one like Sakura Shinguji.²*** Spunky ShrineMaiden Hatsuho Shinonomi uses a [[DropTheHammer gargantuan mallet]].²*** Ninja prodigy Azami Mochizuki uses a variety of ninja weaponry, including kunai and shuriken. Her mech is outfitted with a massive gauntlet that carries these implements, while her fighting style in her Mugen is primarily focused on hand-to-hand combat.²*** Aloof actress Anastasia Palma uses a combination of a [[TheGunslinger handgun]] and an [[ParasolOfPain umbrella]] which contains a HandCannon.²*** Scholar and mage Clarissa "Claris" Snowflake uses a SpellBook. Her mech has one too, appropriately scaled to boot. [[RuleOfCool Don't ask why, just roll with it.]]²%%* Mobius One from ''VideoGame/AceCombat'' is identified mainly with the F-22A Raptor, which is odd as said plane only is available in the penultimate mission of ''Shattered Skies'', not enough time to establish it as his signature plane (though the arcade mode of the fifth game makes up for it - initially the F-22A is its ''only'' available plane). There are other pilots who use exclusively one plane type, like Pixy's F-15C or PJ's F-16C.²%%** Many of the player characters and their allies are identified with the plane shown on the box-art of their respective game - Su-35 for Scarface One (''VideoGame/AceCombat2''), F-14 for Blaze and his team (''VideoGame/AceCombat5TheUnsungWar''), F-15C for Cipher and Pixy (''VideoGame/AceCombatZeroTheBelkanWar''), and so on.²* ''[[VideoGame/AirForceDelta Air Force Delta Strike]]'' features Jamie, the oldest pilot in Delta Squadron. He only flies prop-fighters.²* The ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' series loves this:²%%** Though ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyII'''s characters could use every weapon, they were best with certain kinds:²%%*** Firion uses swords.²%%*** However, as of ''Dissidia'', he has been established as a weapon master, using all eight possible weapons (swords, axes, daggers, spears, shields, maces, bows and his bare hands), sometimes ''all at the same time''. He also knows magic, though it's less powerful than most everyone else who does.²%%*** Maria uses bows.²%%*** Guy uses axes.²%%*** Minwu uses staves.²%%*** Ricard uses lances.²%%*** Leila uses knives.²%%*** Josef uses bare fists.²%%*** Gordon uses spears.²** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'':²*** [[TheHero Cloud]] uses [[HeroesPreferSwords broadswords]]. [[{{BFS}} Ridiculously large ones]]. Before you make the joke... yes, he ''is'' compensating for something. Not ''that'', but crippling self-doubt. It also serves as a memorial for his best friend. As with everything ''FFVII'', this later became a stereotype for JRPG heroes in general.²*** [[WhiteMagicianGirl Aerith]], the StaffChick and the sole dedicated caster of the group, uses staves.²%%*** [[ActionGirl Tifa]] uses gloves/gauntlets.²*** [[ScaryBlackMan Barret]], TheBigGuy with a chip on his shoulder, uses a gatling gun grafted into his arm.²%%*** [[IntellectualAnimal Red XIII]] uses his claws, but his weapons are listed as headdresses.²%%*** [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Cid]] uses polearms.²%%*** [[ImprobableWeaponUser Caith Sith]] uses megaphones.²%%*** [[GenkiGirl Yuffie]] uses giant shurikens.²%%*** [[BadassLongcoat Vincent]] uses guns.²** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'':²*** [[TheHero Squall]] and [[RivalTurnedEvil Seifer]] both use [[{{Vibroweapon}} gunblades]], a weapon explicitly stated to require [[ExoticWeaponSupremacy extreme skill]]. Fancy way of saying "TheHero and TheRival."²%%*** [[TheChick Rinoa]] uses "blaster edges", wrist-mounted projectile launchers.²%%*** [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Laguna]] uses an assault rifle.²%%*** [[HotLibrarian Quistis]] uses whips.²%%*** [[HotBlooded Zell]] uses his bare fists.²%%*** [[TheCutie Selphie]] uses giant nunchaku.²*** [[FriendlySniper Irvine]] uses rifles, which becomes a plot point. He's supposed to be a military sniper, but he really doesn't have the heart to kill in cold blood.²%%*** [[DeadpanSnarker Kiros]] uses katars.²%%*** [[TheBigGuy Ward]] uses a giant harpoon.²** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX'':²*** [[TheHero Zidane]] uses twin daggers, as a fast-hitting thief.²*** [[WhiteMagicianGirl Garnet]] and [[SquishyWizard Vivi]] use staves, being magical types.²%%*** [[TheBigGuy Steiner]] uses swords.²%%*** [[ActionGirl Freya]] uses lances.²*** Quina's only schtick is being a BigEater, to the point where she uses dinner forks in battle.²%%*** [[BountyHunter Amarant]] uses claws.²%%*** [[TagalongKid Eiko]] uses flutes.²%%** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'':²%%*** [[TheHero Tidus]] uses short swords²%%*** [[WhiteMagicianGirl Yuna]] uses staves²%%*** [[BadassLongcoat Auron]] uses great katanas²%%*** [[TheLancer Wakka]] uses Blitzballs²%%*** [[BlackMagicianGirl Lulu]] uses dolls²%%*** [[TheStoic Kimahri]] uses polearms.²%%*** [[FragileSpeedster Rikku]] uses bladed gauntlets²%%** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXI'' every class has one or two weapons each they excel in.²%%*** Warriors use Axes and Great Axes²%%*** Black Mages use Staves²%%*** Red Mages use Swords²%%*** White Mages use Clubs[[note]]Maces, Wands, Rods and Hammers[[/note]]²%%*** Theives use Daggers²%%*** Monks use Hand to Hand weapons²%%*** Paladins use Swords and Shields²%%*** Dark Knights use Scythes ²%%*** Beastmasters use Axes²%%*** Bards use Harps, Flutes and Songs.²%%*** Rangers use Bows, Crossbows and Guns²%%*** Samurai use Great Katanas²%%*** Ninja use Katana [[note]]Ninjato, Wakizashi, and Kunai[[/note]]²%%*** Dragoons use Polearms²%%*** Summoners use Staves and Clubs ²%%*** Blue Mages use Swords²%%*** Corsairs use "Hexaguns"²%%*** Puppeteers use Hand to Hand²%%*** Dancers use Daggers²%%*** Scholars use Staves and Clubs²%%*** Geomancer use Clubs and Handbells²%%*** Rune Fencers use Greatswords²%%** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'', characters can wield any weapon depending on your choices in the licensing system, but at the beginning of the game every character uses a different weapon²%%*** Vaan uses short swords²%%*** [[TheHero Ashe]] uses long swords²%%*** [[TheMentor Basch]] also uses long sword²%%*** [[TheSmartGuy Balthier]] uses guns²%%*** [[TheStoic Fran]] uses bows²%%*** [[TheChick Penelo]] uses daggers ²%%*** This also applies to the guest characters²%%*** [[ShelteredAristocrat Larsa]] uses long swords²%%*** [[KnightInSourArmor Vossler]] uses great swords²%%*** [[SkyPirate Reddas]] uses twin swords²%%*** And finally, [[SacrificialLamb Reks]] uses short swords²%%** Revenant Wings (the sequel) is mostly the same, except characters only have one type of weapon.²%%*** Penelo now uses staves.²%%*** Kytes (from Revenant Wings) uses staves as well.²%%*** Filo uses a [[ImprobableWeaponUser hoverboard]].²%%*** Lluyd uses spears and lances.²%%*** Ba'Gamnan (a GuestStarPartyMember) uses a [[ChainsawGood Chainsaw]].²%%*** Ashe now uses hand grenades for some reason.²%%*** Basch now uses greatswords.²%%** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII'':²%%*** Lightning uses a gunblade that actively changes between sword and gun²%%*** Sazh wields dual-pistols²%%*** Snow is a fist fighter that uses emblems on his coat to augment his stats²%%*** Vanille uses rods that have hooks and wires built in for damaging foes.²%%*** Hope uses a hi-tech boomerang²%%*** Fang uses a double-ended spear that can segment into a three section staff.²%%** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII2''²%%*** Serah uses a bowsword that, like her sister's gunblade, switches between sword and bow.²%%*** Noel uses a pair of swords that can combine into a spear.²%%** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV'', the weapon you wield defines your class:²%%*** Archers use bows²%%*** Gladiators use swords²%%*** Lancers use spears²%%*** Marauders use axes²%%*** Pugilists use knuckles and claws.²%%*** Rogues use daggers.²%%*** Conjurers use wands and canes²%%*** Thaumaturges use scepters and staves²%%*** Arcanists use grimoires ²%%** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyType0''²%%*** Ace wields Tarot Cards²%%*** Deuce uses a Flute²%%*** Trey wields a bow and arrow²%%*** Cater uses a magic gun²%%*** Cinque wields a mace²%%*** Sice uses a scythe.²%%*** Seven uses a whip²%%*** Eight uses martial arts²%%*** Nine uses a spear²%%*** Jack uses a Katana²%%*** Queen uses a sword²%%*** King uses dual handguns²%%*** Rem uses dual daggers²%%*** Machina uses screw like swords²%%* ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'':²%%** [[TheHero Sora]] uses a Keyblade²%%** [[SquishyWizard Donald]] uses a MagicWand²%%** [[MightyGlacier Goofy]] uses a Shield²%%** Organization XIII:²%%*** Xemnas uses "[[LaserBlade Ethereal Blades]]", [[spoiler:as well as many of the weapons listed below during the %final battle]]²%%*** Xigbar uses "Arrowguns"²%%*** Xaldin uses six spears²%%*** Vexen uses a shield²%%*** Lexeaus uses an "Axesword"²%%*** [[ImprobableWeaponUser Zexion]] uses a "[[ThrowTheBookAtThem Lexicon]]"²%%*** Saïx uses a "Claymore". Though it's more like a giant mace, rather than a sword.²%%*** Axel uses chakrams, [[spoiler:then later, as Lea, a Keyblade.]]²%%*** Demyx uses a sitar²%%*** Luxord uses a deck of playing cards²%%*** Marluxia uses a scythe.²%%*** Larxene uses knives that she either throws or uses like claws.²%%*** Roxas uses two Keyblades (only one before [[spoiler:he absorbs Xion]] and when he loses his memories)²%%*** Xion also uses a Keyblade²%%** In general, the Keyblade playing a huge part in the series, it is wielded by ''many'' characters in the series. On top of the aforementioned Sora, Roxas, Xion and [[spoiler: Lea]], other Keyblade wielders include [[TheRival Riku]], [[TheHeart Kairi]], [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething King]] MickeyMouse, [[BrokenAce Terra]], [[AdorablyPrecociousChild Ventus]], [[TheAce Aqua]], [[OldMaster Master Eraqus]], [[BigBad Xehanort]], [[EnemyWithout Vanitas]], and RetiredBadass [[BigGood Yen]] [[{{WesternAnimation/Fantasia}} Sid]].²%%* In ''VideoGame/RedFactionGuerrilla'', the Alec Mason is never seen without his trusty [[WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer sledgehammer]]. Ever. It's practically the game's CompanionCube.²%%* ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'': Druids, due to their shapeshifting, usually fight with fists (paws) regardless of what weapon they have equipped. It's usually a twohanded weapon however. Rogues on the other hand tend to prefer daggers, depending on their chosen combat style. Hunters are the only class that focuses on ranged weapons, but the exact type is largely irrelevant.²%%** On a more defensive aspect, both Shamans and Paladins almost always use shields outside of their melee specialisation.²%%** Death Knights are explicitly called out as two-handed melee fighters, with the exception being Frost Dual-Wield builds. In both cases, the use of either one huge blade or frenzied dual-wielding suits their characterization as implacable death-dealers.²%%** Many character are well known for the weapons they wield. Thrall has his Doomhammer, Arthas has Frostmourne.²%%* [[VideoGame/HalfLife Gordon Freeman]] and his trusty [[CrowbarCombatant crowbar]]. Same applies to Adrian Shephard and his [[WrenchWhack pipe wrench]].²%%** From ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'', Gordon's Gravity Gun and [[BadassPreacher Father Grigori]] with his trusty double-barreled shotgun, Annabelle.²%%* Aya from the ''VideoGame/ParasiteEve'' series can use any kind of gun, but in official media and cut scenes, she's always holding a pistol.²%%* Lara Croft from the ''Franchise/TombRaider'' series uses shotguns, uzis, grenade launchers, rifles, and revolvers, but she's always rendered as using dual pistols, including in the movies.²%%* An in-universe example from ''Franchise/MassEffect''. Zaeed Massani has a rather unhealthy relationship with his M8 Avenger assault rifle, Jessie.²%%** Other characters are often depicted with particular weapons. Garrus and Legion get sniper rifles, Tali has a shotgun, and Shepard is oft depicted with a [[HandCannon very powerful handgun]], regardless of what weapons you actually have them equipped with in-game.²%%* Each gang in ''VideoGame/RiverCityRansom'' has different attitudes on weapons - some totally eschew them, some will actively seek out any dropped weapons, and all have certain weapons that they're much more likely to carry. The Frat Boys, for example, like to carry [[ChainPain lengths of chain with them]], while The Plague tend to carry the strongest weapon, the [[PipePain lead pipe]].²%%* VideoGame/SeriousSam and his [[GatlingGood hand-held minigun]].²%%** Croteam themselves seem to have a thing for .45-caliber pistols, going out of their way to point it out as the cartridge Sam's various [[EmergencyWeapon infinite-ammo pistols]] fire.²%%* VideoGame/BatmanArkhamCity: Lets see, we have a man named Hammer and another named Sickle.²%%* In ''VideoGame/DawnOfWar 2'', you technically ''can'' train up and equip most of your squad mates either in melee or ranged combat, or to focus on heavy weapons or lighter and more mobile ones. Most of the time, however, their more [[MinMaxing effective traits and skills]] lend themselves to a certain weapon class or even a certain individual weapon, usually an [[DiscOneNuke incredibly powerful, named one you get as a mission reward, and then never ever ever swap out of, "special needs of the mission" be damned]].²%%** Gabriel Angelos is best known for wield a Daemon Hammer "Gods-plitter".²%%* Just about every playable character in ''VideoGame/AnarchyReigns'' has one, each with their own attributes, name and snappy description. [[RocketPoweredWeapon Rocket-powered]] [[DropTheHammer hammers]], [[ChainsawGood double chainsaws]], [[LaserBlade laser blades projected from each limb]], [[PlayingWithFire flaming]] [[TrickedOutGloves golden]] [[ExtremityExtremist boxing gloves]], you name it.²%%* ''VideoGame/Left4Dead'' has survivor AI picking weapons based mostly on preference. Francis uses shotguns, Louis and Bill use assault rifles, and Zoey uses sniper rifles. In ''VideoGame/Left4Dead2'', the same characters have their preferences changed due to using the same programming as the new characters. Bill still uses assault rifles, but now Zoey uses them too while Francis uses sniper rifles and Louis uses shotguns. For the new characters, Nick and Rochelle prefer assault rifles, Ellis uses sniper rifles, and Coach prefers shotguns. When human players are together with survivor bots, the AI will instead pick weapons based on what the players use, to avoid a full team using the same weapon.²* ''VideoGame/{{Dota 2}}'''s heroes use many types of weapons based on their main attributes. Strength heroes are melee weapon-users, Agility heroes are either bow or gun-users (some are melee), and Intelligence heroes use their staves. Weapons are also very popular as cosmetic items. Some examples:²%%** Radiant Strength: ²%%*** Earthshaker use his enchanted totem.²%%*** Sven use a broadsword and throwing storm gauntlets.²%%*** Kunkka use Tidebringer sword.²%%*** Legion Commander use a halberd (or dual-wielding demonic swords).²%%*** Bristleback use his... flail thing.²%%*** Tusk use his fishing spear and metallic gauntlets (for his WALRUS PUNCH!).²%%*** Alchemist's ogre either use his bare hands or twin pair of swords in Chemical Rage, Beastmaster use his twin axes.²%%*** Elder Titan have its... telephone-shaped bludgeon weapon-thing.²%%*** Clockwerk with his bladed mace and hookshot.²%%*** Dragon Knight with his knight-standard sword and shield.²%%*** Timbersaw using... saw.²%%*** Tiny originally doesn't use any weapon, if he equips Aghanim's Scepter he will uproot a tree and using it as weapon.²%%*** Earth Spirit use a jade staff.²%%*** Centaur Warrunner use a huge axe.²%%*** Brewmaster use a flail-staff and booze keg of all things.²%%*** Huskar throwing burning spears.²%%** Radiant Agility: ²%%*** Luna use her bouncing moon glaives²%%*** Mirana, Drow Ranger, and Windranger use bows²%%*** Anti-Mage use a pair of glaives²%%*** Juggernaut use his katana²%%*** Bounty Hunter use bladed tonfa, a dagger, and shuriken²%%*** Ursa use his claws²%%*** Lone Druid use his throwing dagger and paws²%%*** Riki with twin daggers²%%*** Naga Siren use twin swords. ²%%*** Ember Spirit use twin flaming swords. ²%%*** Templar Assassin use psionic daggers. ²%%*** Troll Warlord use two axes, alternating beetween melee and ranged. ²%%*** Phantom Lancers use their spear (not lance). ²%%*** Sniper use a rifle with increasing attack range per patch. ²%%*** Gyrocopter pwning everyone with rocket and missiles.²%%** Radiant Intelligence: most of the heroes are using their staff. Some peculiar ones are:²%%*** Ogre Magi that use a fiery club²%%*** Tinker that shooting everyone with laser. ²%%*** Silencer use his glaive of wisdom (and shield for his ultimate). ²%%*** Enchantrees use her impetus javelins. ²%%** Dire Strength: ²%%*** Pudge with meat cleaver and meat hook²%%*** Chaos Knight use his scythe-mace hybrid²%%*** Abaddon with mist sword²%%*** Tidehunter use anchor²%%*** Spirit Breaker with space flail²%%*** Doom with flaming sword²%%*** Axe using... axe²%%*** Lycan with his claws and fang²%%*** Slardar use trident²%%*** Wraith King use a broadsword²%%*** Magnus use a stone spear.²%%** Dire Agility: ²%%*** Clinkz with fiery bow and arrows²%%*** Terrorblade use his spiky glaives²%%*** Spectre using spectral glaive and daggers²%%*** Slark with his dagger²%%*** Meepo use shovels²%%*** Razor use electric whip. ²%%*** Faceless Void use his time-locking mace. ²%%*** Phantom Assassin use a glaive and stifling daggers. ²%%*** Medusa use a split-shot bow. ²%%*** Bloodseeker use a pair of mounted blades.²%%** Dire Intelligence: most using their staves. ²%%*** Necrophos have a scythe but only using it in his ultimate. ²%%*** Queen of Pain throws dagger for attacks. ²%%* In the Mario RPG spin offs like ''VideoGame/PaperMario'', Mario's main and only weapon is a hammer, though he also uses his signature jump as an attack as well.²* Samus in the ''Franchise/{{Metroid}}'' franchise has a large arsenal of weapons, but all of it's integrated into her signature arm cannon. As a weapon that can constantly upgrade and expand its capabilities it reflects her versatility and willingness to adapt to the situation, while its chozo origins are indicative of her own past.²%%* Booker Dewitt in ''VideoGame/BioShockInfinite'' uses a variety of weapons, but he's most often seen with the [[ShotgunsAreJustBetter China Broom]] and the Broadsider.²* The core heroes in ''VideoGame/TheWonderful101'' each have different Unite Morphs associated with them and their personalities.²** Wonder-Red, the StraightMan and the [[TheLeader one in charge]], uses the [[PowerFist Unite Hand]].²** Wonder-Blue, the showoff-y [[TheLancer second-in-command]], uses the [[{{BFS}} Unite Sword]]. ²** Wonder-Green, the [[TheSmartGuy smart]] and [[DeadpanSnarker snarky]] middle schooler, uses the [[{{BFG}} Unite Gun]].²** Wonder-Pink, the [[TheChick only female in the core team]] and the closest the game has to a {{Dominatrix}}, uses the [[WhipItGood Unite Whip]].²** Wonder-Yellow, the [[TheBigGuy most physically built one]] who [[HuskyRusskie happens to be Russian]], uses the [[DropTheHammer Unite Hammer]].²** Wonder-White, the [[{{Koan}} introspective]] ([[IceCreamKoan or not]]) ninja, uses the [[WolverineClaws Unite Claw]].²** Wonder-Black, the GadgeteerGenius and [[TheQuietOne the most silent of the bunch]], uses the [[ThrowDownTheBomblet Unite Bomb]].²** Of course, this doesn't apply to just the main heroes. Some of the later characters fulfill the trope too:²** [[spoiler:Immorta, TheSixthRanger and mysterious FemmeFatale, uses the [[StandardStatusEffects charm-inducing]] [[AutomaticCrossbow Unite Bowgun]].]]²** [[spoiler:Chewgi, honorable warrior and [[NumberTwo second-in-command to Prince Vorkken]], uses the [[BladeOnAStick Unify Naginata]].]]²** [[spoiler:Lawrence Nelson, the original HotBlooded Wonder-Red, used the [[ThisIsADrill Unite Drill]] back in his day.]]²** [[spoiler:Prince Vorkken, EvilCounterpart to Wonder-Red and RecurringBoss, uses the [[BattleBoomerang Unify Boomerang]].]]²** [[spoiler:Luka, when he finally becomes a member of the Wonderful 101, uses his [[GogglesDoSomethingUnusual goggles]] to shoot FrickinLaserBeams as Unite Goggles.]]²%%* ''VideoGame/SecretOfMana'' was one of the few Eastern RolePlayingGames that allowed players to decide what they wanted their weapon to be (although the main character was "encouraged" to use the sword).²%%* ''VideoGame/LufiaCurseOfTheSinistrals'' gives each character a WeaponOfChoice. Maxim uses [[{{BFS}} swords]], Tia uses [[ExtendoBoxingGlove gloves]], Guy uses [[DropTheHammer hammers]]/[[AnAxeToGrind axes]], Selan uses [[RingsOfDeath disc blades]], and Artea uses [[EnergyWeapon wave energy guns]]. Dekar, being the world's strongest warrior, [[MultiMeleeMaster can use any type of weapon]].²* Crime boss Mr. X of ''VideoGame/StreetsOfRage'' 1 & 2 uses a tommy-gun, which not only signifies his lack of fair play(he's the only one with a gun), but carries a certain connotation of organized crime, thanks to its popularity in gangster films.²* In weapon-based missions in the 3D brawler ''VideoGame/UrbanReign'', both the enemy mooks and your helper character get weapons suited to their themes/personalities, so urban warriors tend to carry baseball bats and tire irons, the Yakuza-like gangsters use katanas, ex-military types use combat knives, and the corrupt mayor uses a handgun, etc. While every character can use every weapon, they have different movesets depending on their proficiency with it(only the soldiers get a throat-slit move with the knife, for example).²* In ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 4}}'', the weapon of choice for the Commonwealth Minutemen is, fittingly enough given their historical inspiration, the Laser Musket, a jury-rigged laser assembly from a standard Laser Rifle mounted on a wooden musket frame and "loaded" with a hand-crank. Despite the weapon's appearance eliciting "WhatAPieceOfJunk" remarks, it's deceptively powerful as it can be charged multiple times to produce a single very powerful shot.²* ''VideoGame/{{Planetside}}'': Each faction has one. The [[TheEmpire Terran Republic]] favours conventional gunpowder-based weapons and high explosives with a preference for MoreDakka and GatlingGood. The [[LaResistance New Conglomerate]] favours {{Magnetic Weapon}}s with a focus on ShotgunsAreJustBetter that's more than strictly sane (shotgun pistols for their rank-and-file, triple-barrelled shotguns for their assault troops, ''nose-mounted shotgun cannons for their aircraft'', etc.). The [[MachineCult Vanu Sovereignty]] favour FrickinLaserBeams, {{Plasma Cannon}}s and other energy weapons.²* In the first ''VideoGame/LEGORacers'' game, each boss racer favors a particular power up that often but not always fits with their character.²** Captain Redbeard prefers red bricks, especially the cannonball, as expected for a pirate.²** King Kahuna prefers blue bricks, usually first level shields and sometimes second level shields.²** Basil the Bat Lord uses them all dangerously well, but appears to ever so slightly prefer green bricks and the occasional lighting wand.²** Johnny Thunder prefers red bricks, particularly the grappling hook, fittingly for an adventurer.²** Baron Von Barron prefers blue bricks. Especially the third level shield.²** Gypsy Moth uses red bricks the most, usually devastating the racers with Rockets, but will often go with anything she can get.²** Rocket Racer only picks up green bricks unless you prevent him from getting any, which is when he'll use rockets instead. He prefers the infamous warp turbo boost. Good luck, you'll need it.²* ''VideoGame/FridayThe13thTheGame'' has multiple versions of Jason Voorhees, each of which use a different weapon that is inspired by the movie they hail from:²** [[Film/FridayThe13thPart2 Part 2 Jason]] uses a [[PowerfulPick pickax]].²** [[Film/FridayThe13thPartIII Part 3 Jason]] uses an [[AnAxToGrind axe]].²** [[Film/FridayThe13thTheFinalChapter Part 4 Jason]] uses a [[KnifeNut pig splitter]].²** [[Film/FridayThe13thPartVANewBeginning Part 5 Jason]] uses [[ShearMadness gardening shears]].²** [[Film/FridayThe13thPartVIJasonLives Part 6 Jason]] uses a [[BladeOnAStick spear]] fashioned from a fence post that Tommy Jarvis used to pin him to the ground (and which subsequently conducted the lightning that revived him).²** [[Film/FridayThe13thPartVIITheNewBlood Part 7 Jason]] uses his iconic [[MacheteMayhem machete]].²** [[Film/FridayThe13thPartVIIIJasonTakesManhattan Part 8 Jason]] uses a [[AnAxToGrind fire axe]].²** [[Film/JasonGoesToHellTheFinalFriday Part 9 Jason]] uses a [[AnAxToGrind double-headed axe]].²** [[OriginalGeneration Savini Jason]] uses [[ProngsOfPoseidon the Devil's pitchfork]].²* ''VideoGame/{{Warframe}}'':²** All of the Syndicates have unique primary, secondary, and melee weapons. Gain enough reputation with them and they'll allow you to buy them.²** Many warframes have specific weapons associated with them; this is more common for later 'frames, which are usually heavily advertised with all three.²** The Stalker has Dread (his bow), Despair (his knives), and Hate (his scythe). [[spoiler: After joining forces with Hunhow, he discards them in favor of [[{{BFS}} War]].]]²* For most of ''VideoGame/AHatInTime'', Hat Kid favors her trusty, adorable umbrella as her weapon. It's perfect for a platformer character for whom combat is secondary; in addition to beating enemies with it, upgrades allow her to [[ParasolParachute use it to avoid taking fall damage]] and/or use it as a GrapplingHookPistol. In short, it's a silly, light-hearted weapon for a silly, light-hearted girl that serves as much as a tool for exploration as combat. It's only in [[DarkerAndEdgier Nyakuza Metro]] that she gets an alternate weapon: the [[BatterUp baseball bat]] preferred by the [[{{Yakuza}} Nyakuza]]. (It can also use the aforementioned upgrades, though the fall damage prevention badge has Hat Kid [[RuleOfFunny flapping her arms]] to arrest her fall.) And even the bat soon ends up covered in cute stickers.²* Though their actual equipment is at the discretion of the players, the official art of ''VideoGame/OmegaLabyrinthLife'' show that the playable students each have a favoured type. Hinata prefers swords, Yukina tridents, and Mei scythes, for example.²* The playable characters of ''VideoGame/BulletGirlsPhantasia'' all have a specific weapon type they favour, which they must use in their first of three weapon slots, and have unique, powerful versions of that double as NamedWeapons.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Visual Novels]]²%%* The Servants of ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' generally use the weapons according to their Class (Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker) but there are occasional exceptions; Rider generally fights without her mount, only revealing it as an EleventhHourSuperpower. Archer uses twin dao (Chinese falchions) despite having a literal endless FieldOfBlades at his disposal. It might be argued that they are symbolic of his deep inner conflict over (and bitter acceptance of) the gap between ideal and reality, though...²%%** Archer says flat out that he isn't one. He just happens to be good at it.²%%** The Archer-class in general seems to be a general catch-all for ranged weapon fighters rather than those who use a bow and arrow per se. LightNovel/FateZero Archer uses swords as well but launches them as a projectiles by default. FateApocrypha has King David [[Literature/TheBible (of David and Goliath fame)]] as Archer as well by virtue of his famous stunt with the sling.²* When push comes to shove, the ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry'' gang almost always uses their iconic weapons:²** Keiichi has his [[BatterUp metal bat]]. It's actually Satoshi's leftover bat from when he used to play baseball. Keiichi uses the bat whenever he kills someone or whenever he just needs a weapon. [[spoiler:Satoshi also used it to kill his abusive aunt]].²** Shion has a [[StunGuns taser]] that she carries around. She uses it to stun her enemies. ²** Rika uses a [[ImprobableWeaponUser broom]] in one arc to fight off [[spoiler:Rena]]. Otherwise, she has no weapons.²** Satoko is a prankster who figured out to use her traps for when she's in trouble.²** Rena has her cleaver/hatchet/axe. She found it in a junkyard and kept it for non-violent reasons, however she does use it as a weapon. When she uses it non-lethally, she hits with the dull side.²** Despite carrying an airsoft gun, Mion doesn't have use weapon. She generally uses hand-to-hand combat instead.²* Given that ''VisualNovel/MajiDeWatashiNiKoiShinasai'' is a game about [[ActionGirl martial artist girls]] attending a SchoolOfHardKnocks:²** Momoyo, the most overwhelmingly powerful character in the game, uses [[BareFistedMonk her fists]];²** Wanko, a speed-type fighter, uses [[BladeOnAStick a naginata]];²** Miyako, well-known for her [[NervesOfSteel nigh-unbreakable concentration]], is an Archer;²** Mayucchi, daughter of the current [[ ''Kensei'' or Sword Saint]], wields [[KatanasAreJustBetter a katana]];²** Chris, the German {{Ojou}}, fights with [[RoyalRapier a rapier]];²** Azumi, resident NinjaMaid, makes use of a pair of tanto and countless throwing weapons;²** Kokoro, the local {{Ojou}}, is a national-level [[IKnowKarate judo practitioner]] who also happens to carry around a pair of steel fans.²%%** And many others.²%%* Madeleine of ''The Royal Trap'' favors twin daggers while her charge, Prince Oscar of Ocendawr, is decent with a sword.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Web Animation]]²* ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'': Being a series primarily filmed in the ''Halo'' franchise, there's several examples.²** Among [[DysfunctionJunction the Blood Gulch Crew]], most of the cast defaults to both [[BoringYetPractical the standard BR-55/85 Battle Rifle and Magnum pistol]] (as seen with [[OnlySaneMan Wash]], [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots Lopez]], [[ReallyGetsAround Sister]], and [[BrokenAce Carolina]] in the present day). However, there's a few specific examples for certain characters:²*** [[KnightInSourArmor Church]] likes to use the SniperRifle ([[ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy which he can't hit the broadside of a barn with]]).²*** [[CasanovaWannabe Tucker]] has his [[Characters/HaloSangheili Elite]] [[LaserBlade energy sword]]. He also gets into the habit of using the Designated Marksman Rifle as his standard firearm as the series goes on.²*** [[CloudCuckoolander Caboose]] has his [[MoreDakka standard assault rifle]].²*** [[TheDandy Donut]] has [[ThrowDownTheBomblet plasma grenades]].²*** [[DrillSergeantNasty Sarge]] almost exclusively uses his [[ShortRangeShotgun shotgun]]. Given his BloodKnight tendencies, it makes sense that he likes to be up close and personal while killing people.²*** [[TVGenius Simmons]] has his [[StuffBlowingUp rocket launcher]]. Furthermore, when Red Team gets into the Chupathingy, Simmons will often take up the position of chaingunner.²*** [[LazyBum Grif]] has an interesting relationship with this trope. It's mostly averted, but he later tries to claim [[spoiler:the Meta's Brute Shot as his own after he steals it from the SuperSoldier]]. Later on, Grif loses [[spoiler:the "[[ICallItVera Grif Shot]]"]], and temporarily gets a [[FrickinLaserBeams suppressor]] during ''The Chorus Trilogy''. Generally, though, Grif serves as Red Team's default driver and is [[CarFu far more comfortable in combat when behind the wheel than not]].²*** [[WorstAid Doc]] has his [[PlasmaCannon plasma pistol]], which is commonly treated as a medical scanner/[=high-tech=] First Aid kit InUniverse.²*** [[DarkActionGirl Tex]] typically defaults to simply using [[BareFistedMonk her own fists]] in battle due to her SuperStrength instead of sticking to certain weapons.²*** Before the present day, Carolina ''really'' liked to use a GrapplingHookPistol in the fully animated sequences (since [[CanonForeigner it doesn't actually exist in the Halo games]]) during both ''The Project Freelancer Saga'' and ''The Chorus Trilogy'', [[spoiler:though Felix eventually destroys it in "Great Destroyers" with a grenade]]. She also liked to use a [[DropTheHammer gravity hammer]] and two plasma rifles during the flashback sequences of ''The Project Freelancer Saga''.²** [[SerialKiller The Meta]] wields a Brute Shot, a combination GrenadeLauncher[=/=][[BayonetYa sword]] weapon taken from the Covenant and subsequently looted from a museum. Given his habit of stealing [=A.I.s=] and equipment to make himself more powerful, it's fitting that his weapon is stolen as well [[spoiler:by Grif after his death]].²** [[SuperSoldier The Agents of Project Freelancer]] also typically have their own unique arsenals - [[NiceGuy York]] has a shotgun, [[WalkingSpoiler Florida]]/[[spoiler:[[BewareTheSillyOnes Captain Butch Flowers]]]] has an assault rifle with an under-barreled grenade launcher, [[FriendlySniper North Dakota]] and [[EvilBrit Wyoming]] both have the sniper rifle, [[AlphaBitch South Dakota]] has an assault rifle, and lastly [[MasterOfIllusion C.T.]] uses [[GunsAkimbo two pistols]].²** Among the [[TheRevolutionWillNotBeCivilized "Resistance"]][=/=][[spoiler:[[PrivateMilitaryContractors Charon Security Forces]]]], [[TheLeader the Insurrection Leader]] likes to use [[AnAxeToGrind collapsible throwing axes]] ([[CanonForeigner which also doesn't exist in the Halo games]]), the red Demo Man has a shotgun, the sleeveless Insurrectionist has his bare fists, the Sniper has...well, a SniperRifle, [[TheSmurfettePrinciple "Girlie"]] has twin [[KukrisAreKool kukris]], [[MonsterClown "Chain Guy" and "Chain Girl"]] have [[GatlingGood twin miniguns]], and [[DentedIron Sharkface]] has a [[FireBreathingWeapon flamethrower]] (he later [[spoiler:upgrades to two smaller wrist-mounted ones in Season 13]])²** The [[spoiler:Charon Industries]] mercenaries on Chorus, [[ConsummateProfessional Locus]] and [[spoiler:[[FauxAffablyEvil Felix]]]], are a ColdSniper and KnifeNut respectively.²*** Speaking of Chorus, [[VestigialEmpire the Federal Army of Chorus]] all use the standard assault rifle while [[LaResistance the New Republic]] uses Designated Marksman Rifles.²* ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'': Ruby Rose mentions that every weapon is an extension of the nature and personality of its wielder. However, only a few cases in the show have made the link between the wielder's choice and their personality explicit.²** Qrow fights with a giant sword that can transform into both a gun and a scythe. The weapon is therefore designed to deal death at both range and close-combat. Qrow is heavily associated with crows and the death and misfortune that crows are associated with. He was named "Qrow" because his Semblance brings bad luck to anyone he's near, making him the same harbinger of misfortune as a crow. His weapon is likewise designed to bring death and misfortune in multiple ways, and its strongest form is the scythe that is associated with death and the Grim Reaper. The fandom nicknamed the weapon "Harbinger", a name adopted into canon by the creators as soon as they found out about it.²** When Ren and Nora first meet, it's in Ren's home village where Nora is living as a starving, terrified street urchin. When the village is destroyed by a Grimm attack, Nora is soothed by Ren's Semblance, which also prevents the Grimm from finding them. Ren hands the frightened Nora a toy wooden hammer that is lying on the ground and tells her that, from now on, they will protect each other. Since that day, the two have been inseparable, to the point where Nora starts plotting on their first day in school to ensure that she and Ren make the same team as each other. Her weapon is a giant war-hammer, based on the toy war-hammer that Ren once gave her; it reflects her continued loyalty to Ren while allowing her to take full advantage of her Semblance, which makes her super-strong when hit by lightning.²** Ren is an orphan survivor of a Grimm attack that destroyed his entire village. The village's symbol was a lotus flower, which is his personal symbol. His green tunic mimics the style of green dress his mother was wearing when she died and he wears a streak of colour in his hair, just like his father -- although the pink colour reflects the eye colour he inherited off his mother. One of the last things he hears before his parents die is his father saying they need a Huntsman to deal with the threat they're facing. His weapon consists of green guns with strangely shaped, jagged blade attachments, and he's very keen on his school mission being to defend villages that are located outside the Kingdom. Flashbacks reveal that the last thing his father ever did was give him a knife and tell him to run. The knife is the exact shape of the blades on Ren's guns. Ren's entire motivation as a Huntsman, including his personal appearance and the colour and shape of his weapons, is designed to be a memorial to his lost parents, village and why they died. ²** A katana and shotgun are devastating in close quarters and are almost always fatal on the first blow. Blush can fire Wilt out of its sheath, letting Adam attack even faster. Adam wants to destroy his enemies as swiftly as possible. He has no patience with the continued existence and dominance of humanity, and rejects any attempts to hold him back or slow him down from achieving his goal of destroying humanity's power structures and subjugating the race. [[spoiler:This impatience and urge to achieve results as fast as possible is exemplified by his confrontation with High Leader Sienna Khan; when she accuses him of having endangered the Faunus with his reckless assault on Beacon Academy, he murders her with Wilt to prevent her from halting his plans to assault Haven Academy next.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Web Comics]]²* In ''Webcomic/TheGreenEyedSniper'', both main characters have a weapon of choice. Shanti shoots a highly-precise sniper rifle, whereas Sekhmet prefers a powerful shotgun.²* ''Webcomic/ExterminatusNow'' has each characters' Weapon Of Choice on the surprisingly-still-relevant cast page.²** Eastwood: "A Vladston & Norvstock .44 Magnum {{revolver|sAreJustBetter}}, with cylinder customised to feature seven chambers rather than the standard six." Yeah, he thinks he's Dirty Harry.²%%** Virus: "Bouchard Industries 9mm semiautomatic pistol, hollow point rounds filled with silver nitrate solution." He's the least trigger-happy with it.²%%** Lothar: "80mm plasma blaster, 3000 RPM circular saw, both incorporated into the bionic arm." [[AxCrazy Both used with enthusiasm.]]²%%** Rogue: [[strike:"A [[LaserBlade beam sword]] with blue colouration." What, no fancy description?]] "Ancient Tachyglossian Technology Void-Core Beam Weapon; Type-K Sword Model, Blue."²%%* ''Webcomic/RPGWorld'' has the main party's preferences²%%** [[MeaningfulName The Hero]] uses swords. [[HeroesPreferSwords (Duh)]]²%%** Cherry uses knives, and later upgrades to a crossbow.²%%** Diane uses a magic staves.²%%** Eikre uses daggers [[DualWielding (and now uses two at the same time)]].²%%** Reka uses [[ImprobableWeaponUser a wrench]].²%%** The Dragobo uses his fists.²%%** Rabble~Rouser uses ,(get ready) [[DanceBattler breakdancing skills]].²%%* Being based on ''Dungeons & Dragons'', ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' has each character wield an appropriate weapon for their class.²%%** Roy the Fighter uses a [[{{BFS}} Greatsword]], though he has used a greatclub for a time after his sword was broken.²%%** Haley the Rogue uses a longbow.²%%** Durkon the Cleric, being a [[OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame dwarf]], of course uses a small hammer, along with a [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe shield]].²%%** Belkar the Ranger (and later Barbarian too) uses [[DualWielding a pair]] of [[KnifeNut daggers]].²%%** Vaarsivus the Wizard doesn't use a weapon, [[SquishyWizard being pathetic in melee]], instead using magic to fight.²%%*** In the board game, Vaarsivus has a staff, but in the flavor text comments "I do not recall this prop ever appearing in the comic."²%%*** In the comic itself, the "Explosive Runes" are V's signature ''spell'' and a RunningGag.²%%** Elan the [[SpoonyBard Bard]] uses a rapier.²%%*** Rich Burlew, the author, may have a fondness for this trope. There's a self-created class on the site based entirely around empowering a specific Weapon Of Choice with powers that greatly surpass the abilities of the character itself.²* In ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'', each of the main characters can allocate their STRIFE SPECIBUS, essentially selecting the type of weapon they can use.²** John Egbert, a computer geek and aspiring magician, uses the [[DroptheHammer hammerKind Abstractus]], which gives him access to such awesome implements as the [[ Pogo Hammer]], [[ Telescopic Sassacrusher]], the [[ WRINKLEFUCKER]], [[TimeMaster Fear No Anvil]], and [[InfinityPlusOneSword Warhammer of Zillyhoo]]. Much like his personality, his hammers start out clumsy and impractical but quickly become ridiculously powerful.²*** He also uses Bunnykind, but that was only to keep the bunny in a safer place than his Sylladex, too prone to ejecting its contents.²** Rose Lalonde, a [[DeadpanSnarker sarcastic]] writer, uses needleKind. (The hollow, aluminum knitting kind.) After some ItemCrafting, they now function as [[DualWielding dual-wielded]] {{Magic Wand}}s that are essentially {{BFG}}s powered by {{Eldritch Abomination}}s and are regarded as an ArtifactOfDoom.²** Dave Strider, a badass rapper and sword collector, uses bladeKind, personally favouring [[KatanasAreJustBetter his collection of katanas.]]²*** However, when Dave's katana breaks thanks to his trouncing at the hands of Bro, his Specibus was automatically changed to 1/2bladeKind, which now only allows him to use ''broken'' swords. That is, until he decides to ScrewDestiny and build a MorphWeapon that he keeps as a broken sword in storage.²** Jade Harley, the series' resident semi-prophetic, weird girl has the [[GirlsWithGuns Riflekind Abstractus,]] reflecting her distance from the rest of humanity.²** The {{Troll}}s also use this system.²*** Nepeta Leijon: WolverineClaws, referencing her love of cats and catlike mannerisms.²*** Gamzee Makara: [[CarryABigStick Juggling clubs]], fitting his status as a clown and Juggalo. Later [[ConfusionFu whatever he wants with the Jokerkind specibus]], fitting a member of the Bard class, who are known to be highly unpredictable in SBURB.²*** Equius Zahhak: GoodOldFisticuffs, befitting someone of immense STRENGTH, and [[WreckedWeapon half-bows]] (which are completely useless), referencing his desire to use more sophisticated tools but being too strong and accidentally breaking them when he tries.²*** Feferi Peixes: A [[DoubleWeapon Dual-Headed]] [[ProngsOfPoseidon Trident]], referencing her home under the ocean.²** The Cherubim use the system as well:²*** Calliope uses a magic wand which can turn into a revolver pistol, the wand referencing her joyful fantasizing personality, while the revolver is a highly precise weapon with limited ammo, fitting someone who recognizes the occasional need for killing but will do so only when necessary.²*** Caliborn uses a pimp cane that turns into an assault rifle, the cane form referencing his predilection for sheer brute force (and the "pimp" aspect referencing his misogyny), while an assault rifle is a highly destructive weapon that is likely to kill things other than the intended target, fitting Caliborn's bloodthirst and complete lack of concern for others' well-being.²%%* ''ComicBook/BuckGodotZapGunForHire''. As can be guessed if you're not too slow, the title character's weapon of choice is a [[RayGun zap gun]] -- [[ICallItVera nicknamed "Junior"]].²%%* The titular Webcomic/AxeCop prefers to use a heavyset blade mounted on a polished wooden club. Pretty much everyone with the name "_______ Cop" has the blank filled in with the weapon - Flute Cop, Book Cop, Telescope Gun Cop...²* The title character in ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'' uses a (lately archaic, but still highly effective) Strohl Munitions BH-250 Plasma Cannon far more than any other weapon (except possibly himself, since he's nigh-unkillable), since it is effective as both a weapon and a form of transport, and because it can be used to threaten as well as kill (a half-pressed trigger results in an "ominous hum" sound and a glow emanating from the barrel). As one person so threatened put it, "I can see a glow at the end of the barrel, and I'm not feeling ready to walk towards the light."²* In ''Webcomic/{{Harkovast}}'' a lot of the characters fit into this trope, such as the (usually) peaceful [[ Chen-Chen]] fighting unarmed and the giant [[ nameless]] wielding two long chains.²%%* In ''Webcomic/DubiousCompany'' both the [[AntiHero pirates]] and the [[AntiVillain Imperials]] have them. ²%%** Walter: [[TheMusketeer cutlass and dragoon]], Tiren: [[SwordCane shikomizue umbrella]] if she [[GoodOldFisticuffs really]] needs it, Elly: [[AbnormalAmmo raccoon]] and an Archer, Sal: [[ImprovisedWeapon whatever]] she [[BornLucky finds]], Leeroy: [[DualWielding pair of daggers]]²%%** Izor: a [[TapOnTheHead sap]], Sue: [[{{BFS}} claymore]], Mary: moon wand that [[MagicalGirlWarrior transforms]] into a rapier, Gary: [[PlayingWithFire flaming]] katars, Marty: big freaking [[SummonToHand axes/swords/spears]].²[[/folder]]²²%%[[folder:Web Videos]]²%%* ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'': Linkara and his magical gun.²%%* And on a semi-related note, WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic and his handgun (which has a tendency to show up at unusual times).²%%* ''WebVideo/YouCanPlayThis'': Yanki J wields a metal baseball bat -- with the ability to [[WebVideo/{{Kickassia}} return cannonball fire]].²%%[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Western Animation]]²* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'':²** Aang, the twelve-year-old peace loving monk, has his trademark staff/glider.²** Zuko, both the noble {{Determinator}} and selfish, troubled AntiVillain, gets not one but two broadswords, indicative of his two sides.²** Sokka, TheSmartGuy, has a PrecisionGuidedBoomerang (indicating he's odd, but effective).²** The creators have also admitted that they got the idea for giving the Gothy [[EmotionlessGirl Mai]] a [[BottomlessMagazines Bottomless Magazine]] of stillettos by picturing her sulking in her room, throwing things at the walls in boredom.²** Jet has hook swords, which in retrospect may well have been a hint towards the whole WellIntentionedExtremist role and Zuko's WorthyOpponent.²*** To illustrate their CharacterDevelopment, some characters have come to lose their weapons. For example, early on, when he was just the thick-headed male figure, Sokka retained a war club. Then of course, there's the symbolic ending of the season three premiere episode, in which Aang burns his staff. On the reverse, as a sure sign of his growing into a capable leader, Sokka has come to receive a straight sword.²*** [[spoiler:Then the GrandFinale has Sokka losing both of his weapons, and Aang never using his staff. This indicates that, indeed, it's all finally over.]]²** ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' has Asami Sato, Team Avatar's only non-bender member, who uses an Equalist [[PowerPalms shock glove]] to deliver {{One Hit KO}}s.²%%* In ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'', the heroes' weapons are generated from their subconscious during their first virtualization.²%%** Ulrich, TheHero, starts with using one {{katana|sAreJustBetter}} ([[DualWielding and later two]]).²%%** Yumi, the Japanese [[TheLancer Lancer]], uses Tessen (sharp metal fans) that she can throw like {{Precision Guided Boomerang}}s.²%%** Odd ([[TheBigGuy who thinks the more monsters, the better]]) uses "[[ArmCannon Lazer Arrows]]".²%%** And William, the SixthRanger, uses a [[{{BFS}} Big Fragging Sword]].²%%** The exception is Aelita, TheChick, who started out with the ability just to change the landscape and create illusions, but got powerful [[EnergyBall energy blasts]] in Season 3 (a boyfriend who programs your attacks really pays off).²* ''WesternAnimation/TheHollow'': Akuma leader of a group of demon monks weapon is a magic branch called The Ishibo, a magic staff that can shoot fireballs and work as a lightsaber.²* From ''WesternAnimation/{{ThunderCats|1985}}'':²** Lion-O, TheHero, wields the [[EmpathicWeapon Sword of Omens]], with the [[MacGuffin Eye of Thundera]] in its hilt.²%%** Tygra, TheLancer of the crew, wields a mean bola whip.²** Panthro, TheBigGuy ''and'' TheSmartGuy, uses a pair of nunchaku with claws on the ends.²%%** Cheetara, TheChick, uses a staff that can extend according to her needs, much like Goku's staff from ''Manga/DragonBall''.²%%** And Wilykit and Wilykat use pellet-like bombs that can do all kinds of crazy stuff.²* ''WesternAnimation/TheMightyDucks'':²%%** Wildwing, TheHero, has an '[[IKnowMaddenKombat explosive puck]]' launcher (effectively a grenade launcher) build into one of his gauntlets (the other has an energy shield generator).²%%** Duke L'Orange, TheLancer, uses a short [[LaserBlade laser sword]].²** Tanya, TheSmartGuy, has a number of gadgets build into her gauntlet, including a small [[ChainsawGood chainsaw]].²** [[TheBigGuy Grin]] and [[ActionGirl Mallory]] both prefer hand-to-hand combat.²%%** Nosedive... doesn't really have a special weapon, though he makes the most use of the pistols that all the characters have.²%%* All the warriors have at least one in ''WesternAnimation/KingArthurAndTheKnightsOfJustice'', but most have more then one.²%%* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' has this more-so than most of the ''{{Transformers}}'' incarnations with most of the titular robots having some sort of unique Weapon Of Choice or StockSuperpowers.²%%** Notably, TheHero Optimus Prime wields a [[RuleOfCool extendable, rocket-powered]] [[AnAxeToGrind battle axe]], though this has more to do with his alt-mode being a firetruck than saying anything about his personality.²%%* WesternAnimation/KimPossible doesn't use weapons generally, but does get a lot of mileage out of her grappling gun. Ron at one point had his own signature weapon; the Lotus Blade, which could only be used by a master of the Mystic Monkey Power and had the ability to morph into other weapons (Ron used it as a sword, a staff and a shield during the episode). Ron-centric fanfics will generally have him reclaim the Lotus Blade at some point.²* All of the crystal gems in ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' have a different magical weapon that they summon through their gems.²** Garnet, the hands-on leader, has [[PowerFist a pair of gauntlets]].²** Pearl, the elegant but neurotic LadyOfWar, gets [[BladeOnAStick a spear]] (plus a number of normal swords.)²** Amethyst, the fun-loving party animal, has [[WhipItGood a whip]].²** Steven, the FriendToAllLivingThings, has [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe a shield]]. Both were inherited from his mother, Rose Quartz.²** Jasper, a villainous Homeworld Gem, prefers to face her challenges head on and overpower them. Her "weapon" is a CoolHelmet she uses [[UseYourHead as a bludgeon]].²** It's also worth noting that when two gems [[FusionDance fuse]] they can use the weapons of their components or combine them into a new one, which ''also'' fits the new Gem's personality:²*** Opal, a [[TheStoic calm compromise between two opposites]], turns Pearl's spear and Amethyst's whip into the limbs and string of an EnergyBow.²*** Sugilite, the powerful but [[AxCrazy vicious]] giant, combines Garnet's gauntlets into a giant [[EpicFlail meteor hammer]] with Amethyst's whip as the chain.²*** Sardonyx, who is FunPersonified, turns Garnet's gauntlets into the oversized head of a [[DropTheHammer hammer]] with Pearl's spear as the wobbly handle.²*** Smoky Quartz, a confident and fun-loving PungeonMaster, wraps Amethyst's whip around Steven's shield to make a giant KillerYoYo.²*** Rainbow Quartz 2.0, who combines Pearl's elegance with Steven's fun to create a flamboyant personality, uses a [[ParasolOfPain magic parasol]].²*** Sunstone, a parody of '90s PSA mascots that combines Stevens love with Garnet's motherly authority is probably the strangest example, using a pair of TrickedOutGloves with suction cups on them.²*** Obsidian, the fusion of all the crystal gems, can combine all four weapons into a sword hilt, which is then dipped in lava to form a flaming {{BFS}}.²[[/folder]]²²----


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