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1''*[[WalkieTalkieStatic Chhhk]]*''²²''[[DangerDeadpan Tropers and tropesses, this is your captain speaking]]. We are currently cruising at an [[ReadingsAreOffTheScale immeasurable altitude]], and will be [[ComingInHot unexpectedly forced to make an emergency crash landing]] in approximately [[ExactTimeToFailure three and a half hours]]. The fasten seatbelts light has been switched off, so you may feel free to [[DeathInTheClouds murder your fellow passengers under mysterious circumstances]], but please be aware that [[RuleOfDrama drama dictates]] there be a GreatDetective on board at all times. Our [[SexyStewardess impossibly glamorous cabin crew]] will soon be along to provide you with FanserviceWithASmile, and in the meantime, please enjoy our fine selection of tropes related to aircraft and air travel.''²²----²!!Tropes:²²[[index]]²[floatboxright:²Sub-categories:²+ SkydivingTropes²]²²* AirborneAircraftCarrier²* AirplaneOfLove²* UsefulNotes/{{Airships}}²* AirstrikeImpossible²* AirVoyance²* AlwaysKnowAPilot²* BellyScrapingFlight²* BlackHelicopter²* BuzzingTheDeck²* ClipItsWings²* CoolAirship²* CoolPlane ²* CrashCourseLanding ²* DangerDeadpan²* DeathInTheClouds²* DisposablePilot²* EpisodeOnAPlane²* EveryHelicopterIsAHuey²* FighterLaunchingSequence²* FutureCopter²* GiantFlyer²* GunshipRescue²* HammerspaceParachute²* HelicopterBlender²* HelicopterFlyswatter²* HellishCopter²* ImprobablePilotingSkills²* JustForTheHeliOfIt²* JustPlaneWrong²* LandingGearShot²* LookMaNoPlane²* MidairCollision²* MidairRepair²* MileHighClub²* MissingManFormation²* OceanicAirlines²* OldSchoolDogfight²* ParachuteInATree²* PardoPush²* PlaneAwfulFlight²* UsefulNotes/PlaneSpotting²* PlanesTrainsAndImbeciles²* ScreamingPlaneBaby²* SexyStewardess²* ShortLivedAerialEscape²* SkyConsumingDogfight²* SkyHeist²* SpacePlane²* StukaScream²* UsefulNotes/SuperiorFirepowerBombers²* ThoseMagnificentFlyingMachines²* TurbineBlender²* {{Wingman}}²* WrongParachuteGag²* ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld²[[/index]]²----²''[[Film/SnakesOnAPlane That's it!]] [[Creator/SamuelLJackson I've]] [[MemeticMutation had it with these]] [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife time-consuming tropes]] on this time-consuming plane! Strap yourselves in, I'm gonna open some webpages!''²----


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