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1Sometimes, the idea of what a {{trope}} is actually about gets lost somewhere along the way. Either new entries miss the point somehow, or the author just read the trope title and [[JustForFun/IThoughtItMeant thought they got the gist of it]]. This includes things like describing just anything remotely scary as Nightmare Fuel, when Nightmare Fuel was originally intended to be things you found unintentionally scary as a kid (hence why AccidentalNightmareFuel was created and NightmareFuel repurposed). Remember though, that Administrivia/TropesAreFlexible--what you think is decay may just be [[PlayingWithATrope unusual usage]] on second glance.²²When this gets too bad, it may be necessary to [[Administrivia/EverythingYouWantedToKnowAboutChangingTitles rename the trope]] to avoid confusion, or remove the {{trope}}, or completely rewrite it. The [[ Trope Repair Shop]] is where these cleanup discussions happen.²²TropesAreNotBad applies even here, however; Trope Decay can sometimes be the result of the Wiki/TVTropes HiveMind ''correcting'' a problem. This is particularly true when the original definition is [[Administrivia/TropesAreFlexible excessively specific]] or the trope experiences MissingSupertropeSyndrome. For an excellent example of both, witness the evolution of the trope BodyHorror. Body Horror was originally defined as a narrow set of VirusVictimSymptoms. Over the course of several years, however, the commonly accepted usage gradually drifted and expanded to become ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: the previously missing supertrope to all anatomy-related horror tropes. When brought into the repair shop, this "misused" form of the trope was voted by a significant margin to be the better definition and made official. The original narrow definition, meanwhile, is now the Traumatic Transformation internal subtrope of Body Horror's subtrope TransformationHorror.²²See also CanonicalListOfSubtleTropeDistinctions and Administrivia/SquarePegRoundTrope.²²%%²%% No examples, please. If something needs fixing, let's fix it.²%%²----


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