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1%%˛%% This page has been alphabetized. Please add your examples alphabetically by series.˛%%˛%%˛A person is tricked into making a choice that kills them without knowing it will. This is a convoluted method of [[MurderBySuicide murder]] counting on the victim to do themselves in -- or, in the case of a [[DeadlyPrank prank]] [[GoneHorriblyWrong gone wrong]], a terrible [[AccidentalMurder accident]].˛˛Villainous examples are often an attempt to MakeItLookLikeAnAccident to commit ThePerfectCrime. That, or it's just a {{Sadist}}'s [[ItAmusedMe cruel joke]]. ˛˛This is a more commonly heroic version of MurderBySuicide than most. After all, when the BigBad is [[InvincibleVillain too powerful to directly defeat]], the hero's best bet may be [[IShallTauntYou taunting him]] into using his {{Fireballs}} in [[HoistByHisOwnPetard a room full of explosive gas]].˛˛A UriahGambit is a longer-term, less sure way of killing someone by sending them on a hopeless mission. ThisIsNotAFloor is where tricks meet PsychicAssistedSuicide. May be the result of a DeadlyPrank. TamperingWithFoodAndDrink is the process of poisoning things they are intended to eat, but doesn't necessarily kill them - when it does, it is usually this trope. So is a DeathTrap that involves an element of lying or SchmuckBait. A KillerRabbit is something that looks harmless but isn't, but that isn't this trope unless there's a sign that says "Free Bunnies" above it. ˛˛If the person knows the choice they're making will kill them, it's SuicidalSadisticChoice -- if they do it because it's the better option -- and OrderedToDie if they do it out of obedience. ˛˛----˛!!Examples:˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛[[folder:Anime & Manga]]˛* In ''Manga/BungouStrayDogs'', Port Mafia executive A is confronted by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and believes that dying in the illusion is the only way to break the latter's ability. [[spoiler:Unfortunately for A, he ends up just killing himself since Dostoyevsky doesn't have an illusionary ability. He was simply playing mind games with A the whole time.]]˛* ''Manga/DetectiveConan'':˛** A {{filler}} Valentine's Day episode had a mother try to collect insurance money by poisoning her {{Jerkass}}-ish adopted son's coffee. The antidote was in the cake's icing--the lad, being on his uni's tennis team [[RealMenHateSugar and professing hate for all kind of sweets]], didn't eat the cake. ˛** Failed: A "friend" of the victim tried to tamper with the guy's cigarettes via poisoning the filters, but he just cut said filters off on a whim and thus he failed.˛** A JerkAss IdolSinger fell dead after eating some rice balls... but the poison was ''not'' originally in said snacks. It was placed in a specific spot of his jacket: the killer knew that [[FlungClothing the guy liked to melodramatically take off said jacket during certain part of a song]], so they put it in that spot so he'd touch the venom and 'transfer' it to the rice balls when he grabbed them to eat them.˛* ''LightNovel/GoblinSlayer'' once killed a giant Creature of Chaos (a.k.a. a Beholder) by using flour from Cow Girl's farm combined with one of Lizard Priest's skeletons and Priestess's Protection, setting things off by having High Elf Archer put an arrow into it to piss it off. It used its fire ray on the first thing it saw (the skeleton) and set off the flour, resulting in an explosion that obliterated the monster.˛* ''Manga/KindaichiCaseFiles'': In "Santa's Slayings (European Hotel Murder Case)", a stage actress was murdered after drinking wine during a play in a scene where her co-performers also chose randomly from a bunch of them. The killer wrote a footnote in her script to pick a certain glass during that part.˛* In ''Manga/{{Monster}}'' Director Heinemann, Dr. Oppenheim, and Dr. Boyer are found dead when the three of them were mysteriously poisoned by candy left by Johan Liebert.˛* Poisoning is common in ''Manga/{{Ooku}}: The Inner Chambers'':˛** [[spoiler: Hisamichi]] slipped poison into the food and drink of Yoshimune's older sisters and the closest rival to the throne to ensure that Yoshimune got the shogunate. ˛** Tokugawa Harusada, mother of Shogun Ienari, is quite fond of poison to pick off rivals and control people. Her MoralEventHorizon was when she [[spoiler: slipped poison into her grandchildren's sweets to kill them and turn her son's wife (Shigu) and favorite concubine (O-Shiga) against each other.]] ˛** [[spoiler: However, Shigu and O-Shiga quickly figured out Harusada was behind those deaths and played a long game to poison Harusada in revenge. Part of that involved O-Shiga, now Harusada's taster, poisoning herself to ensure that Harusada would eat the poisoned food. She died not long after the poisoning finally incapacitated Harusada.]]˛** Unfortunately, this left a nasty legacy on Ienari's reign: his concubines quickly realized poisoning rivals was a quick way to get ahead, with the result that only about half of Ienari's numerous children made it to adulthood.˛* In ''Anime/PumpkinScissors'', one episode features a visiting princess from a neighboring country, with a particularly draconian rule of succession: Whichever royal child survives, takes the throne. Poison is a favored means of sibling rivalry, and she reveals that on her 10th birthday, the cake was poisoned, causing the death of her favorite maid.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Comic Books]]˛* Franchise/{{Batman}} has several contingency plans designed to do this to numerous members of the Justice League. For instance, he has a special nanite injection that would trick ComicBook/WonderWoman into fighting an endless gauntlet of virtual opponents until her heart gives out.˛* ''ComicBook/GreenManor'': The Lance of Longinus (or the spearhead, rather) has a coded message engraved on it that gives a recipe for an elixir of invulnerability. The alchemist who wrote it down says that it is destined to fall into the hands of a world conqueror, but as he himself is too old for it, he leaves the lance and the recipe in the hands of one more suited for the task. [[spoiler:The elixir only confers a euphoric high on the drinker who ''thinks'' he's invincible, and quickly ends up trying to prove it (with fatal results) if he harbors such megalomania. The alchemist did this in the hopes of removing the kind of people with that level of ambition before they could get too dangerous, even centuries after his death.]]˛* Betty of ''ComicBook/RatQueens'' carries a bag of candy mixed with poison just in case her stuff gets stolen. It pays off when she's captured by goblins who immediately gorge themselves and die.˛* In ''ComicBook/SecretSix'' Jeanette reveals that she eventually killed Elizabeth Bathory, who was imprisoned for life in her tower, by offering to "serve" her and putting crushed glass into her food for years. According to her, Bathory died in agony.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]˛* In the early Peter Falk flick ''Film/TheBloodyBrood,'' Falk plays a psychotic beatnik who feeds some poor kid a hamburger filled with broken glass to watch him die...[[ForTheEvulz just for kicks.]]˛* The massacre of adults of Gatlin in ''Film/ChildrenOfTheCorn1984'' starts when some diner patrons start choking from their poisoned coffee.˛* Film/ConanTheBarbarian sets up a number of traps in preparation for the Battle of the Mounds, including one calculated to take advantage of Thorgrim's penchant for smashing enemies' heads in with his [[DropTheHammer big two-handed hammer]], which gets the dumb brute ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice.˛* In ''Film/TheCrimeDoctorsStrangestCase'', the bedbound Walter Burns is murdered by someone poisoning his coffee.˛* In ''Film/CrookedHouse'', the murderer doses Josephine's hot chocolate with cyanide, although Josephine is not the one who ends up drinking it.˛* Peters is killed in ''Film/EventHorizon'' when the ship makes her hallucinate her son across [[ThisIsNotAFloor a bridge that isn't there]], leading to her falling to her death.˛* ''Film/{{Heathers}}'': J.D. tricks Heather 1 into drinking drain cleaner by telling her it's a hangover cure.˛* In ''Film/KillBill Vol. 2'', Elle Driver reveals that [[spoiler:she murdered Pai Mei by poisoning his fish heads]].˛* ''Film/KindHeartsAndCoronets'': Unlike the more elaborate murders he concocts for his other targets, Louis disposes of the Reverend Lord Henry d'Ascoyne through the simple expedient of poisoning his wine.˛* ''Film/MomAndDadSaveTheWorld'': The light grenade runs on this. It is labeled "Pick Me Up" and disintegrates anyone who does. Since the film takes place on a planet where everyone is an idiot, it destroys an entire squad of mooks, one at a time.˛* ''Film/MrRight'': this is Von's plan to kill his brother Richard and take over their gang. He spends the movie trying to get Richard to hire a hitman who Von knows kills anyone who contracts him.˛* In ''Film/MurderAtTheBaskervilles'', Hunter is murdered when powdered opium is slipped into his curried lamb.˛* The horror movie ''Film/NightOfTheDemons1988'' features a mean old man who puts razor blades in apples on Halloween to do [[MoralEventHorizon terrible things to children]]. At the end of the movie, [[spoiler: his wife makes an apple pie out of the leftover apples, which he eats. [[HoistByHisOwnPetard The blades slash through his throat and leave him dead.]]]]˛* ''Film/{{Nightcrawler}}'': Lou tricks his underpaid (well, non-paid) employee Rick into getting himself killed after he starts asking too many questions about the company's profits for Lou's liking. While following a gangland car chase, he instructs Rick to film the wreckage up close, correctly guessing that Rick will be shot by one of the gangsters in the confusion.˛* At the beginning of the ''Film/SherlockHolmesAGameOfShadows'', Irene is smart enough to ask for a fresh pot of tea when meeting with Professor Moriarty, rather than drinking from the one already on the table. [[spoiler:Unfortunately Moriarty has bought out the entire restaurant. All the potential witnesses get up and leave at his signal, and the new pot turns out to be poisoned. Cue SoundOnlyDeath.]]˛* ''Film/WildThings'': Double Subverted. When after all the backstabbing between the conspirators only a final guy and girl are left, the guy is smart enough to expect the drink he's offered to be poisoned, but is assured when the girl tells him that she would be an idiot to try it because he's the only one who can pilot the sailboat they're on back to shore. This is a lie--the drink is indeed poisoned, and the girl is much smarter than she made herself out to be. Just to be sure, she releases one of the booms to knock him into the water to drown.˛* In ''Film/YoungSherlockHolmes'', the villain Mr. Tinkle shoots people with these weapons that make the victims have nightmarish hallucinations and (usually) kill themselves by accident trying to defend themselves.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Literature]]˛* ''Literature/TheAvenger'' had a habit of manipulating criminals into a position where they would suffer a KarmicDeath when they attempted to kill him.˛* ''Literature/TheDayOfTheTriffids'', after most of the world population go blind. The protagonist overhears someone leading their blinded partner to what they're told is an exit. It is -- the window.˛* Used to perform a nearly perfect murder in the ''Literature/FatherBrown'' series. The murderer simply informs his (blind) lover that he is holding the elevator for her, then heads up a floor (the elevators are essentially silent), heads out onto his balcony where several hundred people can testify to his location, and waits for the lover to run into the now-empty elevator shaft.˛* ''Literature/GoingPostal'': Lord Vetinari offers (at different times) to let both Moist Von Lipwig and Reacher Gilt the opportunity to leave through a specific door, promising them "freedom" if they do. Moist is genre-savvy enough to suspect a trap and refuse, but Reacher does go through the door and falls into the pit just beyond it.˛* [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]] in the short story "The Lady, or the Tiger?" by Frank R. Stockton. A king has a "justice" system where he puts criminals in the arena and makes them choose between two doors, one of which has a beautiful woman behind it and the other a vicious tiger. Normally that would just be a sick game of chance, but the story is about a particular criminal whose offense was having an affair with the princess, who knows which door is which. She comes to watch him in the arena, he looks to her to save him, she gives him a tiny signal telling him which to choose... [[RiddleForTheAges so the question is, is she giving him up to another woman, or killing him?]] ˛* ''Literature/TheSilenceOfTheLambs'': Hannibal Lector tricks Miggs into swallowing his own tongue, resulting in Miggs's death.˛* In ''Literature/WarriorCats'', this happens a couple times:˛** Tigerclaw attempts this by sending a message that he wants Bluestar to meet him in a spot where he claims [=ShadowClan=] was scented on their territory, and setting his scent marker close to the edge of a road so that she'd run out onto it. Cinderpaw was caught instead but thankfully didn't die. ˛** In ''Hawkwing's Journey'', Darktail gives a patrol false directions, leading the group directly to a badger den where Billystorm is slain. ˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Live-Action TV]]˛* ''{{Series/Probe}}'''s [[Recap/ProbeNowYouSeeIt "Now You See It...."]]: A murderer lures people into [[ElevatorFailure empty elevator shafts]], by using a {{Hologram}} to make it look like the elevator cab had arrived.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Music]]˛* Music/KingDiamond's album ''Abigail II: The Revenge'' has Abigail tricking Jonathan to eat food with glass shards on it after he rapes her in the songs "Broken Glass" and "More Than Pain".˛* In the music video for Music/NoDoubt's "It's My Life", Gwen Stefani mixes rat poison into a man's dinner to kill him.˛* Music/{{Saga}}'s song "Perfectionist" has the protagonist murdering his dinner guests by serving poisoned wine.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Radio]]˛%% Found on Tampering With Food And Drink; look there for the name if it has been found yet.˛* An old radio mystery involved an interesting variation of this: A man was found locked in a room full of food, yet somehow dead of starvation. His murderer locked him in the room and [[ParanoiaGambit lied to him about the food being poisoned]]. He believed the killer and refused to eat the food, so he eventually starved to death.˛[[/folder]] ˛˛[[folder:Toys]]˛* Attempted, at least, in Animula's backstory in ''Toys/LittleAppleDolls''. In order to avoid losing his wife, her father have her to a warlord [[ArrangedMarriage prior to her birth]]. On her seventh birthday, the warlord came for her. The little girl was made to live in a cage, however, a [[FantasticFoxes fox]] came along and helped her. The fox told her that the warlord was going to [[TamperingWithFoodAndDrink give her milk]] that would turn her into a demon, so Animula was given eggs in order to protect her. It turns out the fox was really the [[BalefulPolymorph warlords' jealous wife]], who was [[MurderTheHypotenuse attempting to kill the girl]] herself. After deciding she can never escape, the child ended up drinking both the allegedly poisonous milk and eating the bad eggs.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Video Games]]˛* ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaOrderOfEcclesia'': in the bad ending, Shanoa is tricked into using the Dominus glyphs together on Dracula's coffin, unaware that Dominus will, in fact, revive Dracula at the cost of the caster's life.˛* ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert'':˛** At the end of the Soviet campaign, [[spoiler:Nadia]] successfully kills [[spoiler:Joseph Stalin]] by tricking him into drinking a poisoned cup of tea.˛** At an earlier point in the campaign, [[spoiler: Marshal Gradenko]] is killed by the same person in the same way. It even features ''[[MeaningfulEcho the same dialogue]]''.˛* ''VideoGame/FinalCutDeathOnTheSilverScreen'': The PC discovers early in the game that her father's death was caused by medication tampering. (The game is set in the 1950s, which ''might'' justify the coroner not catching this before her.)˛* In ''VideoGame/HarvestMoonDS'', you can do this at the Harvest Festival by adding a poisonous toadstool to the town's stew. Usually, doing this will result in the whole town falling ill (as well as making it taste like crap), but if you cultivate a level 99+ toadstool and add it to the stew, [[NonStandardGameOver the game ends]] with your character eating the stew, choking, collapsing, and dying, with the same fate suggested to befall the rest of the town.˛* In ''VideoGame/HeroesOfMightAndMagic III'', King Gryphonheart was killed by poisoned food.˛* One of the many methods of killing in the ''VideoGame/{{Hitman}}'' series is to put poison into food or drink, that gets delivered to the target/ victim. It's such a staple of the franchise, that as of VideoGame/Hitman2016, almost all of the story mission targets can be poisoned, as most of them eat or drink ''something'' as a part of their routine around a given part of the map. ˛* ''VideoGame/{{Skyrim}}'': During the Dark Brotherhood questline, Emperor Titus Mede II visits Solitude and enjoys a banquet served by Tamriel's greatest chef, The Gourmet. Unfortunately for the Emperor, The Gourmet has actually been replaced with an assassin and the potage is seasoned with an incredibly deadly poison (well, unless the player opts for a more blunt approach). He'll actually compliment the potage's excellent taste before dying. [[spoiler:Unfortunately for the assassin, the Emperor is a double and the whole thing was a trap.]]˛* PlayedWith in ''VideoGame/TheStanleyParable''. Just before the Mind Control room is a path that reads "Escape", however, this path actually leads to the player's violent death. The narrator outright tells the player that taking this path will kill Stanley, but in-universe, Stanley would have no way of knowing this fact without the narrator's warning, making it a trick only avoidable with a dose of MediumAwareness. ˛* ''VideoGame/YandereSimulator'': A high biology grade lets Yandere-chan identify poisons which she can swipe and slip into a student's lunch. This allows her to [[MurderTheHypotenuse eliminate rivals]] without drawing suspicion upon herself.[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Visual Novels]]˛* In ''VisualNovel/LongLiveTheQueen'', Elodie may be sent poisoned chocolates and die from eating them if she lacks the skills required to realize that there's something suspicious about them.˛* ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney'':˛** In ''VisualNovel/ApolloJusticeAceAttorney'': it looks like [[spoiler: Vera Misham [[SelfMadeOrphan killed her father Drew]] by putting poison in his coffee]]... but in reality, [[spoiler: ''Kristoph Gavin'' poisoned a stamp that Drew licked few minutes before having the supposedly fatal drink]]. And later [[spoiler: he poisons Vera herself by poisoning ''her nail polish'', knowing that she has the habit of biting her nails when nervous.]]˛[[/folder]]˛˛----


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