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1%% Per wiki rules, potholing trope pages in page quotes is not allowed. Please do not add any potholes to this page's quote or restore previous ones. %%²²->'''Commander''': Okay, let's see if I've got this right.... The kid's about to attack, and when he does, you want me to....²->'''{{Mook}}''': Surrender, sir.²->'''Commander''': Why would I do that?²->'''Mook''': Cuz sir, if we fight him, we're all gonna die.²->'''Commander''': What gave you that crazy idea?²->'''Mook''': Sir, I've checked around and no one aboard this ship has a name.²->'''Commander''': So what?²->'''Mook''': So it means we're goons! Faceless cannon fodder!²->'''Commander''': Bah! You have no proof of that!²->'''Mook''': Sir, in case you haven't noticed.... EVERYBODY ABOARD THIS SHIP IS WEARING A RED SHIRT!²->'''Commander''': Bah! Sheer coincidence!²->'''Mook''': YOU'RE LIVING IN DENIAL! YOU'RE GONNA WIPE US ALL OUT!²->'''Commander''': Bah! you're just cracking under the pressure, lad. Just relax. Here, let me show you something. It's a picture of my wife and kids! Ain't they something? They're the reason I'm here. I'm fighting for them. I ain't going to let them down.²->''[{{Beat}}]''²->'''Mook''': Well, nice knowing you captain.²--> ''Episode 345 of'' '''''Webcomic/CaptainSNES'''''²²Sometimes a story will have loads and loads of generic characters; they could be soldiers, warriors, monsters, anything. They either exist as [[{{Mook}} enemies for the hero to blow through]] on his way to the BigBad or as his friends (but never actually of the TrueCompanions) to [[RedShirt die to show how serious matters have become]]. Either way, the deal is they're expendable. ²²See also SortingAlgorithmOfMortality.²----²!!Varieties:²²[[index]]²* BattleThralls²* BigDumbBody²* BossInMookClothing²* ComMons²* DisposableIntern²* DisposablePilot²* DisposableSexWorker²* DisposableVagrant²* DisposableWoman²* ExpendableAlternateUniverse²* ExpendableClone²* HenchmenRace²* JoggersFindDeath²* MeatPuppet²* MenAreTheExpendableGender²* MonsterMunch²* {{Mooks}}²* OurPhlebotinumChild²* PunchClockVillain²* RedShirt²** MauveShirt²** RedShirtArmy²** RedShirtReporter²** CannonFodder²** CListFodder²* RentalCarAbuse²* UnknownCharacter²²!!Related Tropes²²* ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy²* PlutoIsExpendable²* SacrificialPlanet²* ThrowawayCountry²* WeHaveReserves²[[/index]]²----


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