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1[[quoteright:350:[[Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus]]]]˛[[caption-width-right:350:For the love of God, applaud or ''heads will roll!'']]˛˛-> ''Now get down people and listen to me\˛Gonna tell you how I made history\˛You can call me [[UsefulNotes/LouisXVI Louis, I'm the King of France]]\˛Check out my story while you do your dance''˛-->-- '''[[Creator/MelBrooks Louis XVI]]''', “[[Film/HistoryOfTheWorldPartOne It’s Good to be the King]]”˛˛˛[[YeOldeButcheredeEnglishe Ye olde]] eras gone by could be rather miserable -- the people at the bottom [[TheDungAges wallowing in their own filth]] and working day and night, the people at the top held by TheChainsOfCommanding, and everyone else... well, there wasn't anyone else.˛˛The Performer King (also known as [[Theatre/{{Hamlet}} the Player King]] and [[PunnyName the Acting Chief]]) knows how to break that monotony with a good show. He commands the masses through the power of pageant -- dances with them, sings with them, makes them laugh, makes them cry when he dies on stage for the seventh time that week -- and is generally well-liked for it. So long as the performance wasn't all part of some [[PropagandaMachine patriotic brainwashing plot]] and he didn't force them to attend and [[AppealToForce threaten to spear them through the sternum if they didn't like it]].˛˛In more extreme cases, kingdoms and sovereign territories may operate in "dramocracy", where the ruling class is composed of those who can entertain the people the most.˛˛Sister trope to BenevolentMageRuler, EmperorScientist, and ThePhilosopherKing. Compare SorcerousOverlord and GodEmperor. Not to be confused with RunningTheAsylum and WagTheDirector.˛˛----˛!!Examples:˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛[[folder:Anime & Manga]]˛* Princess Millhiore from ''Anime/DogDays'', on top of being the reigning monarch of Biscotti, is also an accomplished IdolSinger.˛[[/folder]] ˛˛[[folder:Films -- Animation]]˛* Jack Skellington from ''WesternAnimation/TheNightmareBeforeChristmas'' is the Pumpkin King, the ruler of Halloween Town. Since Halloween Town is a world populated with monsters with the sole purpose of managing Halloween every year (a theatrical holiday in its own right), Jack Skellington is himself a showman. He is the center of the Halloween Parade in the "This is Halloween" song sequence, he uses drama and ambiance to explain Christmas to the residence, is a DanceBattler and is very popular among the people.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Literature]]˛* Several characters from the world of ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' have done this:˛** Mance Rayder, a.k.a. The King [[GrimUpNorth Beyond the Wall]] is a talented musician who also happens to be badass enough to unite the fractious wildling clans into a single force and a capable military commander.˛** PosthumousCharacter Prince [[TheWisePrince Rhaegar Targaryen]] was known for playing lovely music on the harp.˛** From the prequel ''Literature/TalesOfDunkAndEgg'' story "The Mystery Knight" John the Fiddler (who claims to just be a [[KnightErrant poor hedge knight]] despite [[PaperThinDisguise dressing in fine clothes and giving orders to lords]] who would instantly cut down an actual hedge knight who dared to talk to them that way) is actually Daemon Blackfyre, an illegitimate descendant of the [[RoyalBlood Royal Family]] with ambitions of overthrowing the legitimate rulers.˛* At one point in ''Literature/HeroicsForBeginners'', Prince Kevin thinks back to when he took his then girlfriend to a small jazz club, only for his father King Eric the Totally Cool to show up in his trademark CoolShades and a saxophone to jam with the band.˛-->'''Kevin:''' Parents should not be cooler than their children.˛* A singing picture from ''Literature/TheDivineComedy'' shows [[Literature/BooksOfKings King David]] dancing and singing in front of his subjects with no shame whatsoever. Such forward and honest expression is used as an example of humility to the calculating and glory-driven who are in Purgatory for sins of {{Pride}}.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Live-Action TV]]˛* The Creator/MontyPython German special ''Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus'', King Otto of Happy Valley spends all day in his castle jamming on his electric piano and {{Scatting}}. He would have his subjects sing with him at random gatherings and eventually played the pipe organ at his daughter's wedding.˛* In ''Series/AdventuresInWonderland'', the Red Queen has been known to perform for her subjects.˛* Caligula in ''Series/IClaudius'' wakes up the title character and several others extremely early in the morning and leaves them waiting for hours, assuming the emperor has decided to have them killed. Then he comes out and performs a dance, with himself in the role of the goddess of the dawn. [[Funny/IClaudius John Hurt did his own makeup.]]˛* ''Series/{{Galavant}}'' has a straight example and a subversion. The old rulers of Valencia used to hold events where they led their people in hours-long sessions of improvisational theater. The new conqueror Richard makes a few attempts to do something similar to help his popularity in the kingdom, but both his standup (where he mostly made jokes about how easy to conquer they were) and the ball he throws (with music provided by his executioners) fall completely flat.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Tabletop Games]]˛* ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'' has Malfeas, former [[TopGod Primordial King of Creation]], now twisted into the [[GeniusLoci Demon City]] of {{Hell}}. Despite being an insane edifice of MalevolentArchitecture and AlienGeometries with a [[WeirdSun radioactive green sun]] for a heart, he quite enjoys leading dance processions through his streets.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Theater]]˛* ''Theatre/{{Starmites}}'': Diva, the queen of the banshees, enjoys performing, using her banshees as her backup singers.˛* PlayedForLaughs in ''Theatre/{{Amadeus}}'' where, while Emperor Joseph II is enthusiastic about music, he himself is a DreadfulMusician. This leads to [[ActuallyThatsMyAssistant confusion]] when he meets Mozart, who accidentally bows to Baron Von Sweiten, and has to be pointed to the piano where the Emperor is playing a piece that Salieri wrote. Badly.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Video Games]]˛* In ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsOnline'', Jorunn the Skald-King, who is the High King of Skyrim and leader of the Ebonheart Pact - earned his epithet for being a bard (skald) in addition to being king. He's seen singing in a scene of the book that came with the collector's edition of the game.˛* Mettaton from ''Undertale'' can be this in one of the neutral endings.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Visual Novels]]˛* In ''VisualNovel/LongLiveTheQueen'', you can train Elodie as one. She can potentially win the music contest at the tournament, and there's an ending where she can [[spoiler:talk an invading overlord into calling off his armies]] by singing to him.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Western Animation]]˛* ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'':˛** Marceline is often referenced as "Marceline the Vampire Queen" and usually found writing songs and performing them publicly on her bass. While she is no queen to vampires (having exterminated all of the other vampires centuries prior), her father is the Ruler of the Nightosphere, so the trope still technically applies.˛** Flame Princess takes up rapping, jamming with Finn in "[[Recap/AdventureTimeS7E31BunBun Bun Bun]]" and with Neptr in the talent show in "[[Recap/AdventureTimeS7E35TheMusicHole The Music Hole]]", and rapping for the right to rule her kingdom in "[[Recap/AdventureTimeS9E3SonOfRapBear Son of Rap Bear]]".˛* When Dave from ''WesternAnimation/DaveTheBarbarian'' is temporarily made king of Udrogoth, he enacts laws that start of as well-liked but soon creates unrest in the citizens. While at first feeling vengeful for their insolence, he quickly decides that it would be better to win them back by inviting all of them to he one-person play "Oh Pastry". The play was so bad that when [[FluffyTheTerrible the Darklord Chuckles the Silly Piggie]] (having just usurped Dave) makes his first law that musical theater is banned, he is greeted with applause. ˛* In ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', it is revealed that the Sovereign, leader of [[Characters/TheVentureBrothersTheGuild the Guild of Calamitous Intent]], is none other than British pop-star Music/DavidBowie. [[spoiler:Subverted, as it is revealed that he actually wasn't David Bowie, but a shape-shifter that chose his likeness as his preferred form. Monstroso claims that the creature on the cover of Bowie's ''Diamond Dogs'' album is an unaltered photo of the Sovereign.]]˛* In the ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' episode "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS8E7HorsePlay Horse Play]]", it's revealed that Equestria's ruler, Princess Celestia, loves theater and always dreamed of acting in a play, even though her royal duties have never allowed her to take the time to do this. On learning this, her former student Twilight decides to give her the starring role in a play she had been writing about Celestia's own early life and ascent to rulership. Celestia is overjoyed, and takes to the role with gusto... until it turns out that she's [[BadBadActing an incredibly bad actress]].˛* Prince Wu from ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' really loves demonstrating the dances and pomp he's planning for his coronation ceremony. Although he comes across as TheLoad at first, his skills as a performer come in handy when he gives a suitably compelling address by radio to help evacuate a city. [[spoiler: And even moreso when his singing helps command badgermoles to dig escape tunnels]].˛* In ''WesternAnimation/StarVsTheForcesOfEvil'', Eclipsa and Moon both know how to play the guitar. In "[[Recap/StarVsTheForcesOfEvilS4E24Cornonation Cornonation]]", it is revealed that a part of the official Queen coronation ceremony (or in Eclipsa's case, her "cornonation" due to a typo) is for the Queen to sing an official song with the royal bard.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Real-Life]]˛* The French King UsefulNotes/LouisXIV (the Sun King) was well known for participating in ballets and theater in his youth, and was quite good at it by all accounts.˛* Several English kings participated in tourneys under different colors or in representations of Arthurian myth.˛* Roman Emperor UsefulNotes/{{Nero}} sang and acted on the stage, and also competed in gladiator races. Many old-school upper-crust Romans disapproved, believing that Nero was undermining the dignity of his office. (Pliny called him an "actor-emperor".) Actors were in the early Roman Empire considered a ''very'' lower-class profession, and this was in line with Nero's general preference for the lower classes over the aristocracy. ˛* UsefulNotes/HenryVIII (him with the wives) was a musician, writer, accomplished sportsman in various fields, and was well regarded as intensely charismatic and entertaining to be around... at least in his youth, as he infamously declined into a [[GrumpyOldMan bitter]], [[FatBastard fat]], [[IWasQuiteALooker ugly]] and [[TheBluebeard paranoid psychopath]] as he aged.˛* Before every joke about UsefulNotes/BillClinton was related to his sexual improprieties, he was known for playing the Saxophone (though the jokes are more along the lines of how quickly it was that Bill was ready to pull it out and start a jam session with musicians and somehow not come off as TotallyRadical pandering or just that with the sax and sunglasses he looked the part of a jazz or blues musician and rarely about the quality of the music. Clinton was a really good player for a hobbyist), to the point that the theme song for ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}'' had a line about it in their ThemeSong (though this was more because "While Clinton plays the Sax" somewhat rhymes with "Animaniacs" when sung).˛* Two United States Presidents were in show business before holding elected office (UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan and UsefulNotes/DonaldTrump) and were household names before their career switch. In Reagan's case, most would agree he was a better Statesman than an Actor, even if they didn't agree with his policies. Some critics dismissed him as an actor playing the role of President, but he'd already been rather politically active during his acting career and had already served 2 terms of governor of California before running for President, so this didn't hold a lot of water. [[Administrivia/RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement Debates about Donald Trump's Hollywood vs. Washington career are less clear cut on the matter, and that's all we'll say about that, thank you.]]˛** The number of actors turned politician in non-presidential offices in America politics, plus the rise of career politicians behaving like celebrities has often led to jokingly calling Washington D.C. "Hollywood for Ugly People". The fact that the #Metoo movement caught a lot of politicians and celebrities in its accusations has led to some people pointing out that "Ugly" specifically means physically unattractive (or at least [[HollywoodHomely what passes for physically unattractive by Hollywood standards]]) and not metaphorical in any context. Both cities are filled with that kind of ugly.˛* King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia [[ actually directed and performed]] in films, as well as a singer and composer.˛* Sihanouk's neighbor in Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, was an accomplished jazz musician in his own right and even composed songs himself.˛* Philippine President Joseph Estrada was an actor before becoming mayor of a Manila suburb, senator, Vice President, and President, and after his release from corruption charges, acted in one more film. ˛[[/folder]]˛----


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