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1The average British bobby does not carry a gun, except in Northern Ireland and certain parts of Nottingham and London. Only about 7% of coppers are licensed to use firearms.˛˛This means that when they encounter a criminal who does have a gun (which may either be a replica gun or real), they are often in rather serious trouble, because a stab vest (body armour designed to stop knife attacks) cannot stop bullets.˛˛In most cases, the coppers know that there are likely to be guns involved and will send the Armed Response Units (police officers complete with {{Bulletproof Vest}}s, helmets and Heckler and Koch [=MP5=] submachine guns) in first. However, sometimes they get it wrong and a gun ends up being produced.˛˛The copper ends up with a villain pointing a gun at them. The situation can go many ways from here:˛* It turns into a PerpAndWeapon situation.˛* The Armed Response Units turn up and interrupt things, occasionally fatally, for the villain.˛* The copper actually gets shot during an escape attempt.˛* They get taken hostage for a varying period of time.˛˛The latter has four outcomes:˛* The copper talks down the gunman and arrests him.˛* The gunman admits to the crime and [[DrivenToSuicide shoots himself]].˛* The gunman pretends to attack the copper, thus successfully attempting SuicideByCop.˛* The gunman opens up his heart to the copper and, after making himself sympathetic to the audience, gets tragically shot by a trigger-happy sniper.˛˛Such situations, fortunately, happen far more often in fiction than in real life.˛˛----˛!!Examples:˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛[[folder:{{Film}}]]˛* ''Film/HotFuzz'': The source of much of Danny Butterman's annoyance is that he's never handled a gun in a real situation - he gets to in the final act of the film, and this trope happens at least four times - [[spoiler:the last time with his ''father''.]]˛* The classic British Bobby film ''Film/TheBlueLamp'' shows loveable cop PC George Dixon getting killed while trying to talk a young "cosh boy" into handing over his gun.˛** George was so loveable that he was in fact brought back to life for the show ''Series/DixonOfDockGreen'', the first and perhaps best-loved, major PoliceProcedural on British telly. His CatchPhrase, "Evenin' all", has outlived both the series and the actor who played him.˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:LiveActionTV]]˛* Happens in ''Series/TheBill'' at least once a month. At least twice, a gun has been produced inside Sun Hill nick.˛** A running joke among fans of the show is that Smithy, having been in the army and in the [=CO19=] armed police unit (and naturally, therefore, involved in most plotlines involving firearms) is something of a bullet magnet.˛* In the fifth season of ''Murphy's Law'' [[spoiler:this trope gets fulfilled to its maximum level. A police officer, who ended up being gang-raped after an undercover operation went wrong, enters the police station with a gun (having already killed the head of the people trafficking ring responsible) and takes the Chief Superintendent (who she blamed for him getting off) hostage. In the process she shoots a detective in the arm, the Chief Superintendent in the leg and then herself in the head.]]˛* Happens in at least one episode of ''Series/JonathanCreek''. [[NonActionGuy Surprisingly]], Jonathan ends the standoff - guess how. Go on. [[spoiler: [[DeathDealer He throws a palmed playing card in the guy's face.]]]] Yeah.˛* Played tragically in ''Series/TheInspectorLynleyMysteries'' when Barbara Havers gets shot in the line of duty at the end of series 3. Since there are 2.5 subsequent series, she [[LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt quite obviously gets better]]. This does not stop Lynley from [[UndyingLoyalty flipping his]] [[YouCalledMeXItMustBeSerious shit]] over it.˛˛[[/folder]]˛----


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