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1%% Image selected per Image Pickin' thread:²%% Please do not change or remove without starting a new thread.²%%²[[quoteright:280:[[Manga/YuYuHakusho]]]]²[[caption-width-right:280:Or rather, teaching in your dreams.]]²²->''"We bring the subject into the dream, and they populate it with their subconscious. You can even talk to my subconscious; that's one of the ways we extract information..."''²-->-- '''Dom Cobb''', ''Film/{{Inception}}''²²You're asleep, you're dreaming -- you're really talking with someone else. Or fighting them. Or --²²Dreams that are secretly (or openly) a form of two-way interaction. (The other person may or may not be asleep.) Harm can only come to the dreamer through [[YourMindMakesItReal psycho-somatic effects, or as mental damage]].²²May shade into DreamingOfThingsToCome / OpinionChangingDream, if the other person tells of or shows the future, or DreamingOfTimesGoneBy, for the past. DreamSpying is particularly likely to overlap, letting the dreamer see the present with the other as a guide. May be mistaken for DreamingTheTruth, or if a DeadPersonConversation, be [[MaybeMagicMaybeMundane indistinguishable]].²²May take place in DreamLand. Supertrope of YourWorstNightmare. Can be a form of AdventuresInComaland, if you are seriously out of it.²²Not to be confused with TalkingInYourSleep, which may or may not share similarities with this trope.²²----²!!Examples:²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]²²* In several of Creator/{{CLAMP}}'s works, dreamseeing and dreamseers are important elements of the plot and can speak with the dead, especially in ''Manga/{{X1999}}'', ''Manga/XxxHolic'' and ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'', in the latter two cases allowing people to communicate across dimensions.²* ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha''²** The [[AudioAdaptation second Sound Stage]] of ''[[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs A's]]'' has Hayate falling asleep during her medical treatment and finding herself having a chat with her [[ArtifactOfDoom Book of Darkness]] in her dreams.²** The third Sound Stage of ''[[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers Strikers]]'' crosses this over with ConverseWithTheUnconscious, where Shamal uses telepathy to talk with Zafira while he's in a coma. ²* In ''Manga/FruitsBasket'', the spirit of the God of the Zodiac speaks to all of the Juunishi in a dream [[spoiler:on the night of Akito's conception]], telling them that he'll see them soon.²* Pictured above; Yusuke, the protagonist of ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'' tries to get into his rival Kuwabara's dream to tell him he's NotQuiteDead so his mother doesn't bury/cremate his body, but Kuwabara interprets it as Yusuke giving him lessons for a test tomorrow.²* Tiara, the heroine of ''Anime/ShamanicPrincess'', has several cryptic conversations with her missing best friend Sara in her dreams.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Comic Books ]]²²* In ''ComicBook/IronMan'' # 20 "Haunted-part one", Tony talks to the then-dead ComicBook/CaptainAmerica in his dreams.²* In ''Comicbook/TeenTitans'', ComicBook/{{Raven}} formed the new team by appearing in the dreams of former members and some new young heroes to help her fight her father, after the Justice League wouldn't trust her.²* In ''ComicBook/AstroCity'' story "Knock Wood", [[DreamSpying a lawyer involuntarily watches the Blue Knight's vigilante killings in his dreams]]. In the last, the knight speaks to him; it appears that he was controlling it.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Fairy Tales ]]²²* In the first known version of "Literature/BeautyAndTheBeast", Beauty has repeated dreams of a handsome young man begging her to save him. Only after she agrees to marry the Beast does she realize that he and the man in her dreams are one and the same.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Fan Fiction ]]²²* In the WesternAnimation/JackieChanAdventures fic ''Fanfic/QueenOfAllOni'', Tarakudo [[spoiler: has been using Jade's dreams to drudge up painful memories and drag her deeper into darkness]]. Later in an interlude BigLippedAlligatorMoment, he tries to contact her directly, but that doesn't work.²* In ''FanFic/DeathAndKer'', Minako has recurring dream-conversations with several keres and people whose Personas are keres. The ones with Jin and Takaya could simply be normal dreams (considering that both of them are presumably dead), but the ones with [[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} Souji]], Ryoji, and Ker herself fall under this trope - particularly the one with Souji, as a later chapter confirms.²* In the Fanfic/{{Dangerverse}} by Anne Walsh aka Whodoyouneedtoknow aka [[FanNickname the PAGE]], a very long series of ''Franchise/HarryPotter'' fics, the Pack and the Pride can do this. Develops as the stories progress so to do the ways in which various characters are able to meet up.²* The ''Manga/UruseiYatsura'' story "Just A Dream" used this to justify a TransplantedCharacterFic; the series was explained as a dream shared by the AU Ataru and Lum, featuring "distorted" [[AndYouWereThere versions of themselves and their respective friends]].²* In ''Fanfic/WithStringsAttached'', the Fans (specifically Varx) first contact the four (though we only see his contact with Paul) through dreams, or �hypnogogic telepathic contact.� Most of their subsequent interactions are plain old telepathy. However, much later, after Jeft leaves and the other Fans lose their easy computer access to the four, they manage to contact George and Ringo this way.²* FanFic/BecomingPonies has the character stalking to their counterparts this way. Notably, this only happens after the counterparts become aware of the character's presence, and the examples shown thus far could easily also be AnxietyDreams caused by TheMindIsAPlaythingOfTheBody.²* ''FanFic/{{Eugenesis}}'' give this as the explanation for how [[Franchise/{{Transformers}} Megatron]] came up with the idea of transforming. The [[UltimateEvil Liege Maximo]] appeared to him in a dream and showed him the designs.²* In ''Fanfic/CanABooBeFriendsWithAHuman'', the Star Spirits contact Mario and Luigi through their dreams although not without difficulty when neither brother feels like talking.²* "Sharing dreams" among the Psyches is implied to be a MentalAffair going on between members of the same sex in ''Fanfic/EmpathTheLuckiestSmurf'', but Empath and Polaris mostly use it as a means to talk to each other while still in Psychelia.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Film ]]²²* The researchers in ''Film/{{Dreamscape}}'' initially trained psychics to project themselves into others' dreams and help them confront their fears. [[spoiler: Then the plot got hijacked by an assassinate-the-President-in-his-sleep scheme.]]²* ''Film/TheGoldenChild''. The BigBad communicates with our hero in a dream. After he wakes up, his attractive female sidekick informs him that while what the villain said was actually happening, the parts where she suggested they get together with the hero and "let nature take its course" actually ''was'' a dream.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Literature ]]²²* Abridail's power in ''Literature/SuperPowereds''. He uses it to keep Globe in contact with the Melbrook gang.²* In the Literature/ChroniclesOfTheKencyrath Jame and Torisen frequently interact and talk with each other in their dreams. This is especially the case when one of them is knocked out, or someone else interferes with their dreams. Some shanir have the ability to visit the dreams of others.²* In the ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' novels, this is a stock PsychicPower for telepaths or the psykers who are powerful enough to cross disciplines.²** In Creator/SandyMitchell's ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' novel ''[[Literature/DarkHeresy Scourge the Heretic]]'', the sleeping Carolus is attacked by a demon. (Disguised as an EroticDream, no less.)²** In Creator/DanAbnett's ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' novel ''Literature/{{Ravenor}} Returned'', Ravenor contacts members of his team in their dreams to confirm that they want to go on working with him.²** In Creator/DanAbnett's ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' novel ''Literature/BrothersOfTheSnake'', the [[spoiler: comatose]] Petrok sends a psychopomp to conduct the dreaming Priad into his own dreams. He warns Priad to flee, because he himself is under dream attack from Dark Eldar.²** In Creator/GrahamMcNeill's ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' Literature/HorusHeresy novel ''Fulgrim'', Fulgrim hears voices nagging at him every night. He convinces himself that [[DreamingTheTruth it's his subconscious]]. [[spoiler:He's wrong.]]²** In Creator/GrahamMcNeill's ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' Literature/{{Ultramarines}} novel ''The Killing Ground'', both the Space Marines and the Unfleshed suffered horrible dreams while on the Chaos-tainted space ship.²** In Creator/SandyMitchell's ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' Literature/CiaphasCain novel ''The Traitor's Hand'', Cain ''thinks'' he's just having [[RecurringDreams yet another]] FlashbackNightmare about [[spoiler:a Slaaneshi cultist he killed after she tried to suck out his soul. Turns out she's BackFromTheDead and can "caress your mind"...]]²** In Lee Lightner's ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' Literature/SpaceWolf novel ''Wolf's Honour'', Ragnor confides in Gabriella that he think his enemy Madox is in his dreams. Gabriella dismisses it as Bad Dreams; he feels guilty about what went awry in an previous encounter. [[spoiler: In reality, he is DreamingOfThingsToCome.]]²** In Creator/DanAbnett's Literature/GauntsGhosts novel ''Honour Guard'', the wounded Ghosts, left behind, received repeated messages, apparently from the dead, to desert and join the honour guard.²** In ''Only In Death'', the dreams plaguing various Ghosts are revealed to be [[spoiler: Soric attempting to reach and help them]].²* Creator/AndreNorton:²** ''Literature/WitchWorld'' series:²*** In ''Sorceress of the Witch World'', Kaththea's first real communication with Hilarion is in her dreams. (When she had stumbled into his prison, he had tried to take over her mind first, but then, he was desperate.)²*** ''The Key of the Keplian'' contains another example.²*** In ''Horn Crown'' the hero dreams of himself [[DreamingOfTimesGoneBy at a long-ago banquet]] -- where a woman talks with him and realizes he's from the future and gives him some aid.²** In ''Literature/StormOverWarlock'', the BackStory featured the first-in scout reporting dreams that drove him off planet. The events of the novel reveal that it was this trope.²* In Creator/RobertJordan's ''Literature/TheWheelOfTime'', ''Tel'aran'rhiod'' is an alternate reality that people can access through their dreams. Most only enter it briefly and unconsciously without special help, but those with a talent for Dreamwalking can make the transition willingly and channellers can physically transport themselves there.²** Dreamwalkers also have the ability to find a person's dreams and project messages into them, pull the dreamer into ''Tel'aran'rhiod'', or project themselves into the dream. The third option carries the risk of being caught up and temporarily incorporated into the dream, as one Dreamwalker who entered her lover's dreams learned the [[PowerPerversionPotential hard way]].²* In a notable example from Creator/MercedesLackey's work, Kerowyn, the protagonist of ''[[Literature/HeraldsOfValdemar By the Sword]]'', spends ''ten years'' having dream-conversations with Eldan before finally learning that they'd actually been communicating telepathically the whole time.²* In ''Literature/DoraWilkSeries'', this happens several times to Dora:²** All of her conversations with [[JerkassGods Badb]] happen in rather unpleasant dreams.²** Goddess, the MotherNature, pays Dora a dream visit to give her a mission.²** Dora herself interrogates a witness to [[spoiler:coup d'etat in Hell]] in a dream vision of the future, and the witness remembers the conversation. Don't think too hard on logic of it.²** Dora and Baal have a dream conversation on children and marriage.²* Creator/AnneBishop has used this.²* In Creator/TerryPratchett's ''Discworld/EqualRites'', Esk dreams about the Things from the Dungeon Dimensions and interacts with them. They even tell her the word "psychosomatic" and assure her she can die because of her dreams.²* Malta gets a shared-dream-in-a-box as a present from her fiancee in Creator/RobinHobb's ''[[Literature/RealmOfTheElderlings Liveship Traders]]'' trilogy.²** And in the later ''Tawny Man'' trilogy, Nettle's Skill manifests itself as the ability to control dreams, and she and Fitz interact in dreams before they actually meet.²* In Creator/JohnCWright's ''Literature/ChroniclesOfChaos'' the children receive repeated dream messages [[spoiler: from their parents, who can reach them no other way]].²* In Creator/RobinMcKinley's ''[[Literature/BeautyARetellingOfBeautyAndTheBeast Beauty]]'', a [[TwiceToldTale retelling]] of "Literature/BeautyAndTheBeast", the Beast sends Beauty's father dreams of how she is faring in his castle.²* In Creator/TerryPratchett's ''Literature/OnlyYouCanSaveMankind'', Johnny's dreams let him talk with Kirsty -- and find her afterward, when they are awake.²* In Creator/LoisMcMasterBujold's ''Literature/PaladinOfSouls'', a god appears to Ista in her dreams while looking like his priest, dy Cabon. After the god has finished speaking with her, he leaves and dy Cabon's awareness fills the dream body. Sadly, as soon as Ista figures out that this is a true dream, each the other's, she wakes up. Thus she learns that dy Cabon is alive, but not where he is or whether anyone else has survived.²* This is how the cats of [=StarClan=] generally communicate with living cats in ''Literature/WarriorCats'', although the cat must believe that [=StarClan=] exists for them to be able to do it. BlindSeer Jayfeather can also do this, which is a huge deal because, well, he's still alive. Indeed, he often gets exasperated when the dreams he has frequently do not turn out to be ''his'' dreams at all.²** Cats in the Place of No Stars can also communicate like this, but it is somewhat vague as to what the rules are for who they can and cannot speak to. The books have also shown that any injuries sustained in The Place of No Stars is inflicted on the cat in the real world too, possibly to the extent where you can be killed in a dream.²** [=RiverClan=] medicine cat apprentice, Willowpaw, receives the [=StarClan=] portion of her training via dreams from [=ThunderClan=] medicine cat, Leafpool, since Willowpaw's mentor does not believe in [=StarClan=].²²* In Creator/AnneMcCaffrey's ''[[Literature/TowerAndTheHive Talents]]'' series, the Mrdini have a limited ability to manipulate human dreams. This works out quite well for first contact betweeen humanity and Mrdini: they're able to communicate through dreams until they learn enough of each other's language to do so verbally.²* In Creator/JimButcher's ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'', Harry does this repeatedly.²* Jonathan Stroud's "The Leap" covers this trope in spades.²* In Creator/CSLewis's ''Literature/TheGreatDivorce'', the narrator meets with Creator/GeorgeMacDonald -- who solemnly warns him that it is AllJustADream and he must make it clear when he tells the story in RealLife.²* Angels in Literature/TheBible use dreams to communicate with humans: for example, an angel comes to Joseph in a dream to explain to him the circumstances of Mary's virginal conception, and later returns to warn Joseph that Herod wants to kill the child.²* The Five in ''Literature/ThePowerOfFive'' books can do this. They all meet in their dreams before any of them meet in real life.²* Literature/StarTrekNovelVerse:²** The Cardassian Fates communicate like this. Non-corporeal creatures inhabiting a mysterious dimensional plane that intersects with our own, they can telepathically influence mortals. In particular, with individuals of the right genetic makeup (or whose minds have been altered by particular artifacts), they can appear in dreams and hold "conversations" - or alternatively just plant images and desires. In the ''Literature/TerokNor'' books, their apparent leader, Oralius, uses it to find the next [[LegacyCharacter Astraea]] so as to keep the [[GoodOldWays Oralian Way religion]] and the compassionate, noble aspect of Cardassian society alive. Her EvilCounterpart Uramtali uses it to telepathically rape young boys.²** Also the Lipul Dreamships from ''Literature/StarTrekGemworld''.²* In Creator/NeilGaiman's ''Literature/TheGraveyardBook'', Nobody can do this with Dreamwalking to deal with bullies.²* In Creator/NeilGaiman's ''Literature/{{Stardust}}'', Tristan is asked, in his dream, to keep down the noisiness of his dream.²* In Creator/PatriciaAMcKillip's ''Literature/TheBookOfAtrixWolfe'', the [[TheHighQueen woman]] in the [[LostWoods woods]] communicates with both Atrix Wolfe and Burne this way. Later, so does [[spoiler:Talis]].²* In the ''Literature/AnitaBlake'' series, Anita starts the process of becoming Jean-Claude's human servant in the first book (''Guilty Pleasures''), which means he can get in her dreams. At first, he shows up in a coffin overflowing with blood. In later books, this comes up again, and the dreams span from [[spoiler:seduction]] to [[spoiler:sex]].²* In Creator/RobertEHoward's "Literature/ThePhoenixOnTheSword" Literature/ConanTheBarbarian is warned in his dream, by the long-dead Epemitreus.²* In Creator/RobertEHoward's ''Literature/{{Kull}}'' / ''Literature/BranMakMorn'' story "Kings of the Night," Gonar claims to be visited in his dreams by the first Gonar.²* In Creator/JosephaSherman's ''Literature/TheShiningFalcon'', Finist appears in Alexi's dreams, posing as a BadDreams.²* In Creator/BarbaraHambly's ''Literature/ThoseWhoHuntTheNight'' and sequels, vampires can communicate with people's dreams.²* Creator/JRRTolkien's ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'':²** In ''The Return Of The King'', Frodo's dreams are filled with the Eye of Sauron, who fortunately has less ability to reach him than in most instances of this trope.²** In ''The Fellowship of the Ring'', all the hobbits except Sam felt the Old Forest trying to get into their dreams at Tom Bombadil's.²* In Adrian Tchaikovsky's ''[[Literature/ShadowsOfTheApt Empire In Black And Gold]]'', how Acheous contacts Cheerwell.²* In Creator/JasperFforde's ''[[Literature/ThursdayNext Lost In A Good Book]]'', the eradicated Landen talks with Thursday in her dream.²* In Creator/RickRiordan's ''[[Literature/TheKaneChronicles The Throne of Fire]]'', Carter realizes that Zia is getting this in her FauxDeath.²* In Creator/EleanorCameron's ''The Court of the Stone Children'', Nina [[DreamingOfThingsToCome dreams of a time when her home is taken apart and sent to a museum]]. Her dead father appears to tell her something.²* ''Literature/{{Solaris}}'' subverts this; while on the space station, the asleep protagonist is seemingly visited by a dead crewmember in his dreams. The visitor states that he's fine with being dead, then warns the protagonist about a secret plot perpetrated by the other people on the space station. It would suggest that there is an afterlife, unusually for Creator/StanislawLem's atheistic views (and the [[OutgrownSuchSillySuperstitions atheistic setting]].) But it all turns out to be ''just'' a dream, born from the protagonist's internal concerns; there's no secret plot at all.²* In Creator/RobinMcKinley's ''Literature/{{Sunshine}}'', after the final battle, [[spoiler:her grandmother]] appears in Sunshine's dream to talk things over.²* In ''Literature/{{Palimpsest}}'', people will understand you regardless of what language you speak. Characters run into people they know on the other side frequently.²* In Creator/JohnMilton's ''Literature/ParadiseLost'', one attack Satan uses on Eve²-->''methought\²Close at mine ear one call'd me forth to walk\²With gentle voice, I thought it thine; it said,\²Why sleepst thou EVE? now is the pleasant time,\²The cool, the silent, save where silence yields\²To the night-warbling Bird, that now awake\²Tunes sweetest his love-labor'd song; now reignes\²Full Orb'd the Moon, and with more pleasing light\²Shadowie sets off the face of things; in vain,\²If none regard; Heav'n wakes with all his eyes,\²Whom to behold but thee, Natures desire,\²In whose sight all things joy, with ravishment\²Attracted by thy beauty still to gaze.''²* In Creator/SeananMcGuire's Literature/OctoberDaye novel, Katie, as an oneiromancer, can do this to get information to Toby. Since she's a DreamWeaver, she can set the scene, too.²* In Creator/DorothyGilman's ''Literature/TheClairvoyantCountess'', after trying to contact a woman in a reading, she starts to get dream messages from her.²* In Creator/CharlesDeLint's ''The Cats of Tanglewood Forest'', Lillian is assured that the Father of Cats can get into your dream and chase you there, and if he kills you, you die in reality.²* In Laura Amy Schlitz's ''A Drowned Maiden's Hair'', [[spoiler:Victoria]] tells Maud that she used to be able to dream of dead people, and sometimes talk with them, until [[spoiler:she lied about one telling her something. After that, Maud starts to dream of a dead girl.]]²* In Creator/RogerZelazny's ''Literature/LordOfLight'', when Yama goes to [[spoiler:assassinate Sam]], he meets monks, who cast him into an immensely symbolic dream [[spoiler:where he destroys the universe trying to kill him.]] He asks Sam after, who can not explicate it to him.²* In ''Literature/NoGodsOnlyDaimons'' this is how Al-Hakem Al-Dunya primarily communicates with his chosen agent, Luke Landon.²* In ''Literature/VampireAcademy'', certain spirit users with Dreamwalker powers use it to communicate with others. This is primarily used by Adrian to speak to Rose, even when they are in different continents.²* In Marion G. Harmon's Literature/WearingTheCape novels, [[spoiler:Kitsune]] can do this to Hope. Falling cherry blossoms alert her to the type, and she (usually) remembers it unusually well.²* In ''Literature/TheGirlFromTheMiraclesDistrict'':²** Nikita's conversation with [[spoiler:Ture, after he dies,]] all happen when she's asleep.²** It eventually turns out that [[spoiler:her entire trip to Asgard]] was this trope UpToEleven.²* In ''Literature/TheWitchlands'', Weaverwitches can apparently invade other people's dreams to chat. Esme uses this to try and befriend Iseult, and later, when [[spoiler:Iseult figures out how to communicate with Safi across large distances]], the latter can only hear her while asleep.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Live Action TV ]]²²* In ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''²** In "Amends" the First is trying to turn Angel evil or drive him to suicide, so sends him dreams of his past crimes as Angelus. To further torment him, [[ForcedToWatch Buffy also shares these dreams]]. Then because having sex with Buffy will turn him evil, they start having shared {{Erotic Dream}}s as well.²-->'''Giles:''' You had another dream, with Angel? What happened?²-->'''Buffy:''' ''(long pause)'' We don't need to get sidetracked.²** In season eight "The Long Way Home" Buffy has a long talk with Ethan Rayne in her dreams, who gives her valuable clues into who's attacking her, and why.²** ''Restless'' is an episode of this trope, with the primeval doing the communicating.²** In "Graduation Day" after Buffy puts Faith in a coma, then ends up in hospital herself, she has a dream in which Faith appears to reconcile with her, giving a clue on how to defeat the Mayor.²-->'''Buffy:''' (with a half smile) "Is this your mind or mine?"\²'''Faith''' (laugh) "Beats me."²** In the ''Series/{{Angel}}'' spin-off, Faith defeats Angelus by shooting up with a FantasticDrug and letting him feed on her. They both fall into a coma and end up reliving Angel's life, with both providing appropriate snarks and jibes.²* The Strucker twins can communicate with each other in dreams in ''Series/TheGifted''.²* In ''Series/{{Heroes}}'', Angela wakes up Sylar through this while they're both comatose.²** This is season 1 character Sanjog Iyer's power.²* ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise''. Trip Tucker and T'Pol find themselves communicating in a daydream, despite being on seperate starships, a sign that their brief "[[InterspeciesRomance intimate relationship]]" has led to a [[MindlinkMates somewhat more permanent connection]]. As they've just broken up with each other, neither are very happy about it.²-->'''T'Pol:''' Please leave.\²'''Trip:''' [[WhiteVoidRoom Exactly where am I supposed to go]]?\²'''T'Pol:''' Away.\²'''Trip:''' This is my daydream. You go away.²* The ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' "Night Terrors" has the ship trapped in a NegativeSpaceWedgie, with most of the crew hallucinating and slowly going insane due to lack of REM sleep, while Troi, TheEmpath, is going just as mad from nightmares about twin moons and voices whispering "eyes in the dark, one moon circling". It turns out [[spoiler: there's an alien ship trapped in the same wedgie, and they're using telepathy to try to communicate through the crew's dreams and suggest an escape plan]].²* ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'':²** The Borg Queen communicates with Seven of Nine while she's dreaming in "Dark Frontier" and "Endgame."²** In "Tinker Tenor, Doctor Spy," an alien hijacks the Doctor's daydream program and speaks with him to warn him of an impending attack on ''Voyager''.²** In "Waking Moments," the whole crew gets trapped in a communal dream by telepathic aliens, with [[MagicalNativeAmerican Chakotay]] the only one who can escape.²** "Unimatrix Zero" is about a dream realm that some drones enter while regenerating.²* As in Literature/TheBible, angels on ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' use dreams to communicate with humans. This turns out to be embarrassing in "The Song Remains The Same" when Dean is having an EroticDream involving two strippers in [[AngelicBeauty angel]] and [[HotAsHell devil]] costumes, and [[FallenAngel Anna]] turns up in his head.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Tabletop Games ]]²²* One possible use of Oneiromancy in ''TabletopGame/ChangelingTheLost''.²* This is a mid-level spell in ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'', although the communication is only one-way from the caster to the recipient.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Video Games ]]²²* Shiki has lots of dreams in ''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}}'' but as you get into the farther routes, at one point SHIKI becomes aware he is being watched and starts screaming for Shiki to leave. Throughout lots of the dreams there's also a sort of not-quite communication going on. [[spoiler:This is exclusive to these two characters (and maybe Akiha) apparently as the two of them each have one quarter the life of Akiha and therefore are linked, sharing energy, some traits, dreams and mental influence.]]²* Aerith has a conversation with Cloud in his dream in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' after she's left the party, to tell him about her plan to stop Sephiroth and to reassure him that everything will be okay. Unfortunately, Sephiroth was also in the dream and, after she's left, he pops in to remark to Cloud that that's interesting to know. Cloud immediately wakes up, and the race for the heroes to find her first is on.²* Paula uses her psychic abilities to call Ness, and later Jeff in ''Videogame/{{Earthbound}}''.²* In the Warden's Keep DLC for ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'', the mage/Grey Warden Avernus reached out to Levi Dryden in his dreams, encouraging him to explore the haunted fortress that was the resting place of his great-great-grandmother, [[BrokenPedestal Sophia Dryden]]. Fearful of the danger (and rightfully so), Levi contacted the Grey Wardens to help him search the keep for evidence that would²** In-game, viewing the dreams of others and actually entering them is stated to be one of the powers granted by BloodMagic.²*** While they don't exactly have a conversation with it, both the Warden and Alistair wake up from a nightmare involving the Archdemon with the feeling that it actually "saw" them somehow. It's a prelude to an attack by a squad of shrieks.²*** A Warden's dreams will always be filled with the whispers of the Old Gods after the Joining though he/she can eventually suppress them. The return of the dreams is the first sign that the Taint will soon overwhelm a Warden turning him/her into just another ghoul.²* In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' Feynriel is a ''somniari'' (dreamer), a very rare kind of mage who can manipulate the Fade and enter the dreams of others without resorting to BloodMagic or piles of lyrium. If Hawke helps him survive the demons constantly assaulting him (a dreamer is a ''very'' appealing target to demons), Feynriel will go to Tevinter and learn to control his powers. In Act III he saves a young noblewoman from a gang of rapists by ''entering their dreams and forcing them to kill each other'', then comforts the girl by speaking to her in her dreams. [[RescueRomance The girl becomes smitten with Feynriel]] and looks forward to when she falls asleep again so she can be with him in her dreams.²* In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition'', Solas (an apostate mage who's spent his life studying the Fade) has a conversation with the Inquisitor in a shared dream. Apparently, they sought him out rather than vice versa - their Anchor allows them to dream with unusual focus, whether or not they're a mage.²* In ''VideoGame/{{Evolve}}'', Kala's hybrid nature links her to the monster's HiveMind. When she sleeps, she is forced to fully connect and communicate with them. Naturally, this makes her teammates uneasy.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Webcomics ]]²²* In a deleted ''Webcomic/ParallelDementia''[=/=]''Webcomic/EmergencyExit'' mini-crossover, Eddie does this in order to talk to Fall after he's been forbidden to visit her dimension in real life.²* In ''Webcomic/{{Bardsworth}}'', Fitzpot uses this as a method to giving Mike private tutoring lessons.²* Andrew Hussie's brilliant ''Webcomic/ProblemSleuth'' and his other comic ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' both contain dream worlds that can be accessed by the protagonists.²* In ''Webcomic/OurLittleAdventure'', the messages that drive the adventure are received through dreams.²* In ''Webcomic/GunnerkriggCourt'', [[ Zimmy does this when Antimony passes out.]]²* In ''Webcomic/AgentsOfTheRealm'', Norah has a short, but confusing conversation with what seems to be the ghost of Filoni when she takes a short nap in chapter 3.²* ''Webcomic/CharbyTheVampirate'': Tony does this as a favor to find out if Charby has a chance with his crush. Tony also uses it to [[ annoy Victor.]] ²* ''WebComic/EerieCuties'': Near the end of chapter 15, [[spoiler: Queen Lamia]] [[ appeared in Ace's dreams]], where she vaguely [[PastLifeMemories implied they shared a past together.]] She appeared to him again, in the following chapter, along with [[spoiler: [[ a past incarnation of Brooke]]]], who she said [[PropertyOfLove belonged to her]], just as he does - hinting at a deeper connection between them.²* ''WebComic/MagickChicks'': Melissa first began seeing [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep "fade-out girl"]] [[ in her dreams]], shortly after being transferred to Artemis Academy. Then met her in person on her way to school, where she staged her CatUpATree routine as a test of Melissa's character. While the first attempt failed, the second succeeded. Then, in chapter 15, she made an unexpected appearance [[spoiler: [[ in Faith's subconsciousness]]]].²* In the Squirrel Prophet arc of ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'', a wizard makes contact with Grace in her dreams and delivers an important message. Embarrassingly enough, he shows up in one of those [[NotWearingPantsDream naked in public]] [[ dreams]]. This particular instance is also a bit less effective than most cases of dream communication considering that it is no more likely to be remembered than any ordinary dream. After three attempts, Grace only remembers bits and pieces.²* ''Webcomic/StandStillStaySilent'': Lalli, Onni and Reynir all have the ability to access a magical shared dream space while asleep, in which they can speak to each other, contact spirits, and go on spirit visions. It includes secure private realms whose appearance seems to suit the mage's personal preferences and a more dangerous public space between them that works a little differently depending on the source of the mage's powers. The latter results in Reynir having an easier time circulating between realms than the two others. ²** Later in the first story, [[spoiler:Lalli and Emil end up SharingABody (to be specific, Lalli's spirit is trapped in Emil's dreamspace, and is able to communicate with Emil while the latter is awake) due to a HeroicRROD. While Lalli is able to return to his own body before anything bad happens to it, an unforeseen side-effect is that Emil is able to (unwittingly) enter Lalli's private dream space at random when they're both asleep.]]²* In ''Webcomic/TheWeave'', protagonist [[NaiveEverygirl Tally]] comes to witness a supernatural murder, gets in contact with [[ThePowerOfBlood the victim's blood]], then is contacted in her dreams by the ghost of murder victim Rhiannon, who wants Tally's help [[VengefulGhost for her revenge]].²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Web Original ]]²²* In ''Literature/{{Brennus}}'', the protagonist Basil has a conversation with [[spoiler: Ember]] this way.²* During the Keep the Flag Flying arc of ''Roleplay/OurAvatarsWereInARoomTogetherTheContinuation'', [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Ragna the Bloodedge]] is visited by a very familiar "bunny-leech" vampire in his dreams.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Western Animation ]]²²* In ''WesternAnimation/JackieChanAdventures'', Jade does this multiple times when using the astral projection of the sheep talisman.²* In ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' Jake gets a vision of his dead father, along with his brother Jermaine. Jake asks Jermaine if he's dead too, but no, it turns out he's just taking a nap at the time.²* Rose and Jake on ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDragonJakeLong'' communicate via dream charms because it's too dangerous for them to be seen together due to DatingCatwoman and the fact that Rose's HeelFaceTurn is a secret from the BigBad.²* Ribbon the telepathic unicorn from ''MyLittlePony'' could talk to people in their dreams.²* ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'' discover they have the power to communicate with each other in their dreams.²* In the Season 1 semi-finale of ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', "The Trial of the Monarch", Phantom Limb utilizes this on Doctor Orpheus during the Guild raid on the courtroom, since the typical memory wipe doesn't work on magic users.²* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' episode "The Sting," Leela has recurring dreams about speaking to the dead Fry and becomes convinced that he's alive and communicating with her somehow. [[spoiler:[[RightForTheWrongReasons Which he is]]: [[AdventuresInComaland Leela is in a coma]] after receiving the brunt of the injury that she imagines killed Fry, responding to the very alive Fry's [[ConverseWithTheUnconscious attempts to wake her up]].]]²[[/folder]]²----


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