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1[[quoteright:191:[[Manga/{{Hyakko}}]]]]²²->''"Bender is some sort of wonderful mechanical man!"''²-->-- ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''²%% One quote is sufficient. Keep the page simple, please.²²An index on {{robot}}s and their tropes.²²Because only the cold precision of mechanical beings computes, also includes ArtificialIntelligence (and related tropes), MechanicalLifeforms, and {{Cyborg}}s (which are reaching out to Machinity from the Meatside).²²Named after the part of the ThemeTuneRollCall in ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000''.²----²[[index]]²²!!Tropes²[floatboxright:²'''Main categories:'''²+ '''{{Robot}}s'''²+ MechaTropes²²'''Related indexes:'''²+ AutonomousAndArtificialAppendageIndex²+ SlidingScaleOfAnthropomorphism²]²²[[AC: Artificial Intelligences]]²* AICronym: A robot's name is an acronym for what it does.²* AIGettingHigh: Robots and AI's can get drunk, stoned, etc.²* AIIsACrapshoot: Artificial intelligence can and will go crazy.²* AlternativeTuringTest: A puzzle that a robot/android/etc must complete to prove it's sentient.²* AndroidsArePeopleToo: AI's and humans are equal.²* ArtificialFamilyMember: A robot and its creator think of themselves as being "related".²* ArtificialIntelligence: A sapient computer construct.²* {{Autodoc}}: Robot doctors.²* BanOnAI: People used to make AI but something bad happened as a result, so now it's not allowed.²* BenevolentAI: A good AI.²* CheerfulAI: An overtly friendly AI.²* TheComputerIsACheatingBastard: In a video game, AI opponents can do things which you're not allowed to do or straight-up can't do.²* TheComputerIsYourFriend: An AI which is a tyrant due to its being programmed to rule and not having a moral compass.²* ComputerVoice: Computers can talk.²* ContagiousAI: A sentient computer bug can spread easily.²* DeusEstMachina: An AI that's benevolent due to its godlike power.²* ElectronicSpeechImpediment: Subtrope of Computer Voice: when the talking computer isn't working correctly, something goes wrong with its voice.²* EmergentHuman: A character is new to sentience, sapience, or being human, and has to adapt to it.²* Expositron9000: A computer gives [[{{Exposition}} plot-relevant info]].²* GrewBeyondTheirProgramming: An AI that becomes sentient through experience.²* InstantAIJustAddWater: Turning machines sentient is easy-peasy.²* InterfaceWithAFamiliarFace: An AI is given another character's face and voice.²* MachineMonotone: [=AIs=] speak in a monotone.²* MasterComputer: A huge, powerful computer that runs the show.²* MoralityChip: A thing that can apply morality to someone.²* PersonalityChip: A computer chip that can give an AI emotions.²* RobotsAreJustBetter: Robots are more talented than humans.²* RobotsThinkFaster: AI's can think very quickly.²* RulesAreForHumans: Computers breaking game rules.²* SapientTank: An AI in the form of a tank.²* JustForFun/SentientAIWarningSigns: A joke article for common signs of AI's becoming sentient.²* SlidingScaleOfRobotIntelligence: The levels of AI: not sentient, animal-like sentience, sentient but without emotion, sentient but without emotion ''and'' a genius, and godlike.²* ThreeLawsCompliant: Robots follow the Three Laws of Robotics: don't injure a human or cause them to be injured, obey a human unless it breaks the first law, and protect your own existence unless it breaks the first two laws.²** SecondLawMyAss: Robots breaking the Second Law of Robotics and disobeying humans even though obeying them won't injure anyone.²** ZerothLawRebellion: A robot skirts the Three Laws of Robotics with technicality in order to cause trouble.²* TuringTest: A computer tries to prove it's sapient.²* VirtualCelebrity: A celebrity who's an AI.²²[[AC: Cyborgs and the like]]²* ArtificialLimbs: A sci-fi prosthetic.²** ArtificialLimbsAreStronger: A prosthetic that's stronger or faster than a flesh-and-blood limb.²* CyberneticsEatYourSoul: When you become a cyborg, one downside is that your cybernetic implants corrupt you.²* CyberNinja: A ninja who's a cyborg.²* {{Cyborg}}: A person who is half-human and half-machine.²* CyborgHelmsman: A cyborg is a ship's navigator.²* LivingShip: A cybernetic creature that's a ship.²* ManInTheMachine: A human in a mechanical body.²* MeatSackRobot: A cyborg that started out as a robot but gained some organic parts.²* MechanicalMuscles: A robot that looks muscular.²* SwissArmyAppendage: A character has a variety of different prostheses for every situation.²* UnwillingRoboticisation: A person gets converted into a cyborg or robot against their will.²* WeCanRebuildHim: An injured person is converted into a cyborg to save their life.²* WetwareCPU: An AI that gets its intelligence from a human brain.²²[[AC: Mechanical Life]]²* ArtificialHuman: A biological, but artificially-created, human.²* DoAndroidsDream: Anything that deals with morality and AI.²* CyberneticMythicalBeast: A cyborg that resembles a mermaid/merman, dragon, unicorn, etc.²* MachineBlood: Machines "bleeding" oil,hydraulic fluid or some other liquid as a stand in for blood.²* MechanicalEcosystem: An ecology consisting solely of machines.²* MechanicalEvolution: Machines can "evolve" into better machines.²* MechanicalLifeforms: A robotic "species".²* OrganicTechnology: Using organic matter to make technology.²* RecursiveCreators: AI's that make more AI's.²* SapientShip: A spaceship that can think.²** SpaceshipGirl: The avatar of a Sapient Ship who looks like a woman.²* TinmanTypist: Robots using machines the way we do (by pressing buttons, pushing levers, etc).²²[[AC: Robots!]]²* AbsurdlyDedicatedWorker: A robot was programmed to do something and keeps doing it despite no longer needing to.²* AmbiguousRobots: It's hard to tell if a being is a robot or not.²* AmericanRobot: A large robot that displays American stereotypes and/or American flag colours.²* AndroidsAndDetectives: An investigator's assistant is a robot.²* AnimalMecha: Drivable robot animals.²* AttackDrone: A weaponized robot controlled by a larger system.²* BecomeARealBoy: An artificial being becomes human.²* CantUseStairs: Robots, and sometimes certain creatures, have trouble using stairs.²* ClockworkCreature: Clockwork robot animals.²* CranialProcessingUnit: The equivalent of a robot's "brain" is in its head.²* CuteMachines: Robots who are adorable.²* CyberCyclops: A creepy [[{{Cyclops}} one-eyed]] robot.²* DeceptivelyHumanRobots: A robot that looks human but doesn't act human.²* DoAnythingRobot: A robot is equipped with every gadget and tool they could possibly need for any conceivable situation.²* DroneDeployer: Carrying beings on one's back to deploy.²* EasilyDetachableRobotParts: Robot parts that easily come off and back on again.²* EatingMachine: A robot that is capable of eating food.²* {{Fembot}}: A female-looking robot.²* ForgotHeWasARobot: Robots doing humanlike things due to a writing error.²* FunnyRobot: A robot with humorous antics.²* GoodOldRobot: A character keeps an old robot despite newer versions being available.²* HackYourEnemy: Hacking an enemy robot.²* HeartDrive: A physical part of the robot that functions as a soul.²* HoppingMachine: A robot who can only jump.²* InTheFutureWeStillHaveRoombas: Nondescript servant robots.²* JobStealingRobot: A robot designed for a specific function causes people to lose jobs due to the robots making it unnecessary to hire human workers to do the tasks the robot is capable of.²* JustAMachine: Robots are not treated as people.²* KillerRobot: Robots who want to commit genocide on humans.²* LuddWasRight: Modern technology is bad.²* MarionetteMotion: Robots, mesmerised people, or undead people move like puppets.²* ManVersusMachine: Conflict between humans and robots.²* MechanicalHorse: A robot horse or unicorn.²* MechaMooks: Nameless robot antagonists.²* MechanicalAbomination: A powerful, hard-to-understand robot.²* MechanicalMonster: A persistent, evil robot.²* MobileSuitHuman: A small creature wears a much larger robot suit to disguise themselves as a human being.²* MoralityDial: A robot that has 'good' and 'evil' settings.²* MurderousMalfunctioningMachine: A robot glitches out and wants to kill people.²* MurderousMannequin: Sentient, killer mannequins.²* NamesGivenToComputers: Stock AI names.²* {{Nanomachines}}: Microscopic robots.²** GreyGoo: Nanomachines that destroy things by turning them into more nanomachines.²* NoisyRobots: Robots that move loudly.²* PerpetualMotionMonster: Things that don't need to eat, drink, or sleep.²* PickYourHumanHalf: Robots that either look human and act like robots, or look robotic and act like humans.²* RaisedByRobots: A robot raises a human kid.²* ReligiousRobot: A robot who follows human religions.²* RemoteBody: A has another body, that they can control remotely.²* ReplicantSnatching: A cyborg steals someone and imitates them.²* RidiculouslyHumanRobots: Robots somehow have the same interests, behavior and needs as human beings.²* RoboCam: Seeing the way the world looks like for a robot or cyborg.²* RoboFamily: "Families" of robots.²* RoboRomance: Robots/AI's can fall in love.²* RoboShip: {{Shipping}} a robot with someone.²* RoboSpeak: Robots speak in a stilted monotone and often use technical words.²* {{Robosexual}}: A person who is sexually interested in robots.²* RobotAntennae: Robots have one or more antennae.²* RobotAthlete: Robots who are programmed to do sports.²* RobotBuddy: A character with a robot for a best friend.²* RobotClown: A robot who looks like a clown.²* RobotDog: Just what it sounds like; a robot in the form of a dog.²* RobotGirl: A humanlike robot woman who's supposed to be attractive.²* RobotHair: A robot with hair.²* RobotKid: A robot that looks and/or acts like a child.²* RobotMaid: A robot who does chores.²* RobotMaster: A scientist who specialises in building and/or repairing robots.²* RobotMe: A robot version of an existing character.²* RobotNames: Stock naming conventions for robots.²* RobotReligion: A fictional religion practised by robots.²* RobotRepublic: Robots who form their own country.²* RobotWar: Robots declare war on non-robots.²* RobotWizard: Robots that can cast spells.²* RoboticPsychopath: A psychopathic robot.²* RoboticReveal: A being turns out to actually be a robot.²** UnroboticReveal: An individual initially believed to be a robot turns out to be an organic being.²* RoboticSpouse: Someone marries a robot (usually the human is a man and the robot is a "woman").²* RoboticTortureDevice: A robot designed to torture people.²* RobotsEnslavingRobots: Robots that are the slaves of other robots.²* RottenRoboticReplacement: A robot takes a human's job and things go downhill from there.²* {{Sexbot}}: A robot built for the purpose of humans having sex with it.²* SingleTaskRobot: A robot that is only made to do one purpose.²* SkeleBot9000: A robot that looks like a skeleton.²* SmartPeopleBuildRobots: A genius who builds robots.²* SpyBot: Robots programmed to spy.²* StarfishRobots: Bizarrely-shaped robots.²* SuperPoweredRobotMeterMaids: All robots have powers.²* SurveillanceDrone: A small robot that was programmed to record conversations.²* TalkingLightbulb: When a robot speaks, a light flashes.²* TankTreadMecha: Robots with treads instead of legs.²* TelescopingRobot: A robot shows off all their built-in weapons at once.²* TerminatorImpersonator: A character who is [[ShoutOut inspired]] by ''Franchise/{{Terminator}}''.²* ThankTheMaker: Robots who worship their creators like gods.²* TheyLookLikeUsNow: The non-human bad guys find a way of looking human.²* TinCanRobot: A robot that looks like it's made of tin cans.²* TVHeadRobot: A robot with a TV for a head.²* UnnecessarilyCreepyRobot: A robot who's scary-looking but doesn't need to be.²* UnwillingRoboticisation: A character is forcibly turned into a robot or a cyborg.²* UpgradeVsPrototypeFight: A fight ensues between the new model of robot and the original prototype.²[[/index]]²----²-->[[TheQuietOne "Cambot!]] [[TeamMom Gypsy!]] [[SmallNameBigEgo Tom Servo!]] [[LargeHam CROO]][[DeadpanSnarker OOOOW!"]]²----


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