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1Since Music/{{Kraftwerk}} began presenting themselves as robots circa 1978, a number of electronic bands have adopted robot or spaceman alter egos.˛˛Compare KayfabeMusic, the SuperTrope.˛----˛!!Examples of artists with robot or spaceman alter egos:˛˛* Music/{{Daft Punk}}: Since 2001, although they claim they were transformed into robots in a FreakLabAccident on 9/9/1999.˛* Music/{{Kraftwerk}}: Duh. Especially since they use synthetic vocals extensively, any vocals performed by a person try to sound like they're synthetic, and many of their live shows actually do involve robots controlled through midi software to play backup; the four robots have molded replicas of the real men's heads.˛* [[ Rockets]].˛* Moog Cookbook: These guys even had names for their alter egos: "Uli Nomi" for Brian Kehew and "Meco Eno" for Roger Manning Jr.˛* Mr. Pacman: Defunct-ish video game rocker(s) from Denver.˛* Ace Frehley from Music/{{KISS}} originated the Spaceman.˛* Not an electronic band, but Jason Pierce of {{Music/Spiritualized}} goes by his nickname of "J. Spaceman" quite frequently.˛* Music/JanelleMonae's alter ego is Cindi Mayweather, the android protagonist of her four-part ''Metropolis'' concept album.˛* The Phenomenauts are an exploratory spaceship crew, with a token robot.˛* Music/{{The Protomen}}: Sometimes taken more seriously than others.˛* Jimmy the Robot of ''Music/TheAquabats'', though he's the only robot of the group, the rest being super heroes.˛* In their kayfabe Music/{{GWAR}} is a group of alien mercenaries who were banished to Earth.˛* Music/GaryNuman is known for his robotic, alienated performance, and lyrical themes.˛* Music/DavidBowie had his alien MessianicArchetype Ziggy Stardust in 1972-3.˛* Music/{{Skrillex}} had a female alien as his alter ego which he controlled via motion technology on a few tours.˛* Music/{{Starset}} perform wearing illuminated face masks and fake oxygen tanks. In their {{kayfabe}}, they claim that their lyrics were beamed to them by aliens.˛* Planetoid's kayfabe is superficially similar to that of Gwar: They're aliens from the future who found themselves stranded on earth, and who now intend to conquer the planet with ThePowerOfRock. They actually fit into both the "spaceman" and "robot" categories, since drummer Admiral Time is supposed to be a cybernetic organism as well.˛* Future Folk are General Trius and The Mighty Kevin, who were originally sent to earth from the planet Hondo to kill off all human life and start a new settlement there. Fortunately, they soon became fascinated with the human invention known as music, and decided to spare humanity and focus on performing original folk songs. Their back-story was made into the movie ''Film/TheHistoryOfFutureFolk'': In the film, audiences ''think'' they're a comedy duo with spaceman alter egos, when in fact they actually are from outer space.˛* The French 1970s electronic group Space appeared as astronauts in their music videos.˛* Music/SteamPoweredGiraffe performs as {{steampunk}} robots from the 1890s.˛* Music/TupperWareRemixParty consists of an alien spaceman from the Big Bang as frontman and keytarist, a gold-plated spaceman lead guitarist, a PantheraAwesome bassist, and a KillerRobot drummer.


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