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1->'''Jack:''' I have to warn you, I've heard relationships based on intense experiences never work.\˛'''Annie:''' OK. We'll have to base it on sex, then.\˛'''Jack:''' Whatever you say, ma'am.˛-->-- ''Film/{{Speed}}''˛˛The DamselInDistress has just been rescued from the BigBad by the hero. How can she show her gratitude? Have sex with him, that's how. If she's ended up in a GoGoEnslavement outfit, so much the better for all parties.˛˛May involve some version of the phrase "how can I ever repay you?", followed by a knowing smirk from the Hero (especially if he's already a bit of a cad), though in more modern interpretations, the damsel makes it pretty obvious that this is how she ''wants'' to repay him.˛˛Could be considered an "express" form of RescueRomance, and a step up from SmoochOfVictory. May overlap with GladToBeAliveSex.˛˛----˛!!Examples:˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛[[folder:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]˛* In ''LightNovel/KazeNoStigma'', Kazuma actually suggests this to a girl once. Admittedly, at that point, he's shrugged off several assassination-attempts from her, convinced her family not to have her killed due to the dishonor she's brought on them, forgiven her for killing several hundred innocent people in an attempt to kill him, and finally managed to find a way to knock her out of her OneWingedAngel state without having to kill her in the process. She joins a convent with remarkable speed at that point.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Comic Books]]˛* ''ComicBook/HaagseHarry'' suggested it once after defending a woman's honor from some unruly Morroccans. She accepts, on the condition that he goes shopping for clothes with her and takes her out for dinner first.˛-->'''Harry:''' All women are hookers. Those who do it for money are the cheapest.˛* In ''ComicBook/SinCity'', Hartigan turned down such an offer from Nancy, as he viewed her as a surrogate daughter. (By the way, this was after he spent ''eight years in prison'' after being framed for rape, due to the rescue in question.) ˛* In the original comics by Jean-Claude Forest, ''Film/{{Barbarella}}'' is [[FreeLoveFuture entirely willing to offer this trope]] to any handsome male who saves her, unlike the Jane Fonda movie where she's has to be coaxed into it.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Fan Works]]˛* ''FanFic/DirtySympathy'' after Klavier sends Apollo's abusive BadBoss to jail, Apollo decides to [[SlashFic make the first move]] and repays him by sleeping with him, not [[SexyDiscretionShot that it's shown to the readers]].˛* In ''Fanfic/CodeGeassThePreparedRebellion'', C.C. has sex with Lelouch the night after he saves her from Clovis' clutches.˛* Defied in ''[[ Walking in the Shadows]]'' as Xander refuses to have sex with someone right after saving their life, believing it feels forced and wanting to avoid hard feelings if it's merely the adrenaline at play. Later subverted as he almost has sex with Tara but they don't go all the way and it's made clear afterwards that Tara isn't truly attracted to him, being a lesbian.˛* In "[[ Wise Ancestors]]", Zelda spends the night with Link after he kills Ganondorf and frees her from captivity. Of course, this is partly because of the princess following her ancestors' advice to give herself to the hero of destiny.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Film]]˛* Film/JamesBond. ˛** Specifically ''Film/TheManWithTheGoldenGun'', ''Film/TheSpyWhoLovedMe'' and ''Film/TomorrowNeverDies'' (those are just some of the plainest examples).˛** Natalya's reaction when Bond saves her from the exploding train in ''Film/{{Goldeneye}}'' probably qualifies, though Bond does have to kiss her after her "it's what keeps you alone" speech.˛* In ''Film/VanHelsing'', Friar Carl rescues a townswoman from getting seriously injured by making a diving catch as she falls. She is grateful, but seems disappointed that her damn lucky rescuer is a monk. He is happy to assure her that he's a friar, not a monk (thus implying a friar [[ArtisticLicenseReligion isn't sworn to be celibate]]). She smiles. [[SexyDiscretionShot NEXT SCENE!]]˛* In ''Film/DesertHeat'', Eddie Lomax receives this form of gratitude from the two sexy blondes he saves. [[AThreesomeIsHot Concurrently.]]˛* Subverted in the opening scene of ''Film/{{Machete}}''. The title character rescues a female kidnap victim who turns out to be [[ShamelessFanserviceGirl jaw-droppingly attractive, totally naked]], and eager to reward her rescuer, while Machete is only interested in saving her. [[spoiler:For his trouble she stabs him with his own machete as it's all a trap by the BigBad.]]˛* ''Film/{{Barbarella}}'' does this three times over the course of a single movie. The third time around the guy in question rescues her purely because he wants to boink her.˛* A variation is played for laughs in ''Film/AceVenturaPetDetective'' where Ace gets this from a busty, immodestly dressed client for rescuing her dog. ˛* Becomes TroublingUnchildhoodBehavior in the International Cut of ''Film/TheProfessional''. Leon rescues 12 year-old Mathilda from the middle of DEA headquarters after she fails to kill the {{Dirty Cop}}s who murdered her family. Mathilda then [[RescueRomance decides she is in love]] and offers to lose her virginity with him, so Leon has to gently refuse her. They compromise on [[InnocentCohabitation agreeing to share the bed]].˛* ''Film/TheTransporter''. Frank reluctantly rescues Lai, then mooks come to his house with a rocket launcher and blow it up, only for Frank to escape with her by swimming through a tunnel to the sea. Frank is ranting over how he should never have become involved in the first place when Lai strips off her wet clothes.˛-->'''Frank:''' What are you doing?\˛'''Lai:''' Making up for the trouble.˛* ''Film/SinCity''. John Hartigan saves eleven year-old Nancy Callahan from a pedophile rapist, and finds SheIsAllGrownUp as a beautiful 19 year-old erotic dancer by the time he [[NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished gets out of prison]]. Nancy tells Hartigan that though she's tried to love other men, she's always been in love with him, and earnestly encourages Hartigan to sleep with her after she saves her yet again. Hartigan, who's spent his entire imprisonment thinking of her as a surrogate daughter, turns down her offer. And then takes a cold shower.˛* In ''Film/KingsmanTheSecretService'', Eggsy is rewarded with rescue anal sex by a captured Swedish princess after stopping Valentine. The funniest part is that he only [[InvokedTrope asked]] [[SmoochOfVictory for a ]] ''[[SmoochOfVictory kiss]]''; the [[EuropeansAreKinky princess]] was the one to offer sex for rescuing her before upgrading to offering anal if he saved the world.˛** Hilariously enough, [[spoiler:it actually develops into an real relationship in ''Film/KingsmanTheGoldenCircle'', culminating in Eggsy and Tilde (the princess) getting married]].˛* Spoofed in ''Film/{{Baywatch 2017}}'', where the handsome lifeguard responds by throwing the grateful beauty overboard instead. He's kinda busy, what with the boat being on fire and all.˛* Offered and rejected in ''Film/SamuraiIMusashiMiyamoto''. Oko is ''very'' turned on by watching Takezo fight off a half-dozen bandits single-handed and save her treasure box. She straight up says "Take me, Takezo!" and goes on to say that he can do anything he wants with her. But he's a CelibateHero, so he leaves.˛* ''Film/ShowdownInLittleTokyo''. After Kenner saves Minako from captivity and sexual abuse by the villain, she becomes attracted to him and cuddles up to him in his home for safety before they have sex.˛* Roger Rabbit gets this as a reward played for laughs in ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit''. After Eddie defeats the BigBad and rescues Jessica and Roger from the Dip machine Jessica scoops Roger up in her arms and smothers him in SmoochOfVictory kisses and swoons over his “bravery”, much to the annoyance of Eddie. She later seductively promises to [[GRatedSex bake Roger a “carrot cake”]] when they get home. Her sensual delivery implies [[RetargetedLust she wants to have]] GladToBeAliveSex with Roger instead of her actual rescuer. ˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Literature]]˛* Subverted in ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'': Jerin refuses to reward his rescuer with sex, as he's a married man. He reminds her that she promised to rescue him with his virtue intact when she tries to seduce him. [[spoiler:Turns out his rescuer is actually one of his [[ExoticExtendedMarriage wives]], so it would have been okay.]]˛* Subverted in ''Freedom's Landing'', the first book of the ''Literature/{{Catteni}}'' series by Creator/AnneMcCaffrey: when Kris rescues [[HumanAliens Zainal]], he attempts to show his gratitude by having sex with her and is surprised when she refuses. They do end up together, though.˛* ''Freedom's Landing'' is an AdaptationExpansion of a short story called "The Thorns of Barevi" [=McCaffrey=] had written as a ... profit-seeking experiment with fantasy softcore. In that story's version of their MeetCute, they did.˛* ''Literature/BraveNewWorld'' recounts that the "feely" thriller ''Three Weeks in a Helicopter'' "ended happily and decorously, with the Beta blonde becoming the mistress of all her three rescuers." (This is to show the audience that she's properly promiscuous.)˛* In Creator/LarryNiven's ''Literature/AGiftFromEarth'', Matthew Keller rescues Polly, who grabs him to drag him off to have sex. However, it is pointed out that she was just desperate for feelings after being tortured by sensory deprivation.˛* In ''Literature/TheMistsOfAvalon'', Gwenhwyfar has sex with Lancelet after he rescues her. It isn't the first time, but it's the first time without her husband's explicit approval.˛* A two-villains example in ''Literature/PresidentsVampire'', when Helen, upon Konrad rescuing her by giving her the Elixir of Life, proceeds to strip herself and have oral sex with him, to his bemusement. ˛-->'''Konrad:''' It would be enough to say thanks.˛* Name checked in "Chaotic" in ''Dates From Hell''. Hope and Karl know the bad guys are watching them, but they're pretending everything's normal. Karl suggests they go up to the bedroom, to Hope's confusion. He asks Hope what she thinks would naturally happen if he had defeated the bad guys, rescued the fair maiden, brought her home safe and sound...Hope says, "Oh! Rescue sex! But for proper rescue sex we wouldn't even make it up to the bedroom. We'd just stop right here in the hall..." They do go on to lure the bad guys into a trap, and no rescue sex is had.˛* Parodied (of course) in ''Literature/TheToughGuideToFantasyLand'', which describes how the hero will nobly refuse the offer of no-holds-barred, consequence-free sex with the [[GoGoEnslavement slave girl]], release her from her captors, and ''then'' - having proven himself to be The Good Guy - will have no-holds-barred, consequence-free sex with her before leaving her to make her own way home.˛* In Creator/RobertEHoward's "Literature/TheDevilInIron," Literature/ConanTheBarbarian is taken aback when Octavia doesn't take this for granted -- and resorts to a kiss to seduce her.˛** In "Literature/BlackColossus", on the other hand, Yasmela throws herself at him and insists, immediately in the wake of the rescue.˛* Happens in ''Literature/TheDemonPrinces'' series in ''The Face''. Kirth Gersen rescues Jerdian Chanseth, [[GirlOfTheWeek the girl he has a crush on]] from AttemptedRape, and they spend the night together. Their relationship, however, does not go much farther than that.˛* In ''[[Literature/HonorHarrington Crown of Slaves]]'', Berry tells [[HotAmazon Thandi Palane]] upon her rescue from terrorists, that "if [Thandi] were a guy, she'd be tearing her clothes off right now." The reader gets the impression that Thandi ''not'' being a guy [[BiTheWay might be only a minor obstacle]].˛* ''Literature/InTheCourtsOfTheCrimsonKings''. [[AdventurerArchaeologist Jeremy Wainman]] saves a [[ActionGirl female Martian mercenary]] Teyud za-Zhalt from [[OrganicTechnology feral engines]]. Once everyone is safe, Teyud worldlessly takes Jeremy by the hand and [[DoYouWantToCopulate drags him below deck for sex]]. Fraternization with Martians is not forbidden but certainly isn't encouraged among the human expedition, but when a female co-worker gives him a DisapprovingLook Jeremy just grins and [[FlippingTheBird flips her the bird.]]˛* In Literature/{{Kane}} story "Undertow" handsome and strong barbarian Dragar saves beautiful and noble Dessylyn from some street thugs who attempt to rape her when she happens to wander around seedy port district and they go on to become lovers. {{Subverted}} in that [[spoiler: Dessylyn was never in any danger and it was all a ploy to get Dragar to kill Kane for her.]]˛* [[DefiedTrope Defied]] in ''Literature/ShadowOfTheConqueror.'' Sharra tries to go for this with Daylen after he saves her from [[SexSlave slavery]], but he turns her down, considering it to be QuestionableConsent because of [[PromiscuityAfterRape her circumstances]].˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Live Action TV]]˛* Referenced in ''Series/CSIMiami'' (the episode mentioned in RescueRomance), where it is stated "rescue sex is the best sex." Unfortunately for the girlfriend, the boyfriend decided to see what murder sex felt like: [[MotiveRant "Seeing somebody's life disappear from their eyes... that's the ultimate thrill."]]˛* ''Series/{{Angel}}'':˛** In the first episode, the eponymous protagonist saves a woman who then tells him the following: "I guess this is the part where you comfort me? Not like you didn't earn it." Needless to say, he doesn't go through with it.˛** Another episode features Connor--who grew up in Hell and can thus perhaps be excused for his poor social skills--getting upset when he rescues an apparent prostitute who ''won't'' offer him free sex afterwards and instead intends to charge him for it. But then later, when a conveniently immature Cordelia needs rescuing, she [[ShipTease sort of implies...]]˛** This trope is hinted at in a season 5 episode, when somebody recounts a story of a [[FriendlyNeighbourhoodVampire certain ensouled vampire saving damsels in alleys]], and then asking if they'd like to "have a few drinks and listen to some Sex Pistols?"˛** Lampshaded and spoofed by Spike in the third episode. Spike is standing on a rooftop, watching Angel rescue [[DamselInDistress Rachel]] and [[GagDub supplying his own dialogue]].˛--->'''Spike as Rachel:''' How can I thank you, you mysterious black-clad hunk of a night thing?\˛'''Spike as Angel:''' No need, little lady, your tears of gratitude are enough for me. You see, I was once a badass vampire, but love and a pesky curse defanged me. And now I'm just a big, fluffy puppy with bad teeth.\˛''[Rachel tries to hug Angel, but he backs away]''\˛'''Spike as Angel:''' No, not the hair! Never the hair!\˛'''Spike as Rachel:''' But there must be some way I my appreciation?\˛'''Spike as Angel:''' No, helping those in need's my job. And working up a load of sexual tension and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough.\˛'''Spike as Rachel:''' I understand. I have a nephew who is gay, so...˛* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':˛** Spoofed in the episode "Once More With Feeling" during Buffy's "Going Through The Motions" song.˛--->'''Buffy:''' Will I stay this way forever. Sleep walk through my life's endeavour... ''[frees a hot guy who was tied up by demons]''\˛'''Sexy Open Shirt Bystander:''' How can I repay--\˛'''Buffy:''' ''[walks away uninterested]'' Whatever...˛** Also averted when Buffy gets Xander worked up with a MatingDance, brings up how he saved her life last season... then walks out on him. It's not PlayedForLaughs on that occasion as [[ItSucksToBeTheChosenOne Buffy is lashing out at her friends]].˛* ''Series/RedDwarf'': Ace Rimmer, as he parachutes in and rescues a woman from a base full of Nazis:˛-->'''Ace:''' Princess Bonjella? Ace Rimmer, there will be time for explanations later... and hopefully, some sex.\˛'''Bonjella:''' [[PhraseCatcher What a guy!]]˛* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':˛** Tyrion describes how he met his first wife: he and his brother saved her from rapists. Later subverted when it is revealed that she was a prostitute paid to simulate the rape so Tyrion could lose his virginity. Tyrion's current consort, Shae, immediately lampshades the ridiculousness of this trope, when she points out that no woman who was nearly raped would immediately jump in bed with anybody, and Tyrion was an idiot for assuming it was real. Double subverted in the books: there isn't any female character pointing out how ridiculous this trope is, and eventually it is revealed that the girl really was no prostitute and the story she told him was true.[[note]]Though given that Tyrion was the son of the local lord, her readiness to put out right after such a traumatic experience and her very quick professions of love may be realistically explained with her grabbing her one chance at social climbing.[[/note]] Which makes Tyrion a rapist for participating in the gang rape of the girl that his father ordered to make Tyrion believe she was a prostitute.[[note]]She was paid in the end, to make it look to Tyrion as if she was motivated by greed, but it's highly unlikely that she agreed to be gang-banged by all the guards if she was really just a random peasant girl who'd been a virgin until two weeks earlier.[[/note]] After finding out about all this, Tyrion doesn't really feel guilty for how he treated her but kind of goes over a DespairEventHorizon, and shortly later he callously uses a prostitute who he knows full well is enslaved by the brothel owner and doesn't want to have sex with him - all the while thinking she might as well be his first wife, who he was told went on to a life of prostitution.˛** Played straight when Gilly has sex with Samwell after he and Ghost save her from rapists.˛* In the season one finale of ''Series/{{Farscape}}'', Chiana, the resident LovableSexManiac, propositions John to thank him for risking his life to save the rest of the crew. He gently turns her down and tells her to "pass it on" (ie, help someone else who needs it.) A later episode involving [[spoiler:TimeTravel]] reveals that Chiana was [[spoiler:the girl John lost his virginity to]].˛* ''Series/PersonOfInterest''˛** In "R.A.M", Mr. Dillinger has sex with Haley, a [[VictimOfTheWeek POI]] whom he saves from hitmen. This serves as an EstablishingCharacterMoment since seducing a POI is something the audience knows John Reese would '''never''' do.˛-->'''Mr. Dillinger:''' You've had a very traumatic experience. You probably shouldn't be on your own right now. I don't know about you, Haley, but [[ButLiquorIsQuicker I could use a drink]].\˛''[the next morning]''\˛'''Finch:''' The next time an attractive woman wants to thank you for saving her life, a simple "You're welcome" should suffice.˛** In "6,741", Root offers to "repay the favor" of Sameen Shaw's HoldTheLine sacrifice that saved her life and led to Shaw's capture. Of course Root has been [[LesYay flirting constantly]] with Shaw since the moment [[MasochismTango she first stunned Shaw with a taser]], so it's not really out of character. Shaw isn't in the mood, but reconsiders and they have a PreClimaxClimax instead.˛* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''. {{Lampshaded}} at the end of "Wendigo".˛-->'''Hailey:''' So really, I don't know how to thank you. ''[Dean grins]'' Must you cheapen the moment?\˛'''Dean:''' [[AllMenArePerverts Yeah!]]˛* Used for ShipTease when ''Series/{{Castle}}'' (for once) gets to tease Beckett in "Always Buy Retail".˛-->'''Beckett:''' You probably saved my life.\˛'''Castle:''' Probably? I ''definitely'' saved your life. And you know what that means, don't you? It means you owe me.\˛'''Beckett:''' Owe you what?\˛'''Castle:''' Whatever... I... want. ''[starts slowly approaching Beckett, who has a dazed, slack-jawed expression on her face]'' And you know... ''exactly''... what I want, don't you? You know what I really... ''really'' want you to do...?\˛''[he leans in to whisper in her ear]''\˛'''Castle:''' Never... ''ever''... [[BrickJoke call me "kitten."]]\˛''[Castle backs off and walks away, looking incredibly smug and self-satisfied, leaving Beckett stunned for a few seconds... then she recovers, grins, and [[ShipTease bites her lip]]]'' ˛* ''Series/NightCourt''. Ever-lecherous Dan Fielding saves the life of prudish Christine Sullivan and demands sex according to this tradition. Christine reluctantly agrees, but things get interrupted before they do it when a man tries to jump off a nearby balcony. Dan succeeds in TalkingDownTheSuicidal, which as Judge Stone points out, means he now has to sleep with Dan.˛* ''Series/JackOfAllTrades''. Jack saves a DamselInDistress by using her skirt as an ImprovisedParachute, while he's holding onto her ankles. The lady asks how she can repay him. Jack looks upward, which also means looking up her skirt... SmashCut to them in bed.˛-->'''Jack:''' I'd say you're off to a pretty good start.˛* One clip on ''Series/WorldsDumbest'' features a cheesy homemade porno in which a geeky guy saves a Hungarian girl from a ridiculously fake python and then offers to show her another "snake".˛--> '''Mike Trainor:''' Spoiler alert: it's his penis!˛* ''Series/{{Rome}}''. After stabbing to death an assassin in front of her, legionary Titus Pullo claims that Cleopatra was [[GladToBeAliveSex wet at the sight of him]]. Maybe he was right because she does have enthusiastic sex with Pullo that night, albeit for political reasons -- she wants to have a child with Julius Caesar, and is hedging her bets that she'll have one. Later Cleopatra plays up her submissiveness and gratitude to seduce Caesar. "You redeemed me from captivity. I am...your slave."˛* Referenced and [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]] in the second season finale of ''Series/Sense8'' when [[AbhorrentAdmirer Puck]] helps Sun escape from the police. Once they get back to her hotel room he starts stripping off his clothes while talking about how "traditional male narratives" about situations like this involve the hero getting a reward from the woman he's just rescued. Sun, who's more interested in watching the news report about her escape, wrenches one of his [[AgonyOfTheFeet toes]] back and orders him to go sit in the corner.˛* In the German series ''Erotic Tales'' the episode "An Elephant Never Forgets", a dwarf rescues a countess from a burning car and is offered a monetary reward, but decides to claim this trope instead. The DistantFinale has the countess bringing her daughter to visit the circus where he works, with the implication that she's his daughter as well.˛* ''Series/TheWitcher2019'': After Geralt saves Yennefer from a spell gone wrong, they have sex in relief.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Theatre]]˛* [[PlayingWithATrope Played Straight]] in Stephen Sondheim's ''Theatre/ALittleNightMusic''. The lead romantic pair, Desiree and Fredrik, have a passionate love connection after twenty years apart, and Desiree posits that Fredrik "might be in need of rescue", only for Fredrik to bitterly reply that he cannot "flirt with rescue when one has no intention of being saved" during Desiree's equally bitter number, "Send in the Clowns".˛* Strongly hinted at in the song "Fie on Goodness" from Theatre/{{Camelot}}, when a knight recounts the time he "beheaded a man who was beating his naked wife".˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Video Games]]˛* Strongly implied in ''VideoGame/MetalWolfChaos'' after rescuing Jody. ("Oh, Mr. President. How can I ever repay you?")˛* ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic 1'': If you play as a female, a man will offer "earthly pleasures" as a reward for rescuing him. You can't accept though.˛* In the classic video game ''VideoGame/DefenderOfTheCrown'', successfully rescuing a kidnapped maiden would result in a cutscene of her disrobing, then kissing the player's character before the camera fades to black.˛* Subverted in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'', where Ashley Graham's offer for Leon to do some "overtime" is met with stoic rejection.˛* Most of the [[DamselInDistress Damsels in Distress]] Geralt rescues in ''VideoGame/TheWitcher'' are more than willing to sleep with him out of gratitude.˛* PlayedForDrama in ''VideoGame/ADanceWithRogues'', where the Princess is raped by the man who rescues her by chance and justifies the rape with her supposed gratitude.˛* If you persuade DreamWeaver Feynriel to confront and master his powers in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'', you end up coming across a woman he saved from would-be rapists despite his body being on a different continent. She asks if you know where he is, as she wants to "thank him properly".˛** Invoked in ''Mark of the Assassin'' DLC if Anders is your love interest. As you escape a dungeon, he mentions he has detailed fantasies of ''you'' rescuing ''him'' from Templars about to perform [[EmptyShell the Rite of Tranquility]]. "And then it would be all about the best way to show my gratitude..." When Tallis points out that she's the one who unlocked the cell, one of his responses is that he could be grateful to her as well.˛* In ''VideoGame/RideToHellRetribution'', the player can rescue women from abusive men, and they immediately reward him with sex. And we do mean ''[[UpToEleven immediately]]'', while the blood on the player character's fists is still warm.˛* In ''VideoGame/LegendOfTheRedDragon'', the player can rescue kidnapped damsels: "'You've come for me!' shouts an overjoyed (and darn good looking) girl. You breathe a sigh of relief. This was the right place. The girl eyes you dreamily. 'I can never repay you, and I...' 'Oh but you can. Is that your bed?' you interrupt."˛* ''VideoGame/LeatherGoddessesOfPhobos'' has you saving a young aristocrat of the opposite gender from a kidnapper and tentacle monster (two separate entities, for clarity). If you're playing on the lowest Naughtiness rating, they lock the door behind them when they go into their cabin to recover from the experience. If you're not, they don't, and you can go after them; the explicitness of the resulting sex scene varies based on chosen Naughtiness rating. ˛* ''VideoGame/PrinceOfPersiaWarriorWithin''; [[spoiler:The Prince and Kaileena get it on in the GoldenEnding where he saves her from the Dahaka.]]˛* Implied in ''VideoGame/FreshlyPickedTinglesRosyRupeeland'' [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar of all games]] when Tingle saves Pinkle, [[SexyDiscretionShot hidden by Tingle's balloon]]. [[ Just watch]].˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Visual Novels]]˛* In ''VisualNovel/GSenjouNoMaou'' [[spoiler:after Kyousuke has his BigDamnHeroes moment saving Haru from [[BigBad Maou]] (who had her mere seconds away from complete suffocation)]] they head back to his apartment, reconcile from their fight at the start of the chapter, clean up, and get busy.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Web Comics]]˛* In ''Webcomic/{{Sinfest}}'', [[ Slick tries this on Monique, claiming a fight had been for her sake.]]˛* [[ Mocked]] in ''Webcomic/MenageA3''.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Web Original]]˛* A Website/YouTube video lampshaded the implications of this trope when Mario asked Peach for a bit more than a kiss.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Western Animation]]˛* ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' had a ''Zelda''-themed parody of this. Link killed Ganondorf and starts talking to a rescued Zelda about all the dangers he faced, hinting that he wanted sex. Zelda tells him that she's been rescued a few times in the past, and the first guy, she fucked his brains out. She actually gets further turned off when Link reveals that it took him 50 hours to get to the end of the game, and gives him 8 rupees for his trouble.˛** After Zelda hops out the window, Link offers to save [[ADateWithRosiePalms another princess]].˛** A similar Creator/SethMacFarlane short both lampshades and deconstructs the concept when [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]] asks Princess Peach for a kiss after rescuing her from Bowser.˛--->'''Peach''' What kind of [[GoodSamaritan Samaritan]] are you? You rescued me just so you could get with me?˛--->'''Mario''': Jesus Christ, I'm not asking you to suck my dick, all I want is a kiss!˛* Pam says to Cyril that Lana will have no choice but to sleep with ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'' after the latter saves the former's life. This never actually happens, and it's likely that Pam was trying to tease Cyril, Lana's boyfriend.˛* ''WesternAnimation/KorgothOfBarbaria'': Orala rewards Korgoth with sex after he saves her from a [[WhenTreesAttack man-eating tree-monster]]. Hargon tries to boast of his own [[BlatantLies "bravery"]] to get a similar reward, but they ignore him.˛[[/folder]]˛----


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