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1->''"We would all like to vote for the best man. But he is never a candidate."'' ²-->-- '''Kin Hubbard'''²²Tropes that are related to governmental systems, political ideologies and policies, and the way they shape historical/current events in both fiction and the real world.²²Political facts and useful notes can be found on the UsefulNotes index. '''Please be double-plus mindful of the Administrivia/RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement.'''²----²[[index]]²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:General politics tropes]]²[floatboxright:²'''UsefulNotes:'''²+ '''{{Politicians}}'''²+ HeadsOfState²²'''Related indexes'''²+ AuthorityTropes²+ CensorshipTropes²+ CivilUnrestTropes²+ ClassRelationsIndex²+ CrimeAndPunishmentTropes²+ DirtyCommunists²+ EspionageTropes²+ HelpHelpThisIndexIsBeingRepressed²+ HumanRightsIssues²+ TheIndexIsWatchingYou²+ MilitaryAndWarfareTropes²+ MoneyTropes²+ TheNationalIndex²+ NewsTropes²+ TheOnlyRighteousIndexOfFanatics²+ PoliticalCartoons²+ PrejudiceTropes²+ RebelTropes²+ {{Reichstropen}}²+ RoyaltyAndNobilityTropes²+ TerrorismTropes²+ TheWarOnStraw²]²* AcceptablePoliticalTargets: The mockery of political ideologies and movements that the author disagrees with.²* ArtisticLicensePolitics: Inaccurate depictions of real-life politics in fiction.²* ClimateChange²* TheGovernment: The organized system in charge of making and enforcing the laws of society.²* GovernmentProcedural: Fiction that revolves around politicians and government officials at work.²* IssueDrift²%%* NixonMask²* PoliticalProgrammes²* PoliticalStrategyGame²* RoyalMess²* SpyFiction: Thriller fiction about international espionage and other forms of geopolitical conflict.²* TatteredFlag²* TheWhiteHouse: The official headquarters of the [[UsefulNotes/ThePresidents President of the United States]] in UsefulNotes/WashingtonDC.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Mass media politics]]²* BackedByThePentagon: The entertainment industry maintains business connections with the national government; for example, Hollywood asking the US Department of Defense to loan military equipment for use in films.²* BannedInChina: A work of media has been (legally) prohibited from being released or distributed in a specific country.²* BookBurning: The physical desecration of literature, which may be done as an act of politically motivated censorship (or protest).²%%* ColbertBump²* DistancedFromCurrentEvents: When media gets censored in order to avoid accidentally drawing parallels to controversial news stories from real life.²* MediaWatchdog: Activist groups who want to protest or censor objectionable content in the media, perhaps for ideological reasons.²* MovementMascot: When a fictional character becomes political.²%%* TheNewRockAndRoll²* NoSwastikas: Media depicting UsefulNotes/NaziGermany avoids any display of swastikas.²* NuclearWeaponsTaboo²* PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad: The belief that society has gone to pot because too many people are overly concerned about being politically correct.²* PropagandaMachine: When mass media is used as an instrument of state propaganda that promotes the government's policies.²* PropagandaPiece: A work of media or entertainment which was intended to politically indoctrinate its viewers.²** WartimeCartoon: Animated films as pro-war propaganda, meant to instill viewers with militaristic and nationalistic sentiments against the enemy.²%%* PublicServiceAnnouncement²* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotPolitical: Audiences see political undertones in works where none were intended.²* WrittenByTheWinners: Political news and historical accounts are biased in favor of whoever came out victorious and stayed in power.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Political officials and citizens]]²* ActionPolitician: An elected official who happens to be an awesome badass.²* {{Ambadassador}}: A diplomat who can be brave and tough when negotiations break down.²* ApatheticCitizens: The average person either knows or cares very little about politics and other important social issues.²* AssInAmbassador: A dignitary who is very mean towards their host nation.²* BlackRepublican: African-American members of the US Republican Party (or any conservative people from a mostly progressive-aligned demographic).²* BlondeRepublicanSexKitten²* CategoryTraitor: Someone who's a member of a particular group is labelled a traitor for holding beliefs or opinions that the rest of their particular community strongly disagrees with.²* CorruptPolitician: Government officials who are very immoral and self-serving.²** AntagonisticGovernor: The corrupt leader of a sub-national (provincial/regional/state) government.²** EvilChancellor: The king's top royal adviser is evil and disloyal to their boss.²** MayorPain: The leader of a local/municipal government is either corrupt, incompetent, or both.²** PresidentEvil: The nation's president is ruthlessly corrupt and sinister.²** SleazyPolitician: A government official who takes bribes and embezzles state funds to personally enrich themselves or their family and friends, all at the expense of their taxpaying constituents.²* TheEmperor: A monarch who rules TheEmpire.²** TheCaligula: A [[AxCrazy completely]] [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} insane]] king who is definitely not mentally fit to lead.²** EvilOverlord: The emperor is a cruel tyrant who [[DespotismJustifiesTheMeans rules through fear and brutality]].²*** TheEvilPrince: A ruthlessly ambitious royal who plots to take the throne for himself and get crowned as the Evil Overlord.²* FeudalOverlord: A powerful nobleman in a feudal social system.²* FoxNewsLiberal²* GayConservative: LGBT people who identify as being more right-wing instead of left-wing.²* GeneralRipper²* TheGeneralissimo²* TheGoodChancellor: The king's top royal adviser is honest and loyal to their boss.²* GloriousLeader²* HailToTheThief: A satirical song or musical number which mocks a particular politician.²* TheHighQueen²* IronLady²* JustTheFirstCitizen²* LoyalToThePosition²* ObstructiveBureaucrat: A government official who makes everything far more frustratingly complicated than they need to be.²* OurPresidentsAreDifferent²** InvisiblePresident²** PenPushingPresident²** PresidentEvil: The nation's president is ruthlessly corrupt and sinister.²** PresidentSuperhero: When {{superhero}}es decide to run for the highest political office in their country.²* PermanentElectedOfficial: A politician who is serving an indefinite, if not lifelong, term in office without limits.²** PresidentForLife²* PersecutedIntellectuals: Smart people are discriminated against.²* PersonaNonGrata²* ThePoliticalOfficer²* PoliticallyMotivatedTeacher: An educator who is (not so) subtly trying to indoctrinate their students.²* PoliticianGuestStar: A real-life politician makes an appearance AsHimself in a work of fiction.²* PompousPoliticalPundit: Highly arrogant political commentators.²* PowerHair²* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: A government official who actually cares about fulfilling the responsibilities of their job, and is willing to listen to whoever they're supposed to be accountable for.²* ReluctantRuler: Some monarchs or other government leaders never really had a strong desire to become a big authority figure, because the role was just thrust upon them.²* RoyalFavorite: Often enjoys a great deal of political power due to the monarch's favoritism.²* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Royalty who are actually interested in being personally involved with politics rather than just lounging around in their palaces all day.²** PoliticallyActivePrincess²** TheWisePrince²* TopWife²* {{Trumplica}}: [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed An expy of]] [[UsefulNotes/ThePresidents the 45th U.S. President]] UsefulNotes/DonaldTrump.²* UltimateAuthorityMayor²* UnexpectedSuccessor²* VicePresidentWho: Nobody cares about the second-in-command of a national government.²* VoluntaryVassal²* WindbagPolitician²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Political concepts and philosophies]]²* AnarchyIsChaos²* AnimalWrongsGroup²* ChummyCommies: Communists who are not so bad.²* CommieNazis: The evil bastard offspring of DirtyCommunists and ThoseWackyNazis.²* DemocracyIsBad: Democratic governments are depicted as being terribly corrupt and incompetent, to the point that autocracy or anarchy is preferable.²* DemocracyIsFlawed: While democratic governments are overly bureaucratic and inefficient, they're still better than any other alternatives.²* DirtyCommunists: Communists who are evil.²** RedScare²* ElectiveMonarchy: A system of government in which kings are voted into power instead of inheriting it by blood relations.²* EnlightenedSelfInterest²* FascistButInefficient: Autocratic governments may promise to bring order and stability, but they ultimately fail to even accomplish that.²* GoldenMeanFallacy: Coming to the conclusion that the right answer is moderation between the two extremes, even if that doesn't actually make much sense.²* TheGoldenRule²* HereditaryRepublic: A system of government in which presidents inherit their power from relatives instead of being chosen by voters.²* HobbesWasRight: The belief that humans are inherently base and cruel, and that they require tyranny to be kept in line.²* TheHorseshoeEffect: When two political extremes are NotSoDifferent from each other.²* LibertyOverProsperity²* TheMagocracy: A government run by magicians and mages.²* MajoredInWesternHypocrisy²* MightMakesRight²* TheNecrocracy: A government run by {{undead}} people.²* OpinionOverride: Someone complains about something that they see as offensive to a particular group that they are not a part of, when actual members of the minority make it clear that they don't care.²* PatrioticFervor: Nationalistic pride for one's country.²* PrivatelyOwnedSociety: A place run by private corporations instead of public governments, where capitalist economics are prioritized over rule of law.²* TheRepublic: Governments run by appointed/elected officials (presidents, prime ministers) instead of hereditary aristocrats (monarchs).²* RepressiveButEfficient: An autocratic government succeeds at achieving its policy goals due to being able to circumvent the factional/partisan squabbling and legislative chaos associated with democracy.²* RobotRepublic: A government run by {{robot}}s.²* SlidingScaleOfLibertarianismAndAuthoritarianism: Personal freedom vs state control.²* SoapboxSadie²* StrawCharacter: A character who mainly serves as a political strawman (a one-dimensional caricature of any beliefs that the author disagrees with).²** StrawCivilian²** StrawFeminist: The stereotype that feminists are misandrists who use fighting for equal rights as an excuse to demean, insult, harm, and discriminate against men.²** StrawMisogynist²** StrawmanU: Political strawmen applied to student activism on college campuses.²** WindmillPolitical²*** WindmillCrusader: Someone is obsessed with taking down a threat that doesn't really exist.²* TheSuffragette: Feminist activists who fought for the right of female citizens to vote in elections.²* TheTheocracy: A government run by priests and clergymen through religious laws, as opposed to a secular state.²* ThoseWackyNazis: (Neo-)Nazis and similar fascist movements.²** ANaziByAnyOtherName²* WhyWeAreBummedCommunismFell²* YouCannotKillAnIdea: Political ideologies can survive even the most brutally violent forms of political repression.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Political actions and policies]]²* AllIssuesArePoliticalIssues: Some people view all problems through their political lens.²* AwesomeMomentOfCrowning²* BrainDrain²* EasyEvangelism: You can instantly convert a person to a different belief just by informing them that this other belief exists.²* EatTheRich: Blame is placed on the wealthy upper-class elites for causing all of society's problems, and therefore they all need to be punished...²* GoodGirlsAvoidAbortion²* GovernmentConspiracy: When the government is [[TheConspiracy secretly plotting some sinister schemes]]...²* GovernmentDrugEnforcement: The state pumps its citizens full of toxic substances to keep them complacent.²* KillThePoor: When the "war on poverty" becomes a horrifyingly literal campaign to persecute the poorest of lower-class folks.²* MyCountryRightOrWrong: When patriots and nationalists refuse to accept that their country can do any wrong.²* MyCountryTisOfTheeThatISting²* NominatedAsAPrank: Someone is nominated for an office, not out of genuine support, but for malicious reasons.²* NonAnswer²* PhotoOpWithTheDog²* PoliticiansKissBabies: A tradition for politicians to kiss their constituents' infants, especially during election time.²* PointlessCivicProject²* PrideParade: {{UsefulNotes/LGBT}} activists have a public rally or demonstration to celebrate their gender/sexual identities.²* {{Scandalgate}}: Political scandals tend to be nicknamed after the Watergate scandal. [[SarcasmMode How original]].²* SuccessionCrisis: When the recently former ruler doesn't have a designated heir, this will obviously cause some huge problems.²* SuperficialSolution²* ThereShouldBeALaw²* ThinkOfTheChildren: Emotional appeals on how a policy may affect our precious youths.²* TreacheryCoverUp²* TwentyFifthAmendment: The 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which details the [[UsefulNotes/ThePresidents U.S. presidential]] [[SuccessionCrisis line of succession]].²* VillainousGentrification²* WarHawk: Someone who's really eager to start bombing their country's (real or perceived) enemies.²* WithUsOrAgainstUs²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Democratic and bureaucratic politics]]²* AllElectionsAreSeriousBusiness²* AttackOfThePoliticalAd: Electoral candidates are fond of mudslinging against their rivals through media advertisements.²** ScareCampaign: Fearmongering propaganda against your opponents can be a great way of energizing your own supporters to rally behind you.²* BloodOnTheDebateFloor: Just when you thought that watching politics was too boring, suddenly the legislators start fighting each other in a physical brawl.²* DarkHorseVictory: When the least expected candidate manages to win the election.²* DecidedByOneVote²* DisasterDemocracy²* ElectionDayEpisode: A storyline about an election commencing.²* FictionalPoliticalParty: A political organization that only exists in-universe instead of real-life.²* GenericistGovernment²* GovernmentAgencyOfFiction²* HauledBeforeASenateSubcommittee²* IApprovedThisMessage²* InherentInTheSystem²* LandslideElection: A particular candidate enjoys an overwhelming victory over their opponents.²* NoPartyGiven: A politician's political affiliation is not mentioned.²* NoSuchAgency²* NotSoOmniscientCouncilOfBickering²* SkeletonGovernment²* VastBureaucracy²* VetinariJobSecurity²* VoteEarlyVoteOften²* {{Whitehall}}²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Rebellious and repressive politics]]²* TwoPlusTortureMakesFive²* ApocalypticGagOrder²* AnarchoTyranny: A corrupt government or tyrannical regime creates a state of [[AnarchyIsChaos perpetual lawlessness]], so that everyone is too busy fighting each other to worry about them; which is criminal neglect on a nationwide scale. ²* AssassinationAttempt: Politicians and activists of all kinds tend to attract enemies who want them to be killed, sometimes successfully.²* BanOnPolitics: Discussion of politics is forbidden or taboo in this place.²* BananaRepublic²* BigBrotherIsEmployingYou²* BigBrotherIsWatching: Mass surveillance of the general population by state security forces.²* BreadAndCircuses: When media, entertainment, and other distractions are used to keep the masses too content and stupid to care about whatever shady shit that the government or corporations are up to.²* BurningTheFlag: The desecration of a national flag (whether of one's own country or a foreign one), often as a statement of protest.²* LesCollaborateurs: Traitors who actively serve a foreign military occupation in their own country.²* {{Conscription}}: When the state legally forces people to join the military rather than only recruiting volunteers. Can become a political controversy when draft-dodgers and anti-war activists oppose the practice.²** DraftDodging: Someone refuses to follow draft laws which compel them to enlist in the military, whether out of moral/political/religious beliefs or for more personal (self-serving) reasons.²* TheCoup: The current government leader(s) get overthrown and replaced by some of their own subordinates.²** MilitaryCoup: When military commanders seize power from (usually civilian) government leaders.²* CrushingThePopulace²* DayOfTheJackboot²* DystopianEdict²* EcoTerrorist²* EmergencyAuthority²* FantasticTerrorists²* [[FascistsBedtime Fascists' Bedtime]]: Curfews. Never leave home with them.²* FinalSolution: Genocide, or the mass murder of entire ethnic/religious communities that are strongly despised and persecuted by the state.²** WouldBeRudeToSayGenocide: The denial or whitewashing of a genocide.²* FullCircleRevolution: When an old tyrannical government gets replaced by another new government that is just as (if not even more) repressive as the old regime.²* HappinessIsMandatory: Pretend that you're completely okay with your mediocre living conditions or else...²* IOwnThisTown²* IconOfRebellion²* IllegalReligion: The government bans an entire religious sect, and punishes anyone caught practicing it.²* TheKingslayer: Someone who has committed regicide (the murder of a monarch).²* MandatoryMotherhood²* {{Newspeak}}²* NoAdequatePunishment²* OnlyServesForLife²* OppressiveStatesOfAmerica: A dystopian version of the United States of America.²* PeoplesRepublicOfTyranny: The common tendency for dictatorships to (poorly) masquerade as democracies.²* PoliceBrutality: It can become politically charged when law enforcement officers engage in excessively violent force against political protesters and anti-government dissidents. Also, the whole phenomenon of police violence can inspire protests and activism against this specifically.²* PoliceState: Totalitarian regimes make sure to monitor and control as much of their citizens' lives as possible.²** CulturePolice²*** ChurchPolice²** SecretPolice: A covert intelligence/law-enforcement agency that is responsible for monitoring and suppressing political dissent.²*** StateSec²* PopulationControl: The government tries to keep their country's population from growing out of control, usually through coercive methods (like forced abortions and sterilizations).²* ReignOfTerror: The government (or revolutionary forces) ruthlessly crack down on all people who are part of the opposition, both real and imagined.²* RenegadeSplinterFaction²* LaResistance: Underground rebel forces who oppose the current regime in power.²* RevolutionariesWhoDontDoAnything: Activists who talk a great deal about overthrowing the government or resisting political corruption, but don't actually try to even make any meaningful changes to the status quo.²* TheRevolutionWillNotBeBureaucratized²* TheRevolutionWillNotBeCivilized: Rebels and revolutionaries are not too merciful towards pro-government loyalists (or even their own allies who start getting the wrong ideas).²* TheRevolutionWillNotBeVilified²* RevolvingDoorRevolution: A politically unstable country keeps getting new governments that seem to rise and fall with the changing seasons.²* RightWingMilitiaFanatic²* SlaveryIsASpecialKindOfEvil: Slavery is such an awful violation of human rights, that it has inspired political movements to legally abolish this system.²** SlaveLiberation: Freeing people who live in forced servitude, whether by peaceful or violent means.²* TheStateless: Someone who is not a citizen or national of any sovereign nation-state. Sometimes this can be done voluntarily, but otherwise it happens because no country is willing to legally recognize them (or the government of their homeland may have even forcibly stripped them of their former citizenship/nationality).²* SuperRegistrationAct: When the state attempts to legally regulate [[DifferentlyPoweredIndividual superhuman beings with special powers]], or at least [[{{Superhero}} costumed vigilantes]] and [[{{Supervillain}} costumed criminals]].²* ThousandYearReign²* {{Thoughtcrime}}: When it's not enough for a totalitarian government to just censor whatever you try to say; they need to ensure you're unable to even ''feel'' any disagreement with them.²* TyrantTakesTheHelm²* VelvetRevolution: A revolution that is fought with little to no violence (at least, from the rebels).²* VoiceOfTheResistance: All rebel propaganda requires a good spokesperson to represent them.²* WallsOfTyranny²* WeAreEverywhere²* WeAreStrugglingTogether²* YourTerroristsAreOurFreedomFighters: Depending on one's personal bias, political militants can be either villains or heroes in their eyes.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:International and interstellar politics]]²* AllNationsAreSuperpowers: Every country is far more powerful than they are in real life.²* TheAlliance: When two or more countries agree to team together against common enemies.²* ArmiesAreEvil²* BalanceOfPower²* BindingAncientTreaty²* CulturalPosturing²* DiplomaticImpunity: When foreign dignitaries abuse their legal immunity to the laws of the country they are staying in.²* TheEmpire²* EnforcedColdWar²* FalseFlagOperation: Some entity (such as a government) stages some sort of violent act, and then frames their enemies for it as a pretext to declare a war against them. A very common component of countless UsefulNotes/ConspiracyTheories.²* TheFederation²* FictionalCountry: Many examples of fictitious nations are {{exp|y}}ies of real-world nations, or at least allegories for real-life international politics.²* FictionalGenevaConventions: UsefulNotes/TheLawsAndCustomsOfWar are a bit different in fantasy/science-fiction settings.²* FictionalUnitedNations: An international diplomatic organization that acts an {{expy}} for the real-life UsefulNotes/UnitedNations.²* GalacticSuperpower²* GenericFederationNamedEmpire²* GoodRepublicEvilEmpire²* GovernmentInExile: The leaders of a former national government now live in another country (while still claiming sovereignty they no longer have).²* TheGreatPoliticsMessUp²* TheGreatWall²* GunboatDiplomacy²* HegemonicEmpire²* HufflepuffHouse²* InternationalShowdownByProxy²* LensmanArmsRace²* LibertariansInSpace²* MiddleEasternCoalition²* MultipleGovernmentPolity²* NoMereWindmill²* NonGovernmentalOrganization: A private group that engages in political activities, independently of any state apparatus.²** NGOSuperpower: A non-state actor that is so powerful and influential, that it can rival or challenge actual governments in geopolitical affairs.²* OccupiersOutOfOurCountry: When nationalists yearn for the independence of their homeland from a ruling central government or foreign power that they despise.²* OneWorldOrder: A global government that completely rules over all of Earth (or another planet).²** UnitedNationsIsASuperpower: The UsefulNotes/UnitedNations are far more powerful than they are in reality, wielding actual power over individual nation-states.²* PeaceConference: When warring factions sit down to negotiate peace treaties.²* PretextForWar: A ''casus belli'', or an excuse/justification for nations to declare war on one another.²** SillyReasonForWar: When that ''casus belli'' is overly contrived, petty, or downright illogical.²* ProxyWar: When two rival nations avoid directly going to war with each other, by each supporting opposing military factions somewhere else in the world.²* PuppetState: A nominally independent country, which is actually a client/protectorate/satellite/tributary/vassal that is (in)directly controlled by another, more powerful nation.²* TheQuisling²* {{Realpolitik}}: The ruthlessly pragmatic conduct of political affairs for personal advantage, without any regard for moral principles.²* RegimeChange: The forceful overthrow and replacement of a national government that is (in)directly supported by a foreign power.²* SpaceColdWar²* TakeOverTheWorld²** AmericaTakesOverTheWorld²** ChinaTakesOverTheWorld²** JapanTakesOverTheWorld²** RussiaTakesOverTheWorld²* UngovernableGalaxy²* UnitedEurope²* UnitedSpaceOfAmerica²* WhatTheRomansHaveDoneForUs²* WonTheWarLostThePeace²[[/folder]]²²[[/index]]²----


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