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1->"''How come it never goes smooth?!''"˛-->-- '''Malcolm Reynolds''', ''Series/{{Firefly}}''˛˛These characters attract a particular type of plot, apparently by pure chance. They aren't deliberately looking for the plot, nor is anyone setting them up for it, but time and time again, they find themselves enmeshed in the same plot.˛˛Specific types are:˛[[index]]˛* BornUnlucky - attracts all kinds of bad luck.˛* ButtMonkey - attracts humiliation and "put him through hell" storylines.˛* ChickMagnet - attracts lots of ladies.˛* CoincidenceMagnet - attracts improbable coincidences. ˛* TheComicallySerious - a serious character who attracts comedic situations.˛* DesignatedVictim - attracts danger and trouble OnceAnEpisode. Frequently winds up kidnapped.˛* DoomMagnet - attracts doom and despair to those around him.˛* TheDulcineaEffect - attracts trouble brought about by trying to save the girl.˛* DudeMagnet - attracts lots of guys.˛* FightMagnet - attracts [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin fights]].˛* MagicIsAMonsterMagnet - attracts supernatural trouble due to one's magical nature.˛* MagneticMedium - attracts ghosts and spirits˛* MagneticHero - attracts allies ˛** CharacterMagneticTeam - group of magnetic heroes that attracts fringe characters and party replacements.˛* MagneticPlotDevice - the magnet is actually a MacGuffin the character is somehow associated with˛* MysteryMagnet - attracts mundane mysteries.˛* WeirdnessMagnet - attracts SpeculativeFictionTropes.˛[[/index]]˛----


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