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1%% Image removed per Image Pickin' thread:²%% Please start a new thread if you'd like to suggest an image.²%%²->''"Then, this line from a game said that a flat chest is a status symbol! A rarity! And when you think about it, there's a demand right? So, word for word, I'm valuable!"''²-->-- '''Konata''', ''Manga/LuckyStar''²²A girl who sees her lack of assets as a plus. Flat chests are usually associated with the young, and a girl with Petite Pride will play this up as much as she can, usually to [[DeliberatelyCuteChild make herself]] [[TheFakeCutie seem]] [[{{Moe}} cute and innocent]]. They also avoid many symptoms of DCupDistress and have an advantage in playing sports where big breasts might get in the way. [[SweetPollyOliver Sweet Polly Olivers]] tend to find flat chests useful as well.²²Contrast ACupAngst, BigBreastPride or BuxomIsBetter and compare DCupDistress. Anime fanspeak calls this sort of character UsefulNotes/{{Pettanko}}. In ''urban'' fanspeak, these ladies are known as the "Itty Bitty Titty Committee".[[note]]This was originally an ''insult'' aimed at certain teenage girls.[[/note]]²²----²!!Examples:²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Anime and Manga]]²* Monaco of ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia''. When Taiwan is troubled by how huge some of the European girls (Ukraine, Hungary, Belgium, Belarus) are, Monaco tells her not to worry about such things.²* The eponymous ''Franchise/BlackRockShooter'' wears [[{{Stripperiffic}} a most noticeably showy outfit]], despite her very obvious lack of assets. It's a safe bet to say she doesn't suffer from any body image issues. In the manga version, it gets subverted. Instead of being proud, it becomes somewhat of a BerserkButton.²* Chaika, one of the {{Catgirl}} aliens in ''LightNovel/CatPlanetCuties'', is very confident about her figure; particularly in comparison to fellow Catian [[ACupAngst Melvin.]]²* [[{{Ojou}} Kuroko Shirai]] from ''Manga/ACertainScientificRailgun'' shows no angst whatsoever about being the least endowed amongst her friends, though that doesn't stop her from being [[HelloNurse stunned with admiration]] at the sight of [[StupidSexyFlanders Mii in a swimsuit.]]²* The same quote later makes its way into ''Manga/{{Genshiken}}''. Also, Sue was making the comment in regards to Ogiue's chest while the group was at a hot spring, leaving Ogiue a little freaked out between the personal nature of the comment and the fact Sue had been stalking her all day...²* Kyo in ''Manga/GirlGotGame'' doesn't seem to mind her small breasts, and is ''annoyed'' when she finds they've gotten bigger... but that's probably because she's [[SweetPollyOliver disguising herself as a boy]].²* Nagi from ''Manga/{{Kannagi}}'' seems to carry this attitude, especially during the BeachEpisode... only to be trumped by the appearance of a new TokenMiniMoe.²* EmotionlessGirl Nozomu Ezomori from ''LightNovel/{{Kanokon}}'' is rather proud of her flatness - often calling the more busty Chizuru's chest "flab". ²* Umi Sonoda from ''Franchise/LoveLive'' actually voices her own opinion in ''Nico's School Idol Diary'' about bust size to similarly less endowed Nico and Rin that there is nothing wrong at all about being less developed.²* Konata from ''Manga/LuckyStar'', though she will only talk about it if someone else broaches the topic (in the quote, Konata is referencing the flat-chested Mayumi from the dating-sim game, ''VisualNovel/{{Shuffle}}''. Mayumi is proud of her "lack of endowment", but Rin and his friends like to make fun of her for it).²-->'''Konata:''' A flat chest is a status symbol! Extremely rare and valuable!\²'''Tsukasa''': I guess I'm all right too.²* Panty from ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt'' is flatter than Stocking, yet enjoys how her breasts are more sensitive than hers. [[SexGod Not that it stops her in any way]].²* Minor character [[LovableSexManiac Chichigami]] from ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' isn't much of an example herself; however, her reaction to one of the main characters being embarrassed by her flat chest is notable.²---> '''Chichigami:''' Large breasts may be fabulous, but tiny breasts, too, are wonderful!²* Shizuku from ''Manga/OmamoriHimari'' is another EmotionlessGirl who is also not embarrassed by showing her TokenMiniMoe body. ²--> "[[AllMenArePerverts There aren't many boys who can resist little girls...]]"²* Ryoko and Ringo from ''LightNovel/OokamiSan''. Though they aren't quite proud of their distinct lack of assets, they aren't moping over it either.²* [[CuteWitch Yukari]] in ''Manga/RosarioToVampire'' gives this impression whenever she gets into a fight with Kurumu, though other times she seems a bit [[ACupAngst ashamed]].²* Haqua of ''Manga/TheWorldGodOnlyKnows'' tries to use this as a defense when Nora mocks Haqua's small breasts but is obviously insecure.²* A [[GrandTheftMe body-stealing example]] occurs in ''Manga/FairyTail'' when [[spoiler:Irene Belserion]], [[BoobsOfSteel who originally had one hell of a rack to go along with her strength]], takes over [[TokenMiniMoe Wendy's]] body and takes a moment to state that her small chest is rather cute, which is rather hilarious given [[ACupAngst Wendy's own issues on the subject]]. [[spoiler:Then again, Irene was just happy to have a ''human'' body again no matter how it looked.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Apparel]]²* There are T-shirts that read: "itty bitty titty committee". [[]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Comic Books]]²* Believe it or not, there are several super-heroines in American comic books who aren't [[MostCommonSuperpower built like]] ComicBook/PowerGirl. Though more often than not this [[DependingOnTheArtist depends on who's drawing the book]], but they exist.²** A prime example from Creator/MarvelComics is ComicBook/{{Jubilee}} of the ComicBook/XMen. [[ComicBook/AnyaCorazon Anya Corazon, AKA Spider-Girl]], also fits this trope.²** From Creator/DCComics, [[Characters/JusticeSocietyOfAmerica Star-Spangled Girl]] was this for a while.²** ComicBook/{{Incandescence}} is very comfortable with her smaller bust. It's never mentioned, even though every other woman in the book seems to have a more average or larger chest. ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Fan Fiction]]²* As stated in ''Aikan Muyo''²-->'''Aeka''': More than a handful is a tongue-sprainer.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Film]]²* The perfect rationale for why many women prefer to have smaller boobs came in ''Film/SomeLikeItHot''. Sugar remarked that she admired "Daphne"'s flat-chested appearance: "Clothes hang better on you."²* Lampshaded in the movie ''Film/ThoroughlyModernMillie'', where flapper Millie (played by [[PlayingAgainstType Julie Andrews]]) complained that her "fronts" made it difficult to wear her beads properly. She tries to flatten her chest but she's just too well-endowed.²* In ''Film/WeirdScience'', the two protagonists consider designing the program to make the girl's breasts huge; but then Gary says, "Hold it, Wyatt, I know female stats. Anything bigger than a handful and you're looking at a sprained tongue." So they reduce them to average size ([[ZigzaggedTrope zigzagged]] in a way because while Lisa'a bust doesn't turn out to be ''huge'', she isn't exactly petite either). ²* ''Itty Bitty Titty Committee'': While this isn't a major part of the film (despite the name), at one point main character Anna (Creator/MelonieDiaz) tells a young woman who wants breast augmentation that she's beautiful as she is (this is a contrast with her own well-endowed figure). ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Literature]]²* In ''Discount Armageddon'' by Creator/SeananMcGuire, Verity Price expresses relief that the (very literal) boob fairy has been sparing with her gifts to women of her family. Some gunplay by her grandmother, Alice Healy-Price, several decades ago may have had something to do with it.²* Mary Russell, the title character of the ''Literature/MaryRussell'' series. She is not saddened by her boyish figure and even said that her shape was popular in the current '20s. It also makes it easier for her to pass for a boy when she wants to.²* Cathy Ryan, Jack Ryan's wife from Tom Clancy's ''Jack Ryan'' series, sometimes comments on her lack of a bustline. ²* Although the exact size is never mentioned, Princess Rennsellaer in ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'' is said to be less "full in the chest" than her sister Odelia, which doesn't bother her at all. It is hard to tell whether she considers it a plus, or never thinks about it at all. ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Live-Action TV]]²* ''Series/VeronicaMars'': Veronica herself.²-->'''Troy:''' ''[asking about a car tire]'' Flat?²-->'''Veronica:''' Just as God made me.²* ''Series/StreetSmarts'': Asked if she knew what "mosquito bites" were, one female subject proudly replied: "Itty-bitty titties!"²* ''Series/ProjectRunway'': These generally are the types of the models that the show employs for its contestants, as it is easier to design around a women with a less voluptuous figure (less fabric needs to be used, fewer alterations need to be done, and less chance that the resulting outfit will split or rip under the pressure). Some designers feel so strongly that a smaller chested model is ideal that if they are asked to design for a "normal woman" later on, they will sometimes freak out and be completely at a loss on what to do.²* Michelle Visage on RuPaulsDragRace frequently butts heads with thinner queens who like to wear skimpy outfits with little to no padding or breast illusion on the runway. ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Music & Music Videos]]²* Music/{{Shakira}} [[LampshadeHanging pokes fun at this]]:²** In the video of "Objection", she plays a girl who is cheated on by her boyfriend. When she confronts the "other woman", she pokes her GagBoobs and they deflate.²--> ''Next to her cheap silicon I look minimal / That's why in front of your eyes I'm invisible / But you gotta know small things also count.''²** "Whenever, Wherever": ''Lucky for my breasts they're small and humble / So you don't confuse them with mountains''²** The same line meaning the same thing as above in the Spanish version of the song "Suerte": ²--->''Suerte que mis pechos sean pequeños / Y no los confundas con montañas''²* Music/{{Pink}} in "Stupid Girls":²--> ''Baby if I act like that / flipping my blond hair back / Push up my bra like that / I don't wanna be a stupid girl''²* Music/PattyLoveless (a 30B) often [[CleavageWindow shows her cleavage]] in her music videos and on her album covers. She also wears a see-through blouse in the video for "[[ That's the Kind of Mood I'm In]]". ²* Chilli of Music/{{TLC}} has gone on record of saying she used to feel self-conscious about the size of her breasts, and it took a while to make peace with it. This was addressed in the video for "Unpretty". She plays a woman whose boyfriend suggests implants. However, when she goes in to have the surgery, she sees a (disturbingly young) girl rather graphically having her implants removed. Chilli runs out of the clinic and it's implied that she dumps her boyfriend at the end[[note]]In real life, Chilli backed out when she learned she'd never be able to breastfeed if she had the surgery[[/note]]. She's also jokingly said that TLC stood for "Titty-Less Crew", as all three members were on the smaller side.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Mythology]]²* The minor goddess Aura from ''Myth/ClassicalMythology'' is described as a "manlike" virgin who makes fun of Artemis for having a large bust, while at the same time claiming that her almost non-existent bust is better. This does not end well for her.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Stand-Up Comedy]]²* Maria Bamford occasionally draws attention to her (lack of) assets in the chesty department. For example, she notes with more than a little sarcasm that men can't get enough of "these 32 AA's", describes them as "perfect, rare, delicate miniatures". More generally, as part of a larger bit on body issues, she noted that she somehow managed to master being thin, but then they start laying the expectations.²-->''"Skinny is in, I've got that covered. But now you have to have muscle tone too! I'm already hungry and tired; now I gotta go work out?!"''²* Marcel Lucont wrote a comedic poem about how small breasts are so much better than larger breasts, and that women should be proud of them.²* Ana Radic, a Serbian comedian, is greatly overjoyed that men pester her more well-endowed sister and has described her modestly endowed chest as a gift that allows people to focus on what she's saying. Considering most of her humor comes from being the GirlNextDoor and a ShrinkingViolet, she has a very strong male fanbase in her home country despite not being as chesty as the Serbian media says a woman should be, and she is thrilled about it.²-->''"It turns out, in comedy, being funny is important! Who knew? The world is crazy like that."''²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Video Games]]²* Rita in ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia'' comments that she's glad she has a flat chest because boobs the size of [[GagBoobs Judith's]] would bounce around too much and make it difficult for her to concentrate.²* [[CuteBruiser Suika Ibuki]] from ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' is often portrayed as having this in {{Fanon}}. In fact, there's an entire song titled ''Tsurupettan'', complete with [[ a video]] (warning: very addictive!), which is essentially a high-spirited hymn to UsefulNotes/{{pettanko}}s all around the world. In case you are interested in the origins of the song and video, refer to [[ this post]].²** For extra hilarity, the video has [[OtakuSurrogate Kaguya]] quoting [[Manga/LuckyStar Konata's]] famous line [[FunnyBackgroundEvent in the background]] (see 0:52).²** Then [[ combine that song]] with the above mentioned ''Manga/LuckyStar'', for ensuing hilarity.²** Innocent Key takes the joke and runs over the hills waving it like some prankster waving a stolen bra as though it was a flag with this song, ''[[ Touhou Holy Water Festival - The Troubled Maidens Year ~Pappa~]]'', which portrays many of the girls as being utterly insecure about their size.²** ''[[VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry Umineko]]'' borrows the song, when Jessica cosplays as Marisa in [=EP2=] of the original sound novel (5th episode of the anime). However, Jessica herself [[WorldOfBuxom isn't this.]]²* Archers in the ''Franchise/{{Disgaea}}'' series are proud of their (lack of) assets, in stark contrast to most other UsefulNotes/{{Pettanko}} characters. Probably because boobs get in the way of shooting properly.²* In ''VideoGame/Disgaea4APromiseUnforgotten'''s DLC Nether Battle tournament, there's a scene where flat characters talk about the difficulties that come with being buxom, and how lucky are they don't have to worry about that. Then it's revealed they've been attacking every buxom character they come across.²* Ryuujou from ''VideoGame/KantaiCollection'' prides herself on her distinctive silhouette, referencing how the real Ryuujou did not have an island on it, making her carrier deck completely flat. However, official 4-komas and ''especially'' fanart gives her ACupAngst.²* In ''VideoGame/HunieCamStudio'' 'Flat Chest' is a fetish that can be catered to. Audrey, Zoey, and Lailani all appeal to that.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Webcomics]]²* ''Webcomic/TwiceBlessed'' has Pella, who [[ definitely]] can work the petite look.²* Played for laughs in ''Webcomic/{{Misfile}}'' when resident UsefulNotes/{{Pettanko}} Missi immediately switches from ACupAngst to Petite Pride because Ash accidentally gave her the impression that she prefers small-breasted women. Missi instantly goes from angsting over her flat chest (her ImagineSpot is the page image for IHaveBoobsYouMustObey) to trying to capitalize on it.²* ''Webcomic/{{Oglaf}}'':²** Mistress is very flat-chested but given the kind of clothes she wears, it's probably safe to say she's not self-conscious about it.²** Greir is also small, but it never seems to affect her.²* In ''Webcomic/{{Magience}}'', Crystal doesn't like having large breasts, so she deliberately gives [[PlayerCharacter Rune]] a flat chest.²--> '''Hydra:''' Flat as a washboard. You're practically concave!\²'''Rune:''' Yes ma'am!²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Western Animation]]²* In the "Beefsquatch" episode of ''WesternAnimation/BobsBurgers'', Linda goes on ''Hey Good Cookin''', pulls up her shirt and reveals her 36A breasts on live television.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Real Life]]²* Big breasts vs small breasts has been a CyclicTrope through the centuries. At different periods, various styles of corsets and stays were designed to flatten the chest as much as support it. For example, UsefulNotes/MarieAntoinette was seen as having comically large breasts in Versailles for a slightly larger than average bust. Small breasts weren't so much in fashion as the only fashion for the French court.²* Ancient Romans didn't like large breasts so women would wear wraps under their garments to make them seem smaller.²* Frequent among Japanese women, as evidenced by their portrayal in media. Overall they prefer a more cute, youthful and healthy look. The kimono and other such garments also generally work better with small breasts, so it's as much appeal as it is practical.²* So popular in TheRoaringTwenties that there was underwear produced to ''flatten'' the chest. The "washboard" look was meant to stick it to the man in the early days of feminism, the same as wearing too much makeup and cussing was. In other words, it was all about projecting an un-ladylike image.²* An early bra company called Boyishform specialized in bras that flattened the chest. Maidenform was actually created in response to the "washboard" look and wanted to bring back the curvaceous look.²* The bulk of supermodels through TheSixties and TheNineties. The perceived attractiveness of this is apparently a CyclicTrope. Like Twiggy, Milla Jovovich (until her pregnancy), or Kate Moss. Twiggy was one of the only supermodels of her period to have a boyish figure. Prior to her modelling career (and indeed afterwards, when the 'Perfect Size 6' occurred in the 70s and 80s), models were normally voluptuous. A boyish, flat-chested physique didn't become truly in vogue until the 'heroin chic' look of the '90s.²* Director Creator/BillyWilder said of Creator/AudreyHepburn, "This girl, singlehanded, may make bosoms a thing of the past." He was, arguably, not far off target.²* Though everything else about Creator/ParisHilton may be fake, she insists that she will never get a boob job because she likes her "tiny chest" and thinks it looks better in the couture designs she wears constantly.²* Debra Messing. She was the butt of more than a few flat-chested jokes on ''Series/WillAndGrace'', but has said that she doesn't subscribe to that standard of beauty, and is happy with what God gave her.²* Creator/RachaelRay, whose UsefulNotes/{{Pettanko}}tude is almost as notorious as her [[GenkiGirl extreme perkiness]], has had necklines steadily trending lower as she has become more famous. [[Webcomic/{{Achewood}} Nostradamus wrote, The Elf wythe Fyngers of Saussage will be blessed Not with Boobyes agayn this Yeare.]]²* Creator/KeiraKnightley. While her makeup in ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean'' was designed to create the illusion of cleavage, she is proud of her small chest. She was very unhappy when posters for ''Film/KingArthur'' were doctored to make her look like a C-cup. ²* Former [[TenMinuteRetirement (maybe)]] porn star Brianna Love, chest-wise might as well have never hit puberty even while being ''pregnant,'' but instead puts focus on [[StuffyOldSongsAboutTheButtocks something else.]]²* Though she's not spoken about it much, Creator/RooneyMara's nude scenes in ''Film/TheGirlWithTheDragonTattoo'' resulted in a lot of press about whether or not it was again fashionable for women to be modestly endowed.²* After tweeting a picture of [[Series/{{Victorious}} Cat's]] excessive bra wardrobe including the 32A tag, Music/ArianaGrande obtained — and accepted — the nickname Boobiana Petite.²* While not because of beauty reasons, there are quite a few women who enjoy having smaller breasts for pragmatic reasons. It's easier to find shirts that fit, you don't have back and shoulder pain, and in general, they enjoy the fact that they can pad themselves up if the situation presents itself, but don't have to deal with it all the time.²** While stores tend to stock fewer bras in the smaller cup sizes, they are still easier to find and usually less expensive than bras for women with very large cup sizes. And then there is the fact that not using a bra at all is way easier and more comfortable if your breasts are small. ²** Plenty of bra and lingerie manufacturers only produce "pretty" designs in a limited selection of sizes, about from A through D or DD (band size not taken into account). Manufacturers who produce sizes larger than D or DD tend to focus on support and comfort rather than aesthetics, so the fun things like lacy frills and ribbon details get thrown out the window in favor of reinforcing underwire and wider straps. This trend only gets amplified by shops that sell underwear, so while someone shopping for a nice 34B bra at Target or Victoria's Secret can probably find something that suits their tastes, another customer trying to buy something similarly cute in a size like 40DDD is going to find slim pickings. There are specialty shops that cater to those with larger busts who want to enjoy cute undergarments, but they can be prohibitively expensive if one needs to purchase an entire wardrobe for their figure. It's 10 times easier to find cute brassieres when one has a smaller bust.²** There are in fact women who feel quite beautiful with small breasts[[note]]or entirely flat chests[[/note]] (be it despite them, because of them, or the whole topic just being a total non-issue).²** Can also cross over with AmazonianBeauty when you consider that increased physical fitness usually leads to lower body fat content, which in turn lends itself to having a smaller chest size -- so the PetitePride can derive from a woman knowing that she has kept herself in good shape.²** Related to the above, certain sports and dances are just plain easier to do if you don't need a lot of support in the chest area. This is especially true for gymnastics and ballet: most classes and troupes flat-out [[GoingCommando don't allow you to wear underwear under your leotard]], so the majority of professionals are either very small or completely flat. And they ''make their living'' off of their physical strength and beauty.²* There are also men and women who prefer smaller breasts visually.²* Adult film actress Melissa Ashley is very proud of her "itty bitty titties" and her petite appearance, in contrast to most adult actresses, makes her stand out from the crowd and has enhanced her popularity. ²[[/folder]]²²----


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