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1''An attempt to enumerate the Ur-plots...''²²What qualifies a plot as a Master Plot? Hard to say. Let's take [[ Ronald B. Tobias']] list as a kicking off point. He contends there are twenty basic stories. Any of these can be used in any genre.²²# '''Quest''': A character-driven story that has a [[TheHerosJourney hero go on a journey]] for something that changes him in some way.²# '''Adventure''': A plot-driven story that focuses on reaching a series of goals.²# '''Pursuit''': TheChase plot, very action oriented.²# '''Rescue''': A RescueArc as the main story, also very action oriented.²# '''Escape''': A GreatEscape plot, similar to the Rescue, except the captive rescues himself/herself.²# '''The Riddle''': Basic Mystery plot revolving around a DrivingQuestion. ²# '''Rivalry''': Character-oriented story based on the interactions of two opposing characters, TheHero and TheRival.²# '''Underdog''': A story where the UnderdogsNeverLose. Revolves around an underdog (maybe they are underprivileged, poor, disabled, etc.) who triumphs despite overwhelming odds.²# '''Temptation''': The story revolves around whether or not to give into a temptation and the consequences, Pandora Box-like.²# '''Metamorphosis''': A story revolving around a physical transformation of some kind, generally a true {{Metamorphosis}} is a one-way street.²# '''Transformation''': A story revolving around an inner-change, rather than a physical one.²# '''Maturation''': A ComingOfAgeStory, where the a character matures physically, emotionally or spiritually.²# '''Love''': Your basic BoyMeetsGirl RomanceArc, with two characters falling in love as the main story.²# '''Forbidden Love''': StarCrossedLovers who spend most of the plot trying to be together despite the world trying to tear them apart.²# '''Sacrifice''': Revolves around a characters and their sacrifices, [[HeroicSacrifice lethal]] or otherwise.²# '''Discovery''': A story that unearths those skeletons in a character's MysteriousPast.²# '''Wretched Excess''': Story where the character is in a downward spiral from drugs, greed, depression, insanity, etc.²# '''Vengeance''': Your basic {{Revenge}} story, very character-driven.²# '''Ascension''': Follows a character's rise to power.²# '''Descension''': Like-wise to Ascension, follows a character fall from power.²²''from: Tobias, Ronald B. 20 Master Plots. Cincinnati: Writer's Digest Books, 1993. (ISBN 0-89879-595-8)'' ²²Compare Booker's ''Literature/TheSevenBasicPlots''.²----


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