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1[[quoteright:308:]]˛[[caption-width-right:308:[-Frederick Barbarossa stirs, sending a boy to see if there are still ravens flying about the mountain; he will wake when there aren't.-] ]]˛˛-> ''"Welsh legend holds\˛That should Wales ever need someone bold\˛I'll rise up to help them -- mind you, I'm six hundred years old!"''˛-->-- ''Series/HorribleHistories'', "Owain Glyndŵr"˛˛A legendary form of FauxDeath: the LongDeadBadass is not really dead, but asleep. Usually, but not necessarily, under a mountain. Islands and a MagicalLand are other possibilities. At any rate, somewhere difficult to access.˛˛He [[RightfulKingReturns will come again]] when it is his country's [[InItsHourOfNeed hour of need]] to play BigDamnHeroes UpToEleven. The original folkloric motif generally referred the hero's awakening to TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt; the rise of nationalism altered the focus from the entire world to merely the nation.˛˛The implicit power is such that this trope is usually not played out to the end; the king is alluded to, or seen asleep, but seldom wakened during the course of a story.˛˛See also AwakeningTheSleepingGiant, which comes into play when it does happen; while not technically neutral, they are effectively so because they are not in the fray. SisterTrope to SealedGoodInACan and SealedBadassInACan; they overlap in those rare stories where the king does wake. Compare SealedEvilInACan. Compare RipVanWinkle and YearOutsideHourInside.˛˛Subtrope of EternalHero.˛˛----˛!!Examples:˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛[[folder:Anime & Manga]]˛* The [[ShroudedInMyth Dark King Ixpellia]] in ''Audioplay/StrikersSoundStageX'' of ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha''. Was sleeping in [[spoiler:the underwater ruins uncovered during the construction of the [[AmusementPark Marine Gardens]]]]. Intended to never wake up despite all the text that spoke of her return since she was sick of all the fighting. Unfortunately, the current BigBad learned about her and sought her out, planning to use her and [[NightOfTheLivingMooks her undead army]] to terrorize Mid-Childa.˛* In ''Anime/PhantomDreams'', the Gekka family have a "sleeping king." Probably SealedEvilInACan for once.˛* [[spoiler:Nakiami]] becomes this in the ending of ''Anime/XamdLostMemories''.˛* [[spoiler:Saya]] in ''Anime/BloodPlus'', [[spoiler:until a couple years before the first episode, and then again in the epilogue]]˛* Played with in ''Manga/TheFiveStarStories''. The legendary warrior king Colus III really is dead, but his HumongousMecha and ArtificialHuman partner Clotho are sealed away waiting for a worthy descendant of the king to use them in his nation's time of need.˛* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'': The Quincies have ancient folklore speaking of a [[ShroudedInMyth Sealed King]]. The legend states that 900 years after he is sealed, he will regain his heartbeat; 90 years after that, he'll regain his intellect; 9 years after that, he'll regain his power. The Final Arc takes place during the year he regains his power and plunges [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters everyone]] into a war he started a thousand years ago. [[spoiler:Yhwach reveals the last stanza of the legend is that 9 days after he regains his power, he'll regain the world]].˛* Artus in ''LightNovel/{{Campione}}'' is a God who only descends to eliminate Campiones who have begun wreaking havoc in the world, sleeping in solitude the rest of the time. As the in-universe basis of King Arthur's legend, this is why Arthur is said to be waiting in Avalon for the day England needs him.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Comic Books]]˛* ComicBook/CaptainAmerica, who slept for X[[note]] Sliding timescale means that X=the amount of time between 1945 and about ten to fifteen years ago[[/note]] years until our greatest need...˛* In an ComicBook/IronMan story featuring Doctor Doom and TimeTravel, Stark and Doom find themselves in a future England (this was a sequel to an earlier storyline that had seen the same two characters go back to Arthurian times). Merlin is back, as is Arthur. Only due to genetic engineering and such Arthur was literally reborn to two Yuppie Britons and so is a spoiled young brat. So guess who has to take his place?˛* ''ComicBook/{{Camelot 3000}}'' takes the KingArthur legend described above and runs with it. Arthur does indeed return in the hour of England's greatest need: an alien invasion in the year 3000.˛* In ''ComicBook/DCOneMillion'' and ''ComicBook/AllStarSuperman'', our Superman goes into the sun in order to rebuild its heart and leaves the superheroing to his many descendants who he blesses with extra-extraordinary powers. He returns after 851,000 years and brings New Krypton into our solar system.˛* In ''ComicBook/TheBooksOfMagic'', Tim Hunter and Doctor Occult encounter The King Under The Mountain. When they ask which king, they're told he's all of them. The bard under the mountain specifically name-checks Barbarossa and Arthur, among others.˛* The {{Elseworlds}} story ''Franchise/{{Batman}}: Dark Knight of the Round Table'' re-imagined Batman as a knight in Myth/KingArthur's court. At the end of the story, the dying Batman is enchanted to sleep and awaken at the hour of Britain's greatest need. The final page shows the Batplane battling German fighters during the Blitz.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Eastern Animation]]˛* ''Animation/SuurToll'', being an animation of the myth of Toell The Great, has his decapitated head announce that he will one day return to protect Saaremaa, but without those troublesome kids mucking it up.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]˛* In the director's cut of ''Film/ArmyOfDarkness'', Ash does this, complete with his car and boomstick, but wakes up 100 years later than planned and [[SleptThroughTheApocalypse misses humanity's demise]].˛* ''Film/VivaZapata'': The film ends with the counterrevolutionary government putting Zapata's [[DeadGuyOnDisplay dead body on display]] to crush the spirits of the peasants. It doesn't work. The peasants who see Zapata's mangled corpse refuse to believe that he is dead. They say that it isn't him, that "he's in the mountains", and that if the people ever need him, he'll come back again.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Jokes]]˛* A 201_ joke playing 194_. Churchill: "King Arthur, who is Brexit?"˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Literature]]˛* In ''Literature/LittleBig'' by John Crowley, Frederick Barbarossa re-awakens. Subverted since he's a KnightTemplar who, when elected President of the USA, plunges the country into a dark age of tyranny, economic depression and civil war.˛* Creator/HGWells' ''Literature/TheSleeperAwakes'', where a man previously in a coma for two centuries happens to awaken to find himself in a bleak, dystopian London of the future. Not only that, but upon first entering his trance-like coma two hundred years prior, his money had been placed into a Trust which had managed his money for him in his name; this money accumulated into a vast quantity over the centuries, due to the compound interest compiling steadily for so long, and the stewards of that Trust eventually put all this wealth to establishing a global political and economic conglomeration. The effects of all this boil down to the Sleeper now finding himself the richest man in the world, as well as effective leader of the world seeing that this political and economic entity had been created in his name. He proceeds to assume the role of the "Hero" in an attempt to restore London from this grim present and free the oppressed populace.˛* Recurring in the works of Creator/JRRTolkien:˛** The Army of the Dead in ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' – deserters cursed to guard the tunnels under the White Mountains (the Paths of the Dead), until they fulfilled their promise to protect Gondor.˛** In ''Literature/TheSilmarillion'' (or more precisely the ''Akallabêth''), the evil last king of Númenor, Ar-Pharazôn, set sail with his armies to conquer the holy lands of Valinor from the Valar (god-like angelic demiurges). The Valar prevented the heresy, and possible slaughter of resident elves, by burying him and his armies under a mountain. Supposedly he will only be freed to fight in the final battle with the [[{{Satan}} Dark Lord]]. Rather ominously, the legend doesn't specify which side he'll be fighting on.˛** [[InvokedTrope Invoked]] in the fate of the legendary father of the [[AllDwarvesAreTheSame Dwarves]], [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Durin the Deathless]]. ''The Song of Durin'' even ends with the line, "...till Durin wakes again from sleep."˛* In Creator/CordwainerSmith's stories, the government of the "Australian" planet Norstrilia is still carried on in the name of Elizabeth II. An AI trying to understand this is told "She might bloody well turn up one of these days."˛* In Austin Tappan Wright's ISLANDIA, King Alwin XVII disappeared during a battle and is presumed to be still Out There Somewhere... The actual king only reigns by courtesy until Alwin comes back.˛* The graveyard in ''Literature/TheGraveyardBook'' was built over the tomb of a king like this; he never actually wakes up, but the spirit guarding him plays a crucial role in the plot.˛* In ''[[Literature/ThePrometheanAge Blood and Iron]]'' by Creator/ElizabethBear, King Arthur is actually awakened.˛* Creator/DianaWynneJones:˛** This is a plot point in The Koryfonic Empire from ''Literature/DeepSecret''; the emperor in question disappeared rather than being buried under a mountain, and reappears at the end of the book. ˛** She also uses this trope in ''Literature/ATaleOfTimeCity'' with the sleeping Faber John inside Time City. ˛** It's also evoked in ''Literature/TheMerlinConspiracy'', although in that case Arthur 'The Count of Britain' is just one of several forces invoked and doesn't stick around after the upset any more than TheWildHunt does, apart from scolding the current king. ˛* In Creator/PoulAnderson's ''Orion Shall Rise'', the line "Orion shall rise" is used by many citizens of a subjugated land. This trope is invoked to explain their superstition. In reality, they're talking about the restarting of a secret program codenamed "Orion". This was to ensure that any leaks would be attributed to the superstition, helping cover up the program. Given [[ what the Orion Project is,]] the secrecy is understandable.˛* Creator/TerryPratchett's ''Franchise/{{Discworld}}'' inevitably plays with this as it does all other folklore tropes:˛** In ''Discworld/LordsAndLadies'', we catch a glimpse of an old king and his warriors in a cavern under the Long Man. Some old wizard put them in a magical sleep from which they're supposed to wake up in time for [[Myth/NorseMythology some final battle when a wolf eats the sun]]. You can wake them up prematurely by banging a nearby bell, though they'll be pretty cranky about it. Haven't had a wink of sleep for 200 years.˛** A somewhat more sinister example would be the [[TheFairFolk Elf king]] (different from the guy mentioned above), who waits beneath the Long Man for a time when "The iron in the head has rusted", which is to say, when there are no humans left capable of opposing him, at which time he'll take over the world.˛** "Big Fido" is a version of this for dogs found in ''Discworld/MenAtArms''. The members of the Dog Guild assure themselves that when Big Fido comes back down from the mountain, he'll come and he'll bring all the knowledge of the wolves with him and then, ''then'' the revolution will start. [[spoiler: This would be a good trick, since Gaspode saw Foul Ol' Ron sell what was left of Fido to a furriers, but if you're going to worry about what actually ''happened'', what's the point of having a legend?]]˛* In the ''[[Literature/RealmOfTheElderlings Farseer Trilogy]]'', legends state that King Wisdom awakened the Elderlings to defend the Six Dutchies. He vanished afterwards, but will return again to save the land. After King Verity does the same to end the Red Ship war, the same legends form around him.˛* Creator/CSLewis' novels:˛** ''Literature/ThatHideousStrength'': The fact that Merlin is resting beneath Bragdon Wood is a major plot point, and both factions wish to recruit the reawakened wizard to their side.˛** ''Literature/TheSilverChair'': we meet the Giant Time, who is lying asleep underground. This one's a subversion, though, as when he wakes up in ''Literature/TheLastBattle'' it's a sign of the end of the world. "When he slept he was called Time. Now he is awake he will have another name."˛** ''Literature/PrinceCaspian'': Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are all suddenly yanked into [[Literature/TheChroniclesOfNarnia Narnia]] at the beginning of the book and discover over the course of the story that ''they'' are the [[TitleDrop King In The Mountain]] that was awakened by someone else.˛** Lewis also uses the 'beard growing around table' imagery of this trope for the Good Telmarine Lords who made it as far as the Island of the Star.˛* In ''Literature/TheWeirdstoneOfBrisingamen'', the wizard, Cadellin, is the guardian of the Cave of The Sleepers; wherein Arthur and his knights sleep, awaiting the Final Battle or some time of great need.˛* A legend in Creator/StephenHunt's ''The Court of Air''. [[spoiler:At the climax, someone exploits this belief with smoke figures.]]˛* A variant of this occurs in the ''Warrior'' trilogy set in the ''TabletopGame/BattleTech'' universe with Morgan Kell, the famous founder of the Kell Hounds mercenary unit. As the story opens, it's been years since he's disbanded half his unit and retreated to a monastery after a fight against one Yorinaga Kurita (who likewise hasn't been seen in action since) for reasons unknown to the others, and it takes his old enemy's return onto the battlefield [[spoiler:and the death of his brother, though he didn't plan for ''that'' to happen]] to bring him out of his retreat and have him take the reins again.˛* A more classic example from the same setting: the legend that General Alexander Kerensky and his troops were still out there, somewhere beyond the Periphery, and would one day return to save the Inner Sphere in its hour of need. Well -- their descendants ''did'' eventually return, all right...˛* Played for laughs in Creator/TomHolt's ''Literature/WhosAfraidOfBeowulf'' in which Viking King Hrolf of Caithness (god-forsaken country--but it is my kingdom) and his band of heroes are disinterred in time to put an end to the attempt of their ancient enemy, the Sorceror King, to take over the modern world via magic--or as we call it, technology.˛* In ''Her Majesty's Wizard'', first book of ''Literature/AWizardInRhyme'', Matt is taken to a cave in the mountains where the legendary emperor Hardishane and his knights are waiting for the time when they will need to save the world from evil. [[spoiler:They don't come back just yet; Matt just needs to be there for a special knighting ceremony. But there ''is'' an example of WakingTheSleepingGiant.]] Hardishane is specifically mentioned to be Charlemagne's counterpart in the Merovence universe, so it's sort of inevitable that something that was a myth about Charlemagne in our world literally applies to his counterpart in a world where magic exists.˛* In ''Literature/WarOfTheDreaming'' by Creator/JohnCWright, it's the King in Exile and his sleeping warriors that await the [[ApocalypseWow time]] of their [[EndOfTheWorldSpecial triumphant]] [[RightfulKingReturns return.]] Only, it's been a very long wait, and some of them are getting impatient...˛* [[ This story]] from ''Magazine/StrangeHorizons'' has KingArthur and his men show up in WWII as a squadron of fighter pilots.˛* In Creator/JohnHemry's ''Literature/TheLostFleet'', the story is that the legendary naval commander John "Black Jack" Geary will come to save the people of the Alliance and win the ForeverWar. This makes it rather awkward for Geary when he actually shows up as a HumanPopsicle with [[ColdSleepColdFuture a bad case of culture shock]]. Especially after he ''does'' save the Alliance and win -or at least ''end''- the ForeverWar, because everyone is now unshakeably convinced that he's some sort of Messiah who enjoys the guidance and favour of the powers that be... [[MaybeMagicMaybeMundane which, the narrative keeps broadly hinting, might actually be true.]]˛* In ''Marauders of Literature/{{Gor}}'', Torvald, legendary founder of Torvaldsland, is said to sleep in his mountain, awaiting someone to wake him to defend Torvaldsland. Ivar Forkbeard goes there and discovers that it's only true in a metaphorical sense.˛* In Creator/PatriciaAMcKillip's ''Alphabet of Thorn'', the Dreaming King will wake to save the kingdom. In the book, he wakes only enough to give the current queen a cryptic warning.˛* ''Literature/TheDarkIsRising'' series ˛** ''Literature/TheGreyKing''. To fulfill a prophecy of the Light, Will Stanton plays a golden harp and summons the Six Sleepers from their resting place beneath a mountain so they can ride against the Dark.˛** King Arthur comes 'back' to fight the Dark later in the series, but he's nowhere as specific, physical, or dull as under a mountain.˛* In Creator/MichaelFlynn's ''[[Literature/SpiralArm The January Dancer]]'', Hugh sneaks off planet with the promise to return again. Later, the Fudir speaks of the legends of Stonewall and how they correspond to many King in the Mountain legends.˛* In the Literature/CaptainFuture novel ''Planets in Peril'' by Creator/EdmondHamilton, the Captain is convinced to go into a parallel universe and impersonate an ancient hero who promised to come back when needed. [[spoiler:In the end, it is revealed he didn't go into a parallel universe, but his own twenty billion years in the future, and he '''was''' the hero he impersonated]].˛* In Creator/JohnCWright's ''[[Literature/TheHermeticMillennium The Hermetic Millennia]]'', this accumulate about Menelaus's "Tombs" or cryogenic chamber. Including names from many legends.˛* In the first VesperHolly book, King Vartan is supposed to be this. He never actually returns, but since his death, several popular leaders have claimed to be Vartan returned and led uprisings.˛* Alluded to (with a twist) in ''Literature/LammasNight''. The novel is set during the Battle of Britain, and one character points out that the planes defending England are powered by '''Merlin''' engines.˛* {{Anvilicious}}ly deconstructed in classic Russian short story ''The Epic Hero'' by Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin. The hero's power comes from his mother -- the evil witch. His deeds were just a demonstration of brute strength, and they were few. And when he ''really'' is needed after a millennium of sleep, turns out that [[RealityEnsues he has long died]] and "[[{{Squick}} snakes have eaten his body up to the neck]]". The author was very unhappy with [[SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped how the czar handled his job of running the country]].˛* [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Cthulhu]] counts. Awaits dead and dreaming? Check. Resides in his strange and otherworldy city? Check. Will return one day in connection to the apocalypse? Check, check, and triple check.˛* In Creator/SarahAHoyt's ''Literature/DarkshipThieves'', Thena characterizes her welcome back to the lair as this.˛* In Literature/RedMarsTrilogy, this comes close to being the [[PlanetOfHats hat]] of Mars. Over the two centuries or so the series spans Mars sees a a lot of political movements rise and fall, and it's just so damn easy to get away from it all and hide if things no longer go your way. The trope is pioneered by Hiroko Ai shortly after the first landing, and following her lead the amount of important people disappearing only to emerge out of some off the records settlement decades later is impressive. On top of this, there's a whole lot of important people whose fate is unknown to the public, so for each person actually hiding there's probably two that are rumored to be.˛* The subject of the trope page quote itself is used in ''Literature/TheRavenCycle'' with the plot centered around the main characters trying to find and wake the sleeping Welsh king. Gansey in particular is obsessed with the man.˛* Residents of Yorkshire and other [[OopNorth northerners]] in England treat the [[BenevolentMageRuler Raven King]] as this in ''Literature/JonathanStrangeAndMrNorrell''. That said, nobody thinks he's asleep, just... that he's gone somewhere else for a while. ˛* Happens in Patricia Wrede's ''Literature/EnchantedForestChronicles'' to [[spoiler:Mendanbar]] between the third and fourth books (ironically the fourth book was written first, with this trope being central to the quest).˛* In Creator/JohnCWright's ''[[Literature/MothAndCobweb Green Knight's Squire]]'', King Arthur appears, sleeping. [[spoiler:But still capable of accepting Gil's homage]].˛* Invoked in ''Literature/HowSilentFallTheCherryBlossoms''. UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler, realizing that Germany has lost this round, orders a massive tomb built for himself and Eva Braun, with orders to kill everyone involved in its construction so no one knows where it is, while also ordering most of his remaining followers to surrender, but to raise their children as Nazis. His plan is that future Nazis will search for his tomb, and when they find it, it will provoke an upsurge of pro-Nazi sentiment that will bring about the Fourth Reich. [[InsaneTrollLogic Yeah]]. [[spoiler:The tomb is found in the 1980s... by Creator/StephenSpielberg. It's turned into a museum about all the horrible shit Hitler did.]]˛* In ''Literature/{{Wicked}}'', some people believe The Wizard couldn't bring himself to kill Ozma and put her into a magical stasis and they she may come back to rule Oz someday.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Live-Action TV]]˛* In ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', there's a legend like this surrounding the Klingon imperial founder Kahless. In an attempted power grab, a group of monks make a clone of him and claim that he's returned.˛* ''Series/{{Doctor Who}}'':˛** Subverted in ''Battlefield'': it's implied that the King Arthur of a parallel universe is doing this on the main Whoniverse Earth, but it turns out he was dead all along and the story that he would return was just propaganda.˛** For a good deal of the series, [[FounderOfTheKingdom Ur-Time Lord]] Rassilon is sealed in his tomb/tower. Unfortunately when he woke up to lead the Time Lords in their hour of greatest need, he turned out to be a KnightTemplar OmnicidalManiac.˛* ''[[Series/BabylonFive Babylon 5]]'':˛** Sheridan [[NeverFoundTheBody disappeared]] at the end of the GrandFinale. Some of the Minbari believe that he'll return someday.˛** Subverted in the case of David [=MacIntyre=], who was just a delusional man driven by his guilt to believe that he was King Arthur. The possibility that he is the real deal is raised (the Vorlons [[Recap/BabylonFiveS02E21ComesTheInquisitor have been known to abduct and preserve humans in stasis]]) but immediately shot down; a real person from that time period would not have been fluent in anything resembling 23rd century English.˛* In the ''Series/{{Highlander}}'' TV series, Duncan became this in his hometown after his first fight as an immortal where he [[NotQuiteDead "killed"]] the immortal Kanwulf who was attacking his clan. These events started a legend that Duncan Macleod would return whenever his hometown, Glenfinnan was in trouble. When Kanwulf returned some time later, Duncan [[KilledOffForReal kills him off for real.]]˛%%* In ''Series/{{Merlin|2008}}'' %% Zero Context Example˛* In ''Series/RedDwarf'', when Lister goes into stasis. The cat religion that builds up around him says he was frozen in time and will come back to lead them someday.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Myths & Religion]]˛* Myth/KingArthur in Avalon, and Myth/{{Merlin}} in the oak. Said to come back when England is in its hour of most need. Still hasn't shown up, despite the threats of the Spanish Armada, Napoleon and Nazi Germany. Since then Francis Drake, the Duke of Wellington and UsefulNotes/WinstonChurchill have all been referred to as reincarnations of Arthur, and Admiral Nelson is also a candidate, though he'd have to mud-wrestle UsefulNotes/TheDukeOfWellington to figure out which of them it was since they lived at the same time.˛** In much the same way, the Arthur legend is still very popular in many [[UsefulNotes/TheCommonwealthOfNations Commonwealth]] nations, particularly the Commonwealth Realms where the Royal Family still reigns (UsefulNotes/{{Canada}}, UsefulNotes/{{Australia}}, and UsefulNotes/NewZealand).˛* [[Literature/{{Mabinogion}} Bendigeidfran]] (or Brân the Blessed, not to be confused with '''Creator/BrianBlessed'''), giant and King of Britain. His severed, still living head was buried under the White Hill in London, facing France, to protect the Island of the Mighty from invasion. A jealous KingArthur dug it up, claiming his strength alone was enough to safeguard Britain.˛* Ogier the Dane (Holger Danske), asleep under Kronborg castle, near Helsingør, Denmark. [[note]][[FridgeBrilliance Does this mean]] he was directly underneath the goings on of ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}''?[[/note]] His role is summed up thus: "Når Danmark stander i våde, så vil Holger Danske vågne op til dåd" ("When Denmark is in peril, Ogier the Dane will rise to the occasion"). The statue of him in Kronborg is, in fact, a copy used for the casting (originally of plaster; later replaced by a concrete version) of the actual bronze statue. The real statue is located at a nearby hotel/casino named Marienlyst, [[DemotedToExtra and far from as well known as the copy]]. [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight Local folklore of the area is that Denmark is only in serious trouble]] if ''both'' [[OhCrap statues wake up]]. As Ogier the Dane was originally from a French story, where he served a French king, some versions of the stories had him be spirited away to Avalon by Morgan Le Fay only to return 200 years later to save France.˛* Frederick I (Friedrich Barbarossa or Kaiser Rotbart), asleep in the Kyffhäuser mountain in [[UsefulNotes/TheSixteenLandsOfDeutschland Thuringia]], Germany. There are a number of versions of this story as to when he will come out. Some folklorists see this myth as a transferred one, originally the emperor sleeping under the mountain was Barbarossa's grandson Fredrick II ("Stupor mundi"), who awaits his return beneath Mount Vesuvius. According to that theory, patriotic Germans later changed this -- too Italian for their tastes -- myth into one about Frederick Barbarossa and the Kyffhäuser. Frederick Barbarossa also has the advantage that he has no known grave.˛* An adaptation of this myth has Charlemagne living in the Untersberg near [[UsefulNotes/{{Austria}} Salzburg]]. His beard is growing around a table, wrapping twice around it so far. When it has reached around three times... [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt you know the deal.]] Of course, since the location of Charlemagne's remains is known (Aachen cathedral), this myth is far less popular than the one about Barbarossa. ˛* In the Philippines, Tagalog folk hero Bernardo Carpio is chained up hand and foot within the mountains of Montalban, and also caught between two boulders trying to crush him. He is often said to be the reason for the earthquakes in the area. The legend states that he was a Herculean man who fought against the Spanish occupiers, and so they enlisted a local sorcerer to trap him in the mountains. When his final chain breaks, so the tale goes, "the enslavement and oppression of the Filipino race will be replaced with freedom and happiness". This was mentioned in the novel ''Literature/ElFilibusterismo'' by Philipine national hero José Rizal. Intriguingly, the figure originated in a Spanish ChivalricRomance as a knight named Bernardo del Carpio. It's unclear how the Filipino tale started, or whether his name was grafted onto an original Filipino figure.˛* The Philippines' national hero José Rizal himself is said to be sleeping within Mount Banahaw, where he was supposedly spirited away after his execution in 1896. A local cult called the Rizalistas revere him as God made manifest, and believe that he will return from the mountain to make the nation great again, riding upon a white horse and his appearance heralded by seven suns rising over the Philippines.˛* Francis Drake is said to be sleeping "in his hammock" on the sea floor. The legend says he'll return in England's time of need, when his drum at Buckland Abbey sounds. While he may never have returned in body, legend has it that the drum has sounded [[ by itself several times over the centuries]].˛* [[Literature/TheKalevala Väinämöinen]]. He's apparently not sealed in any single location, but wanders between the stars ("higher earths, lower skies") until he's needed again. Parodied in a Finnish comic book when Väinämöinen visits Avalon. He meets King Arthur, mentioned above, and they briefly discuss this trope. Arthur reveals that he ''did'' in fact return once, during World War II, before adding that it took him two years to escape that asylum.˛* Gearoidh Iarla (Earl Gerald) and his warriors are asleep in their seats around a long table under the [[ Mullaghmast]]. Once every seven years, the Earl awakens and rides his horse around the [[ Curragh]], in County Kildare. When the horse's shoes are worn "''as thin as a cat's ear''", he and his warband will arise for good and drive the English out of Ireland.˛* Muhammad al-Mahdi, the twelfth Imam of Shia UsefulNotes/{{Islam}} lived most of his life in a cave, was (allegedly) hidden away by God, and is expected to return someday to establish justice.˛* Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, is this for the Druze and other Ismaili sects of Shia Islam.˛* Constantine XI, the last Roman (Byzantine) Emperor, whose body was never found after the storming of Constantinople, in a variation was turned into a statue instead of sleeping. But he still waits to be awakened and help take back Constantinople.˛* Sebastian I of UsefulNotes/{{Portugal}} was widely rumored to have survived the battle of Alcazar-Qebir in 1578, in which he was killed (but his body was never found). The myth that [[ he would return to save Portugal in its darkest hour persisted and even spread to Brazil]].˛* King Wenceslas (yes, the one from the Christmas carol, though he was actually just a duke), in Czech folklore, who sleeps inside the mountain Blaník, in the Czech Republic. With [[SealedArmyInACan all his knights]], too. They are supposed to show up and whip away adversaries when the country is at her worst. They haven't shown up even though the country had been oppressed terribly and there are several extremely poignant moments in the history. The motif of them coming to help recurs in literary works, especially in poetry. ˛** According to the more popular version of the legend, the army that will arise with Wenceslas is not his own, but the redoubtable army of the 15th-century Hussites. This shows up in ''Blaník'', the sixth and final segment of Smetana's symphonic poem ''Má vlast'', where a Hussite chorale is used as a main theme.˛* King Matjaž, who was presumably based on King Matthias Corvinus. In Slovenia, he is a legendary hero who sleeps with his army in the mountain called Peca in the Karawanks. When his beard grows nine times around the table, he will awake from his sleep and bring a golden era to his people.˛* Not a King per se, but Fenibeso was the first sole ruler of Okrika (in today's Nigeria). Local religion states that he did not die, but instead went into the jungle, became a spirit, and is now the kingdom's patron saint and god of war. The belief is that he will return physically to lead Okrika's armies if she is ever on the verge of being conquered (apparently getting colonised by the British didn't count because the reigning monarch signed a treaty willingly before a shot was fired).˛* Myth/NorseMythology has the villain version of this for Loki. His return will bring the end of the world. However, the dead god Balder is also meant to return at the same time, and help to rebuild from the ashes.˛* According to Japanese folklore, the 9th-century Buddhist monk Kukai (Kobo Daishi) is not dead, but "meditating" underneath Mount Koya, awaiting the coming of Maitreya. His followers bring him food and a change of clothes daily, and a massive cemetery has sprung up around his resting-place.˛* The giant-king of Estonian myth Toell the Great was supposed to be this for Saaremaa, but a bunch of troublesome kids lied and said there was a war, so he swore to never return.˛* According to the epic ''Literature/{{Kalevipoeg}}'', Estonia's mythic king Kalevipoeg will one day return.˛* According to a Polish legend, there is [[SealedArmyInACan a whole army]] of knights (whether a king is included varies depending on the version of this legend), sleeping in a cave under the Tatra mountains until the time of need comes. Every now and then, someone stumbles into a cave. The king asks them "Is it time?" and they have to explain to him the country's situation. If he finds it desperate enough, the army will ride out to fight the invaders. If not, he concludes that it is not, in fact, time, and he resumes his wait.˛** It was the subject of a joke from the Cold War years. An old Polish lady visits the Tatra mountains and is shown the entrance to the cave by a local guide: "Here is where the sleeping army lies, ready to wake in Poland's hour of need." Says the lady: "Well, what are they waiting for?"˛* According to a Serbian legend, Marko Kraljević, a legendary warrior, went to sleep long ago and will rise again one day to a better age, when he will once again kick ass and take names. The reason why? He saw a gun and realized that "the weakest sissy could kill the bravest, strongest warrior with it" and decided that he was just too awesome to go down like that.˛* The Welsh rebel Owain Glyndŵr will supposedly return from hiding when Wales needs him the most.˛* After the Habsburgs claimed the throne of Portugal, thus losing it its independence, these legends arose about Sebastian of Portugal, the last king of Portugal before them.˛* Quetzalcoatl of Myth/AztecMythology sailed eastwards one day, vowing to return. Apocrypha claims this is why the Spaniards had such a warm reception.˛* Sweden has one in "The knights of Ålleberg". According to legend they've been there since 1389, waiting to save Sweden from invaders, which makes one wonder where they were when the nearby city of Falköping was burnt and plundered in 1520, 1566, and 1571. The legend is unclear about how many knights there are, everything from "thousands upon thousands" to just twelve, though one version claims that they started as twelve but their numbers have increased over the centuries. ˛* Quinnipac Native Americans in Connecticut believed that Mount Caramel/Sleeping Giant State Park is the dirt and plant covered form of an actual sleeping giant named Hobbomock. While certain tribes in the region state the sleeping giant, who was put under a spell by a spirit, is benevolent, there are other tribes that hold that the Hobbomock is SealedEvilInACan and that awakening him will end the world. It is at least fairly consistent he likes oysters and caused the Connecticut River to divert east ages ago. ˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Tabletop Games]]˛* ''TabletopGame/Warhammer40000'':˛** The God-Emperor of Mankind has been confined to the arcane life-support systems of the Golden Throne for ten thousand years, and there's a number of theories and heresies about the circumstances of his possible revival. Some believe he will rise again one day to begin a new Great Crusade, while others hold that if everyone would just let his ruined husk die, the Emperor could reincarnate into a healthy new form. The ''TabletopGame/{{Inquisitor}}'' rulebook mentions a theory that the Emperor could have been recalled to his body as early as a year after being placed on the Throne, but those ruling in his place prevented it to preserve their own power and the stability of the Imperium. Of course, the complicating factor is that the Golden Throne is part of the psychic beacon called the Astronomicon, without which it would be impossible to navigate through the [[HyperspaceIsAScaryPlace Warp]], leading to the collapse of galactic civilization...˛** Roboute Guilliman, primarch of the Literature/{{Ultramarines}}, was put in a stasis tomb after being terminally poisoned, but nevertheless the chapter maintained for millennia that he was slowly healing. In the waning days of the 41st Millennium and the disaster of the 13th Black Crusade, the Tech-Priest Belisarius Cawl was able to, with Eldar aid, revive and heal Guilliman completely, provided he remains in a specially-crafted suit of power armor.˛** Jaghatai Khan, primarch of the Literature/WhiteScars, disappeared while pursuing Dark Eldar reavers into the Webway, and his chapter believes he is still out there somewhere, ready to return when needed.˛** Leman Russ of the Space Wolves abruptly departed with all but one of his bodyguard to search for a cure for the Emperor's condition, but promised that he would return during the "Wolftime". This legend causes some problems in the novel ''[[Literature/SpaceWolf Grey Hunters]]'' -- the Spear of Russ is the Space Wolves' most cherished relic, prophesied to have been left behind by the Primarch for his return. [[spoiler:So when Ragnar ''destroys'' the Spear by using it against a [[BackFromTheDead resurrecting]] enemy, even Ragnar, convinced that he did the right thing, is disturbed by the idea of his Primarch not having the Spear for the destined battle. The whole thing is rendered moot when the spear is repaired and recovered at the end of the series. There's also another twist; according to members of the lost Great Company that Ragnar encountered, the real reason the spear was left behind was because Russ ''hated'' the damn thing but couldn't just discard a gift from his father]].˛** Lion El'Jonson, primarch of the Dark Angels, is a literal case since he is sleeping in a hidden chamber of the Dark Angels' asteroid headquarters to wait for the final battle. In an interesting inversion, the Dark Angels aren't aware of this and actually believe that his body disappeared during his duel with Luther. The only people who know the truth are Luther (who is mad), the Emperor (who can't talk) and the Watchers in the Dark (a race of silent, mysterious robed creatures).˛** The Literature/{{Salamanders}}' Primarch Vulcan also has one of these legends. Given he has ResurrectiveImmortality as an established power (and his last recorded death is something Perpetuals can explicitly recover from) this one is almost certainly true. Most likely he took the opportunity to hide better so people would stop interrupting his retirement.˛** The Iron Hands have an odd variation of this. Their primarch, Ferrus Manus, was confirmed killed in the Drop Site Massacre on Istvaan, and Horus was even presented with his severed head, but the Iron Hands [[HesJustHiding insist that their primarch escaped somehow]].˛** In Henry Zhou's novel ''Emperor's Mercy'', the ancient xenos artifact the Old Kings is supposed to produce the Star Kings at some point.˛* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'':˛** The dwarfs believe that their ancestor gods Grugni and Valaya disappeared into the heart of the mountains, to return when needed. Likewise, High King Snorri Whitebeard, the first ruler of the dwarfs, vowed on his deathbed that he would return one day when the dwarfs' foes would be at their gates. Many dwarfs believe that the enigmatic dwarf hero Grombrindal, who appears sporadically to lead dwarf armies to victory over dangerous foes, is in fact Snorri himself, returned to fulfill his promise.˛** Dragons also have a habit of hibernating for centuries at a time (they're not adapting to the planet's changing climate well), and can only be roused by powerful mages. Hence why High Elf "dragon princes" ride into battle on horses with dragon-themed barding these days.˛** Gilles le Breton, being ''Warhammer''[='s=] KingArthur, was taken to a ship on his death that sent him to the Lady of the Lake, and it is said that he will return in Bretonnia's time of need. A lot of people in-universe speculate that the Green Knight, a mysterious warrior who challenges Questing Knights and occasionally appears to aid Bretonnian armies when they need help, is actually Gilles. [[spoiler:And they're right. It's rather darkly subverted in the GrandFinale; by the time he returns Bretonnia is beyond saving, and all he can do is lead a doomed LastStand off-screen while the real battle for the fate of the world happens elsewhere]].˛** Not to mention Sigmar himself, who gave up the throne of the Empire and went into the mountains to the east, never to be heard from again. He is said to have ascended to godhood. [[spoiler:Which he actually did, and in ''The End Times'', he comes back too. Though not in the way you'd think.]]˛* In the ''TabletopGame/GURPSTechnomancer'' setting, Stalin turned out to be this for the Soviet Union. He awoke after the fall of the USSR and tried to MakeTheBearAngryAgain.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Theater]]˛* In the opera ''Rip van Winkle'', the chorus calls Rip "King of the Mountain" as he begins his [[RipVanWinkle twenty-year sleep]] in the Catskills.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Toys]]˛* ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}:'' Most versions of Primus, the god of Transformers, are asleep, and have been for several billion years, sworn only to revive when "all are one". So, given the nature of Transformers, he's not waking up any time soon. Usually it takes something pretty drastic to get Primus directly involved (like, say, shooting him in the face). Of course, there is a pretty good reason for his long nap: If he wakes up, Unicron will instantly know where he is and make a beeline straight for him. And Primus has a pretty bad track record with regards to fighting his nemesis...˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Video Games]]˛* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'':˛** In ''VideoGame/ZeldaIITheAdventureOfLink'' there's a Princess Zelda[[note]]the ancestor of the Zelda you saved in the [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaI first game]][[/note]] who has been asleep for years.˛** At the beginning of ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker'', it's implied that the reason Old Hyrule fell is because they were ''expecting'' this trope: the Hero had saved them from Ganon once before, and now he was failing to do it. Because someone decided that the hero needed to spend some more time on his childhood and sent him back to his other timeline at the end of ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime''. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Way to go, Zelda.]]˛** ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild'': The Link in this game unsuccessfully first battled Ganon 100 years ago, and was left mortally wounded. He was then taken to the Shrine of Resurrection on the Great Plateau so slowly he could regenerate, which ended up taking a century. While he wakes up at the start of the game to try once again to save Hyrule, there's a lot of lore written while he was asleep wondering when he's going to wake up, treating him as his trope.˛* The nameless protagonist in ''VideoGame/{{Crystalis}}'' is essentially this, as is Mesia.˛* In ''VideoGame/{{Halo 3}}'', [[spoiler:Master Chief winds up adrift in space, with no communications available. He enters a stasis tube with the final words "Wake me when you need me."]]˛* ''VideoGame/HalfLife'': After stopping the Xen Invasion, Gordon Freeman spends 20 years floating in space-time limbo courtesy of the G-Man, and as a result [[SleptThroughTheApocalypse misses out on the subjugation of Earth by the Combine Empire]]. In the meantime, word of this [[MeaningfulName Free Man's]] deeds [[ShroudedInMyth have grown to mythic proportions]], to the point that news of his return is enough to spark humanity's uprising against the Combine.˛* ''VideoGame/BreathOfFireIV'' subverted it to the point of deconstruction with Fou-lu. He was meant to be this trope if things goes as planned, if the Fou Empire (which he founded) wasn't corrupted to the point of wanting him ''dead''. Instead, Fou-lu's ''entire'' storyline in the game can be best described as "What Happens When A Country's Government Sees The Return Of Its KingInTheMountain As An UnwantedRevival". It goes poorly for all involved.˛* Commander Shepard in between ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'' and ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', having spent over 2 years being brought back to life by the Lazarus Project.˛** This is what [[spoiler:Javik]] was intended to be. Of course, he's more TheConqueror than TheGoodKing...˛* ''VideoGame/PlanescapeTorment'': The Silent King of the Dead Nations sits frozen on the throne, a little more dead than TheUndead citizens. Except during the game, he's actually completely dead, which [[TheGoodChancellor Hargrimm]] is covering up. The Nameless One may choose to replace him, or give the position to a previously [[TheMole treacherous diplomat]].˛* The BigBad from ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIIMorrowind'', Dagoth Ur, is a villainous version. He was thought to have been vanquished, but having already attained [[PhysicalGod godhood]], his defeat was only temporary and he regained his power over several millennia leading up to the events of the game.˛* [[TheMaker Arceus]] is one of these in ''VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl'', having fallen into a deep slumber after creating the Pokémon world. The player needs to awaken him using the Azure Flute before they can enter the Hall of Origin to [[BonusBoss fight him]]. ˛* [[spoiler:Big Boss]] in the ''VideoGame/MetalGear'' saga, as we learn in TheReveal at the very end of ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4''. [[spoiler:Though Snake thought he killed him, he was actually locked away and kept in suspended animation by the Patriots after failing to break away from their grasp with the Outer Heaven uprising.]] Throughout the course of the entire series, [[spoiler:his surviving comrades--including EVA and [[GoodAllAlong Ocelot]]--were actually trying to uphold his legacy by bringing down the Patriots and freeing him]].˛* [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]] in ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'', whose king was imprisoned under a mountain along with his subjects by humans, both king and subjects not being human, long ago. Due to [[spoiler:the death of the king's son at the hands of their descendants]], the inevitable release of the king and his people, because of curious children like the protagonist, is played up as marking the extinction of humanity. [[spoiler:Subverted in that the king made that decree while still mourning his son, but couldn't take it back once he'd calmed down because it gave the people hope, and he couldn't bring himself to dash those hopes just because he hadn't been of sound mind at the time.]] What is notable is that his {{Leitmotif}} is officially titled "Bergentrückung" which is the German name for the concept. Ironically, this trope actually applies more to [[spoiler:his former wife, the queen, who fled the castle and isolated herself in the ruins in disgust]]. %%Word Of God says the two tracks were meant to be one track, Bergentrückung, that had to be split so that they would play as intended in the game.%%˛* In ''[[VideoGame/TronTwoPointOh Tron 2.0]]'' (AlternateContinuity to ''Film/TronLegacy''), Programs have this idea about Tron himself. He vanished shortly after his victory over Master Control, and they believe that he would return in the system's darkest cycle. In ''[[VideoGame/TronTwoPointOh Tron 2.0]]'' itself, it's played a bit sideways; at best, the game's protagonist could be called a half-brother (he's the human son of Alan and Lora). But it's played completely straight with the ''Killer App'' sequel where Alan ''did'' put Tron in stasis after all, and sends him out with modern upgrades to fight a menace to Encom. ˛* Played straight in Videogame/{{Warframe}}, in which the Tenno and their OneManArmy Warframes are awoken from cryosleep by the Lotus (after some unknown time) to once again bring peace and balance to the solar system during a time of great war between the Grineer and Corpus superpowers and a [[TheVirus Technocyte pandemic]] known as the "Infestation".˛* At the end of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXV'', Noctis, which is the heir of the kingdom of Lucis, [[spoiler: spends 10 years sleeping in the Crystal for accumulating enough power to defeat the Big Bad and then save the world]].˛* In ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'', Sora is sent into a deep sleep along with his companions, so that Namine can piece his shattered memory back together. In the year this process takes, much conflict ensues over the sleeping Sora. Between [=DiZ=] who seeks a tool for his revenge in Sora, and Organization XIII who seeks to steal Sora's power and stop him from ever waking.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Web Comics]]˛* ''Webcomic/TheDreamlandChronicles'': Keeping KingArthur alive but out of the way is [[ crucial to Nicodemus]].˛* In the backstory of ''Webcomic/{{Drowtales}}'' Queen Sharess made a promise to the Dark Elves that she would return and lead them back to the Surface from the Underworld once it was safe again after demonic wars had made it uninhabitable before she departed into the Netherworld to seal the gates. After 1000 years there are no signs of her returning and the Dark Elves and those who believe in her are largely extinct outside of the Kyorl'solenurn clan. However, [[spoiler:Sha'sana actually has been keeping Sharess' body the entire time and has her own plans to bring her back to unite the clans]].˛* ''Webcomic/LeifAndThorn'': Variation in which Ceannis' Arthurian national hero Rhódon ''is'' dead -- but reincarnation is a known thing, and she has [[ come back several times]]. It's believed she will reincarnate again if and when the nation needs her.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Western Animation]]˛* The Avatar Aang in ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' accidentally seals himself and Appa, his [[TeamPet flying bison]], in ice for a hundred years. He does indeed return to save the world, although judging by what [[AntiVillain Zuko]] says in the first episode, everyone probably expected an old man [[OrcusOnHisThrone in hiding]] rather than a {{Keet}} CheerfulChild.˛* In ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars'', the original Optimus Prime (in stasis lock) sits in his command chair in the Autobot ark, which crash-landed and buried itself under a dormant volcano, awaiting a revival millions of years in the future.˛* In ''WesternAnimation/TheBoondocks'', Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is revealed to be this, awakening from a coma 40-odd years after being shot. In a pretty dark subversion of the trope, he turns out to be pretty disappointed with the direction that African-American culture has gone in his absence.˛* As with the legend, this happens to ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}''' version of King Arthur. And when King Arthur came out, the Magus replaced him after using so much magic without a channel like the grimoire.˛* In ''WesternAnimation/XMenEvolution'''s take on ComicBook/CaptainAmerica's origin, his role as a KingInTheMountain is made even more explicit. Instead of being accidentally frozen in an iceberg and presumed dead for years, he's intentionally placed in cryogenic sleep when it turns out that the super-soldier serum is slowly killing him. The implication is that he will be revived to fight again when S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists find a way to cure him.˛* On ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', it's lampshaded how Nazi's are simply ''obsessed'' with cloning or resurrecting Hitler in one way or another. As mentioned in the Real Life section below, this may count as an evil version of the trope.˛* Quentin Trembley, of ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'', may be the most bizarre example of this ever written. He is the founder of Gravity Falls and 8 1/2th President of the United States, and disappeared after riding his horse over the edge of a ravine, backwards. It eventually transpires that he preserved himself in peanut brittle, believing it could sustain his life, and hid himself away in a secret chamber, leaving a series of cryptic and nonsensical clues as to how to find him. He is finally awoken, after a couple of centuries, when the protagonists have need of him.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Real Life]]˛* There were several real historical figures who did remain in hiding for a long time and presumed dead, only to resurface when the situations seemed right. An example of this is the Cossack Ataman Nikolay Kulakov, a well-known anti-Bolshevik leader from the [[UsefulNotes/RedOctober Russian Civil War]] who lost both legs and presumed dead, only to have remained in hiding for two decades, until he volunteered his services to the invading Nazis against the communists. The story did not end well.˛* Urban legends also claim that UsefulNotes/TheodoreRoosevelt is either resting under Mount Rushmore, or in Area 51, and will return in America's darkest hour with a new band of Rough Riders. ˛* The earliest American case of this was probably UsefulNotes/AndrewJackson. After founding the Democratic party and becoming by far the most powerful President up to that point, he retired to a life of relative obscurity. Naturally this led people to believe he would one day take the political reins of America to solve some situation, and his death did little to dissuade them. In the months leading up to the Civil War many believed Jackson would rise again and resolve the whole situation. ˛* According to some conspiracy researchers, UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler did not die and instead fled to Argentina, but is an EvilCounterpart of this.˛* Belief may have waned over the years, but for some time, assassinated populist Louisiana governor Huey Long was expected to return to lead the state to prosperity.˛* At Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, Denmark, (which served as the inspiration for ''Hamlet'''s Elsinore Castle) located across the Øresund strait from Helsingborg in Sweden, the mythical king Holger the Dane (Holger Danske), a contemporary mythical figure of the Arthurian era, was taken to Avalon by Morgan le Fay. He returned to rescue France from danger, then traveled to Kronborg, where he rests until he is needed to rescue his homeland.˛* A popular myth in Greece, and to a lesser extent the rest of the orthodox world, is the Constantine XI, the last Byzantine Emperor, lays dormant under Greece somewhere and will awaken to retake Constantinople. ˛* A modern legend related to this trope involves Subhas Chandra Bose, the Indian independence leader who escaped British India for Germany then took two submarines (one German, the other Japanese--they rendezvoued off the coast of Madagascar so that Bose could change ships) to Japanese controlled Southeast Asia. Supposedly, he died in a plane crash in Taipei, Taiwan, on August 18, 1945, but he is said to have survived the crash and either became a Hindu mystic or somehow took refuge in Soviet Union. Some (including his relatives) have claimed that he would return to an independent India (although no one has quite claimed that he would return to lead India at time of its need).˛* There's a belief that UsefulNotes/{{Charlemagne}} isn't really dead, but is simply lying in wait for the rise of the anti-Christ so he can battle and defeat him.˛* The Portuguese equivalent of this trope is King Sebastian who disappeared during a crusade in Morocco and is believed he will return to save his people in their direst hour. His legend also extended to Brazil when anti-republican movements began rallying his memory as the Brazilian monarchy descended from the Portuguese.˛* The Legend of Granger Taylor. Granger Taylor was a well known eccentric inventor who was born in 1963. One day, he disappeared during a vicious storm, but left a note for his parents. He claims that aliens have contacted him and that he is currently on an interstellar voyage that will last 42 months, but he that he will someday return. Granger has yet to return, but many believe that he is simply late due to how differently time works in space, and that he will one day return to give humanity a higher level of knowledge.˛[[/folder]]˛----


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