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1These characters are MoreThanMeetsTheEye. They are badasses but are lacking in traits typically associated with your average everyday Hollywood ActionHero so their true strength may come as a surprise to both the viewer and whoever is unlucky enough to piss them off.²²They're the badass you least expect.²²----²!!This character is a badass, but [[UnderestimatingBadassery you wouldn't expect it because s/he is]]... ²²[[index]]²²[floatboxright:²+ SubmissiveBadass - subservient to another person²]²²* ActionDad - a dad ²* ActionFashionista - too obsessed with the latest trends.²* ActionGirlfriend - someone's girlfriend²* ActionPolitician - a politician²* ActionMom - a mom²* ActionSurvivor - someone who lacks the asskicking skills²* AdaptationalBadass - not a badass in the original²* AgentPeacock - too much of a girly boy ²* AlmightyJanitor - too blue-collar²* {{Ambadassador}} - an ambassador²* AmbiguouslyTrained - is currently in a mundane profession²* AwakeningTheSleepingGiant - a neutral person/faction²* BadassAdorable - too cute²* BadassBookworm - too geeky²* BadassBureaucrat - a paper-pusher²* BadassBystander - just some random passerby²* BadassGay - Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Pansexual/Asexual²* BadassNormal - a normal around a bunch of superhumans²* BadassOnPaper - unimpressive in person²* BadassPacifist - totally not gonna fight²* BadassPreacher - a preacher²* BadassSanta - Santa²* BadassTeacher - just teaching his students until you threatened them and ItsPersonal²* BewareTheNiceOnes - too nice²* BewareTheQuietOnes - too [[TheQuietOne quiet]] or [[ShrinkingViolet shy]]²* BewareTheSillyOnes - just the PluckyComicRelief²* BlindWeaponmaster - blind²* BodyguardingABadass - letting others fight for him²* BrilliantButLazy - too lazy²* BroughtDownToBadass - BroughtDownToNormal²* BullyingADragon - not going to hit ''back'', right?²* ChefOfIron - a cook²* ClarkKentOutfit - hiding it under their clothes²* CombatMedic - TheMedic²* CoolOldGuy - too elderly²** NeverMessWithGranny - a little old lady²* CorneredRattlesnake - a once weak person fighting back, especially a PaperTiger²* CowardlyLion - too cowardly²* CrazyAwesome - too crazy²* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass - too stupid²* CuteBruiser - too cute²* DamselOutOfDistress - a [[DamselInDistress damsel]]²* DancingRoyalty - unskilled²* DeadlyDoctor - a doctor²* DorkKnight - {{Adorkable}}²* EffortlessAmazonianLift - ''just'' a strong girl²* EmotionalBruiser - easily roused emotionally ²* FalseInnocenceTrick - just an InnocentBystander... right?²* FightingClown - too funny-looking²* FluffyTheTerrible - given too cutesy a name²* GirlyBruiser - too girly²* GoodIsNotDumb - not that smart²* GoodIsNotSoft - a forgiving person²* GooGooGodlike - a baby²* HandicappedBadass - handicapped²* HeartbrokenBadass - too despondent²* HeartIsAnAwesomePower - [[BlessedWithSuck gifted with]] [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway a seemingly lame superpower]]²* HeroicNeutral - someone who'd otherwise mind their own business²* HypercompetentSidekick - a sidekick²* IronWoobie - too sympathetic²* KickingAssInAllHerFinery - [[TemptingFate not gonna start a fight in that dress]]²* KillerRabbit - too cute and looks harmless²* KungFuJesus - too [[MessianicArchetype Messianic]]²* LadyOfWar - too refined to get her hands dirty²* LethalHarmlessPowers - someone with primarily non-lethal powers²* LethalJokeCharacter - a JokeCharacter.²* LetsGetDangerous - not [[InformedAbility an actual threat]]...²* LittleMissAlmighty - a little girl, or [[OlderThanTheyLook looks like one]]²* LittleMissBadass - a little girl, or [[OlderThanTheyLook looks like one]]²* MamaBear - a mom (or a motherly person)²* MartialPacifist - a peace-loving guy²* MoreDeadlyThanTheMale - a proper lady²* MinoredInAssKicking - so smart and sophisticated that they see asskicking as beneath them²* MuggingTheMonster - not going to hit ''back'', right?²* MuggleWithADegreeInMagic - an unpowered individual in the middle of powers²* NerdActionHero - too nerdy²* NonPoweredCostumedHero - too ordinary²* NotSoHarmlessVillain - a HarmlessVillain²* NotSoWeak - too meek to defend themselves²* ObfuscatingDisability - hiding it by being disabled²* ObfuscatingInsanity - hiding it by being insane²* ObfuscatingStupidity - hiding it by being stupid²* PapaWolf - a dad²* PintSizedPowerhouse - too small²* PopCulturedBadass - too nerdy²* PregnantBadass - pregnant²* PrettyPrincessPowerhouse - a dainty-looking princess²* RealMenWearPink - someone who has less than manly pastimes²* ReligiousBruiser - a religious person²* ReluctantWarrior - someone who'd rather not fight²* RetiredBadass - retired²* SavageSetpiece - just part of the background²* SilkHidingSteel - too quiet and refined²* TheSoCalledCoward - a coward, right?²* SpecsOfAwesome - wearing glasses²* StrongerThanTheyLook - weak-looking²* SuperStrongChild - a little child²* TookALevelInBadass - not a badass previously²* TranquilFury - too calm²* UnconsciousObjector - already losing consciousness ²* UnskilledButStrong - lacking the skills to apply his strength²* ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend - someone's girlfriend²* WaifFu - a petite female²* WeakButSkilled - lacking the strength to apply her skills²* WhosLaughingNow - originally a wimp²* WillNotBeAVictim - apparently already conquered²* {{Xenafication}} - previously not an ActionGirl²²Then again, [[WorldOfBadass anyone might turn out to be a secret badass]]. [[BadassUnintentional Even if they never wanted to be in the first place.]]²[[/index]]²----


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