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1%% Image selected per Image Pickin' thread:²%% Please do not change or remove without starting a new thread.²%%²[[quoteright:350:[[Webcomic/{{xkcd}}]]]]²²->''"Money buys a man's silence for a time. A [crossbow] bolt in the heart buys it forever."''²-->-- '''Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish''', ''Series/GameOfThrones''²²Somebody is involved in something dirty, or just [[KickTheDog did something nasty]]. Could be TheGovernment, could be TheMafia or TheSyndicate, could be GeneralRipper, a CorruptCorporateExecutive, or an AncientConspiracy. No matter what bad guy was involved, somebody saw it all, heard it all, or somehow caught wind of what's going down (or what went down), and the bad guy in question has found out about the witness.²²Since the witness now knows too much, the bad guy's entire scheme may come crashing down, so they aim to "silence" the witness in some manner, through bribery, blackmail, intimidation, or even murder.²²A common variant is that the person who purportedly knows too much doesn't actually know anything at all (or at least, doesn't understand what knowledge they have) — but the overly paranoid conspirators believe that they do, thus leading to their campaign of persecution. There's a good chance the hero will eventually get sick of being relentlessly hounded/threatened/shot at by the conspirators and start fighting back. In the process, they usually learn the "real" secret anyway by constantly coming into contact with said conspirators at every turn and eventually will find a way to bring the plan to ruin. The ironic conclusion, of course, is that if the BigBad [[RevealingCoverup had just relaxed and left the person alone, they'd have succeeded]]. ²²If it isn't the hero getting persecuted, it will likely be [[{{Protectorate}} someone the hero cares about]], which will usually prompt either a bodyguard scenario as the hero tries to protect them against the bad guys, or a RoaringRampageOfRevenge if the loved one is killed. Either way, it's an excellent MacGuffin.²²''The'' most common motive for bad guys to go after innocent people, and also [[TruthInTelevision part of the reason that the FBI has the Witness Protection Program]] (in addition to protecting people from revenge ''after'' they testify).²²Another, less sympathetic variation occurs when a character learns a guilty secret possessed by another character and decides it would be a profitable enterprise to {{blackmail}} the second character in exchange for their silence. This one usually overlaps with AssholeVictim, since the second character understandably won't like the idea of being on the hook to a sleazy blackmailer for the rest of their life, [[BlackmailBackfire and is likely to decide that getting rid of the blackmailer will cost them less in the long run than paying up]]. If the blackmail victim's guilty secret is that they are a murderer, this may also add elements of TooDumbToLive to the blackmailer — after all, someone who's already killed at least one person is unlikely to have many qualms about bumping off someone else, particularly if that someone else is trying to exploit them for money. ²²See RevealingCoverup, KilledToUpholdTheMasquerade, HaveYouToldAnyoneElse, and HisNameIs. See also LeaveNoWitnesses for those situations where a roomful of people all Learn Too Much at once. Where the knowledge ''itself'' is harmful, see TheseAreThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow. Compare also with YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness.²----²!!Examples:²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Anime & Manga]]²* ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'':²** Pastor Nick is a high-ranking member of the Church of the Wall, and knows many important secrets. [[spoiler: As soon as he becomes willing to reveal what he knows to Historia Reiss, members of the 1st Brigade torture and murder him]].²** Alma, the mother of [[spoiler: Histoira Reiss]] and mistress of a certain nobleman, was murdered to clean up any loose ends. ²** [[spoiler: Marco Bott overheard [[TheMole Reiner and Bertolt]] discussing their plans, and [[OhCrap was so shocked]] that [[IdiotBall he confronted]] [[TooDumbToLive them directly about it]] rather than reporting them. In a panic, Reiner chased him down and got Annie to help by stealing Marco's gear. The three left him to be eaten by a Titan, though [[TearsOfRemorse they weren't]] [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone very happy]] [[MurderMakesYouCrazy with what]] they'd done]]. ²* The driving force as to why TheSyndicate keeps trying to kill Spike in ''Anime/CowboyBebop''. He tried leaving after he met Julia, but his fellow teamsters felt that he would be too much of a risk if he ever got it in his head to squeal on them.²* ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam00'':²** Sent in a message to [[spoiler:Professor Eifman]] just after he figured out the true agenda of [[spoiler:Celestial Being's founder]], and just before [[spoiler:the Thrones attack the base]], killing him in the process. Either sent by [[spoiler:[[BigBad Ribbons Almack]]]] or by [[spoiler:[[MasterComputer Veda itself.]]]]²--->'''[[spoiler:Eifman]]'s computer screen:''' "You have witnessed too much."²** Played with in the case of [[spoiler:Kinue Crossroad]]. She ''is'' killed for knowing too much, but [[spoiler:the guy who killed her is a violent sociopath, and deliberately gave her the information before killing her for knowing too much, apparently just [[ForTheEvulz because doing so amused him]].]]²* ''Manga/PokemonAdventures'' has [[spoiler: Ghetsis]] invoke this on Black after he defeated Team Plasma's King N, not wanting anyone to get wind of the king's defeat as it would harm Team Plasma's public image. He opted killing the only witness other than himself [[FauxAffablyEvil with a nice smile and polite demeanor]].²* ''Manga/FullMetalAlchemist'':²** [[spoiler:Hughes]] learns about the AncientConspiracy, or at least a little more than the others know. [[DisconnectedByDeath We all know what happened to him...]]²** It's not until quite a bit later in the story that the audience is shown exactly what he had uncovered. At first it seemed that he'd discovered little more than that there ''was'' an AncientConspiracy, and his knowledge shouldn't really have been a threat to them yet. But in fact, he'd also realized that [[spoiler:'''all of Amestris was a giant transmutation circle''']], a fact that was the '''''linchpin''''' of the entire conspiracy. No wonder the guy got offed.²** In ''Brotherhood'', Isaac [=McDougall=] found out [[spoiler: ''exactly'' the same thing Hughes did]]. He also gets offed for his efforts [[spoiler: by Wrath/Bradley himself]].²-->'''Isaac''': [[ExactWords Do you know what]] '''[[ExactWords shape]]''' [[ExactWords this country is in?]]²** The [[AnimatedArmor two brothers]] that Ed fights at Laboratory 5 are killed before they can tell him what they know about the [[ArtifactOfDoom Philosopher's Stone.]]²** In the [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist the 2003 anime]], this is part of the reason why [[spoiler:King Bradley kills Marta.]]²* ''Anime/CodeGeass R2'':²** In episode 14, [[spoiler:Rolo claims to have killed Shirley Fenette for remembering the truth about Lelouch as Zero]] This isn't completely true ([[spoiler:Shirley]] wanted to help [[spoiler:reunite Lelouch with his ''real'' sibling, Nunally, eliciting Rolo's jealousy]]), but it's not a ''total'' lie either ([[spoiler: she knew that Nunally was Lelouch's sister ''[[FakeMemories when she wasn't supposed to]]''.]])²** In the first episodes of both the first and second season, Lelouch is about to be shot for having seen C.C., although [[spoiler:the second time it was intentional.]]²** In Suzaku of the Counterattack, this is why [[spoiler:Schneizel]] had Marianne killed.²** In an early episode of R2, Rolo murders a Britannian soldier who walks in on a conversation he's having with Viletta for hearing things he shouldn't. And all the guy heard was the word "Geass", which he couldn't possibly have even understood.²* ''Manga/OnePiece'':²** The scholars of Ohara got too deep in researching the Void Century (which is hinted at being a huge threat toward the [[TheGovernment World Government]]), and consequently the island, along with its inhabitants, was [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverKill bombarded into oblivion]] by the World Government. It's also the real reason why Nico Robin has a bounty; [[spoiler: she's the SoleSurvivor of Ohara, her mother Olvia was one of the Scholars ''and'' she inherited her knowledge]].²** Played for comedy in Luffy/Ace's flashback. Luffy discovers where Ace and Sabo keep their treasure, and they state that they're going to kill him to keep him from telling, only to realize that neither of them have killed anyone before.²* ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing'':²** All five Gundam Pilots were ordered to kill anybody who sees the Gundams, or who discovers their identities. Heero takes it to an extreme, by repeatedly [[IneffectualDeathThreats threatening to kill]] Relena for finding him washed up on a beach in his spacesuit. Duo was a bit more forgiving, by simply using a road flare to obscure Relena's view of Wing Zero and Deathscythe and then warning her that it was in her best interests to look away.²** Near the end of the series, [[{{Hackette}} Hilde]] wound up becoming a target of the White Fang, when she infiltrated the Libra base and hacked their systems to gather data on Vayette and Mercurious[[note]](the latest and most advanced in their line of Mobile Dolls)[[/note]]. Quantz mobilized them and sent them to silence her before she could get the information back to the Gundam pilots - with the attempt being narrowly subverted, [[BigDamnHeroes thanks to Duo's intervention.]] While Hilde is seriously injured, she lives through and succesfully gives the info away.²* Played with an in episode of ''Anime/{{Lupin III|Blue Jacket}}'' where Nyx's daughter accidentally finds some evidence that would expose Rebecca as a thief. Rebecca seemingly kidnaps the girl, and when Nyx confronts her, she says that she had to do it to "keep her mouth shut". Nyx takes this as an indication that Rebecca has murdered the young girl to silence her, and understandably freaks out. [[spoiler: It turns out that Rebecca actually just sent the girl off on an all-expenses-paid shopping trip in order to bribe her into keeping quiet.]]²* ''Anime/VariableGeo'': [[{{ninja}} Chiho]] thought [[TheDragon Damian]] hadn't noticed her while she was eavesdropping on him at the Jahana Research Facility. She overhears one of the lab techs say they'd get better results from [[spoiler: [[{{deuteragonist}} Satomi's]] field tests]] with live data, rather than simulations. Damian doesn't even bother looking over his shoulder, he simply smirks and tells him to [[BeingWatched start with the girl spying on them, from the doorway.]]²* ''Manga/{{Monster}}'': If someone possesses any evidence that Johan Liebert exists, that's enough to have Johan arrange for them to die. The exceptions to this are his sister (whom he considers his "other self"), General Wolf, and Dr. Tenma (the latter two [[IOweYouMyLife saved his life]]). [[TheCorrupter Though, he's got]] [[BreakTheCutie his own plans for them]]. [[StrikeMeDownWithAllOfYourHatred And they are just as evil]].²* In ''Anime/PsychoPass'', [[spoiler:Kagari]] is killed when they find out [[AwfulTruth the true form of the Sibyl system]].²* In the ''Manga/VampirePrincessMiyu'' TV series, this partially is what prompts [[spoiler:DarkMagicalGirl Miyu]] to get the [[spoiler:otaku SecretKeeper]] to fall to his death. The fact that [[spoiler:he showed absolutely no understanding about Miyu's nature and what it means to be the Guardian]] really didn't help his case.²* In the original manga of the {{Hentai}} series ''Bondage Fairies'', main heroine Pfil is invited into the home of a trio of sisters while on a missing-stag-beetle case. While there, she accidentally stumbles upon [[spoiler:a detached stag beetle leg. The sisters realize that they've been found out, and they knock Pfil out and take her captive, starting the plot.]]²* In the TV series of ''Anime/{{Hellsing}}'', Integra orders Alucard to kill Kim because of the reporter's insistence on letting the world know that vampires exist.²* In ''Anime/FutureGPXCyberFormula'', Osamu Sugo leaves the Missing Link F-1 team after knowing of his boss Smith's plans to use Asurada, the computer system created by Hayato's father, as a weapon of mass destruction. He soon disguises himself as Knight Shoemach, in order to keep an eye on Hayato, as well as Smith and his men. During his racing duel with his rival Bootsvorz, Smith attacks Osamu from behind with his helicopter's missile for exposing said secret. Osamu survives the incident, but ends up injuring his eye.²* Averted in ''Anime/MaiHime''. Akira is duty-bound to kill Takumi if he finds out she's a girl, but not only is unable to go through with it, but even saves his life by giving him his medicine.²* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':²** Baki kills Hayate after he sees him meeting with Kabuto, learning that the Sand and Sound Villages are conspiring to destroy the Leaf Village.²** This happened to [[spoiler:Kabuto himself too. He and his mother figure Nonou were spies for Root, but Danzo decided they had become a liability and set them up to kill one another. This was the catalyst for Kabuto's FaceHeelTurn.]]²* ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'':²** Used as a TearJerker in ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs'' when the [[AntiVillain Wolkenritter]] try to kill Nanoha and Fate to protect Hayate's identity as the master of the Book of Darkness. It's made painfully clear that they ''[[ThouShaltNotKill really]]'' didn't want to go through with it, but they were scared and desperate.²** Bell Matera of ''Audioplay/StrikersSoundStageX'', who was immediately [[PsychicAssistedSuicide forced to commit suicide]] the moment he figured out what [[NightOfTheLivingMooks the Mariage]] were seeking.²** In ''Manga/MagicalRecordLyricalNanohaForce'' Marty gets his [[YourHeadAsplode Head Asploded]] before he can tell Arnage and Veyron more about his employer.²* ''Manga/DetectiveConan'' features many, MANY cases:²** The series ''starts'' with this trope: AmateurSleuth Shinichi Kudo comes across a mysterious black man extorting from another man, but he fails to see the black man's partner, who sneaks on him and knocks him out cold with a lead pipe. The two try to force feed him a poison pill plus a serum... but the pill [[FountainOfYouth only shrinks him into a body of a child]] and assumes the alias of Conan Edogawa.²** In the Ski Lodge case, [[spoiler:this was the reason for Minako Mochizuki's murder: she found out that two of her three favorite teachers were involved in a fraud, so she tried to confront them... so the two strangled her to death and then made it look like she committed suicide. And the third teacher? She killed '''them''' as part of her plot to get revenge for Minako's murder.]]²** In the Luxury Liner case, [[spoiler:Tatsuo got beaten to death by his wife Aki's cousin Ichiro because Tatsuo saw him trying to drop the killing weapon (a knife which he used to kill his grandfather) in the sea.]]²** The NonSerialMovie ''Phantom of Baker Street'' reveals [[spoiler:the immediate reason for Hiroki's death is because he found out Schneider was the direct descendant of Jack the Ripper.]]²** In another Non-Serial Movie, [[spoiler:a boy named Touma Tachihara witnessed a murder committed by one of his mother's friends, who then kidnapped him and tried to kill him. However, Touma then fell off a cliff and fell in a coma, only waking up ''eight years later''. The killer targets him again, fearing that if he ever recovered his memories, he'd denounce him]].²** Almost happens to Ran Mouri twice, once in the anime/manga and later in a NonSerialMovie. In the first, [[spoiler:she steps inside several rooms where guys are undressing, but one of them has a secret... and he's the killer of the case]]. In the second, [[spoiler:she clearly sees the face of a murderer who immediately tries to shoot her dead, and even when she has a huge TraumaInducedAmnesia he still attempts to murder her.]]²** In the "Timeless Sakura Love" case, [[spoiler:Sumiko Kobayashi]] finds herself in this position after she stumbles in a murder scene and catches a glimpse of the culprit. [[spoiler: Good thing that Shiratori, Sato and the Detective Kids manage to help her and keep her safe.]]²** It's implied that [[spoiler:Akemi Miyano]] might have been at the receiving end of this trope. [[spoiler:The [[TheSyndicate Black Organization]] couldn't outright murder the woman because they needed [[LivingEmotionalCrutch her]] to keep her younger sister Shiho/Sherry's loyalty in check, but once it was clear that Akemi was in love with a man who had been TheMole in the group, they decided to create a situation where they could eliminate her by having her do a bank heist she was supposed to fail... and which ended up with two agents of the group, coincidentally the same two who shrunk Shinichi, shooting her dead.]]²* ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'':²** In Part 3 (''Stardust Crusaders''), [[spoiler:Enya]] is killed by Dio and Steely Dan (Dio supplied the weapon) [[spoiler:so she can't reveal how [[TimeStandsStill The World works]]]]. The kicker: [[spoiler:While dying, Enya made clear that she would ''never'' have thought to betray Dio, though Joseph might have been able to read her mind with Hermit Purple]]. [[SmugSnake Steely Dan just laughs at her.]]²** In Part 4 (''Diamond is Unbreakable''), [[spoiler:Shigechi]] buys a limited-edition sandwich, but picks up the wrong bag after setting it next to someone else's. [[spoiler:The bag he took belonged to Kira, who had left his latest victim's hand in it. When Shigechi opens the bag and sees what's in it, Kira murders him to hide his crimes.]]²** Part of Diavolo's plan in Part 5 (''Golden Winds'') is to murder anyone and everyone who knows anything about him, or has even seen his face. [[spoiler: This extends [[OffingTheOffspring to his own daughter]], the ActionGirl Trish. Despite the fact that Trish ''doesn't'' know anything about her father, having never met him. He's just paranoid that she ''might'' somehow know something about him. Fortunately, Buccellati is able to rescue her before he can do the deed.]]²** In Part 6 (''Stone Ocean''), Whitesnake kills [[spoiler:Jongalli]] as insurance against Jotaro and Jolyne learning who's ''really'' behind the latter's imprisonment -- [[spoiler:Enrico Pucci, the prison chaplain]].²* Happens thrice in the first part of ''LightNovel/SorcererStabberOrphen'': ²** [[spoiler:[[{{Seers}} Lai]] steps on who everyone believes to be Childman but is actually [[GrandTheftMe Azalie in Childman's body]]. She turns him into a HumanPopsicle, and he remains as such until the end of the first series.]] ²** [[spoiler: [[SmugSnake Shastanasi]], one of the Elders of the Towers of Fangs, also realizes that Azalie has taken over Childman's body and tries to blackmail her. Childman!Azalie fights back, and soon Shastanasi is seen as an EmptyShell.]]²** Some time later, [[spoiler:[[BunnyEarsLawyer Hartia]] finds the frozen Lai and tries to confront "Childman"... but then he sees Childman!Azalie's shadow in Azalie's form. She almost kills him on the spot and does severely wound him, but he manages to escape to Orphen and Co.'s side and tells them the truth.]] ²* ''Anime/PhantomQuestCorp'': In Incident File 04, Detective Karino suspects [[spoiler: the Hadja]] of running a scam operation and gets caught snooping around their compound. Their leader, [[spoiler: [[BaldOfEvil Mukyo]]]], has him subjected to tickle torture while interrogating him about how much he knows. Then attempts to silence him permanently by dangling him over a pit and [[FedToTheBeast summoning the apparitions he'd allegedly excorcised.]] Thankfully, Ayaka and the others arrived at that time to save Karino's bacon.²* In ''Manga/MurasakiiroNoQualia'' [[spoiler:JAUNT blows up an entire plane in order to dispose of Hatou and Yukari's family, who were traveling to America, because they were prying into the [[DroppedaBridgeonHim incident]] that resulted in [[KillTheCutie Yukari's death.]]]]²* [[spoiler:Allen Schezar's father Leon]] from ''Anime/TheVisionOfEscaflowne'' is believed to have abandoned his family, but this is what ''actually'' happened to him. [[spoiler: Several years ago, the Zaibach Empire targeted him because he had gathered lots of information on the Draconians ''and'' was about to blow their cover. When they managed to find Leon, they took his notes and killed him.]] His son was so badly damaged by all of this but didn't learn the truth for ''several'' years, [[spoiler:when he confronted Leon's spirit and tried to call him out on what he believes to have been ParentalAbandonment. After learning that Leon never abandoned the family, they eventually make peace.]]²* In ''Manga/GunslingerGirl'', when Hillshire learns the girl he just rescued had been turned into a cyborg killer, Jean gives him two options: become Triela's handler, where at least he can watch over her, or be murdered. Either way, he wasn't leaving the Agency a free man.²** It's also implied that [[spoiler:Claes's handler Raballo was killed because he wanted to reveal the Agency's existence.]]²* In ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'', the Major warns a helpful independent hacker who gave her evidence regarding the Laughing Man that he's getting too close to figuring out the truth, which could put his life at risk from whomever is responsible. He thanks her and agrees to back off for his own safety.²* In ''Manga/SoulEater'' [[spoiler: Buttaki Joe is butchered by Justin Law when the former levels up his soul sensing abilities and discovers the hide-out of the Kishin. ]]²* In ''Manga/DetectiveSchoolQ'', some people are attacked and either killed/nearly killed because of this trope:²** [[spoiler: Maya Asabuki]] from the BoardingSchool case had a videotape that could potentially ruin the plans of the killer, and when the culprit found out, they attacked her to take the tape and silence her. [[spoiler: She died in the manga, but [[SparedByTheAdaptation (barely) survived in the anime]].]] ²** In a case involving the murder of aspirant actresses during auditions, [[spoiler: Sakurako Yukihira]] was caught searching for evidence by [[spoiler: Meiousei agents]] and put in a cruel DeathTrap. Kyuu barely managed to find her before she died.²* In chapter 23 of ''Manga/HappySugarLife'', [[spoiler: Shouko]] is murdered by Satou after she had taken a picture of Shio living in an apartment room she "owned." ²* In ''Manhua/GoddessCreationSystem'' the king passes away officially from wounds sustained in a tiger attack some months before but probably really from poison. To cover this up temporarily so they can keep things stable, the queen and her brother have the imperial doctor poisoned so he can't tell anyone.²* In episode 15 of ''Anime/TenchiUniverse'', a Juraian agent orders the Galaxy Police to capture Mihoshi and Kiyone after Mihoshi was listening to a conversation between the agent and the Galaxy Police chief, revealing that the GP had conspired with Jurai in order to capture Ayeka.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Comic Books]]²* In ''ComicBook/TopTen'', pop star and former science-hero sidekick Glenn Garland is killed because he was going to tell the media about the illegal and repulsive actions of a group which he used to be a part of. The Vigilante from Venus also expressed concern that they were going to try to kill her before she went to trial, for fear that she would incriminate them in her testimony.²* This trope is what sets the whole plot of the first ''ComicBook/SinCity'' story "The Hard Goodbye" in motion, as Goldie is killed on orders from another character after she discovered his nasty secret habit. Another character dies after mistaking a death squad for honest cops and telling them ''everything''.²* In ''Comicbook/{{Watchmen}}'', two people knew the same thing:²** One is killed because he knows the details of a plan, even though he had no intention of revealing it; he had told Moloch, who simply didn't understand what he heard and would be no threat to its success even if he did understand it.²** The other (not Moloch, by the way) is killed because he knows the plan and ''is'' going to reveal it. His murder may have been pointless, though, because he'd mailed his journal to the "New Frontiersman". Whether anyone of importance would believe what that ConspiracyTheorist tabloid reports is unclear, though.²* This is essentially the reason that ''Comicbook/TheBoys'' haven't been brutally butchered by ruthless "[[BewareTheSuperman superheroes]]" the Seven; the only reason they aren't dead is that they have even more damaging information on someone that The Seven fear more.²* As the lead geneticist in [[ComicBook/InnocenceLost the Facility's attempts to clone]] ComicBook/{{Wolverine}}, Dr. Sarah Kinney knows everything about the ComicBook/{{X 23}} project, ''particularly'' after Rice reveals that additional clones are currently in production, with the plan being to sell them to the highest bidders. After firing her, Rice decides to ensure her silence about the project by arranging to have X-23 kill her by contaminating Sarah with the trigger scent (that, and because [[KickTheDog he's a tremendous dick]]). Unfortunately for him, [[TheDogBitesBack Sarah's final act is to turn X-23 loose against the Facility itself...]]²* Dynamite's run on ''Radio/TheShadow'':²** In #8, a seemingly ordinary couple is killed. Their deaths are widely dismissed as just another murder, but the Shadow knows they chanced on something that the murderers were trying to hide.²** In the Light arc, the first victim of that murderer doesn't match the profile of the subsequent victims. After some investigation, the Shadow concludes that he must have known something about the Light that she didn't want to get out.²* ''ComicBook/ButtonMan'': Offing is standard procedure of dealing with anyone who knows too much about the killing game. Even Harry himself has tied up some loose ends of his own.²* ''Franchise/WonderWoman'':²** ''ComicBook/WonderWoman1987'': When the mobster Danzik learned the officer set to testify against him was laid up in the hospital he sent one of his men to kill her before she could act as a witness against him in court. The druggie who put her in the hospital in the first place happens to be trying to apologize when the assassin shows up and takes the bullets for her.²** ''ComicBook/TheLegendOfWonderWoman2016'': Alcippe is taken out by Antiope when Antiope realizes Alcippe has figured out too much of her traitorous plan.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Fanfiction]]²* Magnificent Kamen in ''Literature/SailorNothing'' allows no witness to escape to reveal the {{Masquerade}}. The fact that [[spoiler:he's a [[TheHeartless Yamiko]]]] probably has something to do with that.²* In ''FanFic/WinterWar'', [[spoiler:Hisagi]] kills Iemura for discovering that [[spoiler:he is a FakeDefector]], even though they were (theoretically) on the same side and Iemura was offering his support, because he didn't believe that Iemura could keep the secret. The guilt eventually drives the killer into HeroicBSOD to the point where his [[EmpathicWeapon zanpakutou]] has to take over his body just to keep him alive. ²* In ''Fanfic/PagesOfHarmony'', Twilight ends up kidnapping and killing [[spoiler: Spike and Sweetie Belle]] because she fears they'll learn too much about her [[WellIntentionedExtremist plans involving the Elements]] - the former because [[spoiler: he hangs around the library and starts to get suspicious]], and the latter because [[spoiler: she witnesses Rarity being kidnapped]].²* In ''Fanfic/AdviceAndTrust'', Rei wanted to tell Shinji and Asuka everything about [[HumanoidAbomination her origins]] and NERV and SEELE's real goals, but Kaworu warned her that SEELE would kill them all if they found out that they knew too much.²* A recurring theme in ''[[ The Shadow]]'' is [[Franchise/StarWars Vader]] (or more recently, Luke) killing someone for knowing Luke's identity beyond "Vader's Apprentice". Most notably, Boba Fett tries to blackmail Luke with the fact he's Anakin Skywalker's son, threatening to tell Vader if Luke doesn't get him an unspecified amount of money. [[BlackmailBackfire Just before killing him, Luke tells Boba that Vader]] ''[[BlackmailBackfire is]]'' [[BlackmailBackfire Anakin Skywalker]].²* ''FanFic/Team8''. [[spoiler:Kurenai]] is killed because she's just figured out and proven [[spoiler:how to beat Itachi's Tsukuyomi]]. Overlaps with DyingMomentOfAwesome.²* PlayedForLaughs in ''[[ A MODern Man]]'' when Harry moves his future-selfs corpse and Draco spots him.²-->'''Draco:''' W-was that a muggle?\²'''Harry:''' Of course not! That was a witness.\²'''Draco:''' To what?\²'''Harry:''' That matters even less than if he was a muggle. He thought he saw something, that was enough. [[ImpliedDeathThreat You haven't seen anything today, have you, cousin]]?\²'''Draco:''' No! Not a thing! I gotta go!²* In ''Fanfic/HeyArnoldTheFurnace'', [[TheHeroDies Arnold]] is murdered when Sid reveals that they murdered Stinky after one huge misunderstanding.²* ''Fanfic/TheUnabridgedMemoirsOfDarthPlagueisTheWise'':²** Unlike Palpatine in canon, Plagueis decides that leaving the Trade Federation leadership alive after the blockade of Naboo, when they might reveal their connection to the Sith, is too risky. So he arranges to have Nute Gunray and Rune Haako assassinated as they're brought in to stand trial (Haako survives, though he does end up in a coma for years).²** After Plagueis employs Zam Wesell's shapeshifting abilities in order to [[spoiler: frame Dooku as Darth Sidious]], he decides she's too dangerous a loose end and orders her to be eliminated.²* Played with in ''[[ In the Kingdom's Service]]''. Blake fears that her knowing Jaune and Oobleck are in the Vale Secret Service might get her killed, though Jaune refuses to snitch on her and Oobleck reveals [[spoiler:as he dies]] that he'd known for weeks. After [[spoiler:Jaune resigns from VSS over their order to doom himself and his team to save Vale]], he's slatedfor termination but it's later explained that the problem isn't what he knows[[note]]By the time he leaves, the only agents Jaune knows the identities of are dead and his only other information is a couple safe houses, a code name or two, and that Ozpin and Cinder fall are being investigated[[/note]], but that he's got connections to both Ozpin and Cinder, neither of whom can be allowed to learn of the VSS and their actions.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Films — Animated]]²* ''Disney/AladdinAndTheKingOfThieves'': Regardless of the fact that Aladdin is Cassim's son, Sa'luk quickly declares that Al is still an intruder²-->'''Sa'luk''': Blood or mud, the boy is an intruder, and we have rules about intruders. He has found our secret lair. He has seen too much. He must ''die''. (''turns to Abu and Iago'') They must ''ALL'' die!²-->'''Iago''': ''DIE?!'' He's your son! I'm his friend! CAST A VOTE FOR MERCY HERE!!²-->'''Sa'luk''': Yes, Cassim, mercy would be so like you. Soft...and ''weak!''²* Fred in ''Disney/BigHero6'' cites this trope as the reason why Yokai is trying to kill them, after the heroes see him and his nanobots.²* The true BigBad of ''WesternAnimation/MonstersInc'', [[spoiler:Mr. Waternoose]], says this, and unfortunately for him, [[EngineeredPublicConfession Mike gets it on tape]].²* Nicodemus inverts this in a discussion with Mrs. Frisby in ''WesternAnimation/TheSecretOfNimh''; instead of using it as an excuse to die, he utilizes this fact as a reason to survive by leaving their colony. "My child, we can no longer live as rats... we ''know'' too much." In this case, the rats have become so intelligent that they've developed morals against stealing from the local farmer to survive, and must form their own civilization away from humans.²* ''Disney/{{Zootopia}}'': Emmitt Otterton was on his way to talk to Mr. Big and was "silenced" when Doug shot him with a serum pellet while he was on route. According to Manchas, Otterton wailed about "Night Howlers" before fully succumbing to savage madness.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Films — Live-Action]]²* In ''Film/SeventyOne'' Captain Harris and Sergeant Lewis decide that they need to kill Gary after he sees the bomb in the pub.²* Subverted slightly in ''Film/AdventuresInBabysitting'' — one of the kids had taken a Magazine/{{Playboy}} magazine that could get the crime boss put away, and the presumption the criminals made, of course, was that the kids had read it, plus the fact that they'd met at all meant they knew too much. The magazine was returned, and the crime boss' underling resigned, knocking him out along the way.²* ''Film/AceVenturaPetDetective'': Lois Einhorn/[[spoiler:Ray Finkle]] murders Roger Podacter when he discovers her true identity during a sexual encounter.²-->'''Ace:''' THAT'S WHY ROGER PODACTER IS DEAD! [[spoiler: ''[[UnsettlingGenderReveal HE FOUND]] [[ICallHimMrHappy CAPTAIN WINKY!]]'']]²* In ''Film/AmericanBeauty'', [[spoiler:Col. Fitts kills Lester to make sure he doesn't tell anyone that he's gay.]]²* ''Film/{{Andhadhun}}'':²** Mrs. D'Sa having seen who entered the Sinhas' apartment and in which order makes her able to contradict Simi's account of the events. In addition, she says that she would be able to identify the unknown man who entered first (Manohar), which would reveal the truth. Consequently, Simi decides to kill her before she can go on record.²** Akash knowing about the murder of Mrs. D'Sa. Simi decides to ruin his credibility as a witness by blinding him for real. Manohar decides that that isn't enough, and goes to kill him instead.²* ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartII'': Old Biff gets the idea to back to the past to give his 1955 self [[TimelineAlteringMacGuffin the Gray's Sports Almanac]], so he'll be rich in the future. He also tells him that either a kid (Marty) or an old man (Doc) will come around asking about that book, and to kill them if they do so. Indeed, Present Biff-A tries to shoot Marty down in his own office after he finishes his exposition, and Marty barely escapes with his life.²* In ''Film/BreakheartPass'', Capt. Oakland, Lt. Newell and the fireman are all murdered because they discover too much about the conspiracy and what is really going on at the fort.²* In ''Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger'', Col Phillips warns a captured Zola that Schmitt will see him this way.²* In ''Film/CaptainAmericaTheWinterSoldier'', a maid walks in on her employer briefing the Winter Soldier, and is [[EvenEvilHasStandards regretfully]] shot dead.²* In a movie about the presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio's assassination in Tijuana called ''Colosio: El Asesinato'', the main character is a police officer who works undercover and is asked by the president's former brother-in-law José Francisco Ruiz Massieu to investigate the murder. After a series of investigations, he concludes that the very same party killed Colosio. At the same time, someone is killing everyone involved with the case and murder, including the murderer and anyone who dares to seek the truth. As a result, the main character gets killed in the end as well as his pregnant wife, his partner, the police chief in Tijuana, and Ruiz Massieu, all because of this trope.²* ''Film/TheConspiracy'' kicks off when the subject of a conspiracy theorist documentary goes missing, [[spoiler:and Jim is killed and Aaron threatened into silence after being found out at the Tarsus Club]].²* In ''Film/Cube2Hypercube'', this appears to be the entire reason why almost everyone was thrown into the hypercube to die, as they all have some sort of connection to the hypercube's controllers. [[spoiler:Except for Sasha, who it's revealed went inside willingly to hide, and Kate, who's an operative sent in with a mission.]] It's also why [[spoiler:Kate's superiors summarily execute her when she returns with her mission accomplished.]]²* In ''Film/DarkSideOfTheMoon'', an overzealous CIA officer sends assassins after everyone involved in a MoonLandingHoax.²* Inverted in ''Film/DiamondsAreForever'' concerning the diamond smuggling ring. When one of your own passes you fake diamonds, he knows too much about the circumstances to die. This is demonstrated when Shady Tree rescues James Bond (who had assumed the identity of Peter Franks, a fellow diamond smuggler who Bond had killed) from a retort to question him about where he hid the real diamonds, only for Bond to use leverage against him to the tune of $50,000 ("You bring me the real money, and I'll bring you the real diamonds."), and then {{Zig Zagged|Trope}} when Albert R. Saxby reminds Wint and Kidd that they "didn't get the real diamonds. So we need Tree, alive." Wint and Kidd remark on how "that's most annoying" because they had already cut Tree down, as revealed when Bond shows up in his dressing room.²* In ''Film/{{Drive}}'', a gangster uses a crew of low level criminals to rip off a Mafia boss with the intent to later kill them and take the money for himself. When the plan blows up in his face, he and his partner decide that everyone involved Knows Too Much and must die so the Mafia never finds out who was really responsible. Ironically, the only survivor of the crew actually does not know anything and was about to leave town.²* All over the place in ''Film/TheFourthProtocol'', about a Soviet plot to set off a nuclear bomb outside a US airbase in Britain and MakeItLookLikeAnAccident. The implications of this plan being exposed are so serious that the KGB sleeper agent and the scientist who assembles the bomb are [[PleaseShootTheMessenger set up to be killed]]. The film takes this up to another level for dramatic purposes -- it opens with traitor Kim Philby (who planned the operation) being shot, the man who shot Philby getting his neck broken, and an innocent bystander who walks in on an exchange of a smuggled component gets stabbed.²* In ''Film/Frankenstein1970'', Victor murders his old family retainer Schutter after Schutter discovers his secret laboratory.²* Creator/AlfredHitchcock was fond of this trope, which he used as the key plot element in films such as ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Man Who Knew Too Much]]'', ''Film/NorthByNorthwest'', and ''Film/{{Saboteur}}''.²* After Rick shows his girlfriend Angela Bancroft's secret museum in ''Film/HorrorsOfTheBlackMuseum'', Bancroft decides that Angela knows too much and hypnotizes Rick into murdering her.²* It's pretty strongly implied that the "villain" of ''Film/TheHunted2003'' was just acting in self defense, pursued by government assassins over his past black-ops experience.²* ''Film/IComeInPeace'': Larry's FBI boss tries to kill his subordinate after Larry hands over the energy weapon which he retrieved from the alien cop, but Larry's local partner Jack saves him by shooting the guy first.²* ''The Internecine Project'' (1974). A former intelligence agent is being promoted to government advisor, so he plans to have four colleagues who know about his past 'dirty tricks' work kill each other off.²* In ''Film/LethalWeapon'', Riggs is tortured by the bad guys to find out what he knows about their impending shipment, which is [[spoiler:nothing]].²* [[spoiler:Mushnik]] in ''Film/LittleShopOfHorrors'', adapted from [[Theatre/LittleShopOfHorrors the stage musical]]. This trope did ''[[DeathByAdaptation not]]'' apply to [[Film/TheLittleShopOfHorrors the original film]].²* ''Film/TheManWithOneRedShoe'' (the American remake of the French ''Film/TheTallBlondManWithOneBlackShoe'') has the scheming deputy head of the CIA trying to frame the actual head, so that he can have his job. The head knows this, and lets slip that someone who can foil this plan very simply will be arriving at the airport. He then sends his aide to meet any random person at the airport, so that the deputy and his men will follow them and try to find out what he knows. The aide picks a rather head-in-the-clouds musician, who's wearing a pair of mismatched shoes because of a practical joke.²* TheHero in ''Film/MarathonMan'' is one of the actually-know-nothing kind.²* In ''Film/TheMonsterMaker'', Dr. Markoff decides that Maxine has to die after she accidentally learns the true nature of his evil scheme, as she is now the only one to know both his plan and his true identity.²* In ''Film/MortalEngines'', even though Tom doesn't comprehend what Hester said to him, it's enough for Valentine to kill him rather than risk his secret getting out. Justified as he is a VillainWithGoodPublicity and is involved in something even the city's rulers don't know about.²-->'''Valentine:''' [[ExactWords I'm sorry you had to hear that.]]²* ''Film/MulhollandFalls'': Alison was murdered because she had uncovered and recorded illegal nuclear testing on U.S. military personnel at the atomic testing site.²* [[spoiler:Robert]]'s justification for killing Leroy and Destiny in ''Film/MysteryTeam''.²* In ''Film/OnceUponATimeInMexico'', Sands is captured after he discovers part of Barillo's plan that he wasn't supposed to. It ends badly for him, though not fatally.²-->'''Sands''': I feel its only fair to warn you that killing me is crossing the line and you will have every single Marine from here to Guantanamo Bay up your keester, mister, so just know that.\²'''Barillo''': Fortunately for you, nothing you did is worth dying for. You have only seen too much. [[EyeScream We are going to make sure this does not happen again]].²* In ''Film/ThePhenixCityStory'', the gangsters set out to kill Ellie, the sole witness to the assassination of Patterson.²* [[spoiler:Governor Swann]] is [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness killed]] in ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanAtWorldsEnd'' because he finds out what ''really'' happens when someone stabs Davy Jones' heart.²* ''Film/ThePresidentsAnalyst'' is privy to the innermost thoughts of the President - when the strain of the job becomes too much he [[{{ScrewThisImOuttaHere}} skips town]], pursued by foreign agents wanting to tap his mind, and domestic agents who, because he knows too much, want to bring him in or kill him.²* The main action of the Brandon Lee movie ''Film/RapidFire'' starts when Brandon's character witnesses a bad guy in the act of taking out a rival.²* ''Film/{{RED}}'' starts when a commando team tries to assassinate retired CIA agent Frank Moses. He quickly realizes that someone is trying to kill him because of something he knows, but because he doesn't know what it is and they don't know who he might have told, they're targeting people he's been in contact with as well so he's got to find his old friends before they can be attacked as well.²* In ''Film/{{Serenity}}'', the Operative is sent after River because she picked up the secret of Miranda, which has been buried for twelve years, from the heads of top members of the Alliance's Parliament who came to the Academy to see her. The nature of the secret in question means that Parliament wants more than anything to keep it buried, even if it means River must die.²** This is a perfect example of the variant, since River was totally crazy, so she couldn't have communicated what she knew to anybody who could do anything about it. The Operative coming after her and the crew compelled them to find out the truth.²* The Hong Kong action movie ''Sha Po Lang'' (known in the US as "Killzone") kicks off with the murder of a witness ordered by a Triad crimelord so that his testimony could not be given and the crimelord would be set free. This sets four cops against him, all with their own reasons for wanting to take him down.²* ''Film/SharkAttack'': It turns out that Steven's friend was murdered and [[FedToTheBeast dumped into a shark-infested lake]] because he was starting to uncover the bad guy's plan.²* ''Film/SnakesOnAPlane'': The catalytic event for the eponymous serpents upon the aircraft.²* In ''Film/SpiderManFarFromHome'', once Spider-Man figures out the BigBad's identity and plan, he decides to have him and anyone he told killed. For Betty, this is "She Might Know Too Much", while for Flash it's "He Is Standing Next To People Who Know Too Much".²* ''Film/StarTrekVITheUndiscoveredCountry'': The two crewmen who killed the Klingon Chancellor are killed in turn by [[spoiler:another conspirator, Lt. Valeris]]. On finding the bodies, Kirk grimly notes "First rule of assassination: Kill the assassins."²* In ''Film/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1990'', Shredder orders his Foot Clan to kill April O'Neil when she begins to dig too deep into his group.²* Averted in ''Film/TheThirdMan''. After Harry Lime makes an ImpliedDeathThreat during his motive speech in the ferris wheel, Holly Martins tells him that the authorities already know that he's NotQuiteDead, so killing Holly wouldn't change anything.²* In ''Film/TragedyGirls'', [[spoiler:when Jordan ''finally'' catches wise to Sadie's true nature, she hangs him. Though, considering how the film ends with Sadie and [=McKayla=] massacring the entire prom, he was probably screwed either way]].²* ''Film/WomanOnTheRun'': The whole plot of the film is Eleanor trying to find Frank who has run away from a mobster who knows he witnessed his murder of an informant. And the killer stops at nothing to find him.²* Deconstructed in ''Film/AngelHasFallen''. [[TheDragon Wade]] murders FBI Agent Thompson when she inadvertently reveals to him she knows that he framed Mike Banning for trying to assassinate President Trumbull while trying to question him. However, killing her ''doesn’t'' magically get rid of the evidence and in fact makes it so that he now has a limited time to kill President Trumbull since the FBI is rapidly closing in.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Jokes]]²* A KGB agent is questioned by his superior: "How much is 2 plus 2?" - "Four." - "And how much is 3 times 5?" - "Fifteen." - "And how much is the square root of 9?" - "Three." At the moment, the superior draws his gun and shoots the agent. "Comrades, I had to neutralize him, he knew too much!"²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Literature]]²* In ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'', the protagonists find the corpse of a man who likely died from blood loss after his tongue was cut off. They conclude that the women who killed his family and kidnapped him wanted to keep him around (men have GenderRarityValue in the setting), but didn't want him to be able to talk, and were too incompetent to silence him without killing him. Later on, [[spoiler: one of Jerin's kidnappers advises her sisters to not talk too much in front of Jerin, as she would like her future husband to have a tongue.]]²* In ''Literature/{{Duumvirate}}'', anyone getting too close to certain truths is most commonly fed misinformation, with options for inflicted insanity, death, and [[MindControl acquisition]].²* In ''Literature/DragonBones'' the protagonists are told about a man who got tortured and very nearly killed by the villains, who suspected he knew too much. He faked being masochistic and suffering amnesia in order to avoid this fate. (He pretended to have forgotten about the torture and be only worried someone could find out that he sometimes pays women to inflict pain on him.) It worked, probably due to WrongGenreSavvy villains who thought they were in a detective novel, where leaving the potential witness alive would indeed be cleverer. ²* An interesting variant in ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'' -- the ''heroes'' consider this during the David Trilogy, when the eponymous character turns against them. It makes them pretty uncomfortable, though in the end, they decide on an [[FateWorseThanDeath even more extreme solution]].²* ''Literature/TheMoteInGodsEye''. After the three midshipmen crash land on Mote Prime, they wander around for a while and make a number of discoveries. The Motie decision makers decide to kill them to keep them from telling the other humans what they've found out. And it plays out the other way, too. The humans are about to be captured, but they decide that they know too much about human technology to allow themselves to be taken prisoner -- so they kill themselves.²* In ''[[Creator/DouglasCoupland Girlfriend In A Coma]]'', Karen, the eponymous character, believes this was why she went into her coma in the first place -- she caught a glimpse of the future, and it wasn't pleasant.²* In Creator/DanAbnett's Literature/GauntsGhosts:²** ''Traitor General'' is a rare heroic example, with a kill team being formed to hunt down and eliminate the eponymous villain before he spills too much of what he knows to his new Chaotic masters.²** ''The Armour of Contempt'': Ludd interrupts a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown intended to kill Merrt. The man ordering it assures him that [[WretchedHive the body would never be found here]], and offers a bribe. Ludd says he could report it anyway, and the man admits he knows too much to live. [[spoiler:Fortunately, Ludd had backup, even though Hark had been distracted for a minute before.]]²* If you're a character in an Creator/AgathaChristie novel, don't ''ever'' try to blackmail a murderer if you want to live to the end of the novel. And if you know ''anything'' that might have any relevance to the murder whatsoever, go ''immediately'' to Literature/MissMarple or Literature/HerculePoirot and tell them everything, even if you aren't certain that what you know is important. Under no circumstances should you hint that you know something but fail to say what it is. Characters who have found this out the hard way include:²** Amberiotis of ''Literature/OneTwoBuckleMyShoe'' knew about [[spoiler:Alistair's Blunt bigamy]], a fact which he discovered from [[spoiler:Ms Mabelle Salisbury Seale, who is friends with his secret wife]]. Both were killed to hide the scandal from the public.²** Louise Bourget of ''Literature/DeathOnTheNile''²** Joyce Reynolds, the 13-year-old schoolgirl from "Hallowe'en Party" (1969). She tries to use her knowledge of a murder to her benefit. Instead, the murderers have her killed, drowned in an apple-bobbing tub. [[spoiler:And what makes this worse is that it's not even ''her'' knowledge, really; she's overheard the child who really ''does'' know about the murder talk about it and has tried to pass it off as her own knowledge for attention.]]²*** Later in the story, a second victim [[spoiler: Joyce's younger brother Leopold]] figures it out, tries to blackmail the killer, and meets much the same fate.²** Angele Blanche from ''Literature/CatAmongThePigeons'' is another would-be blackmailer.²** Other characters who "knew too much" include Donald Ross from ''Literature/LordEdgwareDies'' and Mrs Upward from ''Mrs [=McGinty's=] Dead'' -- as well as the principal murder victims in ''Three Act Tragedy'', ''Literature/TheMurderOfRogerAckroyd'', ''Literature/CardsOnTheTable'', ''Literature/EvilUnderTheSun'', and ''Literature/ACaribbeanMystery''.²** An example that's neither a blackmailer nor the principle murder victim is Salome Otterbourne in ''Literature/DeathOnTheNile'', who witnesses the murder of Louise Bourget (see above), goes to tell Poirot, and gets to invoke HisNameIs before being shot dead by the killer.²** An example of the second variant comes in ''Why Didn't They Ask Evans?''. Bobby Jones witnessed the death of a man who [[MakeItLookLikeAnAccident stumbled and fell off a cliff]], then tells a woman claiming to be the man's sister that his last words were [[TitleDrop "Why didn't they ask Evans?"]] This is enough to convince the conspirators that Bobby has to be killed, which is in turn enough to convince Bobby that the man was murdered, "Evans" knows something important, and he should investigate...²* Syme in ''Literature/NineteenEightyFour'' lauds the principles behind NewSpeak to Winston, explaining in great detail how it helps the Party perfect its control over the general populace. Despite being thoroughly loyal to the Party, he is eventually made an "unperson" due to this understanding. [[LampshadeHanging A fate Winston himself is able to see coming]], predicting that Syme will be "Vaporized" several chapters before it actually happens.²* ''Literature/HonorHarrington'': Defied in ''Crown of Slaves''. After [[spoiler:Thandi Palane]] resigns from Solarian Commodore Luis Roszak's staff, his XO suggests eliminating her on this basis, but are warned away by the fact that she is connected to knowledgeable and hardened killers (read: [[MemeticBadass Victor]] [[GodModeSue Cachat]], [[GeniusBruiser Anton Zilwicki]], and [[YourTerroristsAreOurFreedomFighters Jeremy X]]) who would take bloody vengeance, compounding the fact that the person who knows too much is the one they would go to for assassinations in the first place. More to the point, the Sollies are fairly certain that [[spoiler:Thandi]] will keep her mouth shut, and they generally liked her anyway.²* ''Literature/TwentyThousandLeaguesUnderTheSea'': This is the reason why Arronax, Conseil, and Ned Land will remain prisoners of the Nautilus and cannot come back to Civilization. Ever. (Captain Nemo lets them abandon the Nautilus and explore land, but is always in uncivilized shores). Captain Nemo explains:²-->''"... You came to surprise a secret which no man in the world must penetrate — the secret of my whole existence. And you think that I am going to send you back to that world which must know me no more? Never! In retaining you, it is not you whom I guard — it is myself."''²* ''Literature/PrettyLittleLiars'': Hanna gets [[spoiler:hit by a car]] when she recognizes A's number in Perfect.²* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'':²** Bran sees [[{{Twincest}} Jaime and Cersei]] having sex and is then pushed out of a tower for it. During the ensuing coma, he's attacked by an assassin. We later learn that [[spoiler:the assassination attempt is a subversion -- he was attacked because [[InsaneTrollLogic Joffrey wanted his father's approval.]]]]²** [[PosthumousCharacter Jon Arryn]] learned about Jaime and Cersei as well, and promptly died under suspicious circumstances. [[spoiler:Interestingly, this is ''also'' a subversion -- he was killed because [[MagnificentBastard Petyr]] felt like sowing some discord.]]²** Petyr also has a habit of doing this, murdering [[spoiler:Ser Dontos, whom he used as a catspaw in order to smuggle Sansa Stark out of Kings Landing, and his accomplice in Jon Arryn's murder, Lysa Tully.]]²* Undoubtedly inspired by the assassination of Von Papen (see Real Life), Creator/IanFleming had two SMERSH assassins fall victim to this trick in his first ''Literature/JamesBond'' novel ''Literature/CasinoRoyale''.²* Creator/BrandonSanderson:²** Literature/TheEmperorsSoul; Shai is knows she's going to be killed after [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness she is no longer useful to her captors]] in part because she could blackmail them with the fact that the Emperor was almost killed and they resorted to forbidden magic to fix and conceal this. She doesn't actually want to blackmail them, but they won't believe that.²** Used as well in "Literature/SixthOfTheDusk", where Dusk originally thinks this is why Patji is trying so hard to kill him, even when he's trying to drive intruders from the island. [[spoiler:He knows the secret of the island's heart, the fact that every Aviar must migrate here and eat a special fruit filled with worms. Otherwise, they cannot grant a talent.]]²* ''Literature/{{Safehold}}'':²** This is a constant danger for the protagonists, as their knowledge of Safehold's status as a LostColony in MedievalStasis would be blasphemous to the average person. They have to be insanely cautious about who they let in on the knowledge. Those people are also told, if they don't work it out themselves, that if there's any danger of betrayal they'll be forced to take measures. ²** A specific instance occurs in the third book, ''By Heresies Distressed'' when an attempted assassination is foiled by the arrival of [[spoiler:Merlin, who is supposed to be hundreds of miles away in a whole other country. Merlin then proceeds to kill every enemy there to prevent anyone from talking about his arrival]].²** In later books, the protagonists start using Merlin's cave complex deep in the mountains to house such individuals as a compromise. Those still deciding where they stand, or who can not bring themselves to become allies of the protagonists, can be kept there in isolation and physical safety, unable to be a risk to the Inner Circle, and allowing the Inner Circle to avoid being any more ruthless than absolutely necessary. They even offer their "prisoners of state" the option of cryo-sleep so they can awake after the conflict has ended if they so wish.²* In ''Literature/KillDecision'', [[spoiler: after Strickland discovers that someone is stealing his team's code and gathers them,]] the villains have them killed before they can investigate further or tip anyone off.²* Subverted in ''A Piece of Resistance'', a novel by Clive Egleton set in a [[AlternateHistory Soviet-occupied Britain]]. A [[LaResistance resistance]] leader is captured, and the protagonist is told by his superior that he must be freed or, failing that, killed as he knows the identity of hundreds of Resistance members. It turns out the only person he knows is the superior, who's just protecting his own skin.²* In ''Literature/{{Striptease}}'' by Creator/CarlHiaasen, this drives much of the main plot as characters discover a Congressman who beat up another patron at a nudie bar. They're hoping for some blackmail, but the Congressman's people have other ideas. A purer example is mostly in the background -- three migrant workers are hired to murder one character, sent back to Jamaica afterwards, and it's implied that a [[MakeItLookLikeAnAccident fatal accident]] will be arranged for them there.²* ''The Enemy'' by Desmond Bagley. A British scientist runs to Sweden after an attack on a member of his family. A GovernmentAgencyOfFiction follows him but only finds the scientist and his bodyguard killing time there. In order to shake things up, they pretend to be a KGB team conducting a ridiculously inept tail, but this backfires badly when the bodyguard responds by shooting dead the man he's guarding after they're cornered. The rest of the book is spent finding out what was so important about the scientist he had to be killed to prevent him falling into enemy hands.²* Throughout ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenix'', Kreacher the house-elf serves as little more than a nuisance to anyone in 12 Grimmauld Place (namely Sirius), but they can't free him with clothes because he knows too much about the Order.²* A case of this kicks off the Nelson De Mille novel ''The Charm School'', when the KGB silence a tourist who blundered into evidence of the eponymous school. [[spoiler:Ultimately, the US government also decides to hide the existence of the Charm School - and the American [=POWs=] who staff it - through even more drastic methods.]]²* In ''Literature/{{Updraft}}'', this is why the Singers executed Nat's father; he knew that Singers possessed knowledge of how to safely navigate at night, which would be very useful for non-Singer fliers. Even if the Singers had been prepared to share that particular technique, people would wonder what ''else'' the Singers were hiding... and would now be better able to discover just that, since night would no longer cover Singer activities which people would get ''really'' angry about.²* In ''Literature/TheNumairChronicles'' it's heavily implied that Faziy was killed to prevent her from revealing too much about [[spoiler:Prince Stiloit]]'s death. Arram suspects that [[spoiler:Stiloit]]'s death was premeditated rather than caused by an errant storm and that Faziy had something to do with it, given her connection to the lightning snakes. His masters and friends advise him to keep this to himself lest he meet Faziy's fate.²* The climax of ''Literature/DinnerAtDeviantsPalace'' is a NoMrBondIExpectYouToDine situation with a bunch of the villain's underlings joining the villain and the hero for the eponymous dinner. When the hero is shown in, he addresses the villain by his true name, and the villain notes that several of the dinner guests have now been let into a secret they can't be allowed to leave with and will have to be killed when the dinner is over. As the conversation continues through the hero's other discoveries about the cult, the villain continues to casually note whenever another revelation has doomed a few more guests, until they get to [[spoiler:the real reason the villain's cult bans music]], at which point the villain announces that the list now includes every single person in the room.²* One of Creator/LuisFernandoVerissimo's chronicles plays with this, being about a man who calls someone else on the phone by saying "I know everything", essentially blackmailing them into doing what he wanted without ever saying ''what'' he knew about. He began doing this to other people, and managed to move up in life as a result. However, things escalated to the point the man was cornered by hitmen at his beach house and murdered... because of this trope.²* A short story in ''The Best in Chess'' revolves around a cobbler who claims to have discovered [[GameBreaker an unbeatable chess opening]], thereby rendering all TabletopGame/{{Chess}} theory--and the game itself--obsolete. A chessmaster reassures him that there's still a way to defeat it, but then [[spoiler:plunges a chess bishop into the cobbler's back]].²* {{Lampshaded}} in a ''Franchise/StarTrekExpandedUniverse'' novel in which a friend of [[Series/StarTrekTheoriginalSeries Captain Kirk]] learns of the existence of [[NoSuchAgency Section 31]] -- and then [[MakeItLookLikeAnAccident dies in a]] TeleporterAccident before he can tell Kirk. Upon learning of this, Spock muses that "the overly knowledgeable had become exceedingly short-lived".²* ''Literature/{{Flawed}}'': After Craven gives Celestine a sixth brand, he does whatever he can to cover it up. Any staff that saw it mysteriously cannot be reached, while Carrick is forced into hiding.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Live-Action TV]]²* Used several times per season in ''Series/TwentyFour'', usually overlapping with YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness.²** In Season 1, [[spoiler:Nina kills Teri because she overheard information that would have compromised her escape from CTU, though there are also [[MurderTheHypotenuse other reasons]] considering [[LoveTriangle both women's history with Jack]]]].²** In Season 2, [[spoiler:Marie]] kills Reza just as he is about to clear his own name and find out who moved the funds for Syed Ali.²** In Season 3, the reason why the BigBad forces CTU to execute [[spoiler:Ryan Chappelle]].²** In Season 7, the villains kill [[spoiler:Dubaku]] after he is captured because he has information on them that he is using as blackmail to prevent being subject to YouHaveFailedMe and YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness.²* ''Series/{{The 100}}'':²** Prior to the start of the series, Clarke's father was killed to keep him from revealing that the Ark's life support was failing, and that the Council [[ColdEquation was planning to "cull" a large portion of the population to conserve oxygen]]. Clarke herself was put in solitary confinement for this same reason.²** In the second season, Octavia figures out that Clarke and Lexa knew a missile was going to hit Tondc, but chose to save themselves without warning anyone else to evacuate. Lexa tries to have Octavia killed to keep her silent, but Clarke stops her, insisting that Octavia is loyal to their cause and will keep their secret.²* In the ''Series/AgentCarter'' episode [[Recap/AgentCarterS2E1TheLadyInTheLake "The Lady in the Lake"]], [[spoiler: DirtyCop Det. Andrew Henry]] is murdered because he knows too much about [[spoiler: CorruptCorporateExecutive Chadwick's]] dirty secrets, having covered up at least one murder for him.²* ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'': Variant. Robbie Reyes (AKA Ghost Rider) beats Daisy Johnson (AKA Quake) in a fight. Since he has the [[DetectEvil supernatural ability to know who deserves to die]] (and she doesn't deserve it), he lets her live. She shows up at his work the next day, making it clear she knows everything there is to know about him. They fight again, she gets knocked out, and she wakes up to find him going through her stuff. She knows too much about him to let live, so he's looking for any sign that she does deserve to die, despite what his abilities say. In the end, he doesn't find anything, and they start working together pretty much because they're tired of fighting.²* ''Series/{{Arrow}}'': This, combined with YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness, is why [[spoiler: Malcolm]]/[[BigBad Dark Archer]] kills the scientists who built the Markov [[spoiler: earthquake-generating]] device for him upon its completion.²* Parodied at the beginning of an episode of ''Series/AtLastThe1948Show'' with Creator/MartyFeldman as gangster "Baby Face" Lip Salve and Creator/GrahamChapman as rival gangster "Diamond" Albert Nose Fetish. Baby Face demands to know when Prussia first acquired the hegemony of the North Germanic Confederation; 1866, says Diamond. Baby Face then asks for the angle of the plane of movement of the two outer and brighter of Uranus' satellites ([[Theatre/AMidsummerNightsDream Oberon and Titania]]) with the elliptic; 82 degrees, says Diamond. Finally, Baby Face asks for the square root of 7,974; 89.3, says Diamond. Baby Face says he now has to kill Diamond - he knows too much.²* In ''Series/BattlestarGalactica2003'', this is basically why [[spoiler:Tory kills Cally,]] who has learned that [[spoiler:Tory, Cally's own husband Galen, and Colonel Tigh are actually Cylons]]. Important to note that [[spoiler:Galen]] is ''not'' in on this, and [[spoiler:kills Tory for it]] when he finds out.²* Parodied in ''The Series/BlackAdder''. Edmund desperately tries to call off his plan to assassinate Dougal [=McAngus=], who may have evidence proving his brother is an illegitimate child. When he tries to tell Percy that "He knows too much!" Percy, momentarily forgetting just why they are killing him (Dougal had stolen three titles from him), menacingly replies "That is why he must die!"²* ''Series/BlakesSeven'' ²** In the pilot episode, a DoubleAgent betrays a rebel meeting to Federation soldiers who massacre them. Blake is the SoleSurvivor but efforts to wipe his memory of the massacre prove unreliable. The agent insists that Blake be deposed of as he could expose his role. As Blake was once a popular RebelLeader they decide to discredit rather than kill him, so Blake is framed as a child molester and deported to a penal planet. His legal defense team uncover proof that he's been framed, only to be murdered by the Federation agent.²** In "Orbit", a fugitive MadScientist makes AnOfferYouCantRefuse to the rebels. The offer can't be refused because; "Like you, I have a price on my head. So, having revealed my little sanctuary, I cannot allow you and your colleagues to leave. Not at any rate until we've reached an agreement."²** Punned in "Moloch". Del Tarrant has his brain scanned (and all his [[BrainUploading memories and knowledge]] copied) by the eponymous MasterComputer. Tarrant then quips that Moloch has to be destroyed because; "He knows too much about me." ²* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':²** Angelus is very thorough in disposing of everyone who knows how to restore his soul. [[spoiler: Jenny Calendar]] [[SacrificialLion is killed]] and her [[ComputerEqualsMonitor computer (monitor)]] is destroyed after she translates the spell.²** In "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E21GraduationDayPart1 Graduation Day Part 1]]", Faith murders a Volcanologist in his office, seemingly at random. We later learn that the doctor excavated the fossilized remains of an [[EldritchAbomination Old One]], which puts Buffy on the trail of the Mayor's weakness.²** The First makes Andrew something of a priority that needs a quick killing.²%%* Victor from ''Series/BurnNotice''. It ends sadly...²* ''Series/ColdCase''²** Part of the reason why the teacher in "True Calling" was murdered was because [[spoiler:she had proof that another teacher was using drugs and forcing a student to bring them to him. When she called him out on it, he simply snapped and chased her to the streets before finally killing her.]]²** The victim in "Blood On The Tracks", who wanted to confess to the cops about a crime he and several of his friends had been involved in that left another friend dead. With only one other person in the group agreeing with him, two of the others conspired to kill them both in order to ensure their silence.²** This trope is the very reason the victim in "That Woman" was killed, when she accidentally learned the secrets of an [[AlphaBitch Alpha Bitch]], an [[ArmoredClosetGay Armored Closet Gay]], and an [[ButICantBePregnant accidental couple]], even though she would have kept them anyway.²* ''Series/DoctorWho'':²** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS1E1AnUnearthlyChild "An Unearthly Child"]]: This was the Doctor's justification for kidnapping Barbara and Ian. Couldn't have them revealing the existence of advanced aliens, after all.²** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS3E8TheGunfighters "The Gunfighters"]]: Johnny Ringo is in Tombstone looking for fellow MagnificentBastard Doc Holliday, and the barkeep recognizes him, and [[TooDumbToLive threatens to go to the Earps]].²** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS27E11BoomTown "Boom Town"]]: Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen, an evil alien disguised as the human Margaret Blaine, has been [[MakeItLookLikeAnAccident killing]] anyone who finds out that the nuclear power plant she, as Lord Mayor of Cardiff, is supporting is designed to deliberately melt down, as part of her plan to escape the Earth. She does spare one reporter who reminded her of her family, though.²** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS37E1TheWomanWhoFellToEarth "The Woman Who Fell to Earth"]]: After the Doctor, Ryan, Yaz, Graham and Grace encounter an electrical entity called a "data coil" on a train, they find they've been implanted with "DNA bombs" designed to kill them by scrambling their DNA. It's later revealed that the coil belongs to the antagonist of the episode, an alien warrior who's undertaking a ritual hunt in order to be named the leader of his species. However, the hunt is supposed to be a NoGearLevel, and he's using the coil to cheat, so he has good motive to attempt to kill anyone who finds out about the data coil.²** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS37E4ArachnidsInTheUK "Arachnids in the UK"]]: In a downplayed example, Najia Khan is fired from her job at a luxury hotel that's due to open soon after accidentally walking in on a sensitive conversation between the wealthy owner and his most trusted staff.²** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS37E8TheWitchfinders "The Witchfinders"]]: Old Mother Twiston, the woman the Doctor and company see being drowned in a witch trial held by landowner Becka Savage. Becka is actually her granddaughter, and killed her because Twiston, as the local healer, was the one Becka went to for help when she got possessed by "Satan" (a hostile alien lifeform), and she couldn't bring herself to amputate Becka's leg to get rid of it. Trying to save her own skin, Becka kills her by drowning so no one will know what she's trying to hide.²* ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'': Rather than being "terminated" (one way or another), a "handler" who has been exposed for raping his assigned "doll" is offered a task more suited to his evident personality: eliminate a woman who has inadvertently learned too much about the Dollhouse from an FBI agent investigating the organization. Only it's [[spoiler:subverted when it's revealed that the target is a doll herself, one with a "killer" sleeper personality, and he's actually being sent to his death as part of a [[ThePlan larger scheme]].]]²%%* ''Series/ElleryQueen'': The reason that the title character in "The Adventure of Colonel Nivin's Memoirs" was killed.²* An interesting variant occurs with John in ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' because, while he knows that the Ancients put wormhole knowledge in his head, he isn't able to unlock that information himself for a few seasons. This leads to Scorpius chasing him across the universe and mind-probing him to figure out information that John is still trying to discover himself.²* River Tam from ''Series/{{Firefly}}''. We don't find out what it is that she knows until TheMovie ''Serenity'' (see Film), but we know her handlers paraded her in front of many top-level politics and military leaders... [[TooDumbToLive without realizing]] that she is a mind reader, so the government definitely considers it too much. So much so that two government agents killed ''an entire building full of people'' for the crime of having heard her speak ''gibberish'' while she was under arrest.²* ''Series/{{Flashpoint}}'': The episode "Jumping At Shadows" has three hitmen trying to track down and kill a little girl who saw them murder her best friend's family[[labelnote:*]]they tried to kill her as soon as they realized she was there and had seen them, but she got lucky and managed to get away before they could, so now they're hunting her to finish the job[[/labelnote]]. The crime the girl witnessed was also a case of this; the family was killed because the father, an accountant, uncovered evidence of a crime in the course of his job and was planning to testify.²* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': ²** The series kicks off with the Starks receiving a letter stating that Jon Arryn was murdered which they decide was due to this trope.²** Bran is defenestrated for seeing too much, even if he doesn't completely understand what he saw.²** Dontos Hollard receives a crossbow bolt because he cannot be trusted with a secret.²* There's this exchange at a hearing in ''Series/GetSmart'':²-->'''Senator''': Mr. Smart, how many arrests did Control make last year?\²'''Maxwell Smart''': I don't know.\²'''Senator''': Who's the number one man in your organization?\²'''Maxwell Smart''': I don't know.\²'''Senator''': How many cases were assigned to Control last year?\²'''Maxwell Smart''': I don't know.\²'''Senator''': What would you do if you were fired, Mr. Smart?\²'''Maxwell Smart''': They can't fire me.\²'''Senator''': And why not?\²'''Maxwell Smart''': I know too much. ²* This is the driving element of the pilot of ''Series/{{Graceland}}''. Felix is a low level drug dealer who is caught by the FBI when he tries to trade a truck load of counterfeit jeans for a duffel bag full of cocaine. His Russian bosses are not happy about this since Felix knows too much about their operations and could talk to the feds to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. They kidnap Felix's family so he stays quiet but Felix realizes that they will have him killed in prison and then murder his family so there are no witnesses. He cooperates with the FBI and Mike is sent in undercover as Felix's brother-in-law. The Russians like to invert the trope by having someone commit a murder for them and then they blackmail the person with the threat of turning them in to the police. Mike offers to kill whoever the Russians pick since this will give them enough leverage over Felix to ensure that Felix never talks and they have no need to keep his family hostage. The target turns out to be another witness who knows too much and it quickly becomes clear that the Russians will not keep their side of the bargain and will instead kill everyone who knows about the plan. ²* ''Series/HouseOfCardsUS'':²** One of the most shocking moments of the Season 2 premiere is when Frank Underwood pushes [[spoiler: Zoe Barnes]] in front of a subway train, in order to silence her about their backchannel communications, which he's been using to manipulate events in his favor.²** "Chapter 64", the penultimate episode of Season 5, sees two examples of this, one lethal and one not. [[spoiler: [[PresidentEvil Frank]] pushes Secretary Durant down the stairs, hospitalizing her, so that later she can't testify at a Congressional hearing about his [[CorruptPolitician dirty dealings]]. Later, [[LadyMacBeth Claire]] kills Tom Yates via poisoning to stop him from publishing a manuscript detailing everything she and her husband have done to stay in power (including the murders of Zoe and Peter Russo).]]²* In the ''Series/{{JAG}}'' episode "Someone to Watch over Annie", the ten year old son of Harm's RomanticFalseLead by accident gets to see a murder at Andrews Air Force Base while slipping away from his school class when on a tour. It turns out the bad guys are weapons smugglers who don't shy away from trying to kill witnesses.²* ''Series/TheKilling'': The reason the Pied Piper targets and kills [[spoiler: Bullet]] in Season 3; she had called the police saying she had info on his identity.²* Rare (anti?)heroic example in ''Series/{{Merlin|2008}}'' in the series 4 finale. Merlin knows that [[spoiler: Agravaine]] cannot be allowed to reveal to Morgana that he's Emrys, and so kills him off. Alright, he waited until the guy pulled a knife to actually do it, but it's heavily implied that he wasn't going to leave alive either way.²* ''Series/MillionYenWomen'': Two of the women figure out who invited them to stay at Shin's house over the course of the story and get killed as a result.²* In the ''Series/MissionImpossible'' episode "The Town", Phelps stumbles across a [[TownWithADarkSecret town of Russian spies]] and discovers the fact. They intend to make his death look like natural causes. Fortunately, he has four brilliant colleagues.²* ''Series/{{NCIS}}'': The episode "Witness" was based on this motive. It included a medium TearJerker, as [=McGee=] narrowly failed to save the girl, who he'd hit it off with just the day before.²* ''Series/NUMB3RS''²** In the episode "Democracy", five people who had evidence of a voting fraud conspiracy "accidentally" die before they can reveal the fraud. Unfortunately for the conspiracy, one of them managed to get the list of their names to Charlie shortly before being killed, who determines that the odds of five random people dying in a given two week period are approximately a bajillion to one. Don orders a second autopsy on the one who gave Charlie the list, which confirms that she ''was'' murdered, and the attempt to tie up a few loose ends has now attracted the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.²** In "Disturbed", the episode after the credits opens with a murdered mailman who was last seen alive outside of a home where a woman was killed. He waves at the repairman entering the house. [[spoiler:The repairman is a serial killer and he kills both his intended victim in the house and the mailman who passed by three hours ahead of schedule and saw the repairman enter the house.]] Nearly an aversion, since the mailman only ''possibly'' knew something.²*** The killer is stated to do this to pretty much anyone who comes even remotely close to being able to identify him. [[spoiler:Unfortunately for him, one of his early attempts at this wasn't quite successful, and that witness ends up becoming the key to taking the killer down.]]²* ''Series/PersonOfInterest'': Northern Lights, the organization in charge of the Machine, has a habit of killing anyone who finds out even the smallest details about it. When Sameen Shaw, one of their own operatives who is sent on extremely important missions by the Machine, asks one too many questions, her boss orders her and her partner killed. Shaw hunts him down and lampshades that this was completely unnecessary. They had been following orders when they thought people were being tortured for information; the truth is actually less horrifying (a benevolent AI studies surveillance and tracks terrorists before they can strike). She kills her boss in revenge, but pointedly leaves everyone else alive because she knows the work is important.²* Someone from ''Series/PrettyLittleLiars'' is in great danger in the Summer Finale of the show. A even sends a text to Emily which says 'She knew too much.'²%%* ''Series/PrisonBreak'': Usually the reason AnyoneCanDie.²* ''Series/TheShadowLine'':²** This is why Jonah Gabriel and his partner were shot before the events of the series, in that [[spoiler:they came too close to discovering the true extent of police involvement in [[GovernmentConspiracy Counterpoint]].]]²** [[spoiler:Ross [=McGovern=]]] is killed for investigating the above incident too closely, because his investigations could have led to what Gabriel and Delaney discovered.²** Even [[InvokedTrope invoked]] in episode 6, when [[spoiler:Glickman tells Gabriel to confront Commander Penney with the news that he knows about Counterpoint. They're counting on Penney then sending Gatehouse after Gabriel, because they want to lure Gatehouse into a trap.]]²* Exploited in the ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' episode "In The Pale Moonlight". After the Romulan senator figures out that the data rod Captain Sisko gave him is a fake, he heads home to the Romulan empire when his shuttle suddenly explodes because Garak put a bomb on it. As Garak explains it, the Romulans will find the shuttle and assume that the Dominion murdered the senator to try and keep him from informing the Empire about the Dominion's plans and the irregularities in the data rod are a result of the explosion.²* ''Series/TheTomorrowPeople2013'':²-->'''Dr. Culix''': The boy on the bike? He's seen too much. Get him!²* ''Series/{{UFO}}''. A continuing duty of SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) is to suppress information on UFO incidents to prevent worldwide panic over the knowledge that beings from another world are [[HumanResources harvesting human organs]]. Their methods include intimidation (ranging from beatings to government pressure on the employers of the witness), conscription into SHADO, [[LaserGuidedAmnesia amnesia pills]], and even murder.²* ''Series/{{Warehouse 13}}'':²** Implied in Claudia's first episode after she breaks into the Warehouse to coerce Artie to help her save her brother (as in, she knows about the Warehouse and now we have to do something about it). They seem like the kind of folks who consider death to be a (albeit viable) last resort, though, and Claudia ends up joining the team.²** Something very similar happens in the first episode of Season 3 -- the warehouse agents run into ATF agent Steve Jinks on a mission, and their attempts to explain the situation away don't work because he's a LivingLieDetector. Since he's in on the secret and already a federal agent, he gets recruited.²* Several (main and minor) characters on ''Series/TheWire'' have been killed off because of this trope. Whether they do or don't know too much, the results tend to be tragic.²-->'''Stringer Bell:''' "But there go a life that had to be snatched, [[spoiler:Avon]] ''(...)'' Twenty years above his fucking head. [[HeelFaceTurn He'd flip, man!]] They got you, me, and Brianna! No fucking way, man! Hell, no! Now, I know you family, you loved that nigga, but you wanna talk that 'Blood is thicker than water' bullshit, you take that shit somewhere else, nigga! That motherfucker would've taken down the whole fucking show, starting with you, killer!"²* In ''Series/TheXFiles'', Mulder knows entirely too much right from the start, and then gathers more information along the way. When attempts to get him to come to the dark side fail, the Syndicate try to destroy him instead. Since Mulder is more valuable to them alive than dead, they tend to do terrible things to people he cares about. Arguably the worst was giving Scully an inoperable tumor that spelled a slow and painful death for a season ([[spoiler:until a cure is found by Mulder's snooping ways, of course]]).²* In ''Literature/AVeryEnglishScandal'', politician Jeremy Thorpe allegedly tries to have Norman Josiffe murdered because he and Norman were once lovers (at a time when such an affair would be even more damning and career-ending) and Norman refuses to be intimidated or bought out.²[[/folder]]²%%²%%[[folder:Music]]²%%* "Jane Doe" by Music/WithinTemptation.²%%[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Theatre]]²* ''Theatre/LittleShopOfHorrors'': "He knows your life of crime! I think it's suppertime!"²* OlderThanSteam: In Shakespeare's ''Theatre/PericlesPrinceOfTyre'', the king has a riddle that anyone seeking his daughter's hand in marriage must answer or it's OffWithHisHead [[MortonsFork The thing is, the answer to the riddle is "The king is screwing his daughter", and the king understandably wants this kept quiet]].²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Urban Legends]]²* The Home Guard Auxilary Units were [[LaResistance stay-behind]] units trained in the event of a German invasion of Britain during UsefulNotes/WorldWarII. Each patrol consisted of local men recommended by their Chief Constable. They had secret orders only to be opened in the event of an invasion. One man opened his anyway and found to his shock that his first mission was to assassinate the Chief Constable, as he was the only man who knew the identity of the unit members.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Tabletop Games]]²* ''TabletopGame/Warhammer40000'': This is a possible outcome for planets assualted by the forces of [[TheCorruption Chaos]]. Even if they manage to defeat Chaos, [[KnightTemplar The Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition]] may decide that it would be best if they couldn't tell anyone about it, since the true nature of Chaos is supposed to be kept secret from the general public.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Video Games]]²* ''VideoGame/AceCombat''²** ''VideoGame/AceCombat3Electrosphere''²*** In a {{Flashback}}, [[spoiler: its revealed that Rena Hiorse was the test pilot for General Resource’s Night Raven project. However, when Rena was interviewed at the age of nine, she inadvertently revealed its existence to the public, which lead to General Resource to terminate anyone who was involved in the project. This included Yoko Martha Inoue, whose death lead to Abyssal Dision to vow revenge against the world for taking Yoko from him.]]²*** In the OmegaEnding, [[spoiler: this is one possible reason for why Simon Orestes Cohen purged [[PlayerCharacter Nemo]] in the simulation once all possibilities were run through the program, as he couldn’t risk the possibility of Nemo alerting the [=UPEO=], General Resource, Neucom, or even Dision of his treachery. However, Simon then turns right around and releases a copy of Nemo into the real world, with the intent to engineer events so the Inter-Corporate War occurs in reality. As it turns out, he too was close to Yoko, and blamed ''Dision'' for her death; the entire purpose of the Inter-Corporate War simulation was to ensure that no matter the outcome, Nemo ''would'' kill Dision. For the plan to work, however, Nemo had to function on its own, without knowledge of how the Inter-Corporate War would come to pass, so the copy released by Cohen was a ''clean'' one.]]²** Two thirds of the way through ''VideoGame/AceCombat5TheUnsungWar'', [[spoiler: the Wardog Squadron discovers that the war between Osea and Yuktobonia was instigated by an organization called the Grey Men, to avenge their homeland of Belka, after the Grey Men try and fail to wipe them out while returning from a mission. As a result, the Grey Men resort to Plan B: Frame Wardog as traitors and get them executed by their own countrymen. While they succeed in getting the Wardog Squadron branded as traitors, they fail to get them eliminated, and the Wardog Squadron goes on to stop the Grey Men from escalating the war any further.]]²** ''VideoGame/AceCombat7SkiesUnknown'': In the mission ''Faceless Soldier'', Full Band brags to [=AWACS=] Bandog that he’s acquired classified information that he intends to reveal once the mission is over. [[spoiler: When the Spare Squadron is ambushed by AI controlled aircraft using spoofed Osean [=IFFs=], Tabloid suggests that they form an element on Trigger, and for Bandog to register anyone not in the formation as an enemy. When they do, Bandog asks for Full Band’s location, and flags him as an enemy, resulting in him getting shot down and killed by Count. When the squadron calls Bandog out on it, Bandog insists that [[MakeItLookLikeAnAccident it was an accident.]]]]²* Hawke and Lash from ''VideoGame/AdvanceWars Dual Strike'' are attacked when Hawke figures out the BigBad's true motive for starting a war. Of course, the allied nations save them and they all fight the BigBad together. Hm. Maybe the BigBad was planning on getting rid of Hawke and Lash anyways, since Lash is caught up in Hawke's problem for almost no reason.[[note]]A few missions prior, Kindle outright states that they don't think particularly highly of Hawke OR Lash, and basically implies that they never really had much of a need for either of them. The aforementioned overhearing of plans basically just gives them a convenient excuse to actually do something about it.[[/note]]²* The protagonist in ''VideoGame/ArcanumOfSteamworksAndMagickObscura'' is an example of the second type: all he knows is a gnome gave him a ring and told him to "Find the boy," but due to the conspiracy's repeated attempts to murder you, you eventually figure out their incredibly convoluted plans.²* ''VideoGame/BlazBlueContinuumShift'': [[spoiler:This, coupled with {{Protectorate}} issues, turns out to be the big motivation behind Captain Hazama's attempt on the life of Makoto Nanaya in Jin's story. Makoto turns out to be big friends with Noel Vermillion and Tsubaki Yayoi, both of whom had big roles to play in Hazama's {{plan}}, so getting her as far away from them (like, say, Ikaruga) is high on his priority list. Unfortunately for him, she winds up finding out that Noel Vermillion is a Murakumo unit, an artificially created being with the purpose of using the Eye of the Azure to destroy the Master Unit. As if that wasn't enough, she winds up falling into an alternate timeline where Noel didn't exist and Tsubaki wound up dead, which ironically is fuel Hazama used to facilitate Tsubaki's FaceHeelTurn, and the first thing she does is [[IronicEcho block an attempt on Jin's life by Hazama]]. The knowledge of Murakumo Noel is dangerous enough, but the possibility that the events Makoto witnessed could abort or reverse Tsubaki's change in alignment mean that, to him, it's not worth chancing her staying alive.]]²* In ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert3'', Premier Cherdenko tells [[NonEntityGeneral the Commander]] this to his face right before killing him because [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness he has outlived his usefulness]]. In this case, the "too much" is that the Soviet Union was on the brink of losing before Cherdenko used TimeTravel to MakeWrongWhatOnceWentRight and, in the process, made himself Premier. In earlier missions, he already killed two of the other people who knew, his right-hand man General Krukov and the time machine's inventor, Dr. Zelinsky.²* In the flash game ''VideoGame/TheDeadCase'', it's revealed that [[spoiler:when she was alive, the church ghost had unknowingly been married to a serial killer. When she found evidence for what he had been doing, he burned down the house and killed her.]]²* ''VideoGame/DeadlyPremonition'' gives this as a reason why [[spoiler:Becky Ames]] gets killed. Said character was there when Anna Graham was killed and her murderer also knows that they have an item that could be a good hint for his identity. [[spoiler:Diane Ames]] gets killed for similar reasons, after the previous character gave them more knowledge.²* In ''Videogame/FalloutNewVegas'', if you convince Veronica to leave the [[KnightTemplar Brotherhood of Steel]] for the Followers of the Apocalypse in her personal quest, [[spoiler:several fanatical Paladins will massacre a Followers outpost and then try to go after Veronica since they see her as a heretic who ''might'' end up spreading knowledge about the Brotherhood that they're devoted to keeping secret. After fighting them off, Veronica is left horrendously traumatized, but she's sure that she made the right choice in leaving the Brotherhood.]]²* ''Franchise/FireEmblem'':²** Takes place twice in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTheSacredStones'': Some characters know well what the Hell is going on in the Empire of Grado ([[WhiteMagicianGirl the Cleric Natasha]] [[spoiler: whose mentor, a well-respected high priest, was killed for discovering that the Emperor was dead and revived as an ArtificialHuman]] and [[BadassBookworm the Shaman Knoll]], [[spoiler: Lyon's [[TheLancer second-hand]] in the project to revive said Emperor]]). TheEmpire frames both of them as traitors; Natasha has to flee from her homeland and Knoll is imprisoned and slated for execution... [[SubvertedTrope but in-game]], both survive and join Eirika's (in Natasha's case) or Ephraim's (in Knoll's) troupes.²** Towards the end of the ''Conquest'' route in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'', [[spoiler: the SmugSnake Iago figures out that the Avatar is a traitor when his men discover a certain someone who was meant to be killed. After hearing his accusations, the Nohrian royal siblings decide that it would be better to kill Iago and Hans to protect their foster sibling's life rather than face the wrath of an enraged Garon. Iago and Hans ''really'' don't help their case [[IdiotBall by directly attacking the Avatar in front of the Nohrian siblings]], too.]]²* In ''VideoGame/GhostTrick'', this was the reason that [[spoiler:Sith]] arranged for the deaths of [[spoiler:Jowd, Cabanela, Pigeon Man,]] and Lynne. All of them [[spoiler:had some interaction with/knowledge of the Temsik meteor, and he wanted to be the only one to know about its existence]]. Because those were the same people that [[spoiler:Yomiel, the owner of the last shard of the meteor, wanted dead]], this worked out fine... [[spoiler:until Yomiel realized that he himself fell under this trope, and Sith was preparing accordingly]].²* Downplayed at the beginning of ''VideoGame/GoldenSunTheBrokenSeal''. In the aftermath of the boulder incident, young Isaac and Garet overhear Saturos and Menardi talking about how they caused said incident. When they are caught eavesdropping, they are lucky enough to get off with a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown that wipes their memories of them.²* In ''Videogame/HalfLife1'', after the Black Mesa research facility triggers an AlienInvasion, the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit are sent in to combat the aliens and kill all the scientists and security guards. Later on, Black Ops is sent in to kill the HECU survivors. Finally, the G-Man nukes the entire base at the end. As ''Machinima/FreemansMind'' puts it:²-->'''Freeman:''' So option one is this is a cover-up, and the troops are being covered up, too. Like one out of every five troops is secretly a merc, and his job is to kill the other troops. Then they'll the bomb the place to kill the mercs, then they'll kill the bomber pilot, and then write this all up as a... plane accident. Why not? ²* In ''Videogame/Halo3ODST'', an NMPD officer on [[spoiler:Kinsler]]'s payroll is instructed to [[spoiler:make sure Dr. Endesha is dead,]] and to eliminate any witnesses. Unfortunately for him, [[BadassNormal y]][[SpaceMarine o]][[TheHero u]] are a witness. Let's see: [[spoiler: a corrupt cop]] versus an elite UNSC shock trooper. Guess who wins...²* In the ''VideoGame/{{Hitman}}'' series, this is pretty much the only reason 47 will kill an innocent (in canon), as his existence is already very volatile and he cannot afford letting anyone (other than a select few) know about him.²* ''VideoGame/{{Kindergarten}}'':²** It's possible for the player [[spoiler:and Lily]] to be killed after stumbling upon something you really shouldn't see.²** [[spoiler:This is the reason behind Billy's disappearance - he walked in on the janitor disposing of a monster corpse, and was subsequently chosen to be the headmaster's first human guinea pig.]]²* ''VideoGame/LANoire'': [[spoiler:DirtyCop Roy Earle sells out ByTheBookCop Cole Phelps by revealing his affair with Elsa Litchmann as he knows that if he keeps on moving the ranks, the Suburban Redevelopment Fund and its conspiracy will be exposed. However, it only encourages Cole to investigate Elysian Fields, [[NiceJobFixingItVillain much to Roy's dismay]].]]²* ''VideoGame/LifeIsStrange'': At one point, Max has the opportunity to warn Victoria that Nathan is dangerous and has murdered at least one person. If Victoria believes her, [[spoiler:she runs off to ask her favorite teacher, Mark Jefferson, for help. Except Jefferson has been playing Nathan like a fiddle and is the one who actually committed the murder. He kills Victoria without a second thought]].²* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'', on Noveria the volus, Han Olar, asks an asari commando about to kill him if he'll get a "you know too much speech?" Fortunately, Shepard saves Olar before the commando can kill him.²* ''VideoGame/MaxPayne'': It turns out that the junkies who killed the title character's wife and baby girl [[spoiler:were sent by Nicole Horne after a dossier about Horne's project found its way to the wife's desk and Horne decided to silence her by "any means necessary." Tragically, Max's wife was trying to tell him about this ("a strange memo, something about Vikings"), but he ignored it.]] In the third game, [[spoiler: Da Silva]] knows this will happen to him if he digs too deep, so he points the much more combat-competent Max in the right direction instead.²* ''VideoGame/{{Misao}}'': At the end, if you choose to sacrifice the wrong person, you end up [[spoiler:being transported back with Sohta - ''the killer'']]. He concludes that Aki knows too much and promptly does away with her. Truth also reveals that this is why [[spoiler:Ayaka was killed]].²* ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare 2'': After sending all of the Task Force 141 to both of Makarov's safehouses, [[spoiler: General Shepherd]] betrays them all because he suspected that they knew about his plans to make the U.S. the most powerful country in the world. [[note]][[spoiler:Shepherd snitched on one of ''his own men'' working undercover with Makarov, who subsequently executed the man and set him up to be found by Russian authorities, while at the same time leaking sufficient evidence to make Russia believe Makarov's terrorist activities were American-sponsored and launch an invasion of the U.S. East Coast in retaliation. With the U.S. in such a crisis, enlistment soared and Shepherd was essentially given a blank check by the Department of Defense.]][[/note]]²* In ''VideoGame/NierAutomata'', the Android forces employ Scanner-model units as intelligence agents and combat hackers in their war against the alien-built Machines. Unfortunately, Scanners have [[ConstantlyCurious a natural curiosity]], and their abilities let them uncover sensitive information that [=YoRHa=] Command would rather keep secret. Enter the Executioner-model androids, who are designed to destroy rogue Android units, and are routinely paired with Scanners to serve as minders in case they ever learn too much. [[spoiler:Protagonist 2B is revealed [[TheEndingChangesEverything late in the game]] to actually be designated 2'''E''', and has been ordered to execute {{Deuteragonist}} 9S several times before the game's events, which torments her since she's fallen InLoveWithTheMark. And even though 9S' memory gets reset to a data back-up each time he "dies," he's figured out that his partner has been killing him, yet keeps developing feelings for her.]]²* ''VisualNovel/NineHoursNinePersonsNineDoors'': [[spoiler: Ace's motivation for killing Clover, Snake, Musashidou, Nijisaki, and the Ninth Man are them knowing about his own past. Though, it was also to obtain his '9' bracelet which would put him at an advantage.]]²* Before the Rank 8 fight in ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'', Travis interrupts Shinobu's presentation before her class. She sighs, tells him to meet her outside, then draws her katana as he leaves. When they meet up, she's complaining about how hard it is to lead two lives... at which point Travis makes the connection: "You killed them, didn't you?"²* In ''VideoGame/OddworldStrangersWrath'', after being [[spoiler: captured and revealed to be a Steef, Stranger immediately proceeds to kill D. Caste Raider and his gang, ''using only his bare hands''.]]²* This happens to [[spoiler:Kyle]] in ''VideoGame/ParasiteEve2''. The President is outraged that [[spoiler:Kyle]] suddenly resigned as a mole without going through the proper channels and is also worried that their spy might leak info.²* In ''VideoGame/{{Prototype}}'' [[spoiler:this trope ends up being the cause of the whole plot. After the real Alex Mercer was hired to make a virus ten times deadlier, his employers who were under investigation, decided to permanently silence all loose ends. Just as their assassins caught up with him, the real Mercer spitefully unleashed the virus [[TakingYouWithMe to take the whole world with him]] just before he was gunned down.]]²* According to the backstory, George Trevor, the architect who helped design the mansion in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil'', didn't realize that Ozwell Spencer (the founder of [[MegaCorp Umbrella]]) grew paranoid about him. Because George helped build a mansion that was filled with traps and secret rooms, he knew everything about the place. Ergo, Spencer wanted him dead so that the secrets would never get out. George tried to escape the mansion grounds, only to fall into a pit, which had a gravestone with his name on it, and die due to thirst and starvation.²* This sets up the plot of ''VideoGame/RobinsonsRequiem'': you and several other Robinsons have discovered that AWE banishes or kills any agents who have potentially contracted alien diseases or virii while exploring unknown planets. Unfortunately for you, AWE finds out that you've learned this AwfulTruth and decides to send all of you to the DeathWorld Zarathustra.²* ''VideoGame/TheSecretWorld'':²** This is a regular occurrence: when you finally discover [[TitleDrop The Secret World]], you're either in or you're dead. Between the traditional demon-purging Templars, the control freak Illuminati, the mayhem-inducing Dragon, and the mercenary (and non-playable) Phoenicians, you're usually dead by dawn if you run. And these are the GOOD GUYS. Most of the bad guys just leave victims and corpses for you to find. The netural factions are too bogged in their own problems to deal with any of this.\²The recruiter for the Templars outright says that now that your player character knows that the supernatural is real through their own superpowers, they're a target for anima harvesters. You either get syndicated or you go on the hunt-or-be-hunted for the rest of your life. Considering that there are no levels in the game and respawn points require a sponsor, that would mean you're f***ed if you choose the latter.²** In one mission, two nobodies are chased halfway around the world and declared public-enemy heretics because they have tiny, tiny snippets of information against a super-cult. One of them is suicidal (and has been since she was 14), the other doesn't even know the password to the tablet PC he stole, or what is on it. [[spoiler:It's YOU. No seriously. You get to see some of your character's extra stats. For example, greatest fear? Your handler.]]²---> ''Mihail:'' Hey, it could be a recipe for lemon pie, for all I know.²* In ''VideoGame/{{Sonny}}'', this is the reason the [[MegaCorp ZPCI]] board the ''White November'' in the first game and destroy the village in the second game. In the former, Sonny kills the soldiers after they take out Louis, escaping on a lifeboat after receiving the MacGuffin. In the latter, Sonny and his crew fight the leader of the troops briefly before fleeing on an old train.²* In ''VideoGame/SplinterCell: Conviction'' [[spoiler: while Sam is interrogating Galliard, a man working for a mysterious group named Megiddo, he learns about Megiddo controlling multiple locations, but before he has a chance to obtain more information, Galliard is assassinated by a shooter to protect Megiddo's identity. The shooter responsible for assassinating him later dies in a car bomb explosion, assumed to be arranged by Megiddo, so the shooter can't reveal Megiddo's identity, [[JackBauerInterrogationTechnique if he is ever caught]] by Fisher.]]²* ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead'':²** Episode 1: This is [[spoiler:a good reason to not choose Carley to live, especially if playing Lee as a paranoid jerkass]].²** Episode 2: [[spoiler:Larry falls into a weird inversion of the trope, as he threatens to tell everyone and he's being an antagonistic jerkass, while you may play Lee as a man of a gentle spirit.]]²* ''VideoGame/{{Warframe}}'': In the backstory, a Dax SuperSoldier discovered that Ballas, one of the highest-ranking people in the Orokin Empire, was [[spoiler:planning to sell out the entire human race to the Sentients]]. Ballas decided to silence him, but instead of just killing him, he [[spoiler:infested him with a carefully controlled version of the Technocyte Plague, turning him into one of the first warframes, driving him violently insane, and enslaving him to Ballas' will. And then he made the Dax kill his own son]].²* In ''VideoGame/YandereSimulator'', if a student witnesses you committing murder[[note]]And isn't of the Heroic (will try to subdue you and will have to die for you to not lose) or Cowardly (will remain quiet out of fear of you) personas, nor of the Spiteful persona if the murder victim is someone they disliked.[[/note]], but you manage to get away with it, they will constantly talk about it to other students, which will constantly dip your reputation. The solution? LeaveNoWitnesses.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Visual Novels]]²* This happens a ''lot'' in the ''Franchise/AceAttorney'' series.²** In the first game, Mia was murdered because she had pieced together Redd White's blackmailing schemes.²** ''Justice for All'': ²*** The first case reveals that Dustin Prince was murdered because [[spoiler:the killer ''thought'' he learned about his dark secrets, and freaked out at the thought that a cop might be after him]]. Tragically, [[spoiler:Prince didn't know anything. He and Maggie just happened to be on a date when they found the guy's cell phone and, had the murder not happened, they would have just handed the thing over and gone on their way]].²*** In case 4, there's an interesting variation at play. [[spoiler:Matt wants to protect himself from being potentially implicated by the assassin he hired, who would have been the only remaining person to know about his involvement in the crime, so he kept blackmail material to get that assassin arrested if need be]]. This proves to be his undoing, as [[spoiler:the assassin is so insulted at Matt's lack of trust in him, that he drops their contract.]]²** In ''Trials and Tribulations'', this is a favorite reason of [[spoiler:Dahlia Hawthorne's]], for committing murder. [[spoiler:She kills Doug Swallow because he figured out that she stole poison from the pharmaceutical labs and was trying to tell Phoenix, and it was also revealed that she'd been on her way to poison Phoenix because he unwittingly had the only piece of evidence that could implicate her in another crime]]. Earlier, [[spoiler:she arranged for the death of her half-sister to prevent said sister from confessing to a crime they committed, and also talks her boyfriend into a suicide pact so he'd kill himself before Mia Fey could get him to implicate Dahlia]]. Finally, [[spoiler:she poisoned Diego Armando when he got too close to proving her guilt over the death of her half-sister.]]²** In ''VisualNovel/AceAttorneyInvestigationsMilesEdgeworth'', Buddy Faith, Akbey Hicks, Deid Mann, and Cece Yew are all murdered [[spoiler:for knowing too much about the smuggling ring and trying to reveal it to the authorities]].²** ''[[VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneyDualDestinies Dual Destinies]]'':²*** In case 1, [[spoiler:Ted Tonate murders Detective Candice Arme because she sees him trying to steal a bomb to sell on the black market]]. ²*** The third case has [[spoiler:Professor Means murder Professor Courte because she learned he was accepting bribes from the parents of students, in exchange for giving them good grades]].²*** This is the reason [[spoiler:the phantom]] murdered [[spoiler:Metis Cykes]] prior to the events of the game. She had a psychological evaluation that may have helped the police identify him, and he had to prevent that at all costs.²** The first culprit of ''[[VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorneySpiritOfJustice Spirit of Justice]]'' murders Paht Rohl because he knew [[spoiler:that the Founder's Orb had been stolen. That would throw suspicion on the culprit, the person who would have the easiest time stealing the thing (a proper suspicion, because the culprit did steal it)]].²* ''{{Franchise/Danganronpa}}'':²** ''VisualNovel/DanganronpaTriggerHappyHavoc'': The Mastermind attempts to frame and execute [[spoiler:Kyoko Kirigiri]] because she [[spoiler:stole Monokuma's special tool, which allowed her to explore locked areas of the school, which lead the risk of her solving the mystery and ending the Killing Game early]].²** In ''VisualNovel/SuperDanganRonpa2'''s third case [[spoiler:Hiyoko Saionji]] is killed [[spoiler:on the spur of the moment, simply because she walked in on Tsumiki while she was killing Mioda. Tsumiki couldn't let her live to be evidence against her in the Class Trial.]]²** ''VisualNovel/DanganRonpaV3KillingHarmony'': During the third case, [[spoiler:Angie Yonaga]] is murdered because she walks in on [[spoiler:Korekiyo setting up the trap that would later be used to kill Tenko]].²* In ''VisualNovel/GrisaiaNoRakuen'' the designer of the Thanatos system had a little accident after he tried selling the system to the terrorist Heath Oslo. Most of the people who are left don't really know the limits of the system as a result, which allowed [[spoiler:Kazuki freedom to use the system in highly unintended ways until she blew her cover.]]²* ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight''. Subverted. Shirou stumbles upon two Servants fighting, and one of them races to kill him due to the Holy Grail War's "no witnesses" rule. He's mostly dead when someone saves his life.²* In ''VideoGame/ScrapLand'' [[spoiler:Vicus]] is killed because he was willing to share his evidence of The Archbishop's murder with D-Tritus.²* In ''VisualNovel/ShinraiBrokenBeyondDespair'', this is the reason why [[spoiler:Kotoba]] was killed. The mastermind behind the murder plan hadn't necessarily wanted to kill the victim, but needed an additional accomplice, and [[spoiler:Kotoba]] fit the bill, being someone who was easy to manipulate and [[AssholeVictim someone the mastermind didn't mind killing]]. Once the mastermind is almost done with the plan, [[spoiler:Momoko knocks Kotoba out, ties him up and sets the breaker room on fire to create a distraction while she hangs herself. It's possible to save Kotoba, but since he's in no condition to talk, it's up to Raiko to explain what happened]].²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Webcomics]]²* In ''Webcomic/{{Terra}}'' fighter pilot Alexis Hawke's CO has serious misgivings about their fighter squadron's mission to destroy a Resistance base. After two fighters and four crew don't come back (two {{Red Shirt}}s were killed, Alex and Rick were shot down and rescued by the Resistance) he voices his concerns openly to the general, who shoots him.²* ''WebComic/VampireCheerleaders'': In vol.1, Leonard becomes suspicious of Lori and her cheerleading squad and spends weeks secretly observing them. Once he had sufficient evidence, he confronted them and [[ threatened to expose them as vampires.]] Lori's immediate response was to [[ try to kill him]], but he'd taken the precaution of [[spoiler: eating plenty of garlic and drinking Listerine, [[ which made his blood toxic to her]]]]. So she resorted to [[TimeForPlanB the next best thing]]: buy his silence by having the cheerleading squad [[SexyDiscretionShot screw him.]]²* In ''Webcomic/GuildedAge'', when one of his employees finds out [[spoiler:about the players hidden in the basement who can't be removed from their DeepImmersionGaming, HR kills him.]]²* ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'':²** [[spoiler:The entire Wulfenbach Vespiary Squad is targeted by the rest of the Wulfenbach forces after Herr Baron himself is infected by a slaver wasp and is compelled to destroy them. Thankfully, Tarvek and the Jägers salvage enough of the unit and their materials for them to continue their mission under a lower profile.]]²** According to Tarvek, the Master of Paris encourages clubs to look over the code he uses to control the city in order to look for weaknesses that he can fix. Between Gil and Tarvek, they belonged to over twenty such clubs. The problem is if they learned too much about the code, the Master would drop their entire headquarters into a bottomless pit.²--->'''Tarvek:''' The trick was to always make it out the door ''just'' as they started celebrating.²* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'': Redcloak in [[ #827]] can't risk certain facts about a battle getting back to Xykon. Most of his soldiers in that battle were summoned and could be simply dismissed, but there was one goblin who needed to be dead. Luckily for Redcloak, the goblin in question was killed in that same battle, so was able to [[DownplayedTrope merely refrain from resurrecting him]]. And a few strips later he has Tsukiko killed by her own wights after she tells him she plans to blackmail him. Once he tells his ''real'' plan is not what she thought it was, she's too much of a liability to be allowed to live. ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Web Original]]²* In WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick's review of Franchise/{{Disney Princess}}es, she guesses that ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog'' was only created because Disney needed to expand their Princess line. A [[GratuitousNinja ninja]] is sent to silence her.²* ''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic'': In his review of ''Series/FullHouse'', the Olsen Twins try and kill the Critic when he attempts to tell the world his new knowledge that they're evil.²* ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'': Harvey Finevoice is able to figure out the clues in the book about the Entity at once. As such, he jumps to the top of its priority list to consume. The Ninja Style Dancer was grabbed earlier than the rest of Linkara's household for similar reasons.²* In ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'', Tucker finds out by accident that Vic is the MissionControl liaison for both sides, and correctly concludes that the Reds and Blues are being played against each other by a third party. Vic hires Agent Wyoming to assassinate Tucker before he can tell anybody. Fortunately, Wyoming fails.²* This is [[EpilepticTrees theorized]] to be one reason why [[Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos the Slender Man]] goes after people. Of course, he's also been known [[ParanoiaFuel to go after people for seemingly no reason whatsoever.]]²* Poor Desmond from ''WebVideo/CriticalRole'' is privy to a lot of information about the Briarwoods, the couple that killed Percy's family. [[spoiler: This knowledge almost gets him killed by invisible stalkers, but Vox Machina manages to save him in time.]]²* Two Dark Angels in ''WebAnimation/IfTheEmperorHadATextToSpeechDevice'' are [[BloodyHilarious messily killed]] after their leaders blab out the existence of Fallen within their earshot. And then one of said leaders reminds the others those two were inducted into the Inner Circle ''last week'' and thus were qualified to know all about the Fallen without killing them. It's just that the others are trigger-happy paranoiacs.²* This gem from [[ The Best VRChat Moments on Twitch]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Western Animation]]²* In ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'': Said in its entirety by Inque about Terry [=McGinnis=]. It is also the motive behind Derek Powers's murder of Terry's father, which prompted Terry to become Batman.²* ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor'': After Leona finishing explaining to Sector V about how she discovered the FountainOfYouth, she immediately tries to kill them with the fountain's water because they now know her secret.²* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'':²** A robotic toilet the crew is throwing away offers them "Happy Poopy Time" if they spare it. Fry simply says "You know too much."²** In "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back", Bender catches Morgan Proctor making out with Fry and threatens to tell her bosses at the Central Bureaucracy, leading her to remove Bender's personality chip and ship it to the Bureaucracy.²* At the end of one episode of ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'', Stan's bid for mayor is torpedoed by his own criminal record; one such crime included "first-degree llamacide", to which Stan responds, "[[NoodleIncident That llama knew too much!]]"²* Parodied in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/JackieChanAdventures'', [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin appropriately titled]] "The Chan Who Knew Too Much". A cabal of wizards [[RunningGag repeatedly states]] that Jackie "knows too much" when he finds out ''any'' of the cabal's secrets... their name, their plans for Stonehenge, or even the location of ''the bathrooms in their secret lair''. ("He's privy to our privies!") To make it even better, Jackie really didn't know anything at all about when he first accidentally dropped in on all of them -- for all he knew, they could have just been wannabe satanists or something. [[YouJustToldMe They pretty much told Jackie everything themselves]], e.g showing him that they knew magic by trying to kill him with it. It then gets gloriously lampshaded when Jade claims to know their magic words, [[WordsDoNotMakeTheMagic but can't cast their spells]]. The man gloats that she 'knows nothing' and Jackie cries out, "That's what I've been trying to tell you!"²* Spoofed in the ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' short "Bugs and Thugs", where gangster Rocky decides that Bugs "knows too much" when he, among other things, correctly identifies Carson City as the capital of the state of Nevada.²* PlayedWith in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/ThePenguinsOfMadagascar'' where the penguins are trying to bury shredded documents, only for Julian to mistake them for puzzles and put one together showing [[NoodleIncident a penguin shaking hands with a Sasquatch and the King of Sweden]], causing Kowalski to say the trope name word-for-word. ²* In a ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' skit, while the Smurfs are remembering other smurfs that died on Memorial Day, Handy Smurf notices that most of them were related to a once popular trend that soon became outdated. When Papa Smurf is asked that if the victims all die of natural causes (as in not being assassinated by a sniper), he decides to have Gargamel's cat eliminate Handy for knowing too much. That is until Handy managed to kill the cat and get revenge on Papa Smurf.²* Lampshaded in ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooAndTheAlienInvaders'', where the villains say this as they prepare to kill Fred, Velma, and Daphne. Fred grumbles "That's ''always'' our problem..." in response.²* Played with in ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':²** Homer followed his coworkers to the Stonecutters' headquarters. He gets inside by falling through the skylight and is instantly surrounded. They declare that he has seen to much and must pay "the ultimate penalty". So they toss him out the front door.²** In "New Kids on the Bleech", after Lisa discovers the Navy's conspiracy to recruit people via SubliminalSeduction, Lt. Smash says ominously "Well, now that you know, I'm afraid I can't let you leave." But Lisa already left.²* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSpectacularSpiderMan'', PunchClockVillain Doctor Otto Octavius is [[ProperlyParanoid entirely correct]] to fear that someone will discover his involvement in the creation of {{Supervillain}}s made to antagonize Spider-Man. Indeed, Green Goblin engineers a FreakLabAccident to silence the doctor for good. The catch? Octavius lives, though he's [[FreakOut become]] much less [[NotSoHarmlessVillain meek]] and a lot more [[MadScientist megalomaniacal]]. Unfortunately, the newly-christened Doctor Octopus [[MistakenForMurderer assumes]] Spider-Man is the culprit.²* ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'': During the "Orders" arc, ARC trooper Fives discovers the existence of an organic chip implanted into each clone trooper's brain at birth, enabling one to command the clones to commit any action without hesitation, including killing the Jedi. When he attempts to present his findings to the Chancellor, he is secretly drugged by the lead scientist responsible for the organic chips to make him appear insane. Furthermore, the Chancellor reveals that he's the one who orchestrated the implantation of the organic chips, and has Fives hunted down and ultimately killed before Fives can reveal the truth to the Jedi.²* ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsResistance'': In [[Recap/StarWarsResistanceS1E5TheChildrenFromTehar "The Children from Tehar"]], the First Order is after the titular children because they're the sole survivors of one of their atrocities, and could tell others what they've been doing.²* In Baxter Stockman's debut in ''[[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]]'', after he's made a master control for the hundreds of Mousers Shredder forced him to make, Shred-head decides that "He knows too much" and sends his Foot Soldiers to eliminate Baxter. Only the Turtles' timely intervention prevent the Foot from succeeding.²* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' has [[spoiler:Blurr]], who was offed by the traitor for knowing to much.²* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'' has Dr. Orpheus about to reveal the truth of why The Monarch was arrested. As he's about to spill the beans, Phantom Limb calls in the [[EliteMooks Strangers]] to freeze everyone in ice and administer either memory wipes or hypnotic suggestions to the room, thereby making Orpheus declare that Monarch is guilty of crimes he didn't commit.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Real Life]]²* In 1942, the Russians arranged an assassination of Von Papen, the German ambassador to Turkey. They gave the would-be assassin a package which they said was a smoke bomb to cover his escape. The assassin decided that attacking under cover of the smoke was a better plan and so set it off early: it exploded killing the assassin but leaving von Papen unharmed except for the gore splattered on his suit. The Russians of course intended him to do this after shooting the target, thus preventing him from telling who was the guilty party.²** This gambit was also used by Irish terrorist groups, such as the Provisional IRA, to eliminate members whose trust was in doubt, those suspected of being double agents for British security services. Terrorists in this position might be instructed to drive a car bomb to a certain location. But the bomb would be on a short fuse and explode long before they got there. It is suspected that British Intelligence exploited this by deliberately planting doubts in the IRA leadership's mind as to the reliability of certain members, thus eliminating terrorists, without the irksome need of proving a case that would stand up in court. ²* This is the reason why, in a lot of urban neighborhoods, people won't talk to the police about crimes they saw, and is also the basis of the "snitches get stitches" saying.²** Not at all helpful are the anti-"tattle tale" rules that are in most schools, teaching children to never bring a wrongdoing to the proper authorities no matter what they see.²* The scene in ''Film/{{Goodfellas}}'' when Robert [=DeNiro=]'s character systemically kills all of the participants in the Lufthansa Heist at JFK was an accurate representation of real life in which gangster James Burke did just that.²* In [[LaResistance Polish Resistance]] member Jan Karski's autobiography, he tells the story of being rescued from the Gestapo, and being told by his rescuers shortly after escape "We were given two orders. The first one was to save you at any price; the other was to shoot you in case we did not succeed."²* According to legend, the slaves that built the tomb of UsefulNotes/GenghisKhan were killed by the soldiers guarding them, and these in turn by other soldiers, to ensure that people could never find his burial place. ²* In the world of drugs and of prostitution, it is easy for people to disappear when others fear they know too much.²[[/folder]]²²----


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