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1%%Administrivia/NeedsABetterDescription%%²The word "fusion" refers to the merging of two or more distinct elements into a single whole. It's a pretty universal concept, with a great many new genre and style coming about due to thinking [[JustForFun/XMeetsY X would taste great with Y]].²²!!Tropes involving fusion:²* CombiningMecha, when two or more {{Mecha}} have the ability to combine with each other into a new one.²* CompositeCharacter, which is when a writer combines two or more character into a single one in the process of adaptating a work.²* FusionDance, which is when two characters fuse into a single being.²** FusionDissonance, when the mergers of a FusionDance are not easily recognizable in the result.²** RomanticFusion, a subtrope of FusionDance where the characters being fused are {{Love Interest}}s (or at least {{Implied|LoveInterest}} to be such).²* FusionFic, a type of {{Crossover}} fanfic where the characters of one or more franchises replace the established characters in yet another franchise.²* NinjaPirateZombieRobot, which is when multiple cool things are combined for the sake of making something even cooler, often in logically impossible or contradictory ways.²* PatchedTogetherFromTheHeadlines, when a story is a fusion of multiple high-profile news stories.²* JustForFun/XMeetsY, a way for describing a product by expressing it as the sum of two separate unrelated products.²----²!Please do not add examples to work pages, this merely [[Administrivia/DefinitionOnlyPages defines the term]]. %%


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