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1%% Image chosen via Image Pickin' thread:²%% Don't change or remove without starting a new thread.²%%²[[quoteright:350:[[Series/TheOrville]]]] ²%%²Military and similarly organized groups are structured in a way to manage the functions of their unit. Even in shows where the team may not be technically military, there is a deliberate command infrastructure that designates seniority. As such these characters are either a [[TheSquad small group of soldiers]] working together or they may just be the senior officers commanding an entire division of a platoon or vessel. The crew of a CoolShip (or any other cool vehicle of sufficient size) often takes this form, and may be supplemented by a RedshirtArmy of lesser crewmen on larger vessels. Frequently they are a BadassCrew.²²Compare the FiveManBand, which has a different structure and purpose but still follows a similar pattern. The primary difference relative to TheSquad is that almost everyone in the Command Roster has a position of leadership or authority.²²The Command Roster usually follows as such:²* TheCaptain (The one in charge. More often than not the main character.)²* NumberTwo (The go-to guy for important missions, usually the [[TheLancer confidant of the captain.]] Likely to overlap with another role.)²* MrFixit [[DistaffCounterpart or]] WrenchWench (Takes care of equipment and maintenance. Usually the technical savvy.)²* The Scientist (Examines and informs the rest on technical things. May or may not be an OmnidisciplinaryScientist.)²* CunningLinguist (A translator who speaks with the natives.)²* CommunicationsOfficer (Often holding some sort of radio, yelling into it.)²* Security Officer (Is the primary source for combat detail: security, surveillance and [[TheArmorer weaponry access]].)²* [[TheBigGuy The Marine]] (The Marine is likely self-assumed or just the best fighter and differs from security officer in that they specialize in fighting, be they [[WeaponofChoice armed]] or [[BareFistedMonk unarmed]].)²* TheMedic (Either a full-fledged doctor with a staff and hospital conditions or a field medic.)²²Sometimes there are a few additions to the crew. These additional characters may be separate from the others, but often there is overlap.²* AcePilot / Driver (Self-explanatory, the hotshot pilot. Not always on the team, especially if there isn't a CoolCar or CoolShip)²* TheNavigator (Figures out how to get where they're going. Usually works closely with the AcePilot).²* TheHeart (Takes care of the team's social well-being and is the moral center. Often not in combat. Usually overlaps with another role. If its own character, might be the cook or bartender. Sometimes the TeamMom)²* Medical Staff (If there is an entire hospital, TheMedic heads it, but one person can't run a hospital alone.)²** DrFeelgood or DrJerk (Qualified to practice medicine, but doesn't really care about patients.)²** The Nurse (Either one of the {{Hospital Hottie}}s the team employs, or a BattleaxeNurse to stir things up.)²** TheShrink (Takes care of the team's mental health, which may be necessary considering what they have to go through in their adventures.)²* ArmyScout (Traversing the front lines to bring back intel to the main crew. May be redundant with Communications Officer or Security Officer)²* The RedShirt (So someone can get killed without impacting the plot.)²²Some additional roles are not officially part of the crew, but interact with them frequently enough to earn a mention in the team list:²* The Superior (Someone the captain reports to, usually not a regular crew member. Is often concerned with the more political aspect of things, especially in regards to a governing council.)²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure (Outranks everyone on the crew. Sticks to the rules, but willing to give them leeway when necessary. Sometimes is like a mentor to the group.)²** TheNeidermeyer (Has the same job as the ReasonableAuthorityFigure, but completely unlikeable to those under him.)²* ObstructiveBureaucrat (Obviously not a member of the team, but likely someone who is giving the ReasonableAuthorityFigure or TheCaptain a hard time.)²* MissionControl (A VoiceWithAnInternetConnection who is capable of leading them with satellite imagery and other information. The Communication Officer's other end.)²²The members can be divided into three types: [[TheLeader the leadership roles]], [[TheSmartGuy the intelligent members]] and [[TheBigGuy the action-oriented members]]. This may be why, in comparison to the FiveManBand, the roles don't always line up perfectly:²* TheLeader will often be TheCaptain, but is just as likely to be NumberTwo and on rare occasions, The Scientist.²* TheLancer is usually NumberTwo, but can also be The Scientist or The Security Officer, especially if NumberTwo overlaps with another role.²* TheBigGuy is likely The Security Officer and/or The Marine, but can be NumberTwo as well.²* TheSmartGuy is most often The Scientist, but can just as easily be TheMedic, MrFixit or the CunningLinguist.²* TheChick is sometimes TheMedic, but will likely be TheHeart too.²* The SixthRanger is just as likely with the CommandRoster, usually stepping on the toes of one of the other roles.²²Compared to TheSquad, however, the roles are a little more consistent:²* GeneralRipper: The Superior²* ColonelBadass: TheCaptain²* SergeantRock: NumberTwo²* SpaceMarine or ColdSniper: Security Officer or The Marine²* CunningLinguist: Cunning Linguist²* TheEngineer: MrFixit²* CombatMedic: TheMedic²* EnsignNewbie or NewMeat: varies²²For further reference, see also UsefulNotes/CommonRanks and UsefulNotes/CommonMilitaryUnits.²²There are times when various characters are missing or replaced with a different character type, all depending on the needs of the story. It is only a Command Roster when there are at least four characters from the primary list, otherwise it is just TheSquad.²²The very presence of main characters in command roles, especially if they have an army of GhostExtras to back them up, typically leads to TheMainCharactersDoEverything.²²----²!!Examples:²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Anime & Manga]]²* '''Franchise/GhostInTheShell'''²** TheCaptain: [[ActionGirl The Major]]²** NumberTwo: Batou, Togusa²** MrFixit[=/=]Com. Offcier: Ishikawa²** Marine: Batou²** ColdSniper: Saito²** The Scientist[=/=]CunningLinguist: Togusa, (He fills the role, but is neither scientist nor linguist) Pazu (Linguist. Intimate knowledge of how the {{Yakuza}} underworld works must count for something, yes?)²** MissionControl[=/=]The Superior: [[OldMaster Aramaki]]²²* '''Anime/MartianSuccessorNadesico'''²** TheCaptain: Yurika²** NumberTwo: Jun²** MrFixit: Seiya²** Communications Officer: Megumi²** The Scientist: Inez²** Marines: I guess the Aestivalis squadron counts as this...²** AcePilot (and Computer Expert): Ruri²** {{Reasonable Authority Figure}}s: Gort, Prospector, the admiral (forget his name), [[spoiler:Akatsuki]]²** [[spoiler:RedShirt]]: [[spoiler:Gai]]²* '''Anime/MobileSuitGundam'''²** TheCaptain - Bright Noah²** AcePilot[=/=]The Marine - Amuro Ray²** NumberTwo - Ryu Jose²** TheMedic - Sayla Mass²** AcePilot - Mirai²** TheHeart - Frau²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure - General Revil²²* '''Manga/OnePiece'''²** TheCaptain - Monkey D. Luffy²** NumberTwo - Roronoa Zoro²** TheNavigator - Nami²** TeamChef - Sanji²** FriendlySniper - Ussop²** TheMedic - Tony Tony Chopper²** [[AdventurerArchaeologist The Scientist]] - Nico Robin²** MrFixit - Franky²** TheHeart - Streetching it Brook, even if he doesn't have one!!! Yohohohoho...²²* '''KeroroGunso'''²** Uses literal military rankings. Interestingly, Sgt. Major Kururu (a MrFixIt type) technically outranks the main character Sgt. Keroro (the actual platoon leader). Various rationales exist in the story to explain Keroro's position, but mainly it's heavily implied Kururu was too socially offputting and a technological liability back home, and was dumped in Keroro's platoon simply to get him off-world. Ironically, Kururu himself is happy to follow the undemanding Keroro who allows him to mess with his inventions/pranks unmolested.²²* '''Anime/StrikeWitches'''²** TheCaptain - Minna Dietlinde Wilcke; an interesting example as in addition to holding rank she realistically spends most of her time doing administrative work. She's also MissionControl when she's not in the field.²** NumberTwo - Mio Sakamoto²** WrenchWench - Charlotte E. Yeager, though mostly she modifies her own equipment while a dedicated logistic staff deals with maintaining everyone else.²** TheMedic: Yoshika Miyafuji doubles as TheHeart²** Communications Staff: Sanya Litvyak. She's literally a radio which has all sorts of uses.²** The Marine: Getrude Barkhorn²** AcePilot - Erica Hartmann, Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen²²* '''Anime/SpaceBattleshipYamato''' (''Star Blazers'')²** TheCaptain: Captain Okita (Captain Avatar).²** NumberTwo / AcePilot: Kodai (Derek Wildstar).²** The Driver: Shima (Mark Venture).²** TheHeart: Yuki Mori (Nova Forrester).²** The Scientist: Shiro (Sandor), as well as Analyzer (IQ-9) to an extent.²** MrFixit: Chief Tokugawa (Chief Orion).²** TheMedic: Doctor Sado (Doctor Sane).²** Communications Officer: Yoshikazu (Homer Glitchman).²** AcePilot: Kato (Pete Conroy).²²* '''Anime/EurekaSeven''' (Gekkostate)²** TheCaptain / TheBigGuy / AcePilot: [[ManChild Hol]][[JerkWithAHeartOfGold land]]²** NumberTwo: Hap²** Computer Experts: [[ThoseTwoGuys Jobs]] [[UsefulNotes/AppleMacintosh &]] [[NamedAfterSomebodyFamous Woz]]²** Communications Officer: [[TheDitz Gidget]]²** Weapons Expert: Ken-Goh²** The Scientist / TheMedic: Mischa²** The Navigator: Talho, later [[spoiler: [[TookALevelInBadass Moondoggie]]]]²** Team Mom: Hilda / Talho²** EnsignNewbie: [[ButtMonkey Moondoggie]] (Before Renton showed Up)²** NaiveNewcomer: [[TheChosenOne Renton]]²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Comic Books]]²* ''ComicBook/WonderWoman1987'': During Diana's time as a SpacePirate Revolutionary her command roster was organized thus:²** TheCaptain: Diana²** NumberTwo: Natasha²** MrFixit[=/=]The Scientist: H'Elgn²** CommunicationsOfficer: Nol Lapp²** Security Officer: Sakritt²** TheBigGuy: Ectreba²** AcePilot: The [[ComicBook/GreenLantern Xrill-Vrex]] look-alike, who is never named [[note]](and has the same adapting powers as Xrill-Vrex despite debuting decades prior)[[/note]].²* [[ComicBook/XWingRogueSquadron Rogue Squadron]]²** AcePilot: ''Everyone'' on the squadron and not on the support staff. They're the New Republic's best fighter pilots, after all.²** TheCaptain: Luke Skywalker (in the ''very'' beginning), Wedge Antilles²** NumberTwo: Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, Wes Janson²** TheBigGuy: Plourr Illo, Xarcce Huwla²** WrenchWench: Koyi Komad²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Film]]²* '''Film/ForbiddenPlanet'''²** TheCaptain: Commander J. J. Adams²** NumberTwo: Lt. Jerry Farman²** TheMedic, The Scientist: Lt. 'Doc' Ostrow, M.D.²** MrFixit: Chief Quinn²** Marine/Security: Bosun (no name given)²** Comic Relief: Cook²²* '''Film/GalaxyQuest'''²** TheCaptain: Commander Taggart²** NumberTwo / The Scientist: Dr. Lazarus²** Communications Officer: Lt. Madison²** MrFixit: Tech. Sgt. Chen²** AcePilot: Laredo²** Security Officer: Security Chief Ingersol²** Comic Relief: Everybody. But especially Guy.²²* '''Film/TheGunsOfNavarone'''²** TheCaptain: Keith Mallory²** NumberTwo: Andrea Stavros²** TheHeart: Miller²** CunningLinguist: Pappadimos, supposedly. He can sing in Greek, anyway.²** MrFixit: "Butcher" Brown²** Good Luck Charm / original TheCaptain: Major Franklin²²* '''Film/TheHuntForRedOctober'''²** The crew of ''Red October'':²*** TheCaptain: Marko Ramius²*** NumberTwo: Vasili Borodin (technically, also a captain)²*** MrFixit: Lt. Melekhin²*** The Navigator: Lt. Kamarov²*** AcePilot: Lt. Slavin²*** {{Sixth Ranger}}s: Jack Ryan, Bart Mancuso and Seaman Jones²** The crew of the USS ''Dallas'':²*** TheCaptain: Bart Mancuso (in the novel, he's a Commander, but in Navy tradition any person commanding a vessel is called "Captain" or "Skipper")²*** NumberTwo: Lt. Cmdr. Thompson²*** The Security Officer: Watson, Chief of Boat (COB)²*** Sonar Officers: Seaman "Jonesy" Jones and Seaman Beaumont²*** SixthRanger: Jack Ryan²²* ''Film/DownPeriscope''²** TheCaptain: Lt. Cmdr. Tom Dodge²** NumberTwo: Lt. Martin "Marty" Pascal²** Diving Officer: Lt. Emily Lake, though she later takes on the role of NumberTwo when Pascal is made walk the plank.²** {{Ace Pilot}}s: Jefferson "R.J." Jackson, Stanley "Spots" Sylvesterson²** MrFixIt: CPO Howard (Chief Engineer), Nitro "Mike" (Electrician), possibly Brad Stepanak (Engineman)²** Sonar Officer: E.T. "Sonar" Lovacelli²** The Cook: Mess Specialist 2nd Class Buckman²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Literature]]²* Several works by Creator/DavidWeber uses this trope, eg in ''On Basilisk Station'', the first in the Literature/HonorHarrington books:²** TheCaptain: Honor Harrington (also AcePilot)²** NumberTwo: Alistair [=McKeon=]²** MrFixit: Dominica Santos²** Communications Officer: Samuel Webster²** The Security Officer: Andreas Venizelos and Rafe Cardones²** The Marine: Nikos Papadapolous²** AcePilot: Chief Killian²** The Navigator: Max Stromboli and Mercedes Brigham²** TheMedic: Fritz Montoya²** EnsignNewbie: Scotty Tremaine, and to some degree Rafe Cardones²** SergeantRock: Sally [=MacBride=] and Horace Harkness²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Dame Estelle Matsuko²* ''Literature/SixteenThirtyTwo'' by Creator/EricFlint has the following in the opening novel of the series, though not in a military organisation:²** TheCaptain: Mike Stearns²** NumberTwo: Rebecca Abrabanel (also TheHeart and CunningLinguist)²** The Scientist: Melissa Mailey (historian) and Greg Ferrara (chemist)²** The Security Officer: Frank Jackson²** The Marine: Harry Lefferts²** TheMedic: James Nichols²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Gustavus Adolphus²²* [[Literature/XWingSeries Rogue Squadron]]²** AcePilot: Everyone. The quality of Rogue Squadron never faltered.²** TheCaptain: Wedge Antilles²** NumberTwo: Corran Horn (early), Tycho Celchu (late)²** The Heart: Lujayne Forge²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Admiral Ackbar²** The Redshirt: Lots of 'em.²** The Rookie: Gavin Darklighter²²* [[Literature/XWingSeries Wraith Squadron]]²** AcePilot: Again, everyone. What, you thought Wedge would form a sub-par fighter squadron?²** TheCaptain: Wedge Antilles (early), Garik "Face" Loran (late)²** NumberTwo: Wes Janson²** The Medic: Ton Phanan (early), Lara Notsil (midway), Elassar Targon, [[LargeHam MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!]] (late)²** Communications Officer: Jesmin Ackbar (early), Hohass "Runt" Ekwesh (late)²** The Scientist: Voort "Piggy" saBinring²** The Marine: Kell Tainer, Voort "Piggy" saBinring, Shalla Nelprin²** The Security Officer: Shalla Nelprin²** MrFixit: Cubber Daine, Kell Tainer²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Admiral Ackbar, Wedge Antilles (late)²** TheHeart: Runt, Wes Janson, Wedge Antilles²** ColdSniper: Myn Donos, Wes Janson (when angry)²* Creator/SergeyLukyanenko's ''Literature/{{Genome}}'':²** TheCaptain / AcePilot: Alex Romanov²** [[AcePilot Ace Co-Pilot]]: Hang Morrison²** TheNavigator: Pak Generalov²** TheMedic / Security Officer: Janet Ruelo²** Marine / TheChick: Kim Ohara²** MrFixIt: Paul Lurie²** TheSixthRanger: Danila [[CloningBlues C-third]] Shustov (tour guide), [[BeePeople Zei-so]] (passenger), Sei-so (passenger)²* '''Literature/TheFlightEngineer''': A rare case where TheCaptain of CSS ''Invincible'' is not the main character; that honor falls to MrFixit, Commander Peter Raeder. ''The Rising'' lists the entire command roster. %% Ranks given where I can remember them.²** TheCaptain: Captain Roger Knott. [[spoiler:Later Commander Raeder, after Knott and his NumberTwo are injured in a [[ScaryDogmaticAliens Mollie]][=/=][[InsectoidAliens Fibian]] raid at the beginning of ''The Indepedent Command''.]]²** NumberTwo: Mai Ling Ju.²** MrFixit:²*** Chief Engineer Augie Skinner in theory. Commander Raeder in practice, though officially he's just in charge of maintaining ''Invincible's'' fighters.²*** Also Chief Petty Officer Paddy Casey.²** WrenchWench: Second Lieutenant Cynthia Robbins, Raeder's NumberTwo in fighter maintenance.²** Navigator: Ashly Luhrman²** Tactical Officer: Truon Le²** Security Officer: William Booth, though his main job on the ship seems to be being wrong about people.²** Quartermaster: John Larkin [[spoiler:before being revealed as TheMole]].²** AcePilot: Squadron Leader Ronnie Sutton is in charge of ''Invincible's'' fighter squadron, while Lieutenant Commander Sarah James commands the recon craft.²²* '''Literature/TheMartian''':²** TheCaptain: Commander Melissa Lewis²** NumberTwo / AcePilot: Major Rick Martinez²** MrFixit: Mark Watney²** WrenchWench: Beth Johanssen²** TheMedic: Dr. Chris Beck²** TheNavigator: Alex Vogel²** The Scientist: Divided between Lewis (geology), Watney (botany) and Vogel (chemistry).²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Live-Action TV]]²* '''Series/BabylonFive'''²** TheCaptain- Sinclair, Sheridan²** NumberTwo- Ivanova (Takashima in the pilot)²** Security Officer- Garibaldi²** TheMedic- Franklin (Kyle in the pilot)²²* '''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}} (2004)'''²** TheCaptain- William Adama²** NumberTwo- Col. Tigh²** The Pilots- Apollo, Starbuck, et al.²** MissionControl- Lt. Gaeta²** Communications Officer- Lt. Dualla²** MrFixit- Chief Tyrol²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure- Laura Roslin²** The Scientist- Gaius Baltar²** TheMedic- Dr. Cottle²** Red Shirts- [[spoiler:Kat, Duck, Billy, et al.]]²²* '''Series/TheCloser'''²** TheCaptain: Dept. Chief Brenda Johnson²** NumberTwo: Sgt. Gabriel²** MrFixit, [[OmnidisciplinaryScientist The Scientist]]: Lt. Tao²** Communications Officer: Det. Daniels (who usually contacts banks, government officials, etc. to get info on the perp or vic)²** CunningLinguist: Det. Sanchez (who speaks fluent Spanish, which is ''highly'' useful in L.A.)²** Marine: Lts. Provenza and Flynn²** The Medical Doctor: Dr Crippen²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Chief Pope²** SergeantRock: Commander Tanner²** TheSixthRanger: Special Agent Howard²²* '''Series/TheExpanse''' Only the first four are always part of the crew, the rest are there occasionally. ²** TheCaptain: James Holden ²** NumberTwo[=/=]WrenchWench[=/=]TheNavigator: Naomi Nagata ²** AcePilot: Alex Kamal²** MrFixit[=/=]Security Officer[=/=]TheBigGuy: Amos Burton²** Security Officer: Detective Joe Miller shares this role, especially in escaping Eros. ²** [[TheBigGuy The Marine]]: Roberta "Bobbie" Draper²** TheMedic: Was originally Shed Garvey, though he didn't last long enough to set foot on the Roci. ²** The Scientist: Prax Meng, who avoids OmnidisciplinaryScientist as a botanist, though he does improve the ship's life support. ²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Avaserala of the UN as well as Fred Johnson of the OPA. Camina Drummer also becoemes this eventually. ²²* '''Series/{{Firefly}}'''²** TheCaptain: Mal²** NumberTwo: Zoe²** AcePilot: Wash, River [[spoiler:after Wash is killed]]²** TheMedic: Simon²** WrenchWench: Kaylee²** Marine: Jayne²** TheHeart: Book, Inara, Kaylee²²* '''Series/{{Mash}}'''²** TheCaptain: Henry/Potter²** NumberTwo: Burns/Winchester²** TheMedic: All the main characters except Radar and Klinger²** TheHeart: Fr. Mulcahey²** CommunicationsOfficer: Radar/Klinger²** MrFixit: Rizzo²** TeamMom: Margaret, sometimes²²* '''Series/{{NCIS}}'''²** TheCaptain: Leroy Jethro Gibbs.²** NumberTwo: Tony [=DiNozzo=].²** MrFixit / Communications Officer: Timothy [=McGee=].²** The Marine: Ziva David.²** The Scientist: Abby Sciuto, occasionally doubling as a WrenchWench.²** TheMedic: Donald "Ducky" Mallard.²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Directors Tom Morrow, Jen Shepard and, currently, Leon Vance... though just ''how'' reasonable they are tends to vary based on the situation.²²* '''Series/TheOrville'''²** TheCaptain: Ed Mercer²** NumberTwo: Kelly Grayson²** Second Officer: Bortus²** Security Officer: Alara Kitan²** TheMedic / TheShrink: Claire Finn²** AcePilot: Gordon Malloy²** The Navigator: John Lamarr²** The Scientist: Isaac²²* '''Series/SeaPatrol'''²** The Captain: Mike 'CO' Flynn²** Number Two: Kate 'XO/X' Mc Gregor²** The Navigator: Nikki 'Nav' Caetano²** The Security Officer: Bosuns Pete 'Buffer' Tomaszewski and Dylan 'Dutchy' Mulholland best qualily²** The Enginner: Andy 'Charge' Thorpe²** Mr. Fixit: Electronics Technicians Josh 'ET' Hoilday and Leo '2Dads' Kosov-Meyer²** Communications Officer: Robert 'RO' Dixon²** The Medic: Chris 'Swaine' Blake assisted by²** Team Chef: Toby 'Chefo' Jones, Rebecca 'Bomber' Brown and Jesscia 'Bird' Bird.²** Red Shirt: Averted by Billy 'Spider' Webb²** Reasonable Authority Figure: Commanders Steve Marshall and Maxine 'Knocker' White.²²* '''Series/SpaceCases'''²** TheCaptain: Commander Goddard² ** NumberTwo / AcePilot: Harlan²** The Navigator / The Marine: Radu²** WrenchWench: Catalina and Suzee²** TheMedic: Rosie²** Security Officer: Bova²** TheHeart: Ms. Davenport²** Communications Officer: Thelma (the robot who communicates with the ship)²²* '''Franchise/StarTrek'''²** ''[[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries The Original Series]]''²*** TheCaptain- Kirk²*** NumberTwo, The Scientist- Spock²*** TheMedic, TheHeart- [=McCoy=]²*** MrFixit- Scotty²*** Communications Officer- Uhura²*** The Pilot- Sulu²*** Security Officer, The Navigator- Chekov²*** ReasonableAuthorityFigure- Captain Pike (the original pilot episode captain) took on this role in the 2009 ''Film/StarTrek2009'' film.²²** ''[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration The Next Generation]]''²*** TheCaptain- Picard²*** [[NumberTwo Number One]]- Riker²*** The Scientist - Data²*** MrFixit- Geordi²*** TheMedic- Crusher²*** TheHeart / TheShrink- Troi²*** Security Officer/Marine- Yar and Worf²²** ''[[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Deep Space Nine]]''²*** TheCaptain- Sisko²*** NumberTwo- Kira²*** The Scientist- Dax²*** MrFixit- O'Brien²*** TheMedic- Bashir²*** Security Officer- Odo²*** TheHeart- Quark (A subversion in that his bar offers a place to relax, but he himself is not overly concerned with the crews morale); Dax (The second one, though she does retain some Scientist being [[TheNthDoctor the same symbiont in a different body]])²*** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Vice Admiral Ross²²** ''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager Voyager]]''²*** TheCaptain- Janeway²*** NumberTwo- Chakotay²*** The Scientist- Kim, Seven-Of-Nine²*** WrenchWench- Torres²*** [[TheMedic The Doctor]]- uh...The Doctor (he's a hologram), Kes for a time²*** Security Officer- Tuvok²*** AcePilot- Paris²*** TheHeart- Neelix²²** ''[[Series/StarTrekEnterprise Enterprise]]''²*** TheCaptain- Archer²*** NumberTwo, The Scientist- T'Pol²*** MrFixit- Trip²*** CunningLinguist, sometimes TheHeart- Hoshi²*** Security Officer- Reed²*** TheMedic- Phlox²*** AcePilot- Mayweather²*** Marine- [=MACOs=]²*** ReasonableAuthorityFigure- Admiral Forrest²²* '''Series/StargateSG1'''²** TheCaptain- Jack O'Neill, later Cameron Mitchell²** NumberTwo, The Scientist- Samatha Carter²** CunningLinguist, TheHeart- Dr. Jackson, Jonas Quinn²** Marine- Teal'c²** TheMedic- Dr. Janet Fraiser, Dr. Lam²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure- Gen. Hammond, Gen. Landry²²* '''Series/StargateAtlantis'''²** TheCaptain- Dr. Weir²** NumberTwo, AcePilot- Col. John Sheppard²** The Scientist- Dr. Rodney [=McKay=]²** The Security Officer/ Marine- Lt. Ford, Ronon Dex²** TheHeart, TeamMom- Teyla Emmagan²** TheMedic- Dr. Beckett²** MrFixit- Dr. Zelenka²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure- Stargate Command\²(When Dr. Weir left, her command position became more the voice of Stargate Command instead of mission commander. Characters within the show changed accordingly.)²*** TheCaptain, AcePilot- Col. John Sheppard²*** NumberTwo, TeamMom- Teyla Emmagan²*** The Scientist- Dr. Rodney [=McKay=]²*** Marine- Ronon Dex²*** TheMedic- Dr. Keller²*** ReasonableAuthorityFigure- Col. Carter, Richard Woolsey²*** MissionControl- Dr. Zelenka²*** Security Officer- Major Lorne²²* '''Series/StargateUniverse'''²** TheCaptain - Col. Young²** NumberTwo, AcePilot - Lt. Scott²** The Scientist, MrFixit - Rush, Eli, Volker, Brody, Park and most extras²** TheMedic, TheShrink - TJ²** Marine - Srgt. Greer²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure - O'Neill, Telford post-de-brainwashing²** MissionControl, Communications Officer - Eli (usually)²²* '''Series/RedDwarf'''²** TheCaptain - Subverted. Rimmer likes to think he is this. In reality, he's TheNeidermeyer.²** The Scientist - Kryten²** MissionControl - Holly²** MrFixit - Lister of all people²** The Navigator - Kochanski²** AcePilot - Cat. Also Ace Rimmer whenever he shows up.²²* '''Series/SeaQuestDSV'''²** TheCaptain - Nathan Bridger, Oliver Hudson²** NumberTwo - Jonathan Ford²** WrenchWench - Katherine Hitchcock, Lonnie Henderson²** TheMedic - Kristin Westphalen, Wendy Smith, Perry²** Science Officer - Kristin Westphalen, Lucas Wolenczak²** Security Officer - Manilow Crocker, James Brody²** Communications Officer - Tim O'Neill²** Weapons Officer - Dalton Phillips, Obatu, James Brody, J.J. Fredericks²** Sensor Chief - Miguel Ortiz²** TheHeart - Benjamin Krieg²** TheAce - Carleton, William Shan, Lonnie Henderson, Anthony Piccolo, Tyler, J.J. Fredericks, James Brody (sub-fighter), Heiko Kimura (sub-fighter)²** Head Janitor - Dagwood²** TeamPet - Darwin²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Tabletop Games]]²* '''TabletopGame/RogueTrader'''²** TheCaptain - the Rogue Trader himself.²** The Security Officer/ Marine - Arch-Militant, the precise designation depending on character.²** Communications Officer - Astropaths Transcendent, who dispense with the radio and just shout into the Warp.²** MrFixit[=/=]The Scientist - Explorator²** The Heart- Missionary. Bear in mind this is a TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} game; that moral center tends to be based on setting fire to heretics.²** The Navigator - surprisingly enough, Navigators.²** The Scientist (again)[=/=]CunningLinguist - Seneschal. Scientist's a bit of a stretch, but this is the guy who knows everything about trade and the ins and outs of local life -- his "technical things" are more likely to be an Ork blockade on a space-lane rather than the inner workings of a plasma drive.²** AcePilot - Void-Masters, although they may instead be expert gunners or scanner operators, rather than specialising in piloting.²* In ''TabletopGame/{{Paranoia}}'', the Mandatory Bonus Duties typically assigned to Troubleshooter teams are [[TheCaptain Team Leader]], Communication and Recording Officer, [[MrFixit Equipment Guy]], [[HappinessIsMandatory Happiness Officer]], Hygiene Officer, and [[ThePoliticalOfficer Loyalty Officer]]. (1st edition played around with variations like Robotics Officer; 2nd edition more or less standardized it.)²** ''Extreme Paranoia'' included [[ an alternate set]] with things like Alertness Officer and Public Relations Officer.²** One mission introduces [[NumberTwo Executive Officer]], who (in addition to the usual roles) gets a brevet promotion for the purpose of wearing a higher-clearance uniform, to draw the fire of Commies [[DecoyLeader mistaking him]] for the [[StraightForTheCommander Team Leader]]. As usual for ''Paranoia'', The Computer [[DidntThinkThisThrough didn't think this through]] properly:²---> '''Green-clearance Team Leader:''' All right, men, let's go!²---> '''Random bystander:''' Hey, why are you letting him boss you around?²---> '''"Blue"-clearance Executive Officer:''' Hey, yeah! ''*blam blam blam blam blam blam*'' All right, men, let's go!²* The Crew of [[TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering Skyship Weatherlight]] probably counts:²** TheCaptain: [[ActionGirl Sisay]] in terms of title. [[TheAce Gerrard]] possibly counts in terms of role and personality, too.²** NumberTwo: Tahngarth²** MrFixit: Divided between Karn and Ertai. ²** TheMedic: Orim²** AcePilot: Hanna²** PluckyComicRelief: Squee²** TheBigGuy: Both Crovax and Mirri are talented combatants.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Video Games]]²* '''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'''²** TheCaptain: Marcus Fenix²** NumberTwo: Dominic Santiago²** MrFixit: Damon Baird²** Marine: Augustus Cole²** MissionControl: Anya²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure (kinda): Colonel Hoffman²²* '''VideoGame/MassEffect1'''²** TheCaptain: Commander Shepard.²** NumberTwo: ''Technically'' Pressly is second in command under Shepard, but he serves almost no importance to the plot; ranks aside, the role of NumberTwo is filled by Lt. Kaidan Alenko, to greater or lesser degrees depending on how you play the game.²** The Scientist: Liara T'Soni.²** WrenchWench: Tali'Zorah nar Rayya. Engineer Adams is also the Normandy's assigned Mr. Fixit but, like Pressly above, has no importance to the plot.²** The Marine: Ashley Williams, Urdnot Wrex²** TheMedic: Dr. Chakwas, another minor character.²** The Security Officer: Garrus Vakarian²** AcePilot: Joker.²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Captain Anderson and Admiral Hackett. (Ambassador Udina, [[AssInAmbassador not so much]].)²** Red Shirt: Richard [[LeeroyJenkins L. Jenkins]]²²* '''VideoGame/MassEffect2'''²** TheCaptain: Commander Shepard.²** NumberTwo: Officially Miranda Lawson, but Garrus Vakarian can also fill the role based on how you play.²** The Scientist: Mordin Solus.²** WrenchWench: Tali'Zorah [[spoiler:vas Normandy]].²** The Marine: Grunt and Zaeed Massani can both play this role.²** The Security Officer: Jacob Taylor²** TheMedic: Dr. Chakwas, with some overlap from Mordin.²** AcePilot: Joker.²** MissionControl: EDI, the NPC Artificial Intelligence that inhabits the Normandy (also plays the Navigator role).²** Communications Officer: Legion, sort of.²** TheShrink: Yeoman Kelly Chambers²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: [[TheChessmaster The Illusive Man]] certainly [[AffablyEvil does his level best]] to convince you he's this.²** The RedShirt: Depending on how you play the game...several members of your crew potentially end up meeting a traditional Red Shirt's fate.²²* '''VideoGame/MassEffect3'''²** TheCaptain: Shepard²** NumberTwo: Kaidan / Ashley or Garrus depending on how you play.²** The Security Officer: Garrus²** WrenchWench: Tali'Zorah (Adams, Daniels and Donnely can return, depending on your choices).²** The Scientist: Liara T'Soni²** The Marine: Lt. James Vega [[spoiler: Joined by [[LastOfHisKind Javik]], provided that the ''From Ashes'' DLC is played.]]²** TheMedic: Dr Chakwas or Dr Michel²** Communications Officer: Samantha Traynor²** AcePilot: Joker, now joined by shuttle pilot Steve Cortez.²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Admirals Hackett (coordinating fleets in space) and Anderson (leading the resistance on Earth).²²* '''VideoGame/MassEffectAndromeda'''²** TheCaptain: Pathfinder Ryder ²** NumberTwo: Cora Harper ²** MrFixIt: Gil Brodie (NPC)²** The Scientist: [[AdventurerArchaeologist Peebee]], Suvi Anwar (NPC) ²** The Marine: Drack, Vetra, and Jaal ²** TheMedic: Dr. T'Perro (NPC) ²** Security Officer: Liam Kosta ²** AcePilot: Kallo Jath (NPC) ²** Superior: Directors Tann and Addison; both are leaning towards TheNeidermeyer ²²²* '''VideoGame/StarFox'''²** TheCaptain: Fox [=McCloud=] (and indirectly, General Pepper)²** NumberTwo[=/=]AcePilot: Falco Lombardi²** MrFixIt: Slippy Toad²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Peppy Hare in later games, who could also be MissionControl there. General Pepper was MissionControl too, [[VideoGame/StarFox1 up]] [[ComicStrip/StarFox to]] VideoGame/StarFox64.²** WrenchWench[=/=]AcePilot: Fara Phoenix, [[ContinuityReboot initially]].²** TheHeart: Krystal.²** MissionControl/Communications Officer: R.O.B. 64.²²* '''[[VideoGame/NavalOps Warship Gunner 2]]'''²** TheCaptain: Schulz, the player character²** NumberTwo: Depending on the player's choices in the first two missions, Tsukuba, Werner, or Braun²** [[HerrDoktor Weapons development specialist]] Braun²** Communications Officer and BridgeBunny: Nagi²** That's about it for your EconomyCast crew, really.²²* '''VideoGame/StarcraftII''':²** In ''Wings of Liberty'':²*** TheCaptain: Jim Raynor²*** NumberTwo: Matt Horner²*** MrFixit: Rory Swann²*** The Scientist: Egon Stetmann²*** The Marine/[[spoiler: TheMole]]: Tychus Findlay²*** TheChick: Dr Ariel Hanson²*** SixthRanger: Gabriel Tosh²²** In "Heart of The Swarm":²*** TheCaptain: Jim Raynor²*** NumberTwo: Matt Horner²*** MrFixit: Rory Swann²*** The Scientist: Egon Stetmann²*** EnsignNewbie: [[spoiler:Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk; in a sense, he is a newcomer joining the Raiders and does have some command.]]²*** SixthRanger: Gabriel Tosh²²* ''VideoGame/SpaceQuestVTheNextMutation '':²** TheCaptain: Roger Wilco²** Security Officer / TheNavigator: Rumproast Droole²** CommunicationsOfficer: Gowitda Florence "Flo" Qwerty²** Science Officer: [[spoiler:WD40]]²** MrFixIt: Clifton Clifford Cliff "Cliffy" Crawford²** TheSixthRanger: [[spoiler:Beatrice Creakworm Wankmeister]]²²* '''Videogame/MegaManBattleNetwork 5''': depending on which version you took (Team Colonel or Team Protoman), the members may be different, but their roles are similar:²** TheCaptain: Colonel or Protoman, the ones who found the team²** NumberTwo: Megaman, the first member recruited, also took over the team at least once when the leader isn't available ²** The Marine: 2 for each team - Knightman or Magnetman work to defend their teammates in different ways, while Tomahawkman and Napalmman specializes in wide area attacks. ²** Security Officer: Shadowman or Gyroman can move over hazardous areas; they scout areas, looking for key items to get to help the team.²** MrFixit: Numberman or Searchman can open up complicated locks and search for traps.²** TheMedic: Toadman and Meddy assists their teammates in liberating more areas; their abilities explicitly only works with another teammate. They also help their team recover.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Webcomics]]²* '''Webcomic/LegostarGalactica'''²** TheCaptain: [[OnlySaneMan Bob Smith]], who is also the CunningLinguist²** NumberTwo: [[GeneralFailure Marty Jasper]] [[spoiler: Later replaced by Deborah Pascal during a TyrantTakesTheHelm story arc]]²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: [[BigGood General/Admiral Graves]]²** Security Officer: [[ClusterFBomb 4675636B]] and [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Robin Cunningham]]²** Communications Officer: [[MotorMouth Skip Tyler]]²** TheMedic: [[CombatMedic Belinda Reines]]²** WrenchWench: [[{{Tsundere}} Shauna Finelli]]²** AcePilot: [[CasanovaWannabe Johnny Danger]]²** OmnidisciplinaryScientist: [[TheStoic TAG]]²** TheHeart: [[TheDitz Alice Tolman]]. Parodied with [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed Lando]], the bartender.²** MrFixit: [[McNinja Jeff the Ninja]] and his wingmen²** The RedShirt: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Red]] [[TheyKilledKenny Shirt]]²** This leaves out [[SixthRanger Angrius]] to join whoever needs him.²* '''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'''²** The Captain: Breya (early), Kaff Tagon (mid-late), Kevyn [[spoiler: (alternate timeline)]]²** NumberTwo: Kaff Tagon (early), Kevyn (mid-late), Ellen Foxworthy (late)²** MrFixit: Kevyn Andreyasn, Tailor (powered armour only)²** Wrench Wench: Para Ventura²** CommunicationsOfficer: Sh'vuu²** The Scientist: Ebbirnoth (during the "Broken Wind" story arc)²** Security Officer: Ennesby, Schlock, Thurl²** TheBigGuy: Schlock, E. Foxworthy, most of the rest of the company²** The Medic: Dr. Lazcowicz (early), Dr. Bunnigus (mid-late)²*** The Nurse: Tailor (late)²*** The Shrink: Ennesby, Rev. Theo²** Ace pilot: Brad, Legs²** TheHeart: Rev Theo., Massey, Ch'vorthq, Thurl²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Petey²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Western Animation]]²* '''WesternAnimation/ThreeTwoOnePenguins'''²** TheCaptain: Zidgel²** AcePilot / NumberTwo: Midgel²** The Scientist: Fidgel²** TheBigGuy: Kevin²** The [[TagalongKid Tagalong Kids]]/TheHeart: Jason and Michelle²²* '''WesternAnimation/AtlantisTheLostEmpire'''²** TheCaptain: Rourke²** NumberTwo: Helga Sinclair²** WrenchWench: Audrey, also doubles as The Pilot in the very beginning²** CunningLinguist: Milo Thatch, the hero²** TheMedic: The aptly named Dr. Joshua Sweet²** The Marine (though in this case The Demolitions Expert): Vinnie²** The Scientist: Mole²** The Communications Expert: Wilhelmina Packard²** TheHeart (subversion: in this case, he's the cook who ''thinks'' his food helps raise spirits): Cookie²²* '''WesternAnimation/BuzzLightyearofStarCommand'''²** TheCaptain: Buzz Lightyear²** NumberTwo / AcePilot: Mira Nova²** TheBigGuy: Booster Munchapper²** The RedShirt: [[TheChewToy XR]], [[PlayedWith]] as he is a robot who can't be permanently killed, but is often the one to be blown up or damaged by the villain or by accidents²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Commander Nebula²** The Scientist / MrFixIt: LittleGreenMen²²* '''WesternAnimation/ExoSquad'''²** TheCaptain: Lt. (later [[ColonelBadass Wg.Cmr.]]) J.T. Marsh²** NumberTwo: Sgt. Rita Torres²** WrenchWench: Lt. Maggie Weston²** Communications Officer, [[OmnidisciplinaryScientist The Scientist]], CunningLinguist: Alec [=DeLeon=]²** Marine: Wolf Bronsky²** [[TheMedic The Medical Doctor]]: possibly, Marsala, though he lacks medical knowledge, instead being more of a WarriorTherapist²** AcePilot: Kaz Takagi²** TheHeart: Lt. Nara Burns, though she becomes NumberTwo later on²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Admiral Winfield²** GeneralRipper: Capt. Matthew Marcus²²* '''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'''²** TheCaptain / AcePilot: Leela²** NumberTwo: Bender²** TheHeart: Fry²** The Scientist: Farnsworth²** TheMedic: Zoidberg. [[BackAlleyDoctor Sort of.]]²** WrenchWench: Amy²** ObstructiveBureaucrat: Hermes²²* '''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'''²** TheCaptain: Franchise/{{Superman}}²** NumberTwo, AcePilot: Franchise/WonderWoman²** MrFixit: Franchise/{{Batman}}²** The Marine: Hawkgirl²** The Security Officer: ComicBook/GreenLantern²*** Green Lantern (John Stewart) was an ''actual'' marine.²** TheHeart: The Flash, Green Arrow in ''Unlimited''²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Martian Manhunter (In the ''Unlimited'' phase)²²* '''WesternAnimation/RoughnecksStarshipTroopersChronicles'''²** TheCaptain: Lt. Razak, later Johnny Rico²** NumberTwo: Sgt. Brutto, later Zim and T'Phai²** The Scientist/ MrFixit: Gossard²** TheHeart: "Paperboy" Higgins, though his part in keeping up morale is more due to his hilarious-yet-not-particularly-debilitating incompetence.²** The Marine: Dizzy Flores²** TheMedic: Doc²** AcePilot: Carmen, somewhat²** ReasonableAuthorityFigure: General Miriam Redwing²²* '''[[WesternAnimation/TheTransformers Transformers Generation One]]'''²** TheCaptain: Optimus Prime²** NumberTwo: Ironhide²** The Marine: the Dinobots, especially Grimlock. Ironhide also qualifies.²** The Scientist/ MrFixit: Wheeljack, Perceptor²** TheMedic: Ratchet, sometimes sharing the role with Sparkplug and Hoist ²** CommunicationsOfficer: Blaster²** TheFace: Bumblebee²** SixthRanger: Initially, Skyfire and the Dinobots, later on several came. ²²* '''Anime/TransformersArmada'''²** TheCaptain: Optimus Prime²** NumberTwo: Jetfire²** MrFixit: Smokescreen²** Communications Officer: Sideswipe, mainly through hacking and codebreaking²** The Marine: Scavenger and Blurr²** The Scientist / TheMedic: Red Alert²** TheFace: Hot Shot²²* '''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime'''²** TheCaptain: Optimus Prime²** TheMedic/Mr.Fixit: Ratchet²** NumberTwo: Arcee and later Ultra Magnus²** The Marine: Bulkhead²** TheFace: Bumblebee²** SixthRanger: Wheeljack, Smokescreen²²* '''WesternAnimation/BeastWars'''²** TheCaptain: Optimus Primal²** NumberTwo / Security Officer: Rattrap²** The Scientist / MrFixit: Rhinox²** TheBigGuy: Dinobot²** TheHeart: Cheetor, Tigatron (also a Security Officer)²** SixthRanger: Airrazor, Silverbolt, Blackarachnia post-HeelFaceTurn, Depth Charge, Tigerhawk²[[/folder]]²----


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