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1%%²%%²%%²%%Please DO NOT make this a self-demonstrating article by making every other word "fucking." It's not funny, it's just annoying to try to read. This has been brought up on the discussion page multiple times.²%%²%%²%%²%%²%%²%%²%%²%%²%%²[[quoteright:256:[[Webcomic/PennyArcade]]]]²[[caption-width-right:256:If you were to read the [[ previous few frames,]] you'd know that this is TheScottishTrope being violated.]]²²->'''Rocco:''' Fuckin'... what the fuckin'... fuck... who the fuck... fucked this fuckin'... how did you two fuckin' fucks... ''FUCK!''\²'''Connor:''' Well, that certainly illustrates the diversity of the word.²-->-- ''Film/TheBoondockSaints'', as seen [[ here]]²²While media aimed at a general audience tends to only sprinkle on swearing, media aimed at mature audiences sometimes dumps it on with a ''big fucking'' ladle: lots and lots of F-bombs.²²Some writers think the media is [[GoshDangItToHeck oversanitized]] and does not reflect how people speak in RealLife, particularly how they swear. Heavy usage of swearing is seen to be more realistic or [[DarkerAndEdgier 'gritty']]. This sentiment is stronger in certain settings, such as urban life, [[WretchedHive ghettos]], gangs, [[{{GIFT}} online gaming]], blue collar/trade jobs, concerts, [[DrillSergeantNasty the military]], {{Crapsack World}}s, etc. There is some truth to this, as there is more swearing in real life than any prime time TV show would lead you to believe.²²On the other hand, writers can go overboard on swear words [[{{Narm}} to the point you can't take the characters spouting them seriously]]. This is particularly noticeable in works that try too hard to be DarkerAndEdgier but come across as [[RatedMForMoney childish]] instead. When there's already gratuitous {{Gorn}} and [[CoitusEnsues sex]] all over, using ObligatorySwearing to make the characters sound like 10-year-olds out of parental earshot seems par for the course.²²Often, this is used as a ComedyTrope, where a character's usage of a long string of curse words is the joke itself. This often occurs in dark comedies. When movies or shows re-air in syndication, where they often cannot use the amount or severity of swears as they did on their original airing, the curses are [[UnusualEuphemism often redubbed]] or [[SoundEffectBleep bleeped out]], to sometimes amusing results, like [[Film/TheBigLebowski "Do you see what happens when you]] '''[[Film/TheBigLebowski find]]''' [[Film/TheBigLebowski a stranger in the]] '''[[Film/TheBigLebowski Alps]]'''?"²²This trope is named after a combination of the terms [[ cluster bombs]] and F-bomb, another term for "fuck." Compare with VulgarHumor, PrecisionFStrike, AtomicFBomb and {{Angrish}}; also see ObligatorySwearing, which sometimes takes the form of Cluster F-Bomb. Contrast with ForeignCussWord, PardonMyKlingon, and especially GoshDangItToHeck. For more examples, see [[ The Other Wiki]]. A RantInducingSlight or VillainousBreakdown sometimes triggers one of these. A character who drops these while the other characters use more subdued language is a SirSwearsALot.²²For the censored equivalent, see ClusterBleepBomb.²²If you're looking for that one ''other'' word, see CountryMatters.²²Due to the nature of this trope, the following examples may not be suitable for all visitors of this page. ²²----²!!!Now fucking divided into fucking separate fucking pages:²[[index]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/AnimeAndManga Fucking Anime & Fucking Manga]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/{{Comedy}} Fucking Comedy]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/ComicBooks Fucking Comic Fucking Books]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/FanWorks Fucking Fan Fucking Works]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/{{Film}} Fucking Movies]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/{{Literature}} Fucking Literature]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/LiveActionTV Live-Fucking-Action TV]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/{{Music}} Fucking Music]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/VideoGames Fucking Video Fucking Games]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/WebOriginal Fucking Web Fucking Original]] [[note]]fucking includes Fucking Podcasts, Fucking Web Fucking Animation, Fucking Web Fucking Comics, and Fucking Web Fucking Videos[[/note]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/WesternAnimation Fucking Western, Fucking Animation]]²* [[ClusterFBomb/RealLife Really Fucking Life]]²²[[/index]]²----²!!Other Fucking Examples²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Fucking Advertising]]²* While the [[MemeticMutation Memetically Mutated]] ''Advertising/BigBillHells'' (a.k.a. ''Fuck You Baltimore!'') commercial is obviously [[ParodyCommercial not a real advert]], it still contained so much profanity that it was only meant to be seen ''once'' in an underground parody ad contest and had to be kept in secret so the people who made it wouldn't run the risk of ''losing their jobs''. The ad remained hidden from the puclic eye for 16 years until someone leaked it on Website/YouTube in 2006.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Fucking Comic Fucking Strips]]²* In a ''ComicStrip/{{Doonesbury}}'' strip during the first Gulf War, a called-up National Guardsman admits that he's been a civilian so long he's even forgotten the proper use of "the F-word." A fellow soldier helpfully reminds him: "It's easy, just use it like a comma."²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Fucking Pin Fucking Balls]]²* Creator/{{Capcom}}'s ''Pinball/FlipperFootball'' swears up a storm when the "Adult Mode" is enabled. Soccer fans [[JustForPun swear]] it's an accurate representation of attending a soccer match.²-->'''Referee:''' "C'mon! kick the fucking ball!"²* Like the television show itself, ''Pinball/TheSopranos'' doesn't hold back on the profanity when Adult Mode is on.²-->'''Tony Soprano:''' "Where's the fucking money?!"²* In ''Pinball/{{Metallica}}'', the entire band does this frequently and unabashedly.²-->'''Kirk Hammett:''' “That crazy little bastard just gave you a shitload of points.”²* The previously-unavailable "Profanity [=ROMs=]" for ''Pinball/DemolitionMan'', which does [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin what you'd expect them to do.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Pro Fucking Wrestling]]²* Pick an [[Wrestling/TheIronSheik Iron Sheik]] [[ProfessionalWrestling shoot interview]]. ANY Iron Sheik shoot interview.²** [[{{Website/Botchamania}} FACKING BOOLSHEET!]]²* Wrestling/ScottSteiner in Wrestling/{{WCW}} regularly went off script and also frequently indulged in gratuitous profanity. On at least one occasion, the censors gave up on trying to bleep out the swear words, and just turned the bleeper on until Steiner stopped talking.²* In the interview segments of the 1995 [=IWA=] King of The Death Match tournament, Terry Gordy's response to being beaten by [[Wrestling/MickFoley Cactus Jack]] was "Fuck! I can't believe that fucker beat me! Fuck!"²* In Wrestling/EddieKingston's [[LoserLeavesTown Loser Leaves CZW]] match with Wrestling/ChrisHero at ''Wrestling/{{CZW}} Out With The Old, In With The New'', April 7, 2007, as Kingston was repeatedly calling Hero a "motherfucker," saying, "I fucking dare you," etc.²* Wrestling/{{TNA}} ran an angle where Dixie Carter found out she was in trouble with Spanish Speaking {{Media Watchdog}}s, who informed her the things Homicide was saying were not very nice.²* Check out Wrestling/TheaTrinidad's Website/YouTube videos or tweets.²* Wrestling/{{Paige}} is very prone to this and admitted this during her appearance on Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin's live podcast. Every other word she says on ''Total Divas'' is bleeped.²* Wrestling/FrankieKazarian has received fines from Wrestling/RingOfHonor in an attempt to get him to clean up his language. This is the same promotion that had been through eleven years of ''Jay Briscoe''!²* [[Wrestling/LaParka L.A. Par-k]] was dropped from a Wrestling/{{CMLL}} Aniversario show either for this trope, insulting the fans in arena Mexico, or both.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Fucking Radio]]²* ''Radio/LoZooDi105'': Enough to rival any Creator/RobinWilliams stand-up routine. And that's saying a lot.²-->'''Leone Di Lernia:''' Oh, we're doing fine with this sketch... there's not even a single naughty word!\²'''Marco Mazzoli:''' Nope... Leo, you didn't get it, really -- we ''[[LampshadeHanging support]]'' naughty words! I ''love'' saying "fuck" on the radio, you know.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Fucking Roleplay]]²* In ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' version one, [[TheHero Adam Dodd]] is as famous for this as Jacob Starr is for [[MadeOfIron having too much iron in his blood]]. There are others, but nobody has quite reached his level of profanity… until [[SmallNameBigEgo Jimmy Brennan]]. Seriously, read his [[ introductory thread.]]²* The web [=RP=] ''Insane Cafe 3: The Curse of the Haunted Hotel'' has Deimos, a ''Utahraptor'' with an ''incredibly'' foul mouth. Some of his more profanity laced quotes (almost every one of his quotes has one profanity in it):²-->"Don! If you don't shut the fuck up I am going to pistol whip your fucking ass back to the fucking ruins of the Insane Cafe! Do you fucking understand!?"\²"What don't you fucking understand?! Get your fucking asses moving and get some fucking help! Do I fucking make myself clear!?" Deimos shouted.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Fucking Theater]]²* Some douche on the internet, who another douche told everyone was Creator/TheFiresignTheatre because nobody would download an [=MP3=] from "Some Douche", has a very tongue-in-cheek skit describing the "F word" and its various grammatical uses in English. It includes a number of hilarious examples, including "Fuck the fucking fuckers" and "Why don't you go outside and play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself?". (The fucking douche's name is Jack Wagner, you fucks.)²* ''Theatre/JerrySpringerTheOpera''²* Most of David Mamet's plays are guaranteed to used the words "asshole," "jagoff," "faggot," "cunt," "shit," and, of course, "fuck" at least once.²** Indeed, Mamet uses this trope so frequently and gratuitously that Roger Ebert's ''Little Movie Glossary'' named it "Mamet Dammit."²* ''Series/{{Bottom}}'' Live, took profanity to every major British theatre:²-->'''Richie:''' Eddie, we are not saying "fuck" this year… oh, FUCK!\²'''Eddie:''' Can we say "Cunt"?\²'''Richie:''' Very much not…\²'''Eddie:''' Right! CUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNT!²* Neil Simon seems to have an arbitrary love of curse words. He uses them liberally, and, to give one example, in his play "Rumors" he actually used the variation "Fuck-a-diddly doo!"²* ''[[ The Skinhead Hamlet]]'' (by Richard Curtis of ''Series/{{Blackadder}}'' fame) translates all of ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' into this.²-->'''Fortinbras:''' What the fuck's going on here?\²'''Horatio:''' A fucking mess, that's for sure.\²'''Fortinbras:''' No kidding. I see Hamlet's fucked.\²'''Horatio:''' Yer.\²'''Fortinbras:''' Fucking shame: fucking good bloke.\²'''Horatio:''' Too fucking right.\²'''Fortinbras:''' Fuck this for a lark then. Let's piss off. ²* The musical ''Theatre/TheBookOfMormon'' is full of them, as can be expected from a musical by the creators of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''. Especially the song "Hasa Diga Eebowai," which is revealed to be Ugandan for, "Fuck you, God."²* Don't expect to come out of a Creator/MartinMcDonagh play without an earful of this. Although it'll usually be the Irish slang varient "feck."²* The musical ''Theatre/TitleOfShow'' has one of these:²--> '''Blank Paper/Hunter:''' Fuck, your ass is crazy, motherfucker! But I fucking like you, and you may just be fucking crazy enough to fucking fuckity fuck fuck succeed, fuckin' fuckin' motherfucker!²** It is then lampshaded:²--> '''Jeff:''' Wow, what's with all the foul language? Is that appropriate or even necessary?²* The musical ''Theatre/HolyMusicalBatman'' uses this a lot. There's even a song for Batman and Superman's fight called "Fuck You!"²* ''Theatre/SpringAwakening'' has a song called Totally Fucked. It's about as profane as you'd expect.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Fucking Table Fucking Top Fucking Games]]²* ''[[ Misspent Youth]]'' by Robert Bohl has "fuck" in the first sentence and all throughout it. It's a game where you play teenaged anarchists out to destroy a despot.²* ''TabletopGame/ChangelingTheDreaming'''s Nockers. Their kithbook outright states that half of their profanity is just a verbal tic, and the other half is the result of frustration. Either way, it makes them the most foul-mouthed of all the kiths, and there isn't any method of permanently keeping them from swearing.²* In Creator/GregCostikyan's ''Violence: The Role-Playing Game of Egregious and Repulsive Bloodshed'', a vicious satire of the way nearly anything done in the average roleplaying game would be violent sociopathy in real life, one of the ways to earn extra character points is to agree to make one out of every four words out of your character's mouth be an obscenity.²* In ''TabletopGame/DontRestYourHead'''s supplement Don't Lose Your Mind, one of the powers is this. Whenever you say fuck, it intensifies things (If you say that there is a fucking fast car it could outspeed a racecar, if a dude is fucking huge he becomes a giant, etc.). Overuse of this power turns you into a perpetually swearing Nightmare known as a Fuckwit.²[[/folder]]²²----²''[[Film/InTheLoop Fuckity-bye!]]''²----


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