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1->''"'''WARNING:''' The following program is a realish documentary, and may contain language which is vulgar, offensive, or grammatically awkward. Such language has been censored whenever possible, but for the sake of higher ratings, we may have let a few gratuitous and especially titillating instances slide."''²-->-- ''WesternAnimation/{{Duckman}}'', "[[SomethingCompletelyDifferent American Dicks]]" opening²²Interesting tropes about [[spoiler:blank]][[CensoredForComedy ing]] out things not meant for corrupting sensitive eyes or ears. This index is not about the [[Administrivia.TheContentPolicyAndThe5PCircuit Content Policy]] of Wiki/TVTropes itself. ²²Compare TheseTropesShouldWatchTheirLanguage. See also HelpHelpThisIndexIsBeingRepressed.²²----²[[index]]²'''Perps responsible:'''²* UsefulNotes/GosKino²* MediaWatchdog²* MoralGuardians²* Creator/FourKidsEntertainment ²²'''General discussion:'''²* CensorshipBureau²** UsefulNotes/TheComicsCode²** UsefulNotes/TheHaysCode²* UsefulNotes/CensorshipSystems²* UsefulNotes/MediaClassifications²²'''Visual techniques:'''²* DigitalBikini: Sometimes used in conjunction with a ShowerScene, BathtubScene, or a HotSpringsEpisode of an anime that has been [[{{Bowdlerization}} edited]] when aired in America, mostly used now to cover up nudity and revealing clothing on live-action movies that have been toned down for pre-watershed TV.²* GagCensor: Any visual censorship technique PlayedForLaughs.²* ToplessnessFromTheBack: A naked or topless woman is shown only by the camera showing her bare back.²²'''In-universe, often "conveniently in the way"'''²* BarbieDollAnatomy: Depictions of nudity are kept from being too lewd by making it so the naked character has no visible nipples and/or genitalia.²* CensorShadow: Nudity is censored by keeping the character's private parts hidden in shadow.²* CensorSteam: Censoring nudity by covering the body with steam or smoke, also a Bathing Trope²* CensorSuds: Censoring nudity by having soap bubbles cover up the character's naughty bits, also a Bathing Trope²* ConvenientlyInterruptedDocument: A document that just so happens to have its important parts interrupted or missing.²* GodivaHair: A naked or topless woman has the inappropriate body parts covered up by her long hair.²* MagicPants: If a character's clothes are destroyed by a transformation, the character will either regrow their clothing when returned to normal or will somehow have the clothes keeping them modest remain intact.²* MagicSkirt: A woman wears a skirt that covers up her pelvic regions regardless of the skirt's size and what position she is in.²* ModestyBedsheet: A woman naked in bed has bed sheets obscuring her breasts.²* ModestyTowel: A naked character stays decent by wearing a towel, also a Bathing Trope²* SceneryCensor: Nudity is censored by objects conveniently placed in front of the characters' privates.²* ShouldersUpNudity: A naked character is only shown from the shoulders up.²* StopMotionLighting: A scene is censored by having it happen in the dark with brief moments of illumination provided by lightning flashes.²* ThongOfShielding: A woman wears a thong that doesn't reveal too much of her buttocks.²²'''Fourth Wall techniques:'''²* AndSomeOtherStuff: The ingredients to make something are not made explicit so viewers Don't Try This at Home.²* BarbieDollAnatomy: Nude characters lack visible genitalia and/or nipples to prevent the nudity from being too explicit.²* BlackBlood: Changing the colour of blood for censorship reasons.²* BlackScreenOfDeath: While two or more characters are fighting, the screen goes black.²* BloodlessCarnage: The work depicts violence, but no one bleeds.²* ChangeTheUncomfortableSubject: when a joke gets out of hand or a description gets too risque or explicit.²* CensorBox: can immediately become a [[GagCensor gag censor]] if PlayedForLaughs²* CensoredForComedy: Deliberately bleeping innocuous words can qualify if done intentionally or on a show or film known for always topping itself when it comes to GettingCrapPastTheRadar²* DiscretionShot: Preventing the audience from actually seeing the violence or objectionable content. Comes in [[SexyDiscretionShot sexy]], [[VomitDiscretionShot vomit]], [[GoryDiscretionShot gory]], [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and]] [[KissingDiscretionShot kissing]].²* HandOrObjectUnderwear: A naked character deliberately covers themselves by placing their hands over their private parts or holding objects over their private parts.²* HitFlash: White flashes occur during fight scenes to avoid depicting punches and other imitable acts of violence.²* LensFlareCensor: A lens flare hides something from sight.²* MadeOfBologna: The inside of flesh is portrayed as a solid, uniform substance.²* {{Pixellation}}: Using pixels to cover up nudity and swear words.²* ProductDisplacement: Logos of real-life brands are obfuscated due to lack of rights to use them.²* RelaxOVision: Scenes that may be too disturbing or unpleasant for the audience are replaced by more pleasant and cutesy scenes.²* SpeechBubbleCensoring: A speech bubble covers up someone's nudity.²* StopMotionLighting: A dark scene is only momentarily illuminated by brief, occasional flashes of light. ²²'''Textual and auditive censorship:'''²* BleepDammit: The censoring doesn't really do an effective job of hiding the content needing to be censored.²* TheBodyPartsThatMustNotBeNamed: Euphemisms are used to talk about private parts without directly naming them.²* CensoredTitle: A work has the title censored so that people can mention the work without having to say bad words.²* CensorshipBySpelling: Can also be used as a ComedyTrope if what's being spelled is an InformedObscenity or if the person can't spell or comprehend what's being spelled.²* ClusterBleepBomb: Bleeping out excessive swearing results in a character's dialogue almost being completely bleeped out.²* CountryMatters: Relating to the usage of the C-word, especially between different cultures.²* CurseCutShort: Is often used as a ComedyTrope.²* GayEuphemism: Avoiding direct usage of homosexuality-related terms.²* NeverSayDie: Used a lot in American-edited anime and a lot of kids' action shows in the 1970s to the 1990s. These days, a lot of action cartoons in America are trying to be grittier and more realistic by mentioning death [or heavily implying it].²* PardonMyKlingon: Alien swear words.²* PrecisionFStrike: A swear word, usually a stronger one, is used by a character or work to make a point.²* SymbolSwearing: Symbols appear in speech bubbles to indicate the character is cussing, used primarily in American comic book stories or literature.²* TWordEuphemism: Referring to a swear as "the (first letter of swear)-word" so you can mention it without actually saying it.²* WitchWithACapitalB: Calling someone a "witch" when it would make more sense to call them "bitch".²²'''Other tropes that can involve censorship:'''²* AbridgedForChildren: Literature that is abridged in content and length so that it is suitable for kids.²* AdjustableCensorship: A video game has options that change the kind of content featured in the game in accordance with what the player is comfortable with.²* BannedEpisode: When an episode of a TV series (or other installment of a media franchise) is prohibited from being shown again.²* BannedInChina: Media that has been banned from an entire country, usually due to the national government's censorship laws.²* {{Bowdlerise}}: General toning-down of content considered obscene into something more palatable.²** DistancedFromCurrentEvents: Bowdlerization due to [[FunnyAneurysmMoment Funny Aneurysm]] or HarsherInHindsight moments of the "LifeImitatesArt" variety.²** TranslationWithAnAgenda: The translators of a work in a different language deliberately misinterpret the work to bring its message more in line with their own values.²* ButNotTooEvil: Toning down a character's evilness to avoid supposed bad influences.²* ClumsyCopyrightCensorship: Removing or covering up ProductPlacement and/or {{UsefulNotes/copyright}}ed music or footage from reruns, reairings, and when put on different media (i.e. DVD and online streaming).²* ContentWarnings: Mostly played straight; sometimes PlayedForLaughs, depending on context.²* CutAndPasteTranslation: Often the result of heavy censorship and/or localization.²* DefyingTheCensors: Sometimes you have to stand up to those who want to silence you, but when that doesn't work, there's always these...²** CensorDecoy: Invoking GettingCrapPastTheRadar by playing into the censors' fears of finding explicit material in implicit content with a simple bait and switch (i.e., a writer or director has a scene featuring violent torture and a scene where someone uses the word "fuck". Most American censors will ask the writer or director to get rid of the "fuck" scene and keep in the violent torture. Of course, the opposite can happen, and [[TakeAThirdOption sometimes, both scenes will be cut]]).²** DubText: Another form of GettingCrapPastTheRadar (particularly in American-dubbed anime series), whether done due to incompetence, [[AccidentalInnuendo ignorance of suggestive dialogue]], or [[RefugeInAudacity to blatantly thumb their noses at censorship by being underhandedly obscene]].²** GettingCrapPastTheRadar: DefyingTheCensors on an underhanded level. Leads to CrossesTheLineTwice or RefugeInAudacity if done with explicit content or if done in excess.²* EditedForSyndication: Sometimes used to remove content, but mostly used to cut scenes for more commercials or to cut out scenes that are either too long or are superfluous to the plot [[note]](if it's the rerun of a sketch comedy show, like ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'', ''SCTV'', ''Fridays'', or ''Series/{{MADtv}}'', then sketches are usually edited to fit a 30-minute or 60-minute time frame, for having too many technical errors, [[ClumsyCopyrightCensorship to get rid of copyrighted material]], or because the sketch was too controversial)[[/note]].²* FamilyFriendlyFirearms: Used in a majority of American-edited anime and kids' shows.²* FamilyFriendlyMatureContent: Content that emulates mature content, usually (but not always) on a ShowWithinAShow.²* FingerOnLips: Used mostly in music videos and music performances.²* FrothyMugsOfWater: Replacing alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic drinks is used ''a lot'' in American-edited anime for kids.²* FunWithAutocensors: Mostly seen on Internet forums.²* GetBackInTheCloset: Gay stuff is treated harsher than straight stuff.²* HideYourLesbians: Homosexuals with PlausibleDeniability.²* InformedObscenity: Treating an innocuous or nonsensical word as if it were a profanity.²* LiveButDelayed: Delaying a BroadcastLive event by at least a few seconds so that any inappropriate material can be removed or bleeped out.²* MusicIsPolitics: The music industry is a business with political machinations and as such can result in censorship.²* NarrativeProfanityFilter: Mostly used in written media, but can also be used on television shows or movies if a narrator is used or if the TV show or movie loves breaking the fourth wall.²* NippleAndDimed: The censorship of female nipples. Male nipples rarely face such scrutiny (unless you want to satirize the sexual inequality of this trope by either gender-flipping it or censoring male nipples along with female nipples in the name of true gender equality).²* NobodyCanDie: None of the main cast will ever be KilledOffForReal.²* NoSmoking: Seen in American-edited anime series and a lot of recent edits to old TV shows and cartoons that allowed cigarettes to be smoked or seen -- unless it's a VerySpecialEpisode about the dangers of tobacco use.²* NoSwastikas: All Nazi symbols and references are absent even in settings where they should be.²* PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad: Is considered a problem by many who believe that today's media is too tame.²** PoliticallyCorrectHistory: Distortion of historical truth by removing or downplaying its more [[ValuesDissonance unpleasant aspects]].²* RadioFriendliness: Songs may be censored in order to make it palatable for radio.²* ReligiousRedub: Redubbing or remaking something to be friendly to religious people.²* ReReleaseSoundtrack: Re-releases of works may be censored for any number of reasons.²* ScunthorpeProblem and TheProblemWithPenIsland: Mostly seen on Internet forums.²* SevenDirtyWords: George Carlin's list of words you can't say on television.²* SleepingSingle: Also a ComedyTrope used in conjunction with ExiledToTheCouch or if a work parodies the allegedly "squeaky clean" 1950s sitcoms in which married couples were shown sleeping in separate beds due to TV rules at the time that didn't allow couples in the same bed together.²* SoundEffectBleep: Can be used as a ComedyTrope if the sounds used to cover up the profanity are appropriate to what's being censored [[note]]if someone says "pussy," it gets censored by a cat meowing, if someone says "fuck," it gets censored by a woman moaning erotically, if someone says "shit," it gets censored by someone farting or flushing a toilet, a marijuana reference gets covered up with the water bubbling noise from a bong or someone exhaling smoke, or a gun reference is covered with the sound of a gun being fired or a rifle or shotgun getting cocked. A lot of rap and pop songs will do this as RefugeInAudacity in that they conform to ExecutiveMeddling, but at the same time, are mocking the censors by choosing sounds that are, in a perverted way, associated with what's being censored.[[/note]]²* SubvertedRhymeEveryOccasion: Can be a ComedyTrope or used for non-censorship reasons, such as trying to avoid a lame and/or predictable rhyme scheme -- i.e., subverting the old "Roses are red, Violets are blue" poem.²* {{Surprisingly Lenient Censor}}: When the censors are more easy-going than expected.²* ThinkOfTheCensors: When characters in a fictional work know or realize that their words and/or actions are subject to being censored if actually said or done. Also a form of BreakingTheFourthWall.²* ThinkOfTheChildren: The call to arms for many a MoralGuardian or MediaWatchdog group.²* UnacceptableTargets: Targets that are considered to not be okay to mock.²* VideoGamePerversityPrevention: Video games have systems to prevent people from crafting items, using names or images, or putting characters in poses, that are considered offensive.²²'''In-universe censorship:'''²* BookBurning: Destroying books to destroy free thought.²* CoverInnocentEyesAndEars: Covering the eyes and ear of (usually) a child so they won't be exposed to things they're too innocent to know about.²* CulturePolice: Used in fictional works -- both comedic and dramatic -- to show or satirize what can happen when [[PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad being politically correct gets out of hand]].²* PreApprovedSermon: A religious sermon that is heavily pre-planned, perhaps by a meddling authority.²* ProfanityPolice: A character says a dirty word, but someone else tells him not to.²[[/index]]


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